Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where I will be - TONIGHT!!

Hey guys....I have a photo shoot today.....but my plan is to get out on time and see you guys on the red carpet at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood for the premiere of WILD HOGS! Red Carpet is 6:30 to 7:30....come see me if you can! I'll probably show up around 7:00PM.

Also...if you haven't heard the Disney Channel Games will be in Florida at Disney World this year! They will be in April......everybody in Florida....COME AND SEE ME!! and ALL your Disney Stars....it's gonna be a total BLAST!

Also....an update on San Fransisco.....I will be at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno, CA on March 10th from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. You guys come out and see me if your in the area. Remember to let me know when I meet you if you read my Blog, check out Mitchel-Musso.com or read my posts on IMDB. Can't wait to meet all of you!



ERIKA said...

Wild Hogs looks so funny!!!
Too bad I wont be a the premiere.

AW MAN!! APRIL?!!?!?!? I'm going to be in Disney World from March 22-28!!! Why cant you be there then???

Bad timing...oh well.


Anonymous said...

Mitchel I read your blog lol I think I should tell you now since I doubt I could get a flight to America in time lol but anyway have a good time walking the red carpet. Curtis

Emmy said...


can't wait for the disney channel games. but unfortunately they'll come later for me because i'm from england. which sucks.

do you have any idea when season 2 of hannah montana will be airing on disney channel?

have a great week.

lots of love,

Ashleigh said...

My little sister lives in Florida... I do believe a visit in April is due to see her. Then, we'll drive around and look for video cameras... though Florida is a rather large state. :P :D <3

Valerie said...

Oh Poop Nuckles! I wish I could go!!!!!! Have fun at the Wild Hogs premiere! I cant wait to look at pictures of you on the red carpet. I really cant wait for the DC Games! There is a possible chance I might go there for Spring Break. I wish I could go to San Fransico! My cousin takes acting classes there....I might audition for a comercial this summer! Well have fun with everything! Tell Miley and Emily that I said Hi and they're awsome! Your also awsome!

Samantha said...

Wild Hogs looks soooo funny! Let me know if it is ok?

Florida is so far from Michigan... Hope you have tons of fun though! Man I want to go to Disney World. It will be one of the best days of my life if I go someday...

California, also far away! But I'm gonna meet you someday Mitch. I promise!!!!


Anonymous said...

i live in florida!! hehe YEA!!! i finally get to see MITCHEL MUSSO!! :)lol sry
anyway have fun at your premire!!!!
love ya!


Anonymous said...

ha i will so totally try and come to the disney channel games in florida. its only four hours away. my dad will probably give me a hard time for it but hey don't care.

much love

Katie R. said...

Man that totally stinks!!!! I use to live in Florida and we use to go to Disney world like every month!!! But now I live in Michigan. man!!! i'm totally bummed..
Well I hope you have a great time tonight!!! And I hope you get to see a LOT of your fans!! Have an AWESOME week!! Katie

Anonymous said...

hey mitch!

OMG! i heard that Billy Ray Cyrus is gonna b on Dancing with the Stars!!!! THAT'S SO AMAZING!!!!!! tell him i said congrats and good luck! i'll b a ruttin' 4 him! r u and the rest of the cast gonna go c him? that would b sooo KOOL!!!!! well, ttyl!

luv, brie

Jacquelyn said...

Hola Senor Mitchel!!!! =DDD

I would LOVE to come and see u, but sweet nibblets, i'm not in California!!!!!!!!!!! =(((((!!!! But anywho, i hope u have a GREAT time tonight at the El Capitan Theater for the premiere!!!!!!! =DD (& at your photo shoots!!!! Can't wait to see the photos!!!...and also have fun in San Fransisco!!!!! =DD)

I heard about the Disney Channel Games....i hope you have a BLAST there!!!!!!! I REAAAALLLLLYYYY wanna be there for the games, but sadly i live tooooooo.......far.......AWAY!!!!!! Grrrrr........i'll try co convince my parents to move......lol!!!!! But anyway, i hope your team wins!!!! I can guarantee u that i will be rooting for u all the way!!!!!! =DDDD

I have to go........u guessed it.....i have yet another very boring day of school tomorrow.....which means i have homework due for tomorrow......eh but i'll survive....i hope!!!!!! =DDDDD


Your #1 COOLIEST fan in the universe!!!!!!....ok maybe u have other great fans.....But i'm still the cooliest of them all!!!..ok maybe not really.......LOL!!!!!!

