Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hey guys!

For sure...Emily will start with us next week.
The Ronald McDonald Christmas Party December 9th I believe is at Warner Brothers....but not sure yet.
Also.....Unaccompanied Minors Premiere is this Saturday at 11:00AM....not sure where yet....but I will be there!!! So scream loud! I can't wait to see you there!!
Also....I will be at the LA Children's Hospital on December 9th after the Ronald McDonald Christmas Party.
Also.....I will be at Aly and AJ's concert in Laguna Beach on December 10th
Also...get your tickets to Hannah Montana. I will be there every week until Christmas!

You guys are AMAZING!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! have a lot going on lately!
whoa...i wish i had stuff to do.

i guess thats what i get for being homeschooled. lol


Lindy said...

Yay Mitchel you ROCK I can't wait til the new season of Hannah Montana!!!!!

Rachel said...


Yay 1st commenter! Wow! You're going places! hehe. I hope you can visit us here in HIDALGO, Texas! or go to South Padre Island! Go to the beach there or the waterpark! I'd so go there just to meet you! I hope you have an awesome week! =)

Ashleigh said...

I totally wish I could buy tickets to Hannah Montana. <3

You're awesome too! <3

Anonymous said...

Yet another comment from me. :]

I wish I could go to Aly & AJ's concert. :[ They rock, you rock, I would never leace, but, I can't. I hope to do something cool one of these days, like that, but I probably won't. :[

I was wondering, do you have any advice for me, an aspiring disney actress?


Makenzye said...

oh, i can't wait for the Unaccompanied Minors premiere! i would love to go! i hope i'll get to meet you, hope to see you there!

Emily said...

Ah, that's fantastic Mitchel! :D I hope I will be able to attend one of the events you're going too XD Heehee..

Kyla said...

You like to say "also" don't you?!?!? jk!! We still love you Mitchel...ure awsome!!

heather said...

awesome!!! wish i was there!! <33

Anonymous said...

awww...thanks mitchel! i hope to see you soon...

Elizabeth said...

Oh wow Mitchel!

You're doing so much over the next two weeks! Thank you for posting all these even though there all in Cali and I'm in Texas! Who ever gets to go will be super lucky. I hope you have fun at ALL the events!

You're amazing too Mitchel!

<3 Liz

P.S. Thank you.

briannajayy said...

im gonna try to go to that
premiere this saturday!
so i can meet you again. :]
ahh i hope i can go.

Anonymous said...

Awsome! i wish i lived closer to those places so i could come see you but sadly i live in Newfoundland Canada. But i'm still rootin' and supportin' ya. haha hopefully someday i'll be able to come see you! :)

holly said...

hey mitchel! first off u rock! and so does the rest of the cast! if u read this message tell them they rock! also i sooo want to see hannah montana but she never comes anywhere near my area. i wish i could see her. also cant wait to see the new season of hannah montana! that show is the best!
well ttyl love you the cast and the show.

Erin said...

damn i wish i could go to a hannah montana taping thatd be so sweet!

Ella said...

Oh I wanted to see that movie! I wish I could go to the premiere and see you!!!

Monica said...

plaese post the info for the show tapings, like where you get tickets to be in the studio audience!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i met you at that concert in dallas texas, i stayed at the same hotel as you. anyways, i wanted to say thanks for being so nice when u met me! your the greatest! :) btw, i really want to see a taping of hannah montana! how do u get tickets? if you could post on ur blog how to get tickets, i bet alot of people would appreciate that! ttyl! <3 tiffany

Molly said...

hey mitchel!

Wow! I don't know how you do all those things!!!!!!



Danimaz1 said...

Wassup Mitchel!

How can you handle being that busy? It must be cool going on tours and stuff. I love you as Smoken Oken on Hannah Montana. I love the episode when Miley,Lilly and Oliver have to raise money for charity and Hannah gets a lot of money and you guys give it to that girl who only has 2 pairs of socks. I love the part where you explain to Miley and Lilly about how you bragged to those girls about how that other girl was gonna win. Well keep up the good work. I am totally gonna meet you one day. LOVE YA! Peace out!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel!

In for some cold weather? Come to Texas! Its SNOWING!!! Or at least it did

Being grounded isn't fun. Im grounded for 3 weeks cause I'm failing 4 classes (Choir does NOT count. My teacher is just evil.... :-P). Talk to you laterz!

<3 Liz

Monica said...

Hey Mitchel!
Do you know where you can get video audience tickets???

Anonymous said...

words cannot even describe how much you rock my world.

Ashley said...

heyyy mitchel! =] ;; ahhh. how are you? You sound like you are having a TON of fun! & im happy to hear that. Feb. is getting closer! 7 im really excited to find out if i won. ahhh. pick me. =] haha. that`d be amazing if you did. whoa. i forgot my schools winter homecoming is in feb. like the 2nd or something. haha. sweeet. that`d be fun if you could go. but you`re to busy for me. =/ oh well. haha. well have a good week! & thats for keeping me posted! i love you for that! well. i just flat out love you...haha. oh oh. but dont think im creepy or anything. =] haha

i heart youuu.


Anonymous said...

hey mitchell! u are amazing!!! how do u get tickets to see the show?

Anonymous said...

mitch, your the absolute BEST & SWEETEST guy! i wish i could meet you....idk...maybe i will, but hopefully its soon! you are sooo cute!


CeeCee said...

i ordered tickets to the hannah montana live audience thingy! so if they let us i am going to get a picture and autograph with my hero!![you]haha

k well keep acting and doing what you do best!

Anonymous said...

ahh i couldnt make it
to the premiere. :/
i wanna go see hannah montana.



haha busy busy mitchel! cant wait for season 2 to start!! you really rock!

Anonymous said...

Please come bak to Rockwall! You really are Smokin' Oken!

MEGX3 said...

HI Mitchel

I hope u have fun @ all ur premires and things!!!


Cara said...

how can you get hannah montana tickets?

Makenzye said...

do you have to have tickets for the Ronald McDonald christmas party thing or is it open to the public?

britt said...

mitchel you are so amazing! :]
i bet im going to met you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! How do you get tickets to Hannah Montana? I will defintely be entering in the contest to win a date with you I will be so excited if I do!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg! i saw you at the aly and aj concert!!!! i was there in the 4th row! the concert was awesome!! did u have fun? when you were on the red carpet you looked scared! ha ha ha me and my friends started laughing!