Thursday, January 04, 2007

Musso Fan Mail

Hey guys! I love to get your fan mail!

Please write to:

Mitchel Musso
c/o The Disney Channel
3800 Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA. 90211

Just a reminder....if you send a dollar with your don't have to worry about postage or anything as far as it getting back to you. Just write me a letter and make sure you use the address one stamp on the outside and remember to add $1.00 inside and I will be glad to send you a picture back.

Another thing you can send me a favorite clip or poster and I will be glad to sign that if you like. I get a lot of pictures in the mail and I sign them and send them back. I think it's great that you guys like the posters enough that you want me to sign them!

Anyway...please write and know that I look forward to all the fan mail!



Dani said...

Looks like you go from IMDb to here to post!!! lol!! ;)

Thanks for the info I might send you a poster to sign, but I already got 2 things back from you in the mail, so I don't want to be greedy.....Other fans should get them! I bet you get TONS of mail!!!!!!!

Have a great week!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Ooh that's awesome! I'll totally write to you. Btw, I saw your lil bro on According To Jim yesterday he was funny! R0cK On. =)

God Bless,

MEGX33 said...

Im sure sending you something!! Marc was GREAT last night!

Anonymous said...

I will be sending in some snazzy fanmail. (:

And a little .. somethin' somethin'. Whoo :D

Kay said...

Guess What I watched Last Night?? lol well i will be happy to send you some fanmail! omg i so hope i win that date with you! and i dont wanna win just cause your cute.....your also sweet, CHARMING, and funny in interviews...or actually i mean energyviews! LOL!!!

-Peace && Love
-<3 Kay

Jenn said...

heyy. im sending you something for christmas.. its a little late =P i no, but whatever. i was gonna send it before xmas but didnt have the time, so yeahh.. i'll need to put more than one stamp on it since its like in a small box not an envelope. =] yepp. so be expecting something soon!

peace. Jenn

Jenn said...

ohh yeahh.. and last night on according to jim, your brother was really good. tell him i think he did great! =]

Anonymous said...

I am so going to write to you mitchel! I love you

Elizabeth said...

Thats so cool! I'll try to send you something if I get the chance!

I watched 'According to Jim' and your brother was amazing! Tell him I said good job! He was so cute and he doesn't seems like a bully... And I was cracking up when Jim was yelling at him cause he was so cool about it.

I hope to write you soon...enough... :-P

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel this is me nicole young that adress you put i just went to the mil box and its on the way and i included a pic i drew of you and then a dollar and i also put an extra stamp insid i probably would have gave you somthing but i like to donate the littl i have to people who dosent have stuff but well yea but i sent it and well can you tell me if you got it my please well my name nicole young and i told you that in the letter and well yea i hope you can tell me if you got it and i hope you can read it because i write really little and its just how i right hopefully it get there soon i onlt live an hour awy from l.a ye i wann meet you one day i no i will and you iwll like me in a very nice girl and im kindda quit but i no you said you dont liek those kind of people but i can change and not be so shy and quit ok well i hope you read this i no its alot

to mitchel musso
from nicole young your biggest fan and yesterday your little brother was good on according to jim i watched it yea lol love ya

Danimaz1 said...

Hey wassup? I will try to send you money or a poster. Anywya GTG Byezz LOVE U LOTS!!! <3

Anonymous said...

hey, mitch! did u get my bracelette yet? i hope u did and i hope u like it!

Tiffany said...

hey. i sent u a letter a while ago. and the dollar in the envelope. know when i'l get it back. post in a blog, if u would, aprrox. how long it takes to get back! thanks!

btw, i did this before i met u. and i now i have a picture of me and u! i send one of those in, could u sign it for me! that would be awesommeee!!!!


Jen said...

omg. I am so totally doing that. I have like, a billion things you could sign. But I wouldnt like, totally fill and envelope with all things for youu.. I know you have other fans, haha. SO look forward to some fan mail from Jen:)
Much Love;;

Kailey said...

Woah, I didn't know you'd sign a poster of ar picture =D I'll be sure to send you one!

<3 Kailey

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I sent you fan mail along with a poster! Tell your brother his first fan said good job!

Julie said...

This is really great of you to do this, Mitchel. I can already imagine how much fan mail you receive and will receive after this.

Anonymous said...

You're pretty cool I'd have to say.


Anonymous said...

i think its so cool that you take the time to consider your fans and read all that fan mail! i sent you one earlier today. i hope i get a response!

Anonymous said...

I think that it's so cool that you take the time to consider your fans and write back to them! I sent you a letter today. I hope that I get a response!! :)

Kerry said...