!!!~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~!!! ♥

Dani said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Wild Hogs looks like such a good movie! So funny too! I got the music from the commercial stuck in my head. Drr..Da...Dr....It's a lot easier to sing and air guitar then it is to type, lol!

I hope you had fun at your photo shoot!

Cool! Disney Channel games in Flordia? I hope you have fun, last year it looked like everyone did! Haha, I wish I could get up there and join you guys! Haha! =D

Also, have fun in San Bruno, I hope you meet some awesome fans!

Rock on! Have an amazing week!


Anonymous said...

I want to come to the DC games, but my April Break is the week before! *frowns* Oh well!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to disneyworld in May though!!! boooo but im still gonna go and see it if i can :D

Nicole said...

my aunt lives in florida, so maybe i can come to the DC Games! haha

wish i lived in cali, but nope.. DALLAS! and i still insist you come to metro station's concert on mar17 :]


well i cant think of anything else to say, so ill post later :}

-- Nicole

myspace.com said...

heyyy mitchel u r so amazing!
u rock!!
kisses and good luck
update news about ur date!!
greetings from ARGENTINA.

HeatheR said...

cant wait for dc games! its fun to watch!! have fun!!!

Rachel said...


ah... only if I went to Disney World this year! I went last year... oh well... we'll meet soon when I move to Cali! Yayness!

Ooh Wild Hogs! Have fun! =]

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Monica said...

Aw, that sounds like so much fun!!! do you know when they are airing the dc games??? probably during the summer i guess. i saw your animated self at the oscars!!! too bad monster house didnt win, it should have!!! Good luck on the red carpet getting mobbed by fans and i hope your team wins the dc games!!! too bad i cant be there but i'll be cheering you on!!! YOU ROCK MITCHEL!!!

Abby said...

DC Games in Florida? Sounds cool. Too bad its in April. I'm supposed to go to Florida in June after school gets out. Some of my relatives live down there so I'm going to visit.

I wish I could be at the premire. But atleast I know I'm not the only girl who can't be there to see you! xD


Anonymous said...

Omg thats sooo amazing!!! Its sooo cool cuz im going to Walt Disney World in april for easter vacation..wow thats sooooo cool !!!! OmG thats such a God thing !!! Ok well Have fun at the premiere and cant wait for April!!!

With Love

karina. said...

yay i can't wait for march 10th =) my friend and i will probably be there very early, like around 9 or 10, depending on how early her dad can drive us there (it's about 2 hours away). sooo excited =)

karina. said...

i'm excited =) can't wait for march 10th! my friend and i will probably be there early. look out for someone who asks you to say "elves will rule the world" into a camera; that will be me! it's for the MMO girls aka "olly dollies"; they know all about it =)

sabrina said...

AWWWWWWW im going there like NEVER oh mitchel please make a stop at KC

Anonymous said...

omg really thats so awsome i wish i caould have went its only an hour away but my mom didnt come home for me to ask her ugh well yea ill see you som other time i guys lol well yea i cant wiat till disneychannel games i just wish ilived in florida but yeai live in cali like you yea lol well yea love your biggest fan nicole iyl and mitchel you rock

Lauren Luvs Timmy said...

hey mitchel....
mann....i with i could go!!! it'd be so cool!! i hope u have fun!!
ik this is completly off subject but i need some cheering up!!! the boi i like turned me down 2day:( pleeze.....cheer me up!!
but that's not the point!! HAVE FUN 2NIGHT!!!


iLOVEshoez said...

