Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all my fans.....just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! When you get a chance...share your day with me!



Melissa said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Mitchel! <3 Love you.

Jena said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy V-day to you too! Hope it rockss! And i hope you have someone special to share it with (hopefully not a girlfriend tho ;]) Haha.
Much Love;;

Anonymous said...

Share your Day with you ?? you jokin lol Im a guy so I would rather spend it with Emily Osment , but hope you have a Nice Valentines day anyway

amber said...

I would LOVE to spend my Valentines Day with you but your not in Chicago:( But its okay! I'm sure i'll meet you someday!!!! Hope your Valentines Day is LOVEABLE and EXCITING!!! ♥ ya!


Erin91 said...

you too mitchel! i just watched your grated cheddar interview and u said u didnt have a valentine. well i dont either, hint hint wink wink. lol hope u have a good day!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel=]

happy heart day to you to!
guess what today was a snow dayy!


Erika said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

I wish I could share with you sometime!!

Love, Erika

Anonymous said...

i spend my day at home cause it was snowing really bad today

did u get a valentine??????

ceal said...

Hope you have an awsome Valentine's Day! Mine wasn't really that great hope everyone elses was better!


Happy Valentine's Day

Julie B said...

awww mitchel have a happy valentines day! we all love you!

Sindee said...

Aww. Happy V-Day To You Too.
I Wish I Could Of Shared
My Day With You.

It Would Of Been A-mazing.
AHH! Anyway. Hope I Get To Meet You Someday; Somewhere.

Love, Sindee.

Marissa said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Mitchel! Hope all is going well. Can't wait to hear when youre coming to MN!!!

Lizzie said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too Mitchel!

Anonymous said...


2day @ school, we had a Valentine's Day dance. i was the DJ and had 2 pick out all the songs. it was soooo much FUN!!! all of my friends and i were singing and dancing. we all had a great time!!!!!

i have acting (again) later. the play is comming along GREAT! we r putting on the show next week. it's going 2 b SOOOO kool! i wish u could come 2 c us!

did u get my letter yet? if u didn't, i'm sorry! i guess i'll b saying happy LATE valentine's day then! lol! well, talk 2 ya soon. luv ya lots mitch!!!!!

***SAY AMAZIN'!!!!!***

luv, brie


Kelsey said...

YOU 2!! I have to put on a party with my friends I get payed YEY! Lol.

Jordan said...

my day... okay well i'm sick with sore throat/stuffy nose so I wasn't going to go to school today but i did and i got a office valentine with a picture of dwight and michael doing karate and it was just soooo funny. But then i went to aerobics and somebody stole my gym pants? who would steal someones pants? and then i was just in pain all day because my throat really hurts so i get to stay home tomorrow and not take a science test!!! haha hows that for telling you my day!!

Abbster said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MITCHEL!! In my heart, your my valentine... :-)
i sent you a package, you probably wont open it until like 3 months after Valentines day, but oh well!
cant wait till the hannah montana taping in march!
you rock my life!

Lauren said...

Happy valentines day!!! I love valentines day, but i'm all alone! :( I hope your day is better than mine.

Nicole said...

Hey Mitchel! I think it's very sweet of you to think about us. My day sucked haha, well it didn't I had a great time with my friends, but we were scolded by the principal, and all because of our math teacher!! Oh, well, I hope you have a great Valentine's Day, if something interesting happens to me later, I'll let you know!
P.S. First comment yay!

jenn said...

i wish i could spend my dayy with you! ;] hope you have a great day, and get lots of candy!


Anonymous said...

happy valentines day!

tayyylor_x3 said...

Hey Mitchel
whats up ?
I don't have any plans for Valentine's Day. Just sitting at home waiting for 7th Heaven to come on. I haven't had school in 2 days due to the snow. Man its COLD IN PENNSYLVANIA.

but anyways the mailman took my mail and is sending it to M magazine. I signed up for the Win a Date with you. And I hope I win. Cause i swear I'm gonna marry you. haha it even says in my blog. haha

Happy Valentine's Day Mitchel <3
I love you


Meshia said...

This girl came to our class and sang for us. She was soooooooo good, I loved her!!!!! And I sang with the choir at my school. So my day was just alot of singing and laughing.!lol! I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day
Love Ya!

