Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cheetah Girls

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I may not be at the Cheetah Girls Concert coming up January 5th. My brother is on the season premiere of "According to Jim" that night and I think I might stay at home with him and watch it. He has been there every week for me at's the least I can do for him. If you guys are at home that night.....please watch Marc

Also....just wanted to post on my blog that I AM PEACE-OUT! on IMDB. I know there is a lot of arguing about that right now......I take time to go on whenever I can. Thanks for posting......



Anonymous said...

i'll make sure to watch it

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting mitchel! i don't live in texas, but i'm sure the fans that live there will understand if you don't make it to the concert jan. 5th. hope you're having a nice holiday season!

Becky said...

Tell Marc good luck for me and i know he's gonna be great! I'll so watch it!!

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel. That's very nice of you supporting your brother. I'll be sure to watch him, too. <3 you and I hope you had a nice Christmas! <3 Melissa

Anonymous said...

I love According to Jim...when I get home from school I finish all my homework so that I can watch it...I can't wait to see the one with your brother in it!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

awww that's so nice of u 2 stay with your lil bro! =)

thanks 4 clearing up that ur PEACE-OUT on imdb...because people have been arguing about it a lot. But I knew that was you. Keep In Touch!

check out my bloggie when u have time! comment it 2 if u can.R0cK on!

God Bless,

Elizabeth said...

I don't know what to say about the concert. I'm sad that you won't be able to go and support TCG but I feel selfish when I'm glad your staying home 'cause I wanted to go to that concert but I went to there last one. But, yay you! Supporting your brother and staying home! I'll do my best to watch it but I might be getting ready for school the up-coming Thursday. It takes me a while to get reajusted after a long break off of school.

I KNEW that was you on the boards! I e-mailed Aly (is that the right way to spell her name?) a long time ago asking about that. I thought you quit going on there? Oh well!

Is January 5th a typo?? 'Cause it makes since for the season premiere to be on a Thursday but the concert is on a Tuesday. I get confused too easily so, yeah...

See You Laterz!

<3 Liz

Len said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'll make sure to tivo it if I can't watch it =) I'm glad you come on to talk to us, most stars don't.
well gotta go,
love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Sorry it's been a LONG while since I left you a comment!

Family comes before fans- so good descision there! Have fun watching the premiere! (Pssst-- popcorn and chocolate make a great TV/Movie watching snack!-- Not together though.... or maybe..? I don't know, I've never been tempted to try that!)

Have a great New Years!
Kiss someone special!


Michaela said...

hey Mitchel!that`s nice of u,I wish I had a brother that was nice like u .lol,hope u enjoy the season premiere if u end up watching it! hope u had a great holiday,and that`s cool u got a skateboard,I`ve been wanting to learn how to skatboard.c`ya l8a,Michaela

Christine said...

rawrr the sucky thing about winter break is you barely get anything to do but stay in cause its so cold out. BUT due to that, i'd be glad to watch the premier of According to Jim. :]

belated merry christmas & happy early new year

Anonymous said...

o thank you, there are too many threads about whether you are you

anyways...what channel is according to jim on? ive never watched it before but for marc..of course :)

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I will watch your brother if I can! What time is it on?

Adriana said...

I'll watch your brother on the show..he must as great as you.That really sucks you won't go to the concert :(,but you know family comes first.

Makenzye said...

i think that it's a great idea to stay home with marc. i am going to watch it! and congratulations for marc!

Anonymous said...

well i dont live in texas, or anywhere near it for that matter, so it doesnt really matter to me if you dont go to the CG concert, but i hope marc does great! im sure he will since your so talented, he must be too! LOL but anyways, wishing you a happy new year! ill be thinking about you! :D

<33 always


Anonymous said...

OF COURSE ill watch him!!! thats soo cool!!! you must be so excited for you older brother!!!=] hope you have fun during whatever you deside to do!!!=] happy new year!!!=]


Monica said...

No way!!! You Post on IMDB!!! O and i try to watch that night!!!

brianna said...

ill watch the show. :]
come to the palm springs area.
i wanna meet you, again.mhm.
you should come to the coachella fest, its so much fan.
they have a bunch of good bands performing.
alot of people come to it.
btw, i like your bro's music.

Molly said...

