Monday, August 04, 2008

EDIT! I don't know that anyone is interested....

But I do have one now.....just saying!

My incredibly talented brother asked me to be on his top 5. Yes, Mitchy is me and please Do ask to be my friend. You are all dope girls! You know that!! dope meaning cool! But you already knew that, so come on, don't be shy....
Go to Metro Station's Myspace and then on to my brother Mason's page to find me.

I might not be answering & blogging on there but there are family pictures and info.



Anonymous said...

shut up!!! no way! that's sweet! what is it????


Carly said...

lol i like how u posted this but didnt put the url! lol.

but im ur friendd already! i think its soo cool!! :)

u gotta leave bullitons now tho!! lol



~*Amber*~ said...


Mitchel finally gave into the trend. Lol.

I'll have to add you now, won't I??


Kyah said...

I am the first comment!! Yeah!!! That is so cool that you have a myspace. I am going to go and add you right now!! I am signing in as we speak. I am glad you finally got one!!!! You are so amazing and such a BIG inspiration. All of us fans love you so much!


ALEX said...

I left you a commentt :D

ALEX said...

comment me backkk boyyyy!
hahah if you have time :)

jessi said...

whooooooooo! i luv u!

Sara said...

I added you like a week ago or 2 ago :). I wasn't sure that you weren't even gonna accept my friend request but you did. Thank you for that! I also watched your friends go from like 200 to 700 to 2000 o.O

Gina said...

DOOD are u kidding me you have a myspace!! chyeaa! :) i wanna know what it is!! get a fb too :P
xoxox ginaa

<33333 said...

mitchel!! haha what is it?

Anonymous said...

How do we know which myspace is your REAL one??!?!?!

Nikita Bimson said...

really that's so rad!!! what's your url?

Haley said...

hey, you should totally get a facebook or do you already have one?

sammmmm said...


Breann said...

omg can i have it!?!?!?!? lol i just like totally spazzed when my friend read this to me and i think i like almost popped one of my stitchs cuz my mouth hurts a lot more than it did b4 lol...

Love you,


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Bridget said...

MITCHEL!! SERIOUSLY! Prepare yourself for tons of friend requests lol your prob gonna have like 2000 requests by morning. Soooo GUESS WHAT?? You def. have a reserved spot in my top friends :) So you should def. go send me a friend request before your rush of requests come in. This way you'll be in my top friends faster lol My Myspace address is on my Blog profile & I know if I post it here, it will be deleted. So.... check out my blog YO! lol

Much <33 Mitch Man

haley said...

AHH! YOU GOT A MYSPACE?! YAYYYY!:) I think that's awesomeeee.[x I'm SO gonna add you.[x Oh and I bought the issue of Kewl magazine with you on the coverrrr.:) I loved it.[x


Ashlee said...

cbfhxdyuirsd. I knew that was you on masons top. its cool that you have a myspace...I'm not exactly sure WHY you have one...but, whatever.

hopefully I'll see you soon, dude. :]

P.S. you are officially the raddest person ever. I STILL can't believe you wore my dogtag for that cover. <3

Disa said...

Hahah Mitchel, I don't think you know us if you seriously think we wouldn't be interested.

I think I saw it.
But I didn't add you.
I'll add you sooooon.

Anonymous said...

hey im ur friend!! yay!

u shoud so have a contest since ur top 8 isnt full. i think it would be anygirls dream to be on ur top! lol. and i think if they make the top u should comment them! just a thought :)

well glad u finally got a myspace!!!

Anonymous said...

coolio! whats the link? how were the teen choice awards?

selah said...

Mitch, dude, some of us have been waiting for years for you to get a myspace.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha I saw it babe and wanted you to know that I am your friend and you need a facebook so that we can talk that way.
Love you lots!!!!

MeganP2010 said...


hmmm well sinceyou aren't posting the link, i'm guessing it's a personal one...

so, i'm gonna hunt it down (just saying)



way to join the club!

and don't mind the "ewww" comment i sent you then :/

oliviaakiddo! said...

ahahahah nice to open up about it yooooo :]

i liek respond to ur message but then it prob gets flooded byy other ppl. so search for it! :P

i will resendd

mah bday is august 19

ArianaJonas said...

ok so i hate to do this but if anyone has it just post on here so i can add the kid its just that there like 2485098509348 of people acting to be him and i dont want to end up with one of fake ones

love aj

natalia said...

