Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays!!!

Just wanted to post a Happy Holidays to all my fans!!! I am on the set of Hannah Montana today and having a BLAST!!! I wanted to let you guys know that I was at Disneyland this last Saturday and it was great! I got to meet a few of you! I was visiting with my family.

I wanted to let you know also that Tiger Beat came to visit me at my home on Friday. We had an incredible time! They took tons of pictures. Stitch loved the attention! I did a couple of interviews too so hopefully that will all be out soon!

Also.....I will be in Texas for the Cheetah Girls Concert in Texas on January 3rd!!!! COME AND SEE ME!!!!! I can't wait to meet more TEXAS fans!

You guys have an awesome Holiday! Eat lots of Christmas Cookies!!! I hope Santa brings you all that you wish for and that you enjoy the holidays with family and friends!!



Jenn said...

you are absolutely amazingg! =]
Can't wait to see the pics in tiger beat when it comes out.
I hope you have an amazingg holiday.. i sent you something for chrstmas, but you probably wont get it until after christmas.

Jessica,UK said...

Merry Christmas! :-D

Anonymous said...

woah! that's awesome. too bad i can't come and see you, i go back to school from break that day. anyways, have fun in texas and a merry christmas! love you always!!

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWW!!!!! that's so sweet, mitchel! u r 2 nice! i hope u have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

luv, brie

p.s-when u find out the Top 10 finalists and winner 4 the Win a Date contest, could u either post them on your blog or tell Ally to post them on the site? thanx!

Paige said...

Glad you are having fun on the set of HM, Mitchel.
NO WAY; you were at Disneyland on SATURDAY??? Poo; I was there until midnight on Friday..dang, I have bad luck x]

Can't wait to see the Tiger Beat interviews and the pictures =]

Hope you have an awesome Christmas, deserve it <33


Dani said...

Hi Mitchel,

Thanks for the update!!!

Glad your having a sweet time in Cali on the set with Miley and Emily, and spending time with your family!!! (Especially Stitch ;) lol!)

Thanks for the holiday greetings and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Rachel said...

Hey Mitchel!

Oh that's so awesome your filming HM again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you too! You're so sweet!

I live in Texas but not where you're going with the Cheetah Girls. They came here but I couldn't go (sold out).

Anywho... I wish you get what you want for Christmas. And have fun playing with fireworks on NEW YEARS! (be careful) hehe. You R0cK!


God Bless,

Lindy said...

you are so sweet hope you have a Merry CHRISTmas

Lizzie said...

Happy Holidays to you too Mitchel! Hope you have a Happy New Year and many more!

heather said...

im in texas but i cant really afford to go!! i want to meet u soooo badly!!!

Meagan said...

Could you com to Plano? i have been dying to meet you!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchell
Merry Christmas to you two

Britt said...

I cant wait until I find you under my tree on christmas! :]

Elizabeth said...

Heyy! I'm so glad your going to the Cheetah Girls concert! I was at the one in October. I wish I could of seen you there then! It's a blast and I hope you have an amazing Christmas and a rockin' New Year!

Keep on doing what you do and I hope to see the TB pictures out soon!

<3 Liz

Ashleigh said...

You know... Santa can't bring me what I want for Christmas. He seems to be busy with Popstar and Radio Disney. <3

Anonymous said...

Awww thanks Mitchel!!!!! Hope you have a great Holiday!!!

<3 Molly

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you too! I wish that I lived in sounds like such a cool state but my parents like the snow so that is never going to happen... :)


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the update mitch! we all love you too, and hopefully you have a good holiday! bye


Mila said...

mmmmm..... cookies. have a merry christmas!

meagan said...

merry christmas and happy new year mitchel! who knows i might see you here in texas. well have fun!hope fully you get everything you wnat this year!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too Mitchel!

kay said...

i hope you and your family have a wonderufl christmas and happy holidays mitch.

<3 kay

kay said...

oh yah i almost forgot tell your bro i love metrostation got their song disco on my myspace! LOL well g2g bye.
<3 kay

Rachel said...

sounds like you've been having tons of fun lately- can't wait to see the new Hannah Montana season!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy Holidays! Remember me, Taylor, from Florida??
Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You deserve it! :) I'll send u something for the holidays too! :)

Luv ya,
Taylor <3

Stefania said...

Happy Holidays Mitchel!

I hope you eat christmas cookies too =).

Have a great time at the Cheetah Girl's concert! . Too bad i can't go, i live in Argentina! . But i wish you have fun there!

we love you <3

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mitchel! Along with all your other fans, I love you! Good luck on season two, and I hope you have a great holiday season!!!

Love, Raleigh

Anonymous said...

Hey :]
Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas(or whatever you celebrate) and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

how come no one ever comes to colorado.
like everyone is like color-what?
goshers it's annoying!
but have fun it texas.
my uncle lives there
have a fun new year.
i would say merry christmas but that's over with.

erica said...

merry christmas! hope you got what you wanted :]

love, erica.

Kim said...

i hope u have happy holidays haha i luv you!!!

Anonymous said...

omg! i was at disneyland too [the 16th] how funny!
i dont think i saw you though.
that place is huge!
even though i spent most of my time in new orleans square and adventure land!

i hope you had a fantastic holiday!

<3 Macy