Kristina said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Tamara said...

I <3 YOU!

Jacquelyn said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDD Just promise me one thing...Will you be mine?!?!?!? LOL!!!! Oh i sent your valentine to you yesterday, so keep checking your mail!! If you see a big envelope that has the return address with a small picture of two white horses next to it, it's from me!!! I really really hope you like your Valentine!!!! =D

OK.....i'll share my day with you!! lol....Here was my day today: #1: get up. #2: go to school. #3: get home from school. #4: homework. #5: dinner. #6: go to bed. #7: get up. #8: go to school.........wait a minute....that didn't happen yet!!!! lol!!! =D OK day today wasn't really that exciting...(as all school days are: you go to school, they give you papers, you fo the work, you turn it in, and you go to the next class and you do it all over again...that's practically what school is!!!! =D)...except for was my last class, and that's where a little excitement came in!! THE CLASS SNAKE ESCAPED FROM IT'S CAGE!!!!!!! SWEET NIBBLETS!!! LOL!!!! =O Well, it tried to...but everyone freaked out!!!!! It was pretty funny!!! Don't's not venomous!!! thank goodness!! But other than that, my day has been like any other day......

How was your day???? I hope you have the BEST ST. VALENTINES DAY EVER!!!!! ♥

Hugs and lots of kisses from,
♥ ~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

MeggX33 said...

hope ur dae is really sweet!!

LOve Miss Megg

Karleigh said...

Mitchel you are amazing! Happy Valentines day 2 u too! I wish personally give u a huge Valentine's day present with chocolates, flowers and the works, but because I can't, I just want you to know I'm thinking of u. Have an awesome day!
With lots of love, ~*Karleigh*~

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day Mitchel!!!!!!

luv ya!!! <3

your extremely hott!!

Erica said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!I would tell you what happened today, but I gotta go! CIAO!

Meaghan said...

happy singles' awareness day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mitchel!!

Happy Valentines Day to you too!


Anonymous said...

Valentines is more then just a holiday for me its my oldest borthers b-day and he is know 20 he seems so old. Today my day seemed perty crazy because at my school we had a fire drill, and pictures for choir, and also a lot of kids were donating their blood to day for the blood drive i couldn't because i'm only 15 and a half you need to be 16 to give blood. Also my friend had made cookies and i got to eat some during lunch they were sooooooo good and then i watched two of my friends try to eat 60 pixxy stiks in like 12 minutes they didn't make it but it was really intertaing.

melinda said...

hey happy valetine's day to you too!!
hope you have a fun one!

p.s. be my valetine?
(i know a little short notice)

Ashleigh said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, dear.

Mine was good, got some candy from friends and family.

How'd yours go? Hope you got stuff you wanted. <3


Rebekah said...

Happy Valentines Day too! Hope you have an AMAZING day with people you care about. =D

Have a great rest of the week.

Ashley said...

Hey mitchel happy v-day!!!!!!!

love ya,

Becky said...

happy valentines day mitchel!! i will share it with you!! lol this year i seem to be alone on valentines, so i would love to share it with someone special. :-)

ashley said...

My day was HORRIBLE! well at the beginning,
I woke up and we had like a HUGE blizzard. So
we hired some dude to plow our drive way && then
I had to shovel the porch & stuff. And school was cancelled.
but that wasn't so bad...except now i have to spend my spring break at school.
AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF. ;; my own boyfriend never even told me happy valentines day. =(
BUTTT. then you did on IMDB and now im like ahhh happy. =] thank you mitchel! you are so
adorable! i just love you! <3

HeatheR said...

<3 heather

Angela said...

How was your Valentine's Day?
Well I went to school and that's it. Wow you wake up early, must be for work. Do you have a special valentine Mitchel?

Riley said...

Happy Valentines Mitchell!!!! I wish I could see you. That would make my valentines day perfect!!!!!! Hope you enjoy your day!!! I really want to meet you!!!! Im one of those crazy obssesed fans!!!!! Have a fun day!

natalie said...

hey mitchel! i thought i'd take a minute and fill u in on my day! well, i basically just spent it with my friends, cuz it's a day for friendship too! a bunch of them got me valentines, and i felt bad cuz i totally forgot about it! i've just been so busy, ya know? but even tho i don't have a bf this year, i feel like my valentine's day is so much more fun just being with my closest buds! but u never know about next year.... jk, lol!

u rock my world!

see ya!


