Monday, December 04, 2006


The voting is almost over....did you vote???
I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was the first day of the new Hannah Montana Season 2
Everybody is doing GREAT!!! Emily is back from her film and Miley is back from touring and Jackson is funnier than ever! We had a great time and the new script was amazing!!!
Who all is coming out to see me on Saturday at Ronald McDonald???? I am looking forward to it!
Aly and AJ's cncert is on Sunday! Good Times!!!
You guys have the most AMAZING week!
AND.....let me know if you are coming to a taping of Hannah Montana!!!



Anonymous said...

Im on the wait list to come and see the show, but I would really like to come and see it. You guys are such great actors and I love the show!


Kenna said...

how do u get tickets to the taping???? hope everything goes great!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish that I could go to a taping of HM! Too bad they don't film it in the Have fun working on the set and I can't wait to see the new episodes!

Anonymous said...

Im on the wait list to come and see a show, but i hope I can get tickets. You guys are such great actors and I love the show!


ariel said...

ah i wish i could go to a taping! =[ too bad i live in jersey.

MegX33 said...

HI Mitchel I voteeed i really hope u win!!!

love meg

Lindy said...

Yay Mitchel you are the BEST
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Len said...

Hey Mitchel :)
I voted A LOT lol. xP
I'm glad the Hannah Montana season two is awsome! Can't wait to see it ^^ Do you know when it's going to air? I don't think soon because season one isn't over lol. Anyway talk to you soon post a lot!

Anonymous said...

mitchel---can you tell us how to get tickets to a hannah montana taping??? please...because i really want to go!

heatheR said...

awesome!! cant wait to watch the new hm episodes!!! still luvin ya!!!<3

Anoymous2.0 said...

hello mitchel i am a HUGE fan and i am glad the season 2 is going to be good. I hope u do great with your job and best wishes,
your # 1 fan anoymous2.0

emily said...

DUHH i totly voted for u. ur gonna win can't wait to watch the second season you all are REALLY GOOD actors

Anonymous said...

mitchel, i met u in dallas at the hilton anatole,after the radio disney 1oth b-day concert, and u told me i could get tickets from! but that site doesn't exist! please tell me how to get tickets! i really want to see the show<3 tiffany

Danielle said...

Have fun at Ronald McDonald and the concert!!! So excited to see the second season of Hannah Montana!!!!!! YAY!!! btw, i totally voted for you, WHO ELSE WOULD I VOTE FOR???????? lol

Ashleigh said...

So, I think it's really funny how you use Miley's and Emily's real names... and then you use Jason's Hannah Montana's name. <3

Karina said...

hey mitchel! thanks for posting, you haven't in a little while. i can't wait to see the new season! i'm waiting to see if i get tix to go to tapings, but i'll definitely post if i do. happy december!
<3 Karina

Rachel said...

Hey Mitchel!

ahhh! I wish I lived in the places where you're going... someday we'll meet I'm sure! haha.

God Bless,


yes i voted like 3 times.
Its great that hannah montana
is going well i requested tickets cant wait to see u there.

Hopefully all see u at Ronald McDonald.



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I really want to do see Hannah Montana be taped, but how do I get tickets to see it?!

Anonymous said...

mitchel, so glad to hear everyone's doing great! (especially you! LOL) anyways, i can't exactly come to cali to see a taping, or anything like that...maybe sometime, you'll come to northwestern ohio, or indiana, somewhere close?! LOL
<3333 always,

Anonymous said...

how do u get tickets to the hannah montana tapings? and ill b there mitchel on dec. 9 evening at the hospital to c u!! cant wait <333

C. H. Green said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

i wanna go watch hannah montana.
have funn shooting the show.
ill try to make it to one. :]
love yaa. :)

Anonymous said...

hey...not sure if im coming to a taping of hannah montana...but i'm going to the Aly and AJ comcert in Laguna Beach on Sunday...and i got tickets to the after party!! maybe ill see u there........oh and btw....where can i get tickets to the taping of hannah montana??? i live like a half and hour away from where u guys film the show...and i really want to go, but i dont know how to get tickets. I hope i see you on Sunday!!! >>>> and u have an amazing week too!!


christine said...

i wanna go to the ronald mcdonald thing! but idk like.... what time and all the good info "/

Torrey Jade said...

Hey Mitchel!! I want to come see you on Saturday but where is it at and do you have to get special tickets for it? I am going to try and come to a taping of Hannah Montana also, I requested tickets for that. Hope to see you soon.

<3 Torrey

Meagan said...

o yeah, no comments yet!! i would come and see you, but i live in your home state and can't pull a plane ticket out of mid air, but i wish i could. come and visit the East Side of Plano some time, that would be great!!

-Meagan ;)

CeeCee said...

i put myself on the waiting list so if they say that they have tickets then i am sooo going!:]]

hae a great rest of the week!!