Mitchel that is so nice of you for letting your fans even include their own items they want you to sign! You have to be the nicest star I've ever heard of, you're just amazing! By the way, you were awesome at the New Year's Bowl-a-thon! Continue working on your bilingual stuff and karaoke!

Keep Bloggin'!

Girly said...

Hey Mitchel! I am so writing you a letter! I love how much you care for your fans. You rock! Don't ever change.

Kelsey said...

Sure thing! look out for my letter!!!!

Kelsey B

(love you!)

Shakirah said...

Hey Mitchel! I plan on sending you a fan letter soon! As soon as my mom buys envelopes! LOL!

CeeCee said...

I sent you a dollar in one letter i sent you and you sent me back a signed picture and when i got it, it probably made my whole life. hehe.

I think it's the sweetest most wonderful thing that you would take time out to sign hundreds of pictures for your ADORING fans.

Like me.=D

anyways take care and i hope to meet you again!!!

and i just want you to know your my Hero and i truly mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Love your Biggest Fan,


hey mitchel! i think thats awesome that you take the time to sign fan mail. it definitely makes a lot of people happy.... including me!

see you later
ashley <3

Emily said...


I'd be happy to write mail, although I haven't written fan mail in 3254196725472 years, haha.

I don't know if you can reply to comments or whatever or put something in your next blog or even if you read the comments but with the whole putting money in the envelope thing.. I live in Australia and I have no idea how much it costs to send letters to America and vice versa and with the money thing I don't know what would happen with the currency rate or something.

This is getting long but if there was any possible way to answer what I just said please try. If you can't.. I'll figure out a way to do something haha.

Take care xx


Anonymous said...

Hey can we send you bracelets and stuff? cuz if we are then im goin to send you one!

Anonymous said...

Is it ok if I sent mail to this addres?

Mitchel Musso
C/O Talentworks
3500 West Olive Avenue, #1400
Burbank, CA. 91505


Paulina said...

Hey I will definitly be sending in some mail to you!! You are so cute and I hope one day we meet!! Well thats great you spend time writing back to fans!! You totally rock!!
Loves you lots!!

Lyz said...

Yay! I'll definitely be sending something in. =] <3

Jenn said...

Woah, there's a lot of Mitchel fans named Jen! MITCHEL THAT's SO COOL! I'm gonna send u some mail ASAP!!!! omg i went to disney world right after New Years (so i couldnt watch you on the bowl-a-thon..*silent tear*) and all i could think about was "OH MY GOSH, I'M WALKING ON THE SAME GROUND MITCHEL MUSSO WALKED ON!
mitchel u rock my life!

Natalie said...

Hey Mitchel! Natalie from AZ here! Let me just say, luv ya!! well, yeah, i really think it's totally sweet that you reply to your fan mail. Cuz i bet there are a bunch of celebs out there who don't even read half of it. So, thanks! you always put a smile on my face!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! You rock my socks!!!!XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

heyyyy mitchel!
ahh omg this is so cool its really u!
well anyway u are a good actor i cant wait to see u in movies shows!
and so on!
yeah its awsome ur awsome!
well bye bye mitchel
take care

Anonymous said...


mikelyn said...

hey there! i think that its wicked sweet that you l-o-v-e to get fan mail! ill definanatly (i dont know how to spell. im having a brain fart) be sending you a letter! well, be expecting my letter!

<33 Mikelyn

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna write you. :]
& send you the picture of me
& you at the santa claus 3 premiere. :)


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! amanda again :) i sent my letter the other day. cant wait to hear back!

take care!


Erica said...

Oh my gosh! Usually, I would think that this is a poser, but I saw on the official site that it's not, and I also saw how you like Jessica Alba. That's good and bad. You should have seen me when I found out that you would date a fan. I couldn't talk for a period of three minutes! Lol. My friend, she thinks your a great actor, but I'm the love-struck one! And if it meant having a signed photo, I would send $45 (or more, but that's all I have right now.) The rest of my $500 bucks went into the bank of mom. lol. It seems to me that we have alot in common. Two things that I don't get about you:
1. how in the world does anyone like sushi (yuck!)
2. How do you know how to skateboard. I can't even make one TURN!
Mabey if we ever meet, you can show me! I'll be counting the seconeds! Well, I'm pretty sure that your falling asleep right now, so I'll just go! Ps. I'm currently TRYING to make a fan site, if I do, I'll be SURE to tell you! Well gotta roll! Bye!

Erica said...