Elizabetj said...


My day was horrible. 'Nuff said. I've always hated Valentines Day and its always hated me back. I'm just weird like that.

Hope your day was better then mine!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

Happy valentines day Mitchel! I hope you find a valentine!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day also Mitchel! i wish i had someone to spend it with.....


Aww! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY mitchel! i hope yours is great!

Amanda said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mitchel,
I hope you had a spectacular Day! I had a great time with my friends and boyfriend. I got loaded on sugar and had tons of laughs. We had a sub in Study Hall so really al we did was play around and listent o music.
Peace Out,
Amanda <3 *<):-)

Kelsi said...


Today was so awesome! My boyfriend and I went to the dance toagether, and had so much fun. He said he loved me. I was so happy. Hope your day was as great as mine.


Heatherrrr said...

awwww how cute.
Happy Valentines Day!
i wish all boys were sweet like u.
there are some serious jerks out there.

brittany said...

happy valentine's day mitchel!<3
today my friend sent me a chocolate rose candy gram but on the card it said it was from you:]
when everyone asked who i got it from...i just smiled and told them some boy gave it to me:]

so thanks....haha:]]
loveeee always

p.s. im having sushi for dinner!

Anonymous said...


I hope you had the best day ever<3


ps. i was at chick fil a && i got some sweet tea and then later i was telling my friend and shes like, THATS MITCHELS FAVORITE DRINK! and it was pretty amazing :]

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i was just wondering if youre going to the door in dallas next month. a friend and i wanted to know.

mine was cool. we had a v-day party and a LITTLE bit of snow. i got some valentines from friends and that was pretty much my day.

how was yours?

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel happy valentines day!!

Chelsealela said...

Happy V-day Mitchel. Hope you had an AMAZING one! Well...mine was ok, I was snowed for today, so that meant no school, which was kind of a bummer since it is V-day. But then i had nothing to do so i went sledding with a friend. It was alot of fun but i practically froze to death! For a former Californian like me, Im a wuss sometimes when it comes to snow. Once again Mitchel, hope you had a GREAT day.


P.s. Your my Valentine.... <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Mitchel well yea you bet i will lol love ya your biggest fan Nicole

Len said...

Hey Mitchel!
Today was funn..haha, we were all so hyper (All our teachers gave us candy) and I got 4 carnations, our school was selling them yesterday. So it was fun, I hope you had an super one too :)
Of course you have a valentine, all of us!
well gotta go.

Rachel said...

HAPPY VDAY MITCHEL! i HEART u. =) My VDAY is smoken'! haha.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel


happy valentines dayyy __x3

i hope you had a valentine bc i didn't lol.

but i made a bunch of cupcakes and gave em to all my friends.

i <3 cupcakes. lol


vicki tumminia(musso) said...

be my valentine?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy Valentines Day to You!! i <3 you too!! today was an interesting valentines day, we had a snow day, and got over 25 inches of snow! and they already are planning for a snow day tomorrow! I hope u have a good Valentines Day [or did]
Luv ya! <3


Hey mitchel!!! yeah today actually my class went on a field trip...we went bowling and made these glass was super hot cuz u had to melt the was really so yeah it would be so funn to spend my valentines day with you. I have no valentine so...u know..wink wink. haha. well hope u have a awesome day!!


angela said...

hey mtichel! i'll tell u how my day went! lol! okay i got to school and i was the only one to bring in valentines! lol! i was like WHAT!? lol! it was funny tho! then we had to give our first grade buddies a valentine. my buddy was like here u! thanks!? lol! btw i hope u have a great valentines day!

<333 angela!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day mitchel!
: )
Much Love,

Emily said...

Well because timezones are stupid and I was sleeping I'll be fashionably late with a blog comment. Haha.

Happy Valentines for yesterday.. maybe. Again with the time zones.

