Sunday, December 31, 2006

According to Jim

Sorry guys!! I meant to say January 3rd....NOT January 5th.

Please watch my brother Marc on "According to Jim" on January 3rd 8:00PM/7:00PM Central on ABC. I'll be watching too! Hope you guys enjoyed the Bowl-A-Thon tonight on Disney!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy New Year! I LOVE you so much! i'll sure be watching the show! Tell your brother he has his first fan. ME!!!! Can't wait for you to came back to Chicago!Please come, I'll love it if you did!


haha birthday is the 5th.



oh i was going to say my birthday is the 5th!!! omg i can not wait!!! so excited..i'll try my best to watch it!!

good luck in watching the bowl-o-thon...your pretty good.


Christine said...

i watched it and it was great. happy new year Mitchel! [:

Mollie said...


Anonymous said...

OK! ill try to watch!

Jessica,UK said...

Happy New Year!

heather said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR MITCHEL!! hope u and ur brother hav tons-o-fun!!

Danimaz1 said...

Hey Mitchel! I watched the Bowl-A-Thon. You were GREAT!!! I wanted you to win the award for best hair because you do have the best hair. I was so upset when your team didn't win. I also loved the new episode of Hannah Montana! It was soooo funny!! Love Ya Lots!! <3

Danielle <3

Anonymous said...

I totally watched the New Years Eve Sing-Along Bowl-Athon. I thought it was funny that you tried to mouth the words to some of the song but you didn't even know the song. lol.

I hope your New Year was better than mine.


Len said...

I'll watch according to Jim ^^ Happy New Year! I loved the bowl-o-thon especially the part when you were lip sinking (sp?). You were reallygood at it :) haha, now your probably gunna say you actually did sing xP. Well I have to go I'm still tired lol.
much <3.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch it!!!! :D

<3 Molly

Elizabeth said...

Yay! I caught that! Ok....I'm good....

The Bowl-Athon was really good! Glad you were a part of it. Your team was really good (if you don't count and you were so close!!

I'll try to watch and support your brother and I hope you have a wonderful New Years!!

<3 Liz

Kirstin Moore :] said...

Mitchel !
Kirstin heree.
I loved your performance
for High schoo musical,
we're all in this together.
Pretty awesome.
Alright, wishing you a Happy
New Year.
Have a great one Mitchel.


Dani said...

Hi Mitchel,


Thanks first if all for clearing up the IMDB thing. There are so many posers out there; thanks for even going on there and posting!

Thanks for coming to the Brookfield Zoo in September! It was a blast, and you were sooooo nice to all your fans!!!

Thanks for an awesome season on Hannah Montana!!!!! I've really enjoyed watching the show with "Smokin' Oken!" You're an excellent actor!

Finally, thanks for a great 2006 year with everything you did for charities, the show, and everything! Have a rockin' 2007!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

You were so funny in the bowl-athon yesterday! I loved it! I'll be watching "According To Jim" on ABC. Rock on!

God Bless,

Erin said...

Hey I'll be watching According to Jim then! I've never really watched it, but I'll give it a chance for u!... and ur bro of course!!!

Erin said...

Oh and I watched the bowl a thon and u wer pretty darn good!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course Mitchel!! I'll watch it!!!

Oh, and Happy New Year!!!=DD

jenn said...

heyy i watched the bowl-athon. u were hi-larious. =] i loved how u were like the only one sitting on the floor, adn for the part where everyone said their resolution, u were the only one who didnt no.. and they kept showing you going "my new years resolution is..., umm..." haha.. thats okay, i dont no what mine is either. well i'm gonna watch your brother. thats so cool. & HAPPY NEW YEAR!! =]

peace. Jenn

nicole112492 said...

hey well yea thankd but i knew it from your official site and well yea im goin to wactch it i even told me freind to watch it to lol and happy new years ad hpe you had fun at the bowl athon to lol love ya nicole

Anonymous said...


i watched the bowl-a-thon last night and it wuz WICKED SWEET!!! i think corbin bleu is cool and all, but i think YOU should have won Best Hair! lol! i luv your dance moves! there r so AWESOME! u looked so cute last night! lol! well, c ya soon. HAPPY 2007!!!!!
luv, brie

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'll be watching. I watched that bowl-athon thing on Disney. Everbody was soo good at bowling...! I watched the new episode of HM, i luved it. Good luck wit everything in 07'! much luv!


