Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hey GUYS!!

As far as I know.....I will be in San Fransisco on March 10th at a Mall to sign autographs. More details to follow! I am so looking forward to seeing you all there!

I decided to just take Sunday driving classes....and they start tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Also....we had a special guest on Hannah a couple of weeks ago.....Jesse McCartney! It was cool. He was nice and he and I did some rap for the show. Cool huh?

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! It's beautiful here in Sunny I'm going out to enjoy it!



Abby said...

Heyy Mitchel,

I wish I lived in San Fransisco but instead I live all the way in Connecticut. So I guess it'd be a miracle if I could go there. March 10th is 4 days before my birthday though! Maybe I could ask my parents to go to San Fransisco as my birthday present lol. Probably won't happen though.

Good luck at your driving classes. I really hope you do well.

Jesse McCartney is going to be on Hannah Montana? Thats so cool! I'm looking forward to that. I went to one of his concerts once, it was cool.

Well have a good weekend!

Samantha said...

March 10th? Isn't that Emily's birthday? Its the day before my brother's, he'll be 11.

Good luck! Haha, you are a little younger than me, yet you get to drive first, go figure.

Cool! Jesse seems like a cool guy.

I'm having a decent weekend. Hope you are too. It may be sunny in California, but it is snowy and beautiful in Michigan!


Anonymous said...

that's cool. can't wait to see the episode. i heard that zac efron is gonna be in season 2 as well. that's sweet. that would be cool if marc could be in a episode of hannah.

Erin91 said...

awe i wish i lived in california! i live in upstate NY and it just wont stop snowing.

Emily said...

March 10! Thats the date of the Fall Out Boy concert I'm going to haha.. but I'm in Brisbane, Australia, haha.

Good luck with the driving lessons!

I can't wait for season 2 of Hannah Montana, I shall have to steal my brothers pay tv =P

Have an awesome weekend also.

Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your driving lessons!

Anonymous said...

hey well thats awsome and well thats cool wish i live in san fransico but idont i live a hour a way from l.a ... i wish you luck for your driving classes ... thats cool you guys rap lol funny well thats good you had fun ... and it sure is betuful in california i live here to lol well bye your biggest fan Nicole ...Mitchel you ROCK

Amandylineeee said...

thats so cool! good luck on the driving classes!

jesse is pretty awesome.

izzie said...

Well you SUPER lucky to live in california!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to live there! i live in chicago and we just had a snow blizzare or something like that! its FREEZINGGG!!!! ewwww=p lol well good luck on ur driverss ed!!! =]
i hope you have an AMAZINGGG week!
<333* Elizabeth

Amanda said...

Hi Mitchel,
Let me guess... It's warm in Cali. Lucky! I am here in VA where its like 20 degrees. So you met Jesse. I bet he was a cool person to hang out with. When will that episode air on Disney Channel? My friend Megan wanted to know if you ever commented on other peoples blogs.(It's hard to attmit but she's a bigger fan than I am.) Have a great driving lesson tomorrow!
Peace Out,
Amanda *<):-) <3

Becky said...

Jesse?? that is so cool!!
so do you have your permit yet??
well have fun in the driving class.


jordan said...

dang, its cold and snowy in MN. speaking of MN, any info on the st. paul visit??!!

Anonymous said...

aw i can't wait to see the new episode's.
Good Luck In ur driving test!!!
toodles , jess

McKenna said...

I wish that it was warm here...we had a snow storm on Valentine's Day. Not exactly the best V-day that I have ever had. lol

terri said...

Hey Mitchel

OMG i cant wait till i get to drive! but that in 2 years lol. Wow i cant wait for that episode with Jesse. I wish we had sun here in New hampshire, we have snow about a foot or so. I wanna live in San Fransico because then i could meet you lol! I want my tan back :)

Maria Luisa said...

Hi Mitchel!!

are you ok ??

So... good luck for you on driving classes, because I now or I hope that you do very well.
I can't go to San Fransisco, because i'm from Brazil...=(

That's cool that Jesse is going to be on Hannah Montana!!!

I like you so much...
You are realy cool and funny!!!

Love Mah

Valerie said...

Hi Mitchel!
It's me again...if your actually reading this.....HOLY BUTTER BISCUTS THAT IS TOTALLY FLIPPING AWSOME!:D Sorry its soooo cool that your actually reading what i'm typing. Oh I wish I lived in San Fransico. I live all the way across the country. Good luck with driving! I seriously can't wait for the second season of Hannah Montana!! Well, I hope to see you in person sometime in the future!


