Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mason & METRO STATION on Good Morning America

They were on this morning!!! It was such short notice. I hope you guys saw it. They were AMAZING! Search for a Youtube if you missed it. INCREDIBLE!

Filming the second week of the third Season of Hannah. We are VERY busy and the shows are better than ever!

I have a surprise! I will be performing at the end of the month at a very special place. I will post soon! The good news is, if you can't come to where I am, I believe it might be televised and you'll get to see at least a piece of it on the Disney Channel soon. I'll explain as soon as I can.

Have the BEST week ever!



Anonymous said...

Hey yeah I saw it cuz I was sick today. Anyway special place hmm hope it is here oh and if not will watch it on tv ok love you shanelle

megan said...

omg!! ahhhhhh!! Ahhhh!!

i love every single thing on that little bit of info--
but holdup your brother and trace were in the same state as me and your telling me this NOW!!!!! errggg!
ohh well i love you anyways!


love you!!

Carly said...

omg i did see metro station!! they were amazing like alwayss!!
i noticed mason cut his hair! its soo different now! still cute tho lol.

TELIVISED!!>?!? no way! it better be in chicago mitchel!! BUT TELIVISED! SOOO COOL! thtts really exciting!

yah u better be posting more info about tht.

haha soo guess what i start school tomorrow. im a junior now and we have like split schools one fro freshman sophmores and the other juniors seniors. ha the new school is huge. yah but w.e ahha im sure thts not intresting to u. lol

and yayyyy! hannah montana!! cant wait to see it!

alright well ttyl

and remember...CHICAGO!!



Shelby said...

Awesome. Youtubing now! Thanks for telling us! I hope you perform near Georgia so I can see you! I will totally be there if you do; you have a rockin stage presence and kep it so lively! Love ya mitchy :)

tayy bby :] said...

welll hellllllo there stranger ;]

aawh, mason&&metrostation were on good morning america?
i missed it, but ill definetly search for it on youtube :]

i can't wait to seee the 3rd season of hannahmontana!
tthe show keeps getting better&&better.

i love surprises.
if the performance is in fflorida,
id be there before youu could say,
"mitchelmusso is the most amazing guy in the world"
thats ssuper coool tthough~
i know wherever it is,
youll do an amazingg job<3

iloveyouu mitcheltate :]
&& I missss youu.
it ffeels like i haven't seen youu in 92618471937 days,
but its only been 9 months.
mkkaywellbyee :]

Disa said...

Aw I didn't see it :(
I'm sure they did amazinggg.

I wonder where you're performing.
You should tell us now instead of soon.
I'm gonna be in LA at the end of the month, so that would be cool if it was there and I got to go see you, eh eh?

Ashlee said...

my friend went to good morning america today. she said they were awesome. :]

mxncdhfjkui. I hate when you give us the DETAILS of surprises. WE NEED TO KNOW. or at least I need to know where it is so I can book a flight if its somewhat close. :] lemme guess.......LA, NY, TX, uhm...idk. ANNOUNCE THE PLACE. please. before I go insane.

Bridget said...

AWW Mitch, I really hope that very special place is where I think it is. maybe somewhere on the east coast? prob not that's just my luck lol anyway I hope your having lots of fun filming Hannah Montana, I really want to audition but I live too far away :( Oh should check your myspace message inbox, I sent you a top secret message lol hope you have an amazing weekend!! <33

"You wouldn't believe how many People that try to get fancy with the Nancy." LOVE IT!!

Gina said...

ahhh dood im so excited:) i hope i can come see you again !!!!! and guess waht, i was going to a metro station concert on friday but my parents said i was going to NJ :( im soooo mad!!! but i hope i can see uuuuu xoxoxoxo
ginaa ps: good luck with the season and ur performances!!

Anonymous said...


I watched them! I called my best friend, Blair, at 6;00 in the morning and was like "STATION...METRO METRO STATION MORNING AMERRR... GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!! TURN ON YOUR TV!!"

She was like "Okay, I'm goihumphersleemkay? (going back to sleep okay)

I was like NO YOU ARE WATCHING METRO STATION!!!!! .... She hung up on me. =/

But they were awesome!! I wish I could have gone!! lol


P.S. I am listening to Disco by Metro Station!! They rock out the Station!
Me and Blair made that up earlier!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know I just commented, but come to LUBBOCK!!! Let that "Special Place" Be Lubbock!
I will love you forever! (AS if I already dont! lol.)


Metro Station Rocks out the Station!

(P.S. That means they are like rocking the radio stations!!)