Thanks for clearing that up Mitchel! I have been trying to help clear it up too!


omg cool i get to post the first comment!! exciting! i love how you brother marc is there for u and your there for him...that so cool. haha my birthday is january 5th!!! haha. the best birthdat present ever would u calling me haha lol.

well much love and good luck in 07,


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Why wasn't emily at the New Year's eve countdown? I noticed from the promos that she wasn't there? Aww...that's too sad, cos' i've been hoping that she'll attend more gatherings with the whole HM cast. :(


Kirstin Moore :] said...

Aw, Mitchel hun.
That's so sweet of you to stay home, because of you're brother. Hm, well I think you're the sweetest actor, ever. You are so lucky, to have a great family. I'm glad that you're really happy, that you're dream came true. I wish mine would come true someday. Mitchel, keep living you're dream. You're my hero. :]

heather said...

that is so sweet to do that for ur brother!!! if you do stay home, hope ya'll hav fun!!

ashley said...

hey mitchel! =] omggg. cant wait to see your brother! thanks for telling me the times & such on IMDB! anways. yeahh that fighting is getting REALLY ANNOYING! I havent noticed that girl saying anything hopefully she`ll just drop it. have a great week mitchel! && HAPPY NEW YEAR! =]

Elizabeth said...


I just saw a video of you from when you took over TB and Bop and I must say, it looked like you were having a blast. And I'm sure all the fan mail was for you. Why wouldn't it be? I bought the magizine and I hope you take over the headcourters again soon!

<3 Liz

jenn said...

im gonna watch it. thats so cool!
and i always believed that peace-out was you on imdb.

Monica said...

The layout is blue!!!!!!!!! lol. my way of stating the obvious. and the pic changed too!!!! i like this pic better.

Katie said...

what channel does it come on?? like "the WB" or "disney channel" or w-e i wanna wach it =]...

so u r the real mitchell? wow thats awsume. =D

Anonymous said...

hey mitch.
guess where i am going on the 6th?
hsm the concert !!
hehe, I wish you were there.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

haha, i've met your little brother! and i've met u too by the way. he is so cute and sweet. and actually i meet you because of him!! anyways,i'm totally gonna watch it! happy new year to you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I think it's so cool that a brother like you is so supportive! Tell Marc I give him all of my support also and he has his first fan! Well, I can't wait to see your brother and Happy new Year!

Jackie said...

i will be watching

Anonymous said...

hey well hi mitchel your like socool even thoguth i hvent meet you yet i will lol and well ye if i was in that sisuation i would do the same thing and i will defenitly watch that and you no like in an interview you sid you have to ave the tv on well i think thats cute but some girls dont think so but im not like tha t lol well yea i no like evrything bout you lol im your number one fan lol well hope you read this ok love ya nicole from moreno valley california and im 14 lol peace -out lol your phrase and i love the word energyview ecuse i comes from you lol i love you mitchel from nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I love you and your brothers acting so much. I am probaly going to watch your brother on According to Jim. I want to meet you SOOOOOOOO much!!!! Well have a HAPPY New Year!
your #1 fan,

Anonymous said...

Hi mitchel!!!! I am so happy you won the popstar online survey!!!! i voted for you like everyday. You are such a nice brother to stay home for your bro! I want to meet you!!!!! I almost went to the radio disney concert in anaheim, but the tickets were gone when i checked for them. When i went to the cheetah girls concert in San Jose, Ca, i saw you as the genius. I was crying cause i wanted to meet you so bad!!!! But anyways, have a happy new year!!!!!
your #1 fan,

Anonymous said...

ill try to watch the show but idk if i can

Paige said...

Happy New Year Mitchel!!

ily <33

Elizabeth said...


So I just finished watching the special on TV and I was wondering....what really is your New Years resolution?? Hope this is year is even better then the last.

Keep on rockin' Mitchel!

<3 Liz

AnGelA said...

hey happy new year mitchel! i watched the bowl-a-thon thing...last night! i love how u were like "lets ring in the new year!" lol! so how was ur new year?

<3 angela!

Nicole said...

Do you really read our comments? Anyways, I'll be watching your little bro on T.V. too!!! GO MARC!!!

Sara said...

Hi, Mitchell. I asked you about the IMDb thing on "Ask Mitchell", and I hadn't real this yet.

Thanks so much for clearing that up.

I am a true fan of yours,

Kaitlin said...

I am so glad u cleared up the whole IMDB thing b/c ppl are getting out of control over there!!!Thanks Again!!