Saturday, December 23, 2006


Almost forgot!! Do NOT forget to watch Disney's New Years Bowl-a-Thon!!!! It's going to be a BLAST!!!!

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year ! to all my fans! I love you!



Errriiinnn said...

i will def. be watching and we love u too!

Anonymous said...

I am so going to watch it!! I can't wait! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Luv ya!!

<3 Taylor

Monica said...

WE LOVE YOU TOO MITCHEL!!!! lol. im def watching the Sing-Along Bowl-Athon. Cant wait!!!

Cynthia said...

AWESOME! Mitchell, I might be able to watch it. It's a might because I'm going to a New Years Eve Party. Much Love,


Elizabeth said...

I WILL NOT miss it!! I've been looking forward to it ever since I heard of it! Hope you have funn this New Years!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

You're gonna be in it? Awesome! I'm totally watching! R0ck On! Happy Holidays again! =)

Becky said...

I love you too!! happy new years and merry christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely will watch it, I'm so excited to! I hope you have a great New Year! Hope to someday meet you!


len said...

I'm gunna tivo it since I'm going to a new years ever party!
Anyway, Happy holidays!
and we love you too!
<3 Len

Danimaz1 said...

I will watch it. If you're going to be in I am NOT MISSING IT! Are you going to be in it? Happy Holidays Mitchel! I love you to! <3

Ashleigh said...

Ppffft. I specifically told my family that the television would be mine that night. <3

Happy Holidays to you and your family, including Stitch. <3


Anonymous said...

i heart u 2 mitchel! i wish u and your family a wonderful holiday! i can't wait 2 c the new episode of hannah montana on new year's day! i'm so excited! l8r, s8r!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I saw you at Brookfield Zoo on Sept. 23!!! Have an awesome Christmas (if that's what you celebrate)! Make sure to leave a comment on what were some of the things that you got. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. I love you!

kay said...

trust me i will watch it and you told me on imdb you will be singing...yah me and ally talked about that on myspace...hmm how interesting! lol well i guess i'll talk to you later! oh yah and i love you too mitch!

<3 kay

Paige said...

We'll be watching, Mitchel!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I love you too <33


Lyz said...

We love you too, Mitchel!!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!!! I would totally watch the Sing-Along Bowl-Athon, but I'm gonna be at a party =[ I'll have my brothers tape it, I guess...but my brothers are evil, so they probably won't. =[
<3 youuuu,

MegX33 said...

love ya 2!! hope u and ya family had a great christmas!!

Love from Meg and all your rhode island fans =]

Anonymous said...

when did u guys tape that new years eve thing? just wondering. and how do all the kids there get to be there? if u could post that, that'd be really cool!! hope u had an awesomeee christmas and have a happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I forgot to say my name! I'm Lindsay. I left the comment about when i went to see u @ Brookfield Zoo. Have fun with your schedule!!! Happy New Year!!! Much love!

Jenn said...

i'll be watchingg.. haha.
yepp. i love the disney channel still. well ur on it, why wouldnt i?

and mitchel.. if you have time click on the link in my name.. its for my youtube account =]

Anonymous said...

omg dont worry! i would NEVER forget!!! i voted for hannah montana!!!=] hope you ahve a great new year!!!!!! i know i will try!!!! ooh yeah.. WE L000VE Y00U T000!!!!=]


Anonymous said...

i wont forget to watch the bowl-a-thon...happy holidays & a happy new year to you to!

i love you too!

<33 always


Anonymous said...

i will most def. watch sing-along bowl-athon because i love singing. i'm not quite sure about bowling. the last time i bowled i dropped the ball in front of a whole bunch of hot skaters. man that was so embarrasing.
i love skaters
they are so hot!

cami said...

merry christmas!

Stefania said...

Hey Mitchel! i can't wait for the Sing-Along Bowl-A thon !!

Happy new year!!

I love you!! ^^

i am in luv wit mitchel said...

hey mitchel! i hope your christmas was awesome! i totally love hannah montana. i have posters of u and only u hanging in my room! i am NOT going to miss the sing along bowl-athon! if i do i will never forgive myself! lol... anyways... i love u! happy holidays!
<3 always, erin

Victoria said...

i am so looking forward to watching the sing-along bowl-athon!!!! i have watched the past 3 or 4 disney channel new years eve parties, and this one sounds like it's gonna be the best!!! can't wait to see it =D


brianna said...

i love you too. :]

Anonymous said...

Hey i'll be 17 in 19 days but what can i say i love disney channel and especially love Hannah Montana so im def. gonna watch it! also tell all your fans to watch the premeiere of Jump in! (my sis is the stunt double for Laivan Greene) so excited about that!! (my family is having a little premeire party with close friends im so excited it should be loads of fun)

Kim said...

i will deffinitly be watching that! i hope you had a good christmas!

Anonymous said...

lol well i will defenitly watch it tonight lol love ya to your biggest fan lol

Alex said...

I totally will, Dec. 31st is my brithday, so thats a great present. :)

Anonymous said...

I watched it, I really liked the new episode of Hanna Montana! I hope you had a great New Years eve and day!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! dont worry i think that all of us wont forget to miss it.. good luck bowling. i havent been bowling in a lonnng time. the last time i went was with my skwl. it was reali fun. i hope that u and ur family (of course including Stitch<3) have a great new year!!
lov ya