Saturday, January 20, 2007

POPSTAR! Our Date!!

You guys are right! They are going to give me the 10 finalists and I have to choose from those. How am I going to do that????? I have no idea. I have heard that they are all lovely and full of personality....atleast on paper.....right? And that they would all make great matches for me. How about that? I may have to just put them in a box and pull one out because I know I will never be able to choose on my own. I can't wait to read the ten entries though! Thanks guys for making this project so fun!! Looking forward to our date!! PEACE-OUT! Mitchel


Dani said...

Believe me Mitchel, I'm sure you'll pick someone amazing for you!!! You'll know who's the right one when you see it...on paper at least like you said! :P :D

I can't wait to see who you pick! Take your time and good luck!!!!!


Molly said...

I'm sure you'll make a great choice!!!!!

<3 Molly

Victoria said...

this is absolutely the coolest contest i have EVER heard of. i'm sure who ever goes on the date with you will have the best time ever!!!! ahhhhh i wish i had entered. me & my stupid procrastination habits lol. ah well, maybe next time. ☺


Anonymous said...

im so excited for you to pick a winner! <3
i think you should just choose. not out of a hat ;]

Crystal said...

kool! can't waittt! =)

paige marjorie said...


you are sooo amazingly awesome. the fact that you said it would be really hard for you to pick makes me happy. haha.

anyways, hope its not too hard on you. and i hope your having a good weekend!


Makenzye said...

I can't wait to find out who you choose!

Anonymous said...

OMG! im sooooo EXCITED!!!!!!! i hope my name is in 1 of the Top 10!!! if it is....I HOPE U PICK ME!!!!! it would be AMAZING if i were the winner! do you know how many people entered?! im just curious.....

anyway, u seen just as excited as i am about the contest! and you're picking the winner around NEXT FRIDAY?! wow! that's really soon! well, i hope u have fun choosing the winner! u deserve some1 who's right 4 u... AND THAT'S ME!!!!!! lol! i wish....well, good luck and best wishes!

luv, brie

Kirstin Moore :] said...

Mitchel !
Omg ! I'm so exciteddd!
Yeeee. x]

I hope I could be in the top 10.
Gah, your so amazing.


I love you Mitchel !

Kirstin :]

summrxobsessed said...

that WOULD be tough to choose! well, i'm the queen of indecisiveness, so yeah... but good luck choosing!

Becky said...

i'm so excited for this!!! i hope i win. dont' worry you'll be able to choose! it might be hard though. have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you Mitchell! I entered, I hope(like every other girl who enetred) I'll win. It's my dream to meet you. Good luck with picking the winner! I'm sure yall will have fun on the date! Also,good luck to all who entered it!


kirste27 said...

I really wish that I had entered that! You're such a great guy from what I know of you!! Whoever gets to go on a date with you is so lucky!!!

<3 Kirsten

Vicky said...

I entered in that date contest!!!! I really hope I win!!! I love you!!!

Jacquelyn said...

I can't wait!!!! I am so psyched!!!! =DDDDD (jumps off the walls!!) =D

Rachel said...

ahhh! Mitchel! You MUST pick! I think you should just pick the one that you just felt a connection with, ya know? Well a connection ON PAPER! haha. I can't wait!

Devann-Dianna said...

So, this si fun;
write the names down when you get the papers onto pieces of paper, then throw them in the air, close your eyes, and try to catch one!

You'll look awkward for a while until you catch one, but it's fun

And entertaining for other people to watch lol.


ERIKA said...

I cant wait to find out who wins!!
I'm so excited!

SagittariusLove said...

Depressing that I couldn't enter!

p.s. First commenter! <3

Nicole :] said...

Woo! haha if you do that then, its all luck :]
I put that I was in Delaware, cause i thought we'd be in our new house by then, but we're not.. im still in dallas, and the number i put was disconnected.. so it sucks.
but yes! im glad you get to choose, cause then the winner will know that you like them.. well sorta-kinda-ish i guess haha!
If you end up going on March 17th to teh MS concert.. ILL SEE YOU THERE!

-- Knee-coal

Emily said...

Sounds rad! Be sure to tell us all about it!

Take care xx

Jenn said...

ahh!! i;m so excitedd!!=]
i wish we could know who the finalist are.. but i can't wait to find out the winner! =]]

peace. Jennnnnnnnn.

Kristina said...

I hope you pick me!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be able to tell us who the ten finalists are because it would be so cool to know if I was one of the top ten. I Love you.

alice said...

were the finalists contacted or are they as in the dark as the rest of us are? lol.

amber said...

yeah! OMG that sounds so exciting! i dont even know if im a finalist!?!?! but either way i hope the girl you choose is great! hoefully that'll be me!LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo excited to find out! I hope I am at least in the top 10, maybe the winner! That would be incredible. If I don't, that winner better know how lucky she is.