Amy said...

i agree mitchel. metro stations perfomance of shake it was actually THE BEST i've ever seen them do it. but i got so mad when they were cutting off Control and Seventeen Forever. :( masons hilarious. "a subway up in the air" lmfao awesomeness.

and i cant wait to watch new hannah and see u perform :)

Sara said...

I did watch Metro Station on Good Morning America! I recorded it on my DVR though because I cannot wake up early in the morning lol. Its weird seeing them on TRL and Good Morning America considering I remember when they weren't even signed :/. I'm extremely proud of them though.

YAY for new season of HM.

Leanna Marie said...

Ack! The ONE morning I watch Sabrina instead of GMA and your brother is on!


<3Leanna Marie

PS: I requested to be a friend on your myspizzle.

christineeee (: said...

is that special place, los angeles? ohhh how much ii hope it is!

ii miss youu loads, mitchy. ii still have to give yooohh your birthday present, so spill bout the secret, okay?

ii love you.

diana said...

I hope you come to Chicago! :/

christineeee (: said...

okayy im gonna watchh metro station on youtube cuz ii missed it. ii love them! ; & you, of course [:

yahhh yoor pretty busy. good luck with everything.

megan said...

ohhh mann i know the suprise, i was sleeping and i woke up cause i knew it-- well not really but it sounds cooler that way.
you are performing on ELLENN!! WHHHATTT!! i have my moments, haha yeah im prbly not right, but hey it was a good guess.. righhhttt?!?!

anyways, i went to youtube and saw metro station, your brother has an amazing voice! hes soo good. (you are too =])
mkay well byee
love you

Ewa said...

Hey Mitchy ;*
OMG...! Youtube.!I'm watching it.AMAZING!
Hannah Montana.!I must see it.!
Surprise.!!And...Special place...Hym...Where is it...Surely there will be cool.!
Mitchy you're the best guy in the world!I love you very much that you fail to imagine it.!You're soo sweet!
Love you.!;*

Mareen said...

Wow that is so cool =) I cant wait to see you performing even if I cant be there. I really hope they show it somewhere =P
And I so believe that Metro Station made a great job =)
I search somewhere to watch it right now =P
I hope you have much fun on the set. I cant wait for the new Season.

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

I'll watch on Youtube, thanks =)....I hope it'll be televised


natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I watched it on youtube. It was amazing!!

Hannah's third season sounds great. I can't wait till the episodes start coming out. But I'll have to wait for a while, yeah.

So cool that your performance will be televised! that means I'll be able to see it in hq on youtube.

Love Ya!


~*Amber*~ said...

Aww, I had no idea Metro Station was going to be on tv. I'll have to Youtube it.

I can't wait for new Hannah episodes! I'm pumped for the 3rd season!

A new performance? You have to update soon Mitchel cause I’m not very patient! Lol. =] Hopefully its somewhere near by.

Allie said...

I saw it! I woke up at 7:00 on my day off to find out they get on at 8:50, and THEN, you know, Mason cut his hair, right? I don't really like it that short... but anyway, they were so good! Except they had this contest for people to see them, I entered, an hour later, they said the winners, I was not one of them, and all the girls who WON, didn't even know the words to Shake It! I got so angry, I was like, I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE! But they were so good, and I'm happy for them.

WHERE ARE YOU PLAYING? NY possibly? Nah...

Have fun filming this week!

Allie <3

Alex :) said...

I missed it. :(
I don't watch Good Morning America.

Can't Wait for more Hannah Montana!

I'm a Loilver fan so I hope you film an episode having to do with Loilver. That would be cool.

Brie said...

Hooray Metro Station. I'll definitely look it up on YouTube later!

Better be Chicago...................................


lol. I'm crazy

luv, brie

Nisha said...

Hey Mitchel!!!! I saw it!!!! i t was Amazing!!!! I love their outfits!!!! It suits them!!!!


leanneee =] said...

they were reallly good on good morning america. i saw them tuesday night in nyc and it was awesomeeeee. haha now i wish i could go back. [:

Anonymous said...

Yay, special place. Most likely in California, then, since it's being televised, right?


Third season. I'm so so so psyched. Miley and Oliver better hook up this season (dude, y'all denied us an episode with Miley/Oliver kissage! a fluffy get together episode where she dumps jake for your character is absolutely NECESSARY to make up for your lack of interaction with her character in season 2! XP)


Please? =]

Katie.<3 said...

awww... i missed metro station!! but i saw it on youtube, so thats ok! lol.
annnnd im also thinking that your next show should be in chicago...just saying..AND it being on TV!?!? thats amazing mitchel. =]

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy! Splee to you for updating! Unfortuneately,due to lack of cable television,I missed it. But I will search on YouTube! I'm sure it's awesome! Aweomeness obviously runs in the family! I can't wait to hear where you perform.