That's so cool!!
I'm going to add you now!

Love Ya!

Tigger said...

Cool! I'll so totally b ur friend when I get a myspace!

superbre01 said...

Hey Mitchel! I can not believe that u have a myspace now. i hope i added the right one, i am not sure!!! I added the myspace that says Mitchy!! I am so happy!!!!

Julie :] said...

ok, but like, post the URL cuz there's so many posers -.-

but im happy u have one now :]


Julie :] said...

sry... 2nd post..

anyways.. i went searching for that new Oliver Doll like with the cheese jerky or w/e... and walmart only sells it online. at least thats what it says on the site.
so if people are lookin in walmart for it, they're not gonna find it. ya gotta order it.

i tried lookin on target's site too, but i couldnt find it at all.

but yea.. i just wanted to tell ya. :]


Katie.<3 said...

yay mitchel got a myspace! lol. i added you a few days ago. thanks for accepting me. you should probably look at my pictures....youre cool enough to have your own album! hehe. =]

Anonymous said...

okay i added you!
please accept!

Elle <3

Molly said...

*Dies laughing* Mitchy?? LOLOLOL!! Niiice, Mitchel.

Sorry, done. I think its so cool you have a MySpace now!! I don't...but you NEED to get a facebook!!

I got the Cheese Jerky Doll!! Its soo cool!!!



jessica said...

mithcel, i luv u so much. im only 11 years old. but i luv u terribly. ur awsome! im happy u got a my space page. but since im only 11 i cant hav a my space! :( isnt that horrabble! and im so sad. i didnt get to c u wen u were on tour. like absolutly none of them were close 2 me!!! that made me so sad. so can u please hav a concert close to oregon! mayby medford,or. reno nv. klamath falls oregon. well look on a map. im joking u dont have to look on a map. but that would b the cooleest if one was close to me. and i watch ur brother on youtube. its so funny. he's cool.(marc) and please go 2 youtube and type in marc musso burnin up. well youve probably already seen it. ;) but it was cool metro station's song was in the background in the teen choiceawards! SHAKE IT! and then they played it at the end. sorry im telling u all theis. cuz u probably no. but i just luv u sooo much! and im sorry this is so long. well i luv u so much. and can u just write like the letter J
at the end of ur next blog entrie so i no u read it. u probably wont remember. but i would just like 2 no that mitchel musso actually like read sumthin that i did! or just like type: jessi i read it. or sumthin. that would b awsome!!!!!!!! cuz i luv u sooo much. ur the best. im not tryin to b an obbsesed fan. but i luv u! thanks 4 takin the time 2 read thhis. and sorry its long.
from jessi

jessi said...

GOO RED!!!!!!!!!!!! i no reds gonna win!
p.s. mitchel i luv u!

Brie said...

Thats kool, Mitchy. Too bad I don't have a MySpace....oh well.

BUt i'm sure if you accepted everyone's friend request, you'd be like one of the most popular people on Myspace!

and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease leave me a message on my blog when you can.

luv, brie

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

:O u have a myspace now!:O
im going to make one just to add u :P
haha ur so awesome.

ginny said...

wut happened 2 only adding dope girls?

Taylor said...

Thats great Mitchy!
Go Inferno!!!

leanneee =] said...

haha yeah i think we all knew [:
we're already friends.


DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Oh. Mitch.

megan said...

friend me!!

also can you please put the link up here

shireen said...

we can be myspace buddies :D

KT J. said...

I don't have myspace- *fail* =(

lol awwe i'm dope =) And i'd add you if I had myspace. (metro station too! and mason lol)

Happy touring and stuff!
Much love/Peace~Katy

PS: Your new pic- very hott!

Elizabeth said...

Man first Dylan and Cole,now you?! Dang! I've got to talk my parents into letting me have a MySpace. I love ya'll!

Sasha said...