Jenn!!! said...

hey mitchel!!

thats soo cool! i cant believe ur already driving! it seems like yesterday that u were the adorable kid in Life Is Ruff and Monster House...ahh, the good old days! lol.
So u rapped, huh? Cant wait to hear that! and meeting Jesse sounds cool too!
Remember that i love u so so much and YOU ROCK MY LIFE!!!
with love times INFINITY!!!!
J to the E to the double N!!

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel!

Thanks so much for keeping us updated!

Have fun at the signing!

Ooo!!! Driving lessons? FINALLY!!! Hey, you'll be that much closer to driving your mercedes! lol Good luck! It's not that bad!

Jesse in an episode of Hannah Montana? Hmmmm....I wonder what's gonna happen! I remember; I think he guest starred in The suite Life of Zack and Cody also....Should be cool!

You are SO lucky to be in California!!!! It's really cold where I am. I wish I could be able to to the three "S's" all year; Swim, Surf, and Skateboard!!! Lucky, Lucky!!!

Thanks again, Mitchel! Have an AMAZING weekend!!!


lj said...

I live in San Jose. Maybe I can go see you. More details!

P.S. It's me, LJ! :]

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
what's up?i haven't had school for 5 and a half days b/c of snow and i was sick on thursday,which wasn't much fun.when miley was on trl she said that jesse mccartney was going to be on hannah montana and i thinks that's so cool.i can't wait to see it.i use to have a big crush on him and i love his show summerland.i can't wait for season 2!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

thats awesome you that you rapped with jesse! he has the sweetest voice and i bet you made everything perfect!! wellll i wish i lived in cali as well but i live in texas soo i guess ill have to meet you another time!
bye mitchel!
xo laceyy


hey mitchel!

darn, i have girl scouts training on that day :( I'm so bummed!!

Good luck w/ the driving classes! i'm sure you'll be awesome.

will we get to see you rapping on that show? that would be cool! LOL!

- ashley

Lissa Jo (lissuh, not Lisa) said...

Hey, You are so right! Cali has been beautiful! Do you think you'll ever come to the La Quinta/Palm Desert/Palm Spring area? I hope you and some of the cast some! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Nicole said...


but you still have to try and make the march17 Metro Station concert ok?

Jesse McCartney, the cast of High School Musical, Dolly Parton, who else is going to be on the show? haha

so, will you end up been a horrible driver like some people? haha I HOPE NOT!

actually, IM WATCHING HANNAH MONTANA NOW! one of the 1st epps, AWW MITCHEL you're so young!

well, i hope you have an amazing weekend and everything go smoothly!

bags of love,

Lissa Jo said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm so excited for the new season of Hannah Montana! The show is doing amazing! I just moved to Souhtern California, and you're right, It is absolutely amazing!


p.s., My name is pronounced like Alissa without the A in the beginning.

Ashley said...

hey mitchel! new episode sounds fun!
ahhh. that days i wish i was in cali. darnnn.
lucky you, im stuck here in ohio with all the
LAME SNOW! gosh i hate it! haha. well have a great
weekend! and have fun driving! i cant get my permit till
may. 7th.

OH! and i cant wait to hear you rap. ;]

I heart you. [:

ashley said...

OMG. i forgot. =]
I watched the interview of you at the bridge premire,
with grated cheddar! haha. awww. you looked so sad
talking about not having a valentine. =/ ;; WELL, i
started a thread on IMDB & and you to be mine...but
you never answered. =( haha. i guess that`d be your
loss. haha.


Elizabeth said...


You so lucky! Its sunny there!? Its freezing cold here in Texas! It seems like all the old guest stars from "The Suite Life" guest star on Hannah now! Zac, Jesse (both are extremly cool, by the way). Just a weird pattern I've seen.

I'd better tell all drivers to stay off the roads now that your takeing lessons... Im just kidding! I bet you'll be a great driver.

<3 Liz

iLOVEshoez said...

Hey Mitchel...I just wanted to ask a quick question : Have you heard "secondhand serenade"'s music before? I just wanted to know......please let me know!!

love always,

Ashleigh said...

Sunny Cali. Is it warm? If it is... luckky. <3

Old Virginia is cold and dreary. But, I cherish it; it's the time I don't have to mow the lawn. :P :D

Well, have fun at "a mall" in San Fran. with the lucky fans that get to meet you.

Driving lessons. You know, that's a good movie. Stars Rupert Grint, Julie Walters, and Laura Linney. You should see it. I love it.