For me V-day was BLAH because I had an early start at school starts at 8:15am and it was BLAH -insert rest of school day here-
and then I had an early finish because I was starting TAFE doing a photography course and then I went home which wasn't until 4:30 - 5pm. And I had a headache and felt heaps sick so I ate and everything was fine and then my friend alex was like BLAH because he won't go to the city on saturday cause he's lame so I had to confess that we planned a suprise 18th birthday and he said BLAH and then we annoyed this girl in my group and laughed and then our friend dommie came online and Alex was like 'HAPPY VALENTINES I LOVE YOU BOTH!'

etc etc.

I shall bore you no longer.

Hope you had a good day xx

Victoria! said...

My day was pretty cool... we had a snowday, so I got to stay home, knit, watch TV, and eat LOTS of chocolate!!! Hope your day was amazing!!! ☺

Heather Lupro said...

Hey Mitchel Happy Valentines Day!!!!i just really would like to say thank you so much for the 8x10 that you signed and sent to me!! i really appriciate that so much!!and well one of these days i hope to meet you in person!! <3 always Heather Lupro

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you had a great day!


Samantha said...

Share my day with you... Well, I did school, listened to music, played video games, went to church, sung various songs from the musical Hairspray with my friend(saw it on tuesday, it was awesome, if you get the chance, go see it!), came home, cleaned the kitchen, played more video games, then went to bed! There now, you can pretend you were there! Haha.

Hope your Valentines Day rocked.


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! hope you had a rockin v-day! mine was awesome! i went over my boyfriends house at 1 on vday then we went to dinner and watched movies. then i slept over, and this morning went to breakfast with his sister and her boyfriend...then more movies and "playing/ice skating" in the snow..its like ice! haha.

did you get a valentine?!

Nicole said...


mickey said...

my valentines day was ok

grounded for a month
so couldnt go out with my bf =((

hope u had a good day!!

Nicole said...

Hey Mitchel,
I know this is a day late, but I just wanted to say Happy Valetines Day!!! I hope yours was as wonderful as mine!!! I don't have a bf to hang out with, but I did spend my Valentines Day with my best buds! Well se ya laterz!!!
Love Always,


valentines day.
not that exciting in my world.
but i did get a rose from a friend.
but that's really it.
no boyfriend.
but enough about me.

how was your v-day?

georgina said...

hey mitchel, hope you had a great v-day, i did lol...
i hope you read the messages on your site..
cyaa love georgina xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel, well i kno this is like 3 days late and you mite not see it but i thot id share anyway [sorry, its pretty sadd] my day was goin pretty good but my crush ended up bein asked out by a friend...then to top it off my great grandma died the day after =[...well i dont mean to be a downer so anyway i hope your valentines day was amazingg!! i also hope to meet you sometime soon!!
xoxo Kendra xoxo

Porter Morrison said...

I know its late But hey!
lol Happy Valentines Day to you too =]



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I spent my V-Day driving to Paris and actually being in Paris. It was all good. Anyway, hope you had a great time!

Logann said...

Happy Valentines Day Mitchel

I heart You <3....

How was your day? Mine was good,but I would have been better if I could have met you...

xoxo Logann <3

sabrina said...

my valentines day went really bad mitchel,
so this geek guy tried to ask me out and i like about fainted (a GEEK i mean the dude who is stupid and loves video games and starwars) THEN (it gets worse) he decided that i really did want to go out with me and told the entire school!!!!!
that's when it got dirty

there's a guy who everyone adores (j.K.) except for me so i asked him out and made the GEEK look like a GEEKGEEKGEEK yeah it was great






I'm sooo srry this is like soo late, cuz i just made a acount!! But happy late v-day!!! HAHA, next year if i can remember I'll be ur special VALENTINE!!! I'm lucky i can remember My own b-day !!HAHA!! well Happy early b-day to yew cuz i'll probally 4get by June or July(when is ur b-day its like june or july 9th I think)!!! See look i've already 4got ur b-day!!! well nywayz i know i've already told yew this, well I'm sending a cd to a record producer!!! WISH ME LUCK, and i hope i'll see u on the red carpet pretty soon, oh yeah check out my profile i have pix on there!!! And u need to check out my myspace even though yew dont have one still check mine out, its , well cheerleadin' tryouts r next wednesday lets hope i can make it again!!! this will be my 3rd year in PCMS cheerleadin', GO RED DEVILS!!! Well Keep on rockin!!!

-MoRgaN (ur # 1 FAN)!!!!