I noticed that when I went on Mason's profile. I was thinking that you didn't have one. So I checked out your blog thingy. So now I believe it and now I'll add you. I think it's sweet how Mason asked you too be on his top 5.

See ya

Anonymous said...

I have a myspace!! I asked to be your friend. I hope you add me! we could chat maybe.

-Katie R.

bryce(: said...

mitchel i added you(: (:
my name is bryce (:
soo add mee i lvoe you.
your a dope kidd.

Carly said...

lol i know i commented already. but yay im dope...ahaha. no but its cool u got a myspace. i love the pic of u and marc! very cutee!



Anonymous said...

wow i'm dope?
you rock mitchel!
please add me!!!!


Anonymous said...

I friended you :D



Or when are you at least coming out with an EP of your new set? Dude, I was at one of your concerts, and I LOVE your new stuff!

At least release something new to hold us over... please?

Nad!ne. said...

Hey Mitchel[:
It's so cool that you have myspace now.
I'm SO going to add you.
Would be so cool if you would accept my friend request...
I'll be waiting ;D

Have a nice day;

Twinkie said...

Wow, I feel stupid. I've been listening to Metro Station forever, and I've been watching you on Hannah Montana forever, and yet I never put you and your bro together... *hits self in head*

Cool that you're on blogger. ^.^

Too bad I don't have a myspace. D:


christineeee (: said...

hahhaha your pretty dope yourself too [:

come to los angeles, ok? ii miss you

Lauren said...

I friend requested youuuu :)
Hope you accept!

Alana said...

That is so cool Mitchy!
I don't have a Myspace.:(

Okay but u do know that its says ur 18 yrs old rite?Don't get arrested!lol

ok if i ever DO get my own Myspace,i'll ask if i could be ur friends(*puppy-dog eyes*).


Jessie said...

haha of course we care!! yess im soo pumped you FINALLY have one!! schweet! i'll deff comment but i know u prob won't comment backk!!!
xo Jessie :P

Anonymous said...

Cool...I don't have a Myspace account though...well, I think I may make one this weekend though :D
If I can, I will deffinitely ask to be your friend :)
Actually I had NO idea that's what dope that's ok, I know now!! :) It's kinda funny, instead of saying lol as in L-O-L I say lol.... :) ANYways...
It's kind of funny, I am sometimes (A lot of times) shy...But I try hard not to be...

Oh!!! We went to the beach yesturday...

The water was REALLY cold, well colder then last time.
I tried to make a sand
At first it was a cartoon character, then it's head fell off...then it was a dog...then most of it's face fell off...finally we had to leave so I decided that the remains of what used to be a dog, would be a

Okay, gotta go!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. Sometimes my dad says that I eat as slow as a turtle :|...But you do have to admit that they are kind of cute :) know the way that they walk really slowly :|, the way they slowly watch you :|...the way snapping turtles bite your fingers if you get too, ya SO cute...I'm just joking. :) lol

GiGi said...


I just saw you on Mason's Top 5 a couple days ago!! I'm so glad you got onw! That is so awesome! I just sent you a friend request! =D


Caroline said...

=) I friended you about a week ago! haha i love you mitchel, and i'm seeing your brother in concert with metro station soon! i'll tell him to say hi to you for me haha

Hayley said...

yeaaaah i'm your friend alreaddyyy :)

hmmmm i'd like it if you commented me on myspace?

:D i hope i get to meet you soon :(

brianna!(: said...

haha, mitchel! that is AWESOME(: too bad i don't have a myspace, and am not allowed to! haha. so, it's set to friends only, so i can't see it... oh well, i'm sure it's awesome! xD rock on mitchelllll!

Anonymous said...

That is awsome Mitchel!! I would so add you if i had myspace! but my parents won't let me sign up for that kind of stuff. =[

Moose man is awsome!! I watch all marcs videos like 20 times!! I hope I can meet you again!! I went to your concert July 28th and it was awsome!

<3 your biggest fan!

Jenny said...

yeah i went on masons profile yesterday and saw your profile and went to it. but my computer was being stupid and not popping up the photo. i thought it might be you. but i wasn't sure cause i didn't see the photo and it says 18. lol. i'll go add you :) course i'm still interested. haha. its about time you got one. who doesn't have a myspace? haha.