Monica said...

Im on th waitlist too!!! I hope they get to me. lol. I called the place where im on the waitlist and they said the list was reeeeeaaaallly long. Im hoping!!! Good luck Mitchel!!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg I'm on a waiting list too.
But I've been on it for 5 months! It seems like foreverr:[. I really hope I can come see you! That would probably be the best day of my lifee:] lol.

Erin said...

oh man im so pumped to watch the new season.
and i soo wanna come to a taping! too bad i live in ny :-(

Dani said...

Hi Mitchel,

Well I think you won the voting, please let us know if you did.

Good luck with the taping! I wish I could go, but I live way too far away... :( But that's ok, I hope you meet some great fans there!!!!

Have a great week!!!


Anonymous said...


I wish I could go 2 a taping of hannah montana, but I live too far from Cali :( o well. o, I sent u a letter about 3 weeks ago. u should get it soon. I hope u like the picture and the bracelet!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel
me and my cousins love ur show and we r the waiting list and hope to get on soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell, sorry but I can't come see the taping of Hannah Montana but I would like to! I am definitely going to enter in the contest to win a date with you! Please tell me how to get tickets to come see the show! That is why I can't come. I hope the second season of Hannah Montana works out great.

Anonymous said...

thats kewl, i just wanted to say that your a really kewl actor and so cute. hope i can finally go to cali and see a taping!

Dylan said...

Hey Mitchel! Where can you get tickets to the taping? I sure would love to go!

See ya!

Anonymous said...

OMG! i was soo freaked out when mmo got shut down for awhile...i was like screamin @ my computer! LOL but luckily i can check to see what youve been doing mitch b/c everyone of your fans loves you!

<33 always


Anonymous said...

have fun taping hannah montana season 2.

Anonymous said...

Cooool! Hope everything's going great with filming. I just joined this blogspot place lol I want to go to a HM taping...Too bad I don't live in Cali. Maybe over winter break =)

This comment has been Brittany-fied haha

Lyz said...

eee! i went to the aly and aj concert, and got your autograph! YAY! =]

Lyz said...

i want to come to a taping, but the only place I can find to get the tickets, it says you have to be 14 or under...and I was 15 in september... So if you could post a site or a place or something that we could get tickets... =] 'twould be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel. =] ahh. really want to come to a taping. I will definately. talk mom into taking me. even tho i live in ohio. I`ll fly across the country! =] <3 anways. uhmm have fun with the show & upcoming events! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh man i wish i could go to a taping! lol I love the show soo much.haha
well about popstar..
YAY!! YOU WON! lol
I defenitly voted. hah
well have fun working on the new episodes, i'm sure they'll be great : )

Tiff =] said...

i wish i could go to the taping...but nothing exciting ever happens in michigan, haha.

Paige said...

I came to the Aly & AJ concert yesterday... you stood like two feet in front of me.

You looked awesome (as always) and you took a lot of time signing the t-shirts of the YMCA/Boys & Girls club of America. I was standing next to them taking LOTTTS of pictures. Thanks for taking time for the fans.

Expect receiving a letter from me (in your fan mail) and expect to (hopefully!!!) win a date with me..haha, it could happen!!!

Keep posting in your blog..


Sending my best,

Aleea said...

I really wish I could see the show sometime! I can't due to location, long story short. I really love it and you (and the rest of the cast) are so good on it! I hope you have fun and enjoy filming season 2 of HM!

Good luck!
remember, ur fans luv ya! lol

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel wats up.cant wait till season 2 starts aring on disney cody linley coming back.b/c u and him together on one show,is the best!!!!!

Anonymous said...


you freaking amaze me!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i sent you a fan letter a while ago...& today i got a reply! i was soo excited! i got the picture w/ the autograph (even though its photocopied...) its really cute!

<33 always


Anonymous said...

how do u get to a hannah montana taping?

<3 angela!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!! i'm a fan and i love your web and blog!

you rock!

i voted for you :)


Stefania. from Argentina

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel i love your blog!

you rock!!

i voted for you :)

i love Hannah montana and you are such great actors!



Jaci said...

how do you get tickets!!!!!! i would kill to go to a taping i asked for it for christmas but nobody knows how!!!

jamie blalock said...

hi mitchel, i wish youd come to ohio. id really like to meet you but we dont have enough money to travel to see you. with it being so close to christmas and all.. its a small town but you should come to bryan i bet youd have fun...
well ttyl- jamie

Kadiesha said...

I wish I could go to a taping of Hannah Montana! But,I live in Tennessee.

Abby said...

Hey Mitchel! IM GOING TO A TAPING OF HANNAH MONTANA! I'm super excited to see ya there! Its on March 16! Can't wait!

jenn!! said...

thats soo cool i wish i could go to a taping...

mitchel u ROCK out loud!! U are my hero!!