Casey [KC] said...

Were are people getting all the metro station tee shirts and sweatshirts i've been looking everywere i would really like to know please post it thanx!


Breann said...

im soo mad i missed it i been so busy trying to get the the airport on time.. and i already know i wont be able to see the show cuz imma be in Puerto Rico until the 31st. =[

but i can't wait 2 see Hannah Montana!! so that's one thing 2 look forward 2.

Love you.


Anonymous said...

this is exciting news!
and I just watched the video of you forecasting the weather in Hawaii. (: hahahha. it was funny.
and Im guesssing the special place is like somewhere in Texas, your hometown. Which is probably exciting and special for you, but im excited that Ill get to watch it on tv.

christineeee (: said...

my 3rd post [:

^ theres the link to good morning america for metro station.

have funnnn.

Casey [KC] said...

MITCHEL look it up Shake It (Reversed)on youtube its so funny
KBreez made it

Anonymous said...

where is ur special place?!!! is it the disney channel games? im very curious!! love you!!!

Anonymous said...

lol, Hey Mitchy!

...I missed Good Morning America...
Though I usually don't watch it.
Cool, new season of Hannah Montana! Can't wait to see it! :)

Hmmmmm...My guesses are that you are performing at one of these places...New York?...Florida?... California?...Texas? Hmmm :) COOL!
Still trying to figure out what the mystery game for my Halloween party is going to be...I hope that I can get the adults to scare the kids...That would be cool :) But if I can, I call werewolf!! lol
What do you think? :)
:) you know, it's kinda funny, or may seem weird to you, but in a way I almost don't want the trick or treating candy, i just like the trick or treating...sometimes people have haunted houses...and at the end of the street that my house is on, there is a dead end and it's all dark and creepy. That was actually pretty
Oh, I just thought of a way to make a pumpkin candy bowl!! (Not made of a real pumpkin) Hmmm lol
You know what would be cool? If I saw real bats on Halloween. That would be really cool...Oh, before I forget! A week ago or so, We saw a Mongoose, or something like that...It was night time and It was really creepy, (Creepy in the fact if it didn't have a tail like a fox, It would of looked more like a small werewolf :O) lol

okay, I will stop talking now :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. Some of my favorite weird things to talk about are fantasy and Paranormal things. I like ghost stories a lot. Though it is one of my favorite things, I don't talk about it much. :|

Gabriella said...

they were amazing!! I can't wait to find out where your secret performance is going to be. i hope i can come!

Chelsea said...

egh, i didn't get to see it!
i'm trying to catch up on as much sleep as i possibly can, to get ready for school. but i wish i could have seen it :)

but seriously.
please, please, please do a m&g at the sc state fair. it would mean the world to me and my friends. also, i read that you do ride the rides when you go to amusement parks and stuff. are you going to do that at the fair? if you are, the zipper is beast. i love it.

chelsea :)

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

AHHH! I missed METRO STATION?!?! Ugh...I am a horrible fan, aren't I??? *Sigh*....LOL.

Hmm...a "Special Place"? Hmm...televised on Disney Channel...Disney Land? Hmmm...well, I can't wait to find out!!



P.S. Okay...I won't lie...I'm hoping its Florida. =)

Abby from TEXASSSSS said...

ahhh man too bad I missed it..but I'm searching it on youtube now.

But the reason I DIDN'T see it was because i went shopping...and bought a metro station shirt which im wearing right now.
YAYYYYY metrooooo station!


KT J. said...

I'm looking it up as i type lol

I cannot wait for the 3rd season- it's gonna rock! (No pun intended)

Hurry up and explain- we wanna know where you'll be!!!

And I'm trying- it's my first full week of school- ick haha

Mucho amor and happy touring!

Anonymous said...

ohhh i missed it!
i had to get ready for school...i find youtube though!
a secert??? tell soon please??
okay bye
love ya


sierra said...

Wow that's awesome I'm definitely gonna have to look for that on YouTube! So, a performance that will be on Disney Channel, I wonder what it is... Keep up the great work Mitch!

Kelsey said...

OMG!!! I can't believe I missed it!!! :( I would have LOVED to see it, so I am going look for it on YouTube...
I can't wait to find out where the special place is.... I am keeping my fingers crossed for Louisiana!!!!

Love Ya!!!

Meg said...

Omgosh!!!! I'm soooo excited for the new season!!!!! And I really hope that a piece of your perfromance is on tv!!!! I would absolutely love to see it!!!! Hope all is well! =] =] =] =] =] =]
Love Meghan

allyy <33 said...

hey mitchel!
yeah i taped them on good morning america!
oh and i am very excited about the new season of hannah montana!
and cant wait to hear the good news!