OH MAN!!! I wish i would have known earlier!! I could have gone!! that sux....

anyways...dang, I live in Cali and I dont think we are going to Florida anytime soon...LOL...I wish i could!!

dang...next time you come to Hollywood....try to post earlier! LOL....

OMG! I was on your website and i watched you on an interview thingy, and I saw the PF Flyers you have!! They are awesome!!! I went online and looked for them and I found them!!! I want them sooo bad!!!

love always,

P.S. If you read this post, write "PF Flyers shoes" on the next thing you post!! This should be fun!! Love ya'!

Samantha said...

Oh yeah, one more thing Mitch, I hope you are on the green team again, if they didn't go and change the colors. Its my favorite color, and you look good in it!


Anonymous said...

Wild Hogs looks really good. I hope that it was good and you had a great time. I cant wait for the disney channel games and i will definatally come and see you in flordia. I will try my best to also see you in San Fransisco. If i dont have fun!


angela! said...

I can't believe it's already been one year sicne the first dc games. I wish they were here in l.a. Was last year's here in los angeles? well yeah. I think if I was in it, i'd probably take you on. HAHA (: just kidding

Emily said...

sounds heaps of fun!!!

Meeting me would be a great excuse for you to come to Australia =P

jenn!!! said...

Mitchel that is SO awesome!! I cannot believe that the DC Games are gonna be in Florida, it's like a DREAM COME TRUE!!! i live in Palm Harbor, which is like only 4 hours away!!! I am SO excited now and so happy....you dont even know!

much love, have an AMAZING week!
J to the E to the double N

Abbster said...

Thats so awesome mitchel! i cant wait until you come to florida!! i am going on a field trip today! well, i hope you have an incredible day, and an awesome week!

Erika said...

Hi, Mitchel!

I wish I could study English in L.A.....

I've never been to Disney World!!
One of my dreams is going to all Disneyland in the world:P

Please come to England!!

love from England

Victoria said...

Wild Hogs looks wicked funny! You're so lucky that you can go to movie premiers & such... it sounds like a lot of fun! Oh and congrats on Monster House being nominated for an Oscar... that was pretty cool! Have a great day! ☺


p.s. I think it's really awsome how you take time to read these comments and even respond to people... you're the coolest!!!!! =)

aisha said...


for april vacation i think i'm going to florida since i haven't been in 2 years, i'll see if i could find a way to get to the DC games so i could meet you


Anonymous said...

when are the DC Games???!?!?!? i live in FL and want to come!

melinda said...

of course you will be in disney world...............

when im not there!!

aww im soo sad im going in june or july or one of the j- months!

yeah so i cant even believe that you are seeing wild hogs or for as off right now already saw wild hogs!
i want to see that soo bad!
was it good??
i hope it was
soooooo yeah i've kinda got something on my mind......
and i've been needing to get some advice..........
and instead of telling any of my friends i'm gonna tell you soo fell very proud!
sooooo there's this girl who's my friend sam* she like this guy kyle* and kissed him when he has a girlfriend katie* and she is telling me about it whne im friends with her and katie..... so should i tell katie her b/f is cheating on her with my friend??
omg in soo sorry for putting this on your shoulders but i need to do something becxause this whoile love triangle is like killing me!

*name is changed for the good of that person

soo if you cant give me any advice i'll understand cuz your busy and all

<33 melinda!

Anonymous said...




Dont EVER cut your hair! lol
Love Shelly

Alicia said...

Hey Mitchel,
r u comin 2 houston. if not plz plz plz make some plans. for the DC games where in florida and wat date? im mite b able to go. i g2g. make plans for houston (well actually sugar land) Texas. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


so lemme get this straight...
disney channel SUMMER games are filmed in APRIL?
how lame.
anyways...have fun. and i totally wish i could come see you but my madre won't let us move to florida like she promished because of the 'weather'
but if you're ever in colorado.
look me up.