Jesse McCartney? I love him! He's a great singer. And you got to rap? I'm dying to see that episode now. <3

Well, hope this coming week for you is an enjoyable one. I'm going to spend it at school, then my Friday night will be a fun Drama club party-like-thing with a lot of fun people.

karina. said...

that's awesome, can't wait for you to come to san francisco! my friend and i already have plans to go =) i'm also excited because it's 5 days before i turn 16.
wow, jesse mccartney and you rapping? that should be entertaining.
anyways, hope you're having a good weekend!

xo, Karina

Riana said...

I wish I lived in L.A. You are soo cool. I live in Connecticut though It sucks! People call us Yankees all the time. Well anyways have a nice day.

ex ohs,

lizz!™ said...

hope your driving classes go well.
driving must be amazing? i wish i could.
consider coming to louisiana soon?

Rachel said...

Hey Mitchel!

ugh I really wish I lived in Cali so I can finally meet u. But Texas is cool bcuz you were born here. But you never go to places close to where I live. You should def go to San Antonio sometime! I'll drive there just to see you! haha.

Jesse McCartney is gonna be in HM? awesomeness!!!

Good Luck with your driving classes! I can't wait to have mine! =]

God Bless,
<3's Rachel said...

Heyyyy Mitchel!

Ah, sounds righteous.
I did driving calsses last year, in august to september,its pretty intense but fun. I get my liscense(sp?) untill september 13th 07 =] If i had it I would must deff be driving to San fran. to see you. I wish i was in Cali right now, but no i am in Chicago where it is about 3 below zero =[[ haha well have fun in Drivers Ed. =]] lol


GeoRgiA said...

Hey mitchel hope you do good in driving class!

im a bit mad at my self i still havnt sent the letter ill try to do it this week

anyway hope you have fun

from Georgia xo

malzac said...

Wow sounds like your having tons of fun.

im not:( i had a plate drop on my feet and shatter so now i have cuts covering my feet and legs:(

I GET TO PLAY IN DIRT TOMORROW!!! yay we get a day of school for ancient history to do an "archaelogical" dig!! wooo dirt!

Maluca said...

Hey Mtchel,

Are you ok ??

Oh... Good for you on driving classes!!
I hope you do very well...

I cant go to San Fransisco because I live in Brazil...

Jesse is going to be on Hannah Montana ??
That's Great!!

Peace Mah

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Gosh I wish I lived in California.....but I wont until this summer. For now its still rainy, cloudy London....Oh well. You should seriously come to some premiere here. I would love to see you! Anyway have an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

it seems I am the only dude that posts here I couldnt leave ya with all these girls now could I ?? yea I could but I wont lol nice to hear you have nice weather , we have nice weather here to int the big country of Northern Ireland lol. Good luck in the driving lessons ! Curtis

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
Cant wait for March!!
Driving classes, sounds fun!
I can't drive yet, oh well.
I bet it is really sunny in Cali! Sounds nice, where I am at, its pretty cold, but not snow. =[.
I have never seen snow.
Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel,

Good luck today! You'll do great :) Have fun!

I wished I lived in California! But have fun meeting all your fans.

That's cool about Jesse on HM. Can't wait to see the new season :)

Have a good day!
<333 Melissa

Logann said...

Hi Mitchel =)

I wish I lived in San Fransisco, but I guess Southern California is close enough.... anyway, I hope you do great in your driving classes. Wow, Jesse McCartney. That's gonna be a fun episode, I just hope he doesn't take any screen time away from you.... good luck with Hannah Montana.

xoxo Logann

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!
hope your driving lessons go well! i would love to go to california to meet you, but i live in carrollton, is sunny,but VERY cold. i wish you would come to georiga. this part isn't too far away from ATL.i will be driving in 3 years. good luck!

Anonymous said...

I made you a Valentines Day card, but the earliest I can even send it is tomorrow, so you'll probably get it next Monday. Sorry for the delay!

Tiffany said...

jesse mccartney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 that's amazing! i love hannah montana. your show is off the charts dude. for sure :)

Monica said...

I know!!! It is beautiful here in California!!! I actually went surfing yesterday it was so warm!!! And that is sooo cool that Jesse is going to be on HM!!! I heard Miley talking about it on TRL.

melinda said...

hey im going to start driving soon too!! My birthday is in august and i turn 16!!!
wooo sweet sixteen i cant wait!
but when i get out on the road to drive everyone will probably want to get out of the way!
haha im sucha bad driver on those arcade games soooo....
i can already see my future having my mom or some taxi driver driving me everywhere!!
well that would be kinda akward.
anyway good luck driving!