Anonymous said...

hey! can't wait to watch your little brother! well, happy new year! and i hope 2007 is awesome for you! but it could be has half as awesome as 2006, and it still would rock. i bet 2006 was your best year yet. but that's just a guess. considering your life as probably completley changed. but thats true for all of you on hannah montana! did you ever think it would be as succesful as it now is? well, congrats on an awesome year and here's to you having an awesome "energy view"...i mean 2007. haha. just kidding. you're the best!

<3 a fan

Lyz said...


Anonymous said...

hey well im gonn watch it i relly hvent seen much of your lil brothers acting but i bet his gret just like you nd mitchel love you in the new hannah montana lol love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel. [:
I'll be watching the show with your brother Marc in it. Even though I have never watched it before. lol. I'll watch it justt for you. The bowlathon was so great. I loved it. At the end it was so funny when they were like 'Where's Mitchel? He's been waiting to count this down all night. Aw well we will tell him about it later.' That was funny. You are too cute. Oh yeah and please come back to Chicago. I had no clue that you did when you did go. I found out the you went to Chicago like a month afterward. I was so upset. Hah, so yeah please come to Chicago. My New Years resolution is to meet you ! hhaha, i know i'm lame. But I really do want to meet you. Your probably not even going to read this because it's so long. Alright well I'm going to go to sleep. Goodnight and I hope to meet you one day.

XxShakirahxX said...

I'm a big fan Mitchel! You're a fantastic actor! I hope I get to meet you sommeday! I'll try my best to watch!:]


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! You were HILARIOUS on the sing along bowl a thon! "who says u can only bring in the new year once?" lol. ur hair has really grown out alot! its soooo hot! and i like the way u flip it to the side! i cant wait to see ur brother. tell him i said good luck! and now he has 2 fans!


Tia said...

I will definately be watching Marc!!! I totally support you guys! You did an awesome job on The New Years Eve Party !! I love the new episode of hannah montana! You were so funny! Ok well let Marc know he has our support!! ROCK ON MITCHEL AND MARC! Cya L8R!

Zoe said...

I would watch it but i cnt :( thts cuz i live in the borin UK! nd we dnt av tht channel ere (rely gutted) :( But hopefully it will be on youtube sumtime! Oh well. Happy New Year nyways!

anonymous said...

Hey mitchel i luv u so much, ur such a brilliant actor and i luv everything about u and cant wait 4 phineas and ferb

Erin91 said...

awe ur brother is so cute! i saw him on that back to school commercial where he didnt have any supplies, he did so good!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel I Watched Your Bowl-A-Thin And I thought You Looked HOTT! I Was Mad You Had To Sit On The Floor!
Awwwwww.........You Were so Cute!
I'm Definately Goin' To Watch your Brother On January 5th
I LOVE YOU. Luv Always, Miley Samuels.
P.S I Love You On Hannah Montana!
YOu Go Smoken Oaken! A.K.A Olley Trolley Ding! Ding!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i watched the bowl a thon and it was fantastic! you were my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just sent in my Answers for your Win A Date With Mitchel Contest! I hope you look hard at my answers! I also sent you fan mail! I hope you write back! Oh yeah, Good Luck to your little brother! Marc I'm your first fan!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yea ten tommorow it will come on well yea im goint to watch it herein california at 8ok welli bet he does goodlike his big bro mitchel your a good actor and alsodd your cute and nice well yea eventhought i haven meet you i tink your still nice lollove ya and i thought you did good on the bowl athon and you can also bowl good evn thoguh if youdont think you did your best but i do so yea love ya mitchel tell marc that ill be watching him and i bet does great like his you well love nicole your #1 fan

aussie said...

hey mitchel yea i watched it was awesome i hope u guys had a great time!!!!

much love&peace
ur number 1 fan

alexxxxx said...

heyy omg i loved ur lip-syncing it was AH-mazing specially cuz it was to highschool musical hahah.... yea did u ever think of a new years resolution!?!? ne way i will def watch mark..and mitchel good luck in 07 and hope u think of a resolution...ehx ohh ehx ohh al<333

Anonymous said...

oh man! i wish u were coming! i bought tickets just to see u!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! happy new year! hope it was a great one. on new years eve me and my friend were watching monster house and having an awesome time.

and ill be sure to watch! i marked it on my calendar. marc is awesome.

