Wednesday, November 08, 2006


They pick me up at my hotel at 2:00 Friday.....not sure when the autograph signing starts......I think around 5:00 PM

Treasure Coast Square Mall
3174 W Federal Highway in Jenson Beach Florida

Thanks for spreading the word!!


Anonymous said...

Omigosh! I am coming to see u bc we were planning to go near Jensen Beach bc I have a beach house up there! I am so excited I can come to see u! :)


Elizabeth said...


I hope you have fun meeting your fans! We all love and appreshiate (major spelling problems) all that you do!

<3 Liz


I wish I lived in Florida. ='[
Come sign some autographs in Pittsburghhh? <3 =]

sammy said...

wish i was there its almost 5:00
and im on the other side of
florida,in bradenton.

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel thanks for the info. i live in Florida around that area so i might be there!

MegX33 said...

Good Luck in Florida!! Have funnn. Im sending in my questions for win a date with mitchel tommoro!!


Anonymous said...

um, okay so the date is changed to november 10th,Friday right?

or am I just going crazy and don't know what day it is today, let alone the month? :]

Michele said...

omg i live like 10 minutes away from there.

MitchelsGurl said...

im gonna b there!!

michele said...

do you know exactly what part of the mall you will be in?

MitchelsGurl said...

im so gonna b there!

McKenna said...

I definetly wished I lived in least they don't get snow...and if they get any then it is not nearly as much as we get up in the northeast...hope you have fun!

Sammie said...

heyy mitchel!

i wish i could go. lol too bad i dont live in florida. lol

keep up the awesome work. yooh rockk.

xO. sammie

donna said...

Hey Mitchel! Its donna (the MMO fan of the month) Hahah. . Have fun tommorow! (: Takecare!

Ellen Ann said...

Awwwww :(
Tooooo far from where I live sadly. Well, I guess Ill catch you another time <3

Anonymous said...

ugh...I live in Florida, but I didn't get to go! :(

Anonymous said...

Mitchel....u were in my town!!!! at the mall, right near my house, JJEEEZ!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel.. Omigosh, thx so much 4 coming to Florida! When I saw u, i had a blast! U are so sweet. Thx 4 signing my poster and the back of my shirt. lol! Well, by the way, hoped u liked the letter I made 4 u that ur mom handed u after I left.Thx again. Hope u come again soon!

<3 Taylor E.

Karlee said...

cool wish i was there! Mitchel i sent you fan mail!! my cousin if i call him maybe he can get me your autograph!

love from a supporting and great fan,

Anonymous said...

Hi again! I had so much fun and wanted to ask u when are u coming back to Florida Mitchel?

<3 Taylor

Sami said...

gosh i wish i lived in florida!! u should come to missouri!!! lol anyways have fun!

Holly said...

Gawsh I wish I was there!
Too bad Florida is too far away..:(

Anonymous said...

I live (and I am totally guessing here...) like an hour away, so I couldn't go.... I wish I could've though!!!


Anonymous said...

aww thts soo cool!! im gunna be in flordia on friday but i think tht ur going gone! lol aww man! well ttyl lul!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! You are awsome! I'm planning to come and see you.I can't wait!Me and my friends love you!=]
Lauren >3

Anonymous said...

man u should most defiantly come to tampa!!!

Anonymous said...

Im soooo happy i got to meet you!!! I live 5 mins. from the mall. woot woot

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
i wished u could come to missouri but hope u have a fun time having people screeming all around u lol! but hope u have fun

Anonymous said...

i would go but is a 3 hour drive and i get out of school at 4:00
Sorry i couldn't make it

~taaylor.* said...

aawh, I remember this daay like it was yesterday !
it was the first ttime we met<3
i remember I made youu a letter
and I forgot to give it to youu,
so I gave it to your mom.
and youu were wearing that blue jacket !
and I was wearing that pink shirt !
ohmygoodness, I remember being SO nervous too.
lol, sillly old mee.
hhaha, I have no clue why I'm commenting this old post,
but I miss youuuuuuu !
and my mom does too :]

so, youu should comebaack !