Alicia said...

Hey Mitchel
Good luck on the driving lessons.i really wanna drive but im only almost the m magazing 4 the feb issue it said tht a gal just approached u and asked 4 ur autograph in the mall and than yall became good friends.i wish tht could happen to me but then my mom would kill!anyplans on coming to sugarland/houston texas plzplzplz make some. ALICIA

Len said...

Hey Mitchel!
Good luck with your driving lessons :) Don't hit any cones ;) lol.

Is it true that Zac Efron is going to be on Hannah Montana? I heard he was.

Anyway I gotta go.
Bye <3,

Elissa! said...

ah sweet, i'll be there!
are you going to the upland show of metrostation?

anyways, good luck with driving!
ive had my permit for a little while now, driving=life.

definitely need to go buy myself a car now. haha

god bless <3.

Melissa said...

hey mitchel, i hope you have an awesome weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I will come and see you at the mall and I cant wait to see the new Hannah Montana episode with Jessie! Good luck with the driving lessions.


Caroline said...

"Come back to Texas
Its just not the same since you went away
Before you lose your accent
And forget all about the Lonestar State
There's a seat for you at the rodeo
And I've got every slow dance saved
Besides the Mexican food sux north of here anyway..."

or at least Sugar Land!!!!

it is near Houston.

happy late v day!!!



Anonymous said...

OK, looks like the card won't get to you until next Teusday... the post office is closed tomorrow for President's day. Go figure! Again, sorry for the delay!

Alex said...

Aww Mitchel. Good Luck with the driving lessons. Mine start soon as well...I swear I'm gonna like crash into tons of trees. Hopefully you'll do better. :) Tell me how it goes!
<3 Alex

natalie said...

hey mitchel!! sounds like ur gonna be pretty busy! how'd driving lessons go? i don't get my permit till October... :( anyways, i was just wondering, have you ever heard of IMTA? it stands for international modeling and talent agency. just thought i'd ask!

love muchos,


Anonymous said...

How did driving lessons go? Happy President's day!

Dani said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Happy President's Day! Man, it's not fair that they put Lincoln's and Washington's Birthday together in one day; I mean; we get jipped out of 2 days off school!!! lol!

I hope your driving lessons went well yesterday! When will you get your permit? We got ours a few days after we started classes, so hopefully you'll get yours soon too!!!!

Have a superdupercalirific day!!(Sorry,I wanted to say something different than have a great day! lol =D)


Crystal said...

OH GOSH March 10th ???? isn't that emily's birthday ??? LoL . good luck with the autographs ! oh BTW i may be there . i live in san fransisco and i WiLL make sure i meet you ! LoL

~Crystal =)

Luv Ya

Anonymous said...

have fun with your driving lessons, mitchel!

2morrow my class is acting our play for the public! i'm so EXCITED!!!! our last rehersal is later on 2day. we are also putting on the show wednesday,too! man, i wish u could c me! oh well. when i hopefully become a celebrity, u willl be able to! haha! i wish! well, talk 2 ya l8r, sk8r!!!

luv, brie

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel,

I wish I could come to San Fransisco for the signing. But I basically live half way around the US from there. I wish you would come to northwest. Dang, I really want to meet you, you seem like such a cool guy!! It always seems like us small town girls never get any chances in this world. lol


<3 Kayla

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel....
OMG.....Jesse McCartney??!!! I LOVE HIM!!! When u c him again tell him Lauren said hi!!! Thats cool u got 2 work w/ him!!!
Hey, i nkow this is kinda random but i was wondering if your planning on visiting Reno anytime in the future!!! That would be awsome!!! Oh, and by the way i might see you on March 10th. i don't know yet though cause i gotta atlk 2 my parents about it!!! But i hope i can!!! Anyway....pleeze come to Reno!!! I would LOVE 2 meet you!!!
Oh, and how'd the driving lesons go?!


Luv You 4eva and Always<3

Smiley said...

I wish I lived in San Francisco! Well, have fun Mitchel! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

donna said...

ooh i am so glad that you're coming to SF! :) I'll be thereee !

Lucy said...

Awesome! I live near SF!

jordan said...

I had a dream last night that you had a contest over the internet on who could make pistacio pudding the best and fastest and my friend won and then I woke up... it was very weird.

P.S- drivers ed is the most boring class evvvverrrrrrr!

