Thursday, January 11, 2007


I love them. I grab them out of the envelope and put them on right away! I'm not kidding. I love when you guys make me stuff. Your so nice to think of me. If you look closly at some of the posters I am wearing some of the bracelets you guys have sent me. I love the thinner ones made of string in any color...and the hemp braclets are cool too! Keep them coming. I always add them and wear them for a while. You guys are awesome!!!

By the way....I'm on the set today.....I just came from dance rehearsal....that's right....I am dancing this week and it is really hard for me. I'm having fun....but it is a challenge. We are doing an episode about studying Biology and we have had to learn a song about bones. It's CRAZY!!!

Anyway....I got a slight hair cut today....don't's still long....but now you can see my eyes! guys are amazing! Thanks for posting! Have an incredible day!!



Anonymous said...

mitchel u will always look cute whatever u do to you hair. i cant wait to see that episodes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I will for sure make you a bracelet....Well my Twin Sister will. I am not that great at making bracelets. I always make them the wrong sizes. But oh well. I will for sure pick out the colors! Atleast i can do that! Hope you can get that dance down! Have FUN!
Tootles* Katie Reid
P.S you have a letter from me coming your way! Keep an eye out for it!!

Anonymous said...

Well, thats a good thing! Im in the mist of making one right now, and I was right scared you'd just be like "Blah.. ANOTHER bracelet" and throw it in this humongo pile of other ones from other fans. Pheww... what a relief! Yay, I hope you like mine! =)
Much Love;;

Anonymous said...

Have fun with that! Our schools so weird i don't take bio till junior year. I have chem now which I hate so much

Anyway have fun dancing!

Anonymous said...

Im sooo glad i sent u a bracelette! i hope u like it! im working on something right now 2 send u, but im not done yet. wut is it? well, i guess you'll just have to wait n see!

dont feel bad about the dancing thing. dancing comes hard for me, too. i usually just bop back and forth! lol! well, g2g! c ya l8r, sk8r!

luv, brie

Erica said...

Hi! I check back here everyday! That is why I have like three other comments! I just love learning new things about you! Your so smart, and sweet, and nice! I can't wait to see your haircut! I bet it's cool! Gotta go! Bye!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!!!!! I hope you having fun on the HM set!!!

<3 Molly

Anonymous said...

YEY! im totaly goin to send you a braclet now! lol

Anonymous said...

I am so gonna make you one now.

Emily said...

Haha I see you're addicted to bracelets too! Next time I'm in the city I shall look out for them bracelets.. you the ones that are kinda made out of that rubbery stuff? I'll try to find an Australian one =)

Dancing and singing bones?! haha that sounds like a rad episode.

I have to now, breakfast time, its 8:29AM over in Aussieland right now =)

Take care xx

Becky said...

i can't wait to see your dance mitchel, i'm sure your doing great! lol have fun with the song!

Christine said...

Hey Mitchel!! I made you this cool looking blue bracelet.:]

It has like greenish string and dark and middle color blue beads.

It took me the longest time to make but i hope you like it!!

I'll be including it in the next letter i send to you, and I'll be sending a dollar.:]]]]]

I also wanted to say thank your for making my dream come true.

I met you at the Aly & Aj Benefit concert. I came up to you and asked for a picture and you were so kind and you actually took two pictures...(i know not the biggest deal, but it was for me.)

You are my hero and my insperation and i also skateboard and i think that's cool. I know I now it's kinda weird that a girl skateboards.

Well i think I've said all i can say for now.

I know you'll do great with your dance scene.

Your awesome in everything else you do so your going to be EXTRA AWESOME in your dance

Love Your Truest Fan,

P.S You got your hair cut!?


But your still my hero.:]

Elizabeth said...

Hiya Mitchel!

Yay!! I love seeing your eyes! Dance rehearsal? Hmmmm....I can't wait to see that! Speaking of rehearsals....

I'm trying out for my schools talent show next Thursday! I'm going to sing "If We Were A Movie" and I'm super excited to be getting on stage and preforming, even if it is only infront of 3 or 5 people. Fun!

A song about...bones? I bet that was fun to learn.

Glad to hear all is well in your world.

<3 Liz

Len said...

Hey Mitchel!
Were actually making bracelets at this place I volunteer at (The kids are 6 years old) I'll send one to you ^^
Haha, I'm glad your having fun dancing some guys were TRYING to dance in my class they were ok..xP
Oh yeah thanks for answering my question on IMDB I was not expecting you to actually answer it so thanks! :-D You made by day haha. Well gotta go

Brooke said...

AHH. Mitchel that sounds soo cool! I can't wait to see you dance :]. And I hope you didn't cut it too short! Lol I love your hair! Well, thanks for the update.

Love always,

Anonymous said...

maybe ill send a couple then and u look hot with long hair or short hair.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Thats cool you accept things from fans and actually wear them! Well its cool that we can see your eyes!!! Good luck with your dancing! I know I like to dance(well when no one is looking!)LOL! Well

Kelsey said...

Kwl, be expecting a braclet in the mail from me :) Cant wait to see your new hair cut!

Kelsey L

Anonymous said...

HAhahah thats cool that u got a hair cut!!!!!!! Omg i was just thinking of makin u a bracelet when i read your blog..thats so awesome.


Jackie said...

hey mitchel! i have never left a comment on here before! i just wanted to say i cant wait for the new season of hannah montana.. keep up the good work! my new years resolution was to send you a fan letter sometime.. ive always wanted to but never acctually sent one.. but i will be!! =]

Mikelyn said...