Samantha said...

Oh really? I'll add you Mitchel! =D


P.S. OF course we're interested!

megan said...

i was checking my email
uk stuff..

and i had an email from my school with my teachers for next year so i was pretty excited, uk! like AHHH is val in my class (my bestfriend, she was with me went i met you, excuse me you met us,lol) anyways.. then i found out this means school is starting soon AND i have freaking science first block first day!! and thats supposed to get me to want to go to school HOW?

sorry i had to share my depression with you its mad early 12:31 AM, so no ones up! so i decided to tell you!

Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing person, and so dedicated to your fans! We all love you!!! Can you please please please make a facebook?! And good luck with the Disney Channel Games!!! Ill vote for red! I love you :)


Michelle said...

Hey Mitchykins~! Msg me. <333

Taylor said...

yayayayay :]
mitchies got a myspaceeeee .
thats super coolll !
im gonna addd youu.
&& your the dope onee.
ily mitcheltate :]
come bacck to floridaaa<3

Anonymous said...

(There are fans also in China)

Anonymous said...

that's great!!!!!


Nikita Bimson said...

I love your page.

and I like how that thing you took said you were wonder woman.


Allie said...

SWEEEEEEEEEET. You do realize your gonna be spammed out the kazoo right? Get a Facebook! I'd be like SWEEET! MITCHEL HAS A FACEBOOK!


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

haha mitchel!
I just made a myspace just to add u ;P I don't really go on myspace:P I like facebook better:) haha 'dope" i always use, that word :P i have a question mitchel do u like horror movies? u should;)
I'm watching one now it's not a creepy one it's really bloody and graphic.OH YEAH! I told a lot of my friends about u making a myspace so they think there going to make one to add u. but you NEED a FACEBOOK! please mitchel:)

P.S that please was from me (kelsee),Krissy,jenna,amy,Taylor,
alix and jill:D.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel
You have a Myspace That's great Mitchel I already add you as my friend Yay and It Awesome
It rocks


Casey [KC] said...

New Pictures on the official site where did you get the white metro station sweatshirt? i've been trying to find a metro station shirt but i like the sweatshirt better!!!!

Kelsey said...

thats soo cool!!! i cant believe!!! i have to go and check it out now!!!

Much love!!!

Danielle said...

Haha (:
i love you
me + my friends are freaking out now.
i guess i just have to add you ;)

Austin said...

I added you as a friend! Hope you accept! Your a pretty dope boy yourself! LOL! Love ya Mitch!

ashley said...

haha yay i feel special i was your 93rd friend... lol
and ur first comment!
i wasnt sure that one was real, but then mason and sam put you on their top friends, so yeahh.
you should reply to some of us, it would make us super happy!
you rock.

ashley said...

mitchel, there are a lot of fakes all over myspace. search mitchel musso in music on there. it makes me mad how people enjoy acting like you. when you are so awesome, no one comes close to being as great as you.

Anonymous said...

mitchel! i added you. and your on my top :] and i messaged you saying i loved you. tehe :]

melissa said...

UGH!!!!not allowed on myspace at my house. i'll check out your site when i go to any friends house that has a myspace and i'll force then to add you

KT J. said...

another new picture? that ones even hotter <3


Katlyn said...

awe mitchel your so nice :] thanks for answering my comment!

jessi said...

i luved it wen u sang with the guitar on the dc games.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv u.

abby said...

I added youuuuu :)
You need to reply to me though!
Like seriously,


Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

YAY!!!!! You got one now I will have to add you I will go on as soon as I can I have to tell my friend Kim also lol...... Im going to add you next time I get on!

love ya,
Amber K.

Gabriella said...

Hey Mitchy!
I love all your pics on your myspace. especially the one of you and mark. you to are soo cute! I can't wait to see you in October!!

Bridget said...

MITCHEL!! we def. need to hang out like now! FO REALS lol I hope you come back to the east coast REALLY soon, like maybe..this month? :) anyway hope you have an amazing weekend!

<33 Bridget

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Whoa now! Welcome to the Dark side!