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

NOOOOOO I missed it I will be sure to look it up on Youtube how sad =( Metro Station is one of the best bands EVER!!!!! Love em!

lova ya,

Anonymous said...

Are you and the rest the cast haveing a good time filming Hannah lately? What's the new with yall?Disney 411! Haha

A special place..???Is it Disneyland lol =)

~Sarah Mina~

ALEX said...

Maaaaan I missed it! I was in Lake Chelan.

Hmmm, it would be spectacular if this super special place were in Seattle, at the top of the Spaceneedle yeah? Haha. It's probably something helllllla far away :( but hopefully it IS televised!!

I'm excited :)

AshleyMusso said...

Mitchel! it's Ashley your HOME GIRL! haha Miss ya buddy


Can't wait to hear what it is!

Jessie said...

heyy!! i just watched Metro Station (and Mason haha) on GMA on youtube and you were right they were AMAZING! i'm going to see them and boys like girls and good charlotte and the Maine tonight so Im sooo stoked! im such a big fan!anyway good luck with filming season 3 of HM! can't wait to see it! also I read your blog and I am SO EXCITED about the whole performing somewhere at the end of each month. me and my friend saw you twice this summer and met you once and can't WAIT to see you again!! lovee you!!
xo Jess :P

Austin said...

I SAW IT ON GMA! It was so amazing! Oh Mitchel are you doing a telized concert on GMA TOO? On the Summer Concert Series? Or are you doing something tottaly different like performing at Disney WOrld in FL! Crossing my fingers because that would be amazng post soon!

GiGi said...

Aww, I missed them! I'll have to go search YouTube, that's so awesome and I can't wait to see their performance!!

YAY! I can't WAIT for the third season! Especially for the "He Ain't A Hottie, He's My Brother" episode that I heard about. It sounds TOO funny!

EEP! You'd better explain soon, that sounds SOOOOO awesome! I can't wait!


Tori said...

metro station rocks :]

the special place better be in dallas...

Elizabeth said...

Hello! You have received a cyber hug!


Lol I just wanted to do that. :) Cyber hugs are awesome! But I would seriously hug you if I could so it wasn't TOTALLY a joke. ;) Love ya Mitchy!

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

aww mitchel ur so adorable:)
haha random!i know:D
but hahahaha hyper sorta right now; just here chillin like a villen;)with my friend brittney (its an inside joke me and my friend have).but anyway i was at my friends party last night and shake it came on and bahha everyone was talking about mason:)he is so sweet!:) so are u;)
bahaha anyway i REALLY REALLY have to meet u ill make it my goal in life bud:).

kelsee and britt:)

p.s... mitchel yer a sexxi beast:D (im not sure if ya already know but thats a good thing!:).)


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

:D awwwwwwwwww mitchel:):):).i just saw that clean hands are cool hands thing omg so cute:)
u look HOTT.:)haha u looked hot in the hat;) haha but i luved when u said 'yuck!' haha ur face was so adorable:) ur such a cutie:) bahaha i probly sound a little obsessed right now.lmfao but im not yer just that cute:)
i mean u cant help it that ur HOT!
kelsey &britt:)

Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't catch up but I'll make sure to go to youtube and check it out :) That's awesome that Mason and the other members of Metro Station are doing sooo well! I love their music alot and wanted to see them in concert when they came to Chicago, but they were all sold out =[ Hopefully I'll see them again sometime. =]]] That's sooo cool that ur filming for HM! Finally putting those cancellation rumors to rest I guess about HM! AWESOME. OMG, I hope the cool place is CHICAGO! I know you've said you like Chicago alot, and it would be sooooooooo amazing if I could actually meet you in person for once haha. Well, love ya lots!!! AND, can't wait to hear how your life is doing soon =]] XOXO, Lynn!

megan said...

so i met demi lovato today =].
but when i met you, you were way more chill<3. she was nice and all but we couldnt have a convo like me and you had.
just thought i'd let yu know.

Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel!
I bought Mason and the guys album when I was on vacation in Canada(i'm from ireland and they don't sell it here)
and it is soooo amazing!
I can't stop listening to Shake it and Tell me what to do!

Melissa said...

Speaking of Hannah, just wanted you to know of our special shout out to you in our video blog.

It's at around 5:44 in, we wanted to let you guys know how awesome you really are.

Joanna said...

Yay! Hannah Montana is airing (in america at least) on my birthday according to your site! Woop woop! Really chuffed now lol!


Taylor said...

thats great mitchel;) and tell Mason and Trace that I said Hi