Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hannah Montana

Hey guys!! Just want you to know that we will begin shooting the second season of "Hannah Montana" next week. We are all ready to get the new season started. I had an incredible time in Dallas last week. The crowd was AMAZING! Good Morning Texas was a blast! I know that I will be at the Ronald McDonald Christmas party coming up December if you get a chance...come out and see me there! Have an awesome week! PEACE-OUT! Mitchel


Ariel said...

thats awesome! so im guessing Emily is either finished or finishing up her movie?

Anonymous said...

Awsome hope I can see ya!

Kenna said...

sweet! when will 2nd season air??
cant wait
o ya im doin the win a date with u thing for fun so yaa

Anonymous said...

when does the new season air? cant wait!!!

Anonymous said...

where is the thing on december 9th if anybody knows?

Elizabeth said...

Hi again!

Good luck with the second season! Can't wait to see it next year! did you make ANOTHER Good Morning Texas interview or were you talking about the one from two months ago? If it was a new one I wish you would of told us about it! Well...I'm glad you had fun in Dallas and I saw videos of you there. You did a great job! The crowd really was pumped!

Have fun at the Christmas party. Gonna bring another bike? Just kidding! :-P

<3 Liz


Oh that is so cool!! I cant wait to see the incredible second season!!! I wonder how different it will be?? and also when it will be going on air...probably not for a year or so.

ok well ttyl...(mitchel u r soo hot)

~Breanne <3

Lyz said...

YAY! =] That's awesome. Can't wait for the new season!!!

Becky said...

that's so cool you had a good time!! you haven't posted in a long time...we all missed you!! i wish i could go to the christmas party, but i can't. well i hope you have fun at the party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Sounds Texas sounds cool. I have only flown over Texas, never actually been there.

Can't wait for more Hannah Montana!

Take care!


Lizzie said...

Thats awesome Mitchel! Cant wait for the next season!!

Much love!
-Lizzie =]

Anonymous said...

The concert sounded like it was a ton of fun and I wish I didn't live so far away! I would have loved to go. I can't wait for the new season of HM. Have fun filming!


Jenn said...

thats cool that you had a great time in texas, wish i could have gone, but i live in IL. so yeahh..
i hope i can get tickets to see season 2 taping for hannah montana. i've been on a waiting list since like april, so yeahh.. i almost got tickets to the last episode of the first season, but they were like standby or sometihng.. where if other people couldnt come, I could, but there werent that many people tat couldnt go, so i couldnt. if that makes any since...

well yeahh. your amazing.

Len said...

hi Mitchel!
Have fun shooting the 2nd season! Your gunna have to tell us how it was :-D Well I have to do homework.

Anonymous said...

hey mitch! sooo excited to hear about the 2nd season of HM beginning to be filmed next week...can't wait to see it! Good luck! i didn't see you on GMT, but i'm sure you did great! you always do! LOL anyways, good luck again!


melissa said...

thats awsome! cnt wait 2 see it


Anonymous said...

where is the ronald mcdonald party at?

Elizabeth said...

ahhh!!! thats sooo great!!!!!!(((yay))) i cant WAIT until the new season!! the irst was souch a hit!!! good luck!!!(((you wont need it!!!))) But do you possibly know WHERE the ronald mcdonald christmas party is located? Just wondering! Thanks 4 the update &&& have a GREAT week!!!=)


Ashleigh said...

I cannot WAIT for the second season of Hannah Montana. <3

Amy said...

can't wait to see it. hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

cool...heyy i was wondering if you could post your brothers band "metro station" myspace....and is mileys brother in the band????

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
That sounds awesome!
I can't wait!
I just want to say right quick that I'm a very huge fan, and hope to meet you someday. :]
I wrote to you, don't know if you'll get it, but it was worth a chance. And I entered the win a date contest, hope I win. :D

Well, comment me if you get a chance!

Your truest fan, Amanda


Dani said...

Hi Mitchel!

I'm glad you had a great time visiting your home state!!! Congrats on getting on "Good Morning Texas" AGAIN!!! YEAH!!

I hope you are having an awesome time filming the new season of "Hannah Montana!!!" Now I'm wondering what's going to happen!

Hope you have a great time at the Chgristmas party!

Have a great week!!!!


Erin said...

sweet thanks 4 letting us know!

Anonymous said...

oh boyy.

can't wait. :]

you should come and visit New Jersey soon. Its boring here, come liven it up lol. jkjk

you have an awesome week to mitchel!<3

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm really sorry about the comment before about you adn not telling us about GMT. It just really upset me and I geuss I upset you. I didn't mean to. Please don't be mad. Thank you for doing this blog 'cause if you didn't then we wouldn't know a lot of things that you've done. I should be grateful that your doing this for us and it's not your fault you didn't/forgot to tell us.

How's the second season going? I hope it's fun!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

i soooo cant wait 4 the 2nd season!!!!!!hannah montana is my fav show...who cares if im 13 almost 14..not me.....i wish i could go but i would have 2 drive like 2 days 2 get there......if u were EVER newhere close 2 me...heck yes i would go!!!!well...i would beg my better go finish homework...ttyl!!!!

-andie lynn