<33 Always,

Samantha said...

Wow, whoever you choose is very lucky, and I am sure all of them have lovely personalities(maybe one is me! I've been told I have a good personality :) ) Well, as for choosing, that is a fair way, but who knows, maybe when you read the entries, you will just see one and go, "That one, I think I want to get to know that person." Good luck on choosing though!!!!!!! And if you see any Samantha's from Michigan, could be me!

Love ya Mitch!


Sami_Lynne said...

lol i hope im a finalist!! that would be awesome if i won!

Kay said...

I hope I win or at least am a finalist :] Maybe on the date you will meet the love of your life! LOL joking it's possible but I'm sure it is not going to happen!

Peace & Love Kay


good luck with choosing mitchel! i can't wait to hear all about your date! unfortunately, i didnt have time to enter :(

ashley <33

Emily said...

Oh no I have a problem...I think i sent my application in to late..i sent it through email like 30 minutes after the due time (5:30) lol...but whoever wins is gonna have the best time ever and I'm gonna be really happy for them<3
well im gonna go

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
I hope it won't be to stressful for you to choose a girl for the date! I'm sure you will pick the perfect one!! I can't wait to see if i won! But if i don't its ok. But would be AMAZING!!! You are the most incredible guy in this world. your the kind of guy that every girl and her parents could ask for. If only this world had more guys like YOU in it!! Then i think this world would be a better place! i want to thank you for being so sweet and kind and just AWESOME!! And i'm sure that thank you comes from every girl out there! So THANK YOU !!! Have an awesome weekend! Tootles* Katie

ashley said...

AHHH! omggg. I hope im in top 10! =]

love you mitchel! <3 Ashleyyy

Anna said...

Hey Mitchel. I hope Everything is going all right!! well ttyl.

Nicole said...

Can't wait to hear who wins!!! Who ever does is the luckiest girl ever!!! Hopefully it will be me!!!

Love ya!

Len said...

Hey Mitchel!
I bet your super excited for your date haha.
I wish I entered, see dumbo me forgot the deadline date so I kept thinking, "I'll send it in soon" then all of a sudden I look at the magazine and the deadline passed =( Well. Have fun on your date with that lucky girl!
<3 Len

Erin said...

I wish I;d have gotten the magazine!!! *tears up*


<3 Erin

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Kelesy said...

Good luck with everything

Ela said...

Wow! Whoever wins will be a luck girl! Good Luck Mitchel! LOVE YA!

Anonymous said...

OMG! i'm so happy 4 u!!!! ik u'll make the right decision!

OMG! that would have been so cool if it was in time for my b-day but my bday was on the 20th!! oh, well!!!

can't wait 2 c who u pick....i'm sure who ever u pick will have a great time!!!:)


Joanna said...

were the ten finalists contacted or are they as clueless as us all? lol i'm sure you'll make a great choice. be sure to tell us all about it! =)


hey mitchel... your new haircut in your profile picture looks great! they did an awesome job!

ashley <33

Dylan said...

I wonder who'll win. Whoever it is, I'm sure they'll be right for you!


izzie said...

oh my god i cant WAIT!!! im sooooo excited!!!! But, im sure you'll be able to pick the best one for you!!!!! at least you get a choice in it!!!=] well good luck to everyone!!! have a great week!!!=]


C&Z4ever said...

I'm sure you will make a Great Choice!

Kristina said...


Caroline said...

hey Mitchel,

I wish i had entered...but sadly my friend didn't tell me till it was to late. :-(
I think you will have a great time with who you pick.
Read through what they wrote, which one sounds the best?(me if I entered, of course!)


love you Mitchel,

andrea said...

hey mitchel !

i totally hope i`m one of the 10 finalists ! =]

but even if i`m not, i`m sure you`ll pick the best one, & that you guys will have an awesome time together !

can`t wait to find out who wins ! =]

love always <3. andrea

Anonymous said...

hey, mitchel! brie again! i cant believe how close you r 2 choosing the winner! i'm so excited! i hope its me!!!
anyway, i have my Science Fair this week. i'm competing against the other 2 winners from my school and all the winners from the schools in my area. i hope i do well!
once again, have fun picking the winner. i hope it's not TOO TOO hard 4 ya! c ya l8r, s8r!

luv, brie

Kelly said...

heyy. yeahh the contest must be soo funn for you =) i didnt get to enter cuz i deff did not even know about it till like 2 weeks ago....its kinda sad i know. lol well, hope you and the winner are a match made in heaven ;)


Anonymous said...

ooo! i 4got 2 tell u... i'm diggin the new hair cut! you're doesnt look like it was really cut! but i can definatly c your beautiful eyes now!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

i wish i entered!

but i forgot :[[
but im mailing u a letter!