have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

i will be sure to watch it! just for u!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
just letting u know i will watch ur little brother and i wish this show good luck for him and his family....just let u know i love you and like amber said come to chicago PLEASE!!! that would be sooooooo cool if u did. so...thanks for being you. bye <3 ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I don't know if my one comment got published! But I can't wait to watch your little brother! But I also can't wait till they announce the contest winners!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel Thats cool.. just wanted to let you know that I did watch the disneychannel new years thing and it was hilarious.... you and jason doley were on the same team(cool..u guys are my all time favorite actors)hope u had a good christmas..keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy new year
sry u werent able to come to dallas
we missed u!!

Anonymous said...

hey, tell ur bro i said congrats. haha goodjob bowlin on the bowl-a-thon.. il watch ur bro on accordin to jim tomorrow. cant wait to see him. its kinda late but happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely try to watch it. Say congratulations to your brother for me please. Thanx! I hope to meet you someday.


`Nura` said...

Heyys. erms.. apparently you have a fan in Singapore here. ((: anyways, just so my heart wont get hurt or sth, how can i be sure that you are THE Mitchel Musso? ((:

p.s: if you are, marry me! lols. just kiddin. goofy-ness shal prevail! ((:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel=] I caught you on the Sing-a-long Bowl-athon. I would have to say that my favorite part of the whole night was when you started to sing. You're a pretty awesome singer. You should record a song for a movie like Corbin did. I would deffinatly put it on my ipod.

I heard that you are from Garland, Texas. Well I'm from Michigan but my Mom and I are planning to move there in August. My mom is buying a house between North Shiloh rd and i think West Buckingham. I'm going to North Garland High next year. I'm really excited because it should be warm =]

Good Luck to your brother tonite. I'll sure be watching!
<3 Emily

P.S.- I'm really excited for your new show on Disney Channel. But I wish it wasn't animated so I could see your very handsome face. =P

Peace Out

Anonymous said...


Kelseyyyyy said...

omg you like blink-182 (sorry, random)!!! they are my favorite band (well... they broke up last year :(...) mhmmm. but what about other classic rock-ish stuff? the doors? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Your little brother was so good! Tell him I said he was great and he is a great actor! I have a feeling there is much more in store for him as he hits your age!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! i just watched ur little brother on tv! he's so cute. i've met him once before when i met you, and he was so nice! glad he got to be on the show!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Ur brother did a great job!
I hope you had a fantastic new year!

Girly said...

Trop la classe! Hey there! I saw the Sing-along Bowl-athon. Y'all rock! GO PIN DROPS! Seeing Marc on 'According to Jim' was so so so cool! Best of luck to you, him, and Mason.
P.S. Please come to Arkansas sometime! :D

Dani said...

Hey, Mitchel!

I just saw Marc on tv!!! He was great! Tell him he was was funny and did a great job for me! Can't wait to see what he does next! Like I said, he was really funny... I wonder where he gets that from? ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww,I just watched your bro
On according to jim.
Haha that was cute.
Tell him that brianna said that he did a good job. :]

Anonymous said...

hey well mitchel i watch it here at california at 8 and it was cool hey tell marc fr me that he did an awsome jod lol and it was funny qwhen hes like you got alittl spit on my shirt and when he said im just gonna start walking homw i though thats was funny but yea thats me love nicole 14


Hey mitchel! You were great in the new HM episode, as well as the bowl-a-thon. your "hello's" in different languages were awesome Ü

your bro was cool on the show! i watched the whole thing :)

feel free to check out my site if u want. u probably dont have time though Ü we made a dance to high school musical!

happy new year... hope 2007 will be just as successful as last year for you <3

from ashley

Paige said...

You were soooo good at bowling on New Year's Eve! I never knew that about you. They say you learn a new thing every day. Lol. I watched According To Jim last night, and your brother was awesome. Two thumbs up! Hope you have lots in store for us fans in 2007!

mikelyn said...

aww pickles! i missed it, when will Marc be back on the tube! well, let us know and ill be sure to watch it! oo and i for surely did like the bowl-a-thon! it was fantabulous! well, i didnt watch all of it but some of it i was lighting fireworks and stuff! its a big deal in the south like cajun parts of LA(louisiana)! but what i saw i LOVED!

<33 Mikelyn

Ps visit my Imeem!