Friday, January 19, 2007


Hey guys.....I have been told that I will know the winner by next Friday.....but I don't know when it will officially be announced. I do know they have narrowed it down to 10 finalists. I am not allowed to announce the winner....I AM SURE THE MAGAZINE WILL GET A HOLD OF THE WINNER AS SOON AS THEY CAN. Looking forward to our date!!



Kristina said...

WOW, I cant wait to hear who is the Winner! Maybe I WON!

Cant wait!

amber said...

Hey Mitchel cant wait for our date! LOL! JK but even if I dont win I'll still be happy for the person who does cause you are just so charming, funny, and sweet your everything a girl and her parents could ask for LOL but I cant wait but you could answer one question., did they notify the finalist? if you dont know thats okay! but I cant wait and check out my website! PLEASE!!! theres a sexy pic of myself LOL JK!
But love ya!


Jordan said...

I thought that you pick the winner?

Jacquelyn said...

Thanx, Mitchel!! =D

Now i am EXTREMELY excited!!! lol!!! I can't wait to find out who the lucky girl is!!!...maybe it's ME!!! lol!! =DDD

But this is absolutely exciting...Whoever wins will have the BEST day of her life!!!!

Have an AWESOME weekend!!

Love you,

ERIKA said...

Omg!!! I hope I won!!

I cant wait to find out!

ERIKA said...

omg! I cant wait to find out!!! I hope I won.

Hope you are doing well Mitchel!


Anonymous said...

Good luck :]

Lyz said...

Woo! Can't wait to find out who the winner is!!
<3 Lyz

Emily said...

Maybe I should move to America...
But I love Australia too much haha.

You come here. k? k. I'm glad we had this talk.

Haha I'm kidding.

Anonymous said...

boy, am i EXCITED! who wouldnt?! lol1 i hope im the lucky girl who gets a date with you mitchel! we'd have such a great time, but im sure you'll have fun no matter who wins!

luv, brie

Dani said...

So, wait.... You don't get to pick the winner? Cuz the mag said you were picking out of the ten finalists they picked....Sorry I'm confused! :P

Anyway, have a amazing day! Whoever Popstar or you pick, will surely be awesome for you!! Have a great time on the date! You better tell us all about it, and be back by 10:00pm, young man! Jk, lol! :D

Jackie =] said...

i cant wait! i hope i won! it took me a loooong time to fill out that application.. but it was worth it!

Rachel said...

I can't wait for our date Mitchel! lolz. Kidding! But maybe I'll win... anything is possible. Whoever wins will have so much fun with you. But wait... don't YOU pick the winner?

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Christine said...

Aww that's awesome!!! Of course i wish it were me but hey if it's not it's not. If you could post a blog telling WHEN we're gong to know then that would be awesome, because some of us might be wondering if we won and they might have already called the Do you get what I'm saying? haha, Well if you can that would be AWESOME!! Alright, give Miley my best wishes and I'm praying for her health.:]

Peaceeee Out.

Love your Truest Fan,
Christine aka Ceecee

Natalie said...

*claps* Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Can't wait to find out who won!! :=]

Devann-Dianna said...

Oooh! The anticipation BUILDS!
Don't we have to wait until February to find out though?
That'll kill us with waiting!

Aww, so, I'm deffinatly sad that I don't live in MN or CA.
Well, we'll just have to move to California sooner then. I think my mom said we're moving to Vancicia? Vanchalua? I don't know, Van something. I'll ask her later.

Until then though, Ohio is a fabulous place to visit!
As in, we have Cedar Point, The Columbus Zoo, Wyndote Lake, Lake Erie (Actually, scratch that, Lake Erie is boring and smells like fish. Although, if you want a good nap, it's good! All you need is a boat with a cabin and a fishing rod with bait on!)

Anywhoo, come to Ohio sometime!


Elizabeth said...


I e-mailed my entry one the last day so I'm not even sure if it was entered in. Hopes...not up. Hope you have fun with the lucky girl (in case you haven't noticed....I can be a real pessamist at times. And a bad speller.) :-P HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!

<3 Liz

jenn!!!! said...

OHH no, i think i sent in my entry form too late...when was the deadline...oh man, now im so worried! Well, even if i dont win, i still have a chance b/c my friend abby entered herself in and i think she has a good chance of winning! She'll tell me all about it if she does!!

Mitchel, u ROCK MY LIFE!!!
J to the E to the double N!

Ashley said...

AHHHHH OMGGG. im really siked to hear the winner. I hope I`m a finalist. =/

Nicole said...

I thought the judges would pick the winner on Feburary 12th? Like the lucky girl will get a call or e-mail or something saying they won. I hope I did!!!

Can't Wait to hear who winner is!!!

Love Always,

Jenn said...

i can't wait to find out the winner!! =]
hopefully its meee! =]]]]]

heather said...

hav fun on ur date!!
<3 heather

Anonymous said...

OMG, I cant wait to hear! I wish I knew the 10 finalists. Good luck picking one! I hope I won!!

Kelsey L

McKenna said...

I can't wait...It will be so much fun for who ever wins!

Erica said...

Hi Mitchel! Guess what! I won 10th place. I got stage fright :-( But atleast I did better than some people right? One kid messed up on sugar. But I messed up on a stupid word too. (Prairie.) I spelled it prarie. Oh well, but there's always next year! Ok, well it is my friends birth-day today and I have to go to her party AND my other friends party who turned 11 yesterday! Anyways, I gotta go! Luv ya!

Ps. You don't mind me taking that saying, do you? Well bye!

Elizabeth said...

omg Mitchel!

I just got the new M Magizine and we can win ANOTHER date with you! So the ones that don't win this time get another chance! Thats amazing! Yay!

<3 Liz

jennifer said...

wow lots of people entered this contest! you must feel honoured! haha. i didnt even know about it...i guess i should start reading more magazines! well thats too bad...i hope you have fun with whoever wins!! they are soooo lucky!!! i wish i could've entered..haha o well maybe next time!!