LUCKY! i need a haircut too...just a trim! well, i know what you mean about the bracelettes! my friends make them for me too! i have like 500! well, dont know how to make them so..dont be expecting one from me! LOL! well i know youll do great on the show!

<33 Mikelyn

Anonymous said...

I was going to write you a letter but I didn't know what to say...but I guess that I should get working on'm sure that you hair looks just as cute as it did before!


Anonymous said...

I have the first comment! Mitchel U R the coolest. And thats a FACT. I am glad you think your fans (including me) are awesome. I (we) appretiate the compliment. So you are dancing thats is cool, but I bet its a challenge for a skateboarder to dance. LOL.

Erin91 said...

omg haha i cant wait 2 see that episode!

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel. Just wanted to tell you that I am a big fan. And I've seen every tv and movie you've been in. Your GREAT. Kayla :]

Anonymous said...

thats so cool! a bones song. haha. have fun dancing mitchel!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel.
U R the coolest and thats a FACT! I can't picture a skateboarder dancing so thats sort of weird but I bet you are the best! Can't wait to read the next post!!!

Ashleigh said...

I am totally sending you a bracelet now. ^_^ Would you wear a necklace?

You're amazing. <3

Dani said...

Coolbeans!!!! I'll have to send you a bracelet!!! I also made a comic of you, so I'll have to send them! ;)

Oooo, biology. Those were the days (I took it last year), dissecting frogs and all sorts of creatures. This is gross, but I actually thought that was kinda cool! I'm wierd!

Haircut.... Good, you can see now, which is kinda important!lol

Have a great week!!!!!!!


Monica said...

OMG!!!! cant wait for season two!!!! you got your hair cut!!! i thought it was getting a little too long but it is your hair.

Kelsey said...

love you lots, Mitchel
(hearts to pi)

Nicole said...

That's awesome!! I'm totally going to send you a braclet!! Be perpared to get one from me soon!!! Love ya!!

as you would say,

Anonymous said...

ahh tahts great!! i cant wait for season 2!!!!!! me and my friend just learned how to make friendship braclets and ill be sure to make and send you one!!!=]

i cant wait to see the song about bones.. haha that sounds great

cant wait to see the new look=] take pics?=]



im going to make yo ua braclet right now! (i make cool ones :) and yeah, you kinda needed a hair cut ;)haha, but you look cute no matter what! so yeah, how do u get tickets??? i want to know! i met u and u said but that site doesn't work! so please post it!

thanks!! love ya!!!!

abby said...

That's super cool! I cant wait to go to the taping and see you! I bet you are an amazing dancer! :)

Shakirah said...

Aww a hair cut? Thats great! You should post a pic of it!

Anonymous said...

As much as I LOVE making bracelets
I feel like you have too many
I'll make you one that NO ONE has made before.
Just WATCH me...

Can't wait to see the dancing.
Have fun with that...


jenn said...

that's awsome that you wear the bracelets.. i'll have to send you one.
that's crazy cool that you have dance rehersal and stuff. i take dance, so yeahh. haha. can't wait to see it.
and you will still look amazing with any hair cut. but it sounds cute.

peace. Jenn

Anonymous said...

okay, im gonna make you a bracelet. lol. once i find time. and dancing ROCKS XD love always, claire

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I can't make bracelets as of right now, but I am thinking about sending you something else that you would hopefully love! Ah, I'm sure you hair always looks good. Except maybe when you first wake up... Haha, just kidding!

Love ya Mitch!!!


Kelly said...

Hey Mitchel!
You are an amazing actor =)
and i love how you wear things your fans give you. That is so sweet!

You got a haircut? o i cant wait to see it. i bet it looks amazing


Tiffany said...

i love how you use anyways and by the way alot, because i say those all the time too!!! so anyway, lol, you freaking rock and i'm totally going to make you a braclet! and u look adorable no matter what length your hair is! and i can't wait to see you dance! love you!

beka said...

Hey Mitchel,
I am so gonna send u a bracelet with a pic of me that you can keep.
Luv Beka
P.S. good luck on your dancing can't wait too see it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel cool i sent you one yesteday have an awsome day love your biggest fan nicole

Anonymous said...

For sure, I'll make you a bracelet. Congratulations on your little brother making the cast on according to jim. hope you can learn that dance!
lots of love

Anonymous said...

omg....i'm so glad you like them! i made you one. i hope you got it! mines the black and white hemp one!i love you Mitchel!
oh, bye the way, i love your new hair cut! i'm glad it's still long!:)
luv ya,

Anonymous said...

OMG that's SO awesome. i'll make you one. =) you cut your hair??? whatever you do, you still look good anyway!

Can't wait til season 2!


Anonymous said...

It's okay Mitchel you look great what ever you'r hair is!

I will make u a braclete!

Love ya.

angela said...

yea u do wear them in some of the posters!! lol1 i see them on ur arms! lol! i'll send you one mitchel! lol! about a pink one?! lol!!

<33 angela!

some cool kid said...

hah thats cool that your so greatful for all the bracelets. I'll have to make one for you soon! I hope it turns out good lol.
I think its also nice that you actually write back to your fans with your busy schedule and all :], i've written alot of letters to other celebs and i guess they just dont feel like writing back. boo at that lol.

good luck with hannah montana,
and dancing!

later skaterr!,

Anonymous said...

haha that episode was really good! it was really fun to watch. lol.