Oh, yeah, I left out ALOT! First of all, I made this up:
Mitchel's ABC's:
D-Dreamy (*embarressed*)
Ok, I would continue, but I can't think of anything for H. Lol. In conclusion (in order to make this a long story short) It is the sweetest most honerable thing I've ever seen a star do, to put this up and acctually keep in touch with your fans! I will send you a letter, and I'll add a tip, just for your brilliant acting. You are so nice and charming, and, shall I continue? I'm sure you love the attention, but do you ever want to be a normal kid agian? Well, I think your are just about the best star ever. And so is Miley. Be sure and tell Miley and Emily that your biggest fan says hi! Anyways, luv ya, PEACE OUT!

Angela said...

I'LL SEND U A LETTER MITCHEL!! Lol!!and a dollar....maybe...idk...LOL!!

<3 angela!

Chrissy :] said...

Heyy!! omg im def. sendin u a letter (and a $1). ur so hott! ummmm....idk wat to say and besides i g2g do hw so ttyl.
-Chrissy <333 xoxooox

Erica said...

Hi Mitchel! Me again! I'm listing to the Hannah M. Soundtrack! It's playing The Best Of Both Worlds! Yeah, I know all the lyrics by heart! You are the coolest (*and hottest*) person on earth! I saw the new episode a few days ago, it's was the funniest yet! Especially when Rico's hired YOU! That was incredibly funny! Well, I know this was my shortest message yet, but I know you love fan mail, so I am gonna go send something to you! PEACE OUT!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel...awesome job as Oliver! I've written you a few times just to say hey! Do Miley or Emily do any of that, you know send back signed pics or anything? Just wanted to know!

Be as you are!

Erica said...

erica! i thought of an H. heavenly? heck of a hottie. or just hottie.

ps: my name's Erica too =D

angela said...

yea reading one of the messages.....can we send u a bracelet??? wow i would so do that! lol! a late christmas!

<3 angela!

Anonymous said...

HEY MITCHL! u probably do get a lot of mail! wow! i've never heard of another celebrity who sends out stuff to his fans....that's soooo NICE!!!! i once made a CD for Good Charlotte, but they never sent me anything. o well! but u r 2nice mitchel! man, if only all celebrities were like! yeah, i watched your video on Tiger Beat's website and u were all "This fan mail is probably all for me!" rofl! i bet u get two times as many letters!

luv, brie

Alexandra said...

Heii Mitchel i just wanna say that ur a GREAT actor!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! OMG i LOVE your work and i think you do such a good job at it. =) keep it UP!

Anonymous said...


Erica said...

Ya know what's wierd? School. Seriously! We had a very odd day! Oh, and I thought of an H! Heroic! Because, you're my hero!Ok:
H- Heroic
I- Intelligent
J- ???
Ok, lost agian! Mabey I'll think of something later. Hey Mitchel, if I ever meet you, will you show me how to skateboard? Ya know, the chances of that happening are 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 which I can't even pronounce, so... Anyways, I know that you have a life, so PEACE OUT! -Lol, I know that's your fave saying!
Ps. Anytime you see my name like that, it's the same person. See how much I keep in touch? (*That rhymed!*)

rachel said...

wow!i am seriously gonna mail u! u rock! Oh, and i saw ur bro last wed. he was so hilarious. Just like you!

Kelly said...

hey mr. hottie =P
i will send you some fan mail =) so look out for mine. yeah so i have absolutely no talent in making bracelets or anything much in that matter. =( but ill be sure to include a dollar! love you mitchel!

Erin said...

Hey Mitchel! I've sent fanmail to the other address thats on your website, too but it got returned because the stamp was void!!! i was sooo angry! anyways... there will be a bracelet in your letter... or a necklace... im not quite sure yet! lol but u will get something! I love u! p.s. ill make sure the stamp is useable lol!


mizz mitchel musso 4 eva!! said...

i'll send u a letter dude!!


mizz mitchel musso 4 eva!!

Colleen Lavelle said...

Hey Mitchel!

I sent the fanmail to that address... I THINK! I sent some pin ups for you to sign also... but I sent them over three months ago. Hope I get it soon! :]

I hope you're having a great time- working hard for all of us Mitchel Fans!

We love you!

With love,

Erika said...

Hi Mitchel!

It's my first post:)
I'm Japanese but I'm studying English in England.
You're really cool and nice guy!
I'm going to send you a fanmail this weekend!

I hope you read it!

Love, Erika

Anonymous said...

ill try to write 2 ya! by the way today is my B-day!

lovin ya in MD love ya mitchel