Anonymous said...

i wish i entered the contest. :/
ive met you before. :]

Paige said...

I'm sure you will pick someone who is just right for you ... I wish I could've entered ... gahhhh!

If the date stinks [doubt it will] hold another one of these contests ... it'll give me a chance to enter x]

Hope you have fun choosing the winner.

Loving you always <33

Rachel said...

Are you going to post the person who won?


Anonymous said...

i should have entered (dang it) oh well
hope you pick the right one

your fan,

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel,
I think you shouldn't pick the winner out of a hat, just pick the one you like best. But it your decision. I'm sure who ever you pick will be a great match for you!

Wish I would of entered...when I asked my friend about it she said it was to late to enter. But get this, it wasn't. Oh well, maybe another time.

Have a GREAT day.


Dani said...

Hey, Mitchel!!!

Just wanted to checked up on you; making sure you aren't super stressed about the win a date thing! I hoped you haven't locked yourself in a closet or something and won't come out until you make a decision! lol Jk! :D

I'm sure you'll make a great choice! Have an
AMAZING week!!!! :)

Abby and Jenifour said...

We are super excited Mitchel!!!!! We love you so much because you rock our lives!!!!
Luv you!
Abby and Jenifour

ashley said...

gahh. Mitchel I`m so siked for you! ahh. butttt i wish i would have been in top 10. not saying im not cuz who knows for sure righttt? hmm. anways. I can honestly say im NOT excited for you to pick..IM NERVOUSSSS! haha. cuz i really wanted this but whatever is ment to happen will happen.

I love you mitchel! ;]
--Ashley [<][3]

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

GeoRgiA said...

Hey there Mitchel wen u pick just take ur time i wish i had enterd i only just gota blog though o well maybe somthing eles well come up kk
anyway though i might just say well im here that im writing u a letter plz answer it if u hav time hope to becom mates kk(again)

good luck

from me... georgia

Emily said...

oMg I'm SoOo ExCiTeD!! u RoC mY sOx! lOl! WeLl, I dOn'T hAvE mUcH 2 sAy SoO, BYE!!!
<3 eMiLy

Kailey xo said...

Aww, Shoot.. Now I wish that I had entered the contest D= Well, Love you Mitchel! Maybe we'll meet some day? Well.. Gotta go. The suite life is on =o I'll watch Hannah Montana ... Cant Wait! Seeya!
- xo Kailey

Abby said...

OMG MITCHEL!!! I got the HANNAH MONTANA TAPING TICKETS!!! I cant wait to see YOU! Its on March 16th, 2007! I will probably make a sign when I am in the audience
:-D! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I have been waiting for this day FOREVER because you rock my life and I love you soooooooo much!

Skyanne said...

Hey =]
I think it is so cool you update this frequently. I have a question, do you reply to all the fan mail you get? You must get a lot because, well you are just too cool, haha.


Anonymous said...

hey hope yo have fun and i tink thats the best way to do it so yea ok have a nice day ok peace out like you say lol love your biggest fan nicole

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I just picked up the new issues of Tiger Beat and M magazines!! I love the posters of you in them! They are rockin'!!! I noticed you're wearing A LOT of handmade bracelets! I wonder where those came from? lol!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell.....
I can't wait to see who you chose,I didn't enter but i wish I did..::sniffle:: ::sniffle::.
Anyway I hope you pick someone great. You deserve it and I think you're really cute and you have a great personality.
Well if you see this please please please, e-mail me, i would LOVE to talk to you personally via e-mail

christine said...

mitchel! i cant stress enough by saying... "it was nice seeing you last night" annnnd "sorry about all the pictures." but what the heck, it was fun! xD

ilyily :]

see you soon,

Mel said...

I would have entered but i live in australia :(
hope you choose someone great for you, what ever method you choose.
but picking from a hat might dissapoint you.


emzii* said...

heyy mitchel =]

im sure you'll pick someone great =] and she is a very lucky girl.
i was just wondering if you are gonna come to australia?? anytime soon hehe.
have fun
emily xox

angela said...

i saw the contest for something like that for umm...."m" magazine...i am entering that! do we have to like write u a letter or something?? or like just send in a post card saying "PICK ME!!" lol!

<33 angela!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel your awesome for doing this for your girl fans I have such respect for you dude ! ( It would be cool if Emily had a competition like this and was kinda biased towards me lol ) respect ya dude... by the way the names Curtis

Anonymous said...

good luck with the choosing. im sure the girl you choose will be VERY sweet and fun!!!
have fun on your date mitchel!
<33 cathyy