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
My family and I recently got back from Florida. We went to Disney world....and it was COLD!!
And i was hoping it was going to be all nice and sunny warm there....bummer. oh well. I still got a little bit of a sunburn. I love the warmth of the sun!! Don't you? right now I am sick with a cold. By the way, did you ever get the bracelet I made you? Its blue,white,light blue and green. Did you have fun at the Annie awards? You look very handsome in your suit!! I sadly forgot to get you something while i was on my trip. But then again its the thought that counts right?! Tootles* Katie

nicole said...

omg i saw you sunday with kyle and micheal at the basketball thingy with your brother!

Devann-Dianna said...

Hey Mitchel,

Have a great week.
I wish sunny california could shine down on us over here.




i love you.

just thought i'd let you know.


Erika said...

Hi, Mitchel!!

Did you have a great weekend??

I went to Disney Resort Paris with my friends on Sunday and Monday.
Unfortunately, I had a cold on Monday:(

But, I had a good time with my friends:)

San Fransisco is awesome??
I've never been there.
I hope you enjoy seeing your fans!!

I bought MONSTER HOUSE's DVD today, I really enjoyed watching this movie.

Love from England,

Sabrina said...

Do you really like Jesse McCartney?

amber said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!! How are you??? I'm a little sad because me and boyfriend broke up.......But I'm okay. But guess what!?!?! My birthday is one month away from today!!!!(feb. 21) I'm so excited!!! If I could have one wish for my birthday it would to have you at my birthday!!!! And also to meet you!!! But I have to go!!! Talk to you later!!!!


penguin_lover12 said...

Hey Mitchel!

Wish you were going to San fransisco in May, thats when im going. anyway you can come to palm springs? lol! i wish!

Good luck at your driving lessons!

sabrina said...

its starting to look good in KC weather wise but not MITCHEL wise!!!

please please please please

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel :) dude your gona have to give us an update on the driving lessons ! How do you think they went ? let me know please Peace Curtis

Katherine Swanson said...

Hey Mitchel,
Good luck on the driving classes! I got my permit a little over 1 month ago, and driving is a lot easier than I thought it would be!

~Katherine (15)~

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of coming to Connecticut? Even NYC or Boston!

mary said...

hope you have a good time in san fransisco. you have got to come to buffalo some time to meet all your fans. plus who wouldn't love all the great food we have. lol. gl with your driving classes, i'll be starting those soon. i turn 16 a year from yesterday. it was my bday!! i'll be looking for your next post!

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Wow....lots going on, huh?! Yeah sorry i haven't posted a comment in a while......i've been busy...

Cool!! Glad u are taking Sunday driving classes!!!! That's awesome!!! I am officially taking driving lessons in the summer!!!!! I am soooo excited!! (but i still believe horses are more fun to ride!!!)!! Just promise me: try not to crash into trees!!!!! (Knocks on wood) =D

I CAN'T wait to see that Hannah episode with u and Jesse!!!!!! That's WAY cool!! =D

I hope you have a great weekend too!!!

Your #1 cooliest fan,
Luv ya!!!

I REALLY hope u got my Valentine in the mail!!!!! U should have gotten it by now.....i mailed it almost two weeks ago using FedEx Ground.....just don't eat all the chocolate at once!! LOL!!! In speaking of chocolate.....i gave up chocolate for Lent!!!! I did it last year, and i almost made it....but i was at a dance and ate a mint chocolate chip cookie!!! Grrr.....i think i can go 40 days without chocolate this time.....(i am a chocoholic!!!!!! LOL!!!! =D)

Elyon Snow said...

Hello Mitchel! I am from singapore and i watch hannah montana every weekend when its on! I really like this show and i hope you guys can ROCK ON! The whole cast is really good together! Send greetings to Miley Cyrus! All in all ROCK on!

Anonymous said...

Crazy awesome that you're finally coming to SF! I'm really hoping I'll be able to go since I have dance on saturdays, so I guess I'll just wait on the details.

It's pretty cool that you're doing your driving classes. I'm still trying to get through mine, then 50 hours of "supervised driving" & the license is mine.

How chill is it that Jesse McCartney guest starred. And rap? That'll be something I've gotta see.

Anyways, can't wait to hopefully meet you!

Peace & love.

- Morgan

rachael said...

i wish i could come and see u...too bad though, i want to live in California and maybe make my own tracks as an actress but i dont think that will happen anytime soon...especially when we are having an ice storm that gets me out of school...well that last part isnt that bad...

have a nice weekend mitchel...