MySpace is like crack though. Very very addicting.

To me anyways.

I'm so excited!!!

I think you should also have a music MySpace.

How awesome would that be?!!

Have an amazing day!!!

Anonymous said...

mitchy? okay... haha

Sara said...

My incredibly talented brother asked me to be on his top 5. Yes, Mitchy is me and please Do ask to be my friend. You are all dope girls! You know that!! dope meaning cool! But you already knew that, so come on, don't be shy...."

lol Mitchel....please don't use the word dope ever again :P. That totally made me laugh though.

Anonymous said...

can you comment me back on myspace
i'm richelle and then a heart in these []
pretty please??
it would make my day!

Elle a.k.a. Richelle

Anonymous said...

i was on mason's myspace a while ago. and, i haven't checked your blog in a week.

but yeah, you should make a music myspace. <3


Tiffany said...

omg i love you im 17 and i think youre so hot!!!

Tiffany said...

you are so cute!!!!=D

Brittany said...

First I would like to say...

GO RED! lol

And second...

YAY! You got a myspace! I'm adding right now, at this very moment. Like, as I'm typing lol My name on there is Brittany and I'm wearing white shades and making a fishy face lol

Anyways, you better hurry up and add me!

And, yeah, I haven't really been commenting much. I've been really busy, just like you haha

School starts a week from Monday. Bummer :(

By the way, my birthday is on MONDAY, AUGUST 11TH. Don't forget it lol I'll be turning 16 :)

The only thing I really want for my birthday is a camera. [I wanted to go to NY with my best friend but it's too much money :(] And to see you lol but that'll never happen.

Anyways, hope you have a super awesome day! It's almost 2 AM here! I might go to the beach tomorrow. Random, I know. Anyways, goodnight!

<3 Brittany

ps. Remember, birthday = Monday :)


Ahshanaye said...

I'm glad you told your fans that you have wouldn't believe how many posers there are out there THANX!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY (:
thats excitingg!
ps. i am totally friend requesting you NOWW.

Jessica said...

heyy mitchy!!

you're soo cute/hot (your pick haha)

anyway ilove youuu!!!

totaly glad you got myspace

Anonymous said...


Leavin' = Your first single? Plz?

Julie said...

ahhhhhh! Mitchel I love you!!!!

come back to Michigan!!!!!
You were AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel it's me Sabrina again. I didn't know u had a myspace. Sweet! As for me I don't have 1. Oh well peace.

Angelica said...

Totally adding you Mitchy =]

Loads of Love,

MissAshleyMusso said...

Hey Mitchel! It's Ashley from the hannah montana movie on the pier... or yr HOME GIRL!

haha sorry i didn't believe it was u at first!

but now i do and hope to hear from you SOON!


I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


hey check ur messagessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss♥♥♥

the one from Megs♥ readdd it
i think the subject is "the response-atorium♥please read♥

please read it ?


I kissed Mitchel and I liked it said...

my favorite channel the-n (besides disney) made a mashup of my favorite show Degrassi (besides Hannah of course lol) with Shake it and someone put it on youtube you should check it out it's really cool!

Casey [KC] said...

MITCHEL!!!!!!!! i really want to know where your getting all this great ~METR♥ STATI♥N~ stuff i tried looking around for when i went to the mall but i couldn't find anything Please Let me know on your next post!!!!
Thanx KC♥

Now that you have a myspace when are you getting a youtube????

Casey [KC] said...

When you went to six flags Springfield and you met Courtney drummey did she give you a picture of me kissing you on the cheek in Boston????
Tell me on your next post please!!!!
Thanx again KC

MeLiSsA wAs HeRe! said...

I finally watched some of the dc games and you rocked it!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've read alot of comments oh, I have a myspace, yeah, soo cool!

Guess who doesn't have one? Me.


The girl who wants to die.
A.K.A a nobody

Kennedy said...

i added you:)

peace out

Tori said...

i added u :]

it would be soo awesome if u left me a comment (even though ur prolly uber busy and u will prolly get like 1204729872 other ppl adding u and ect.)
ill even put you on my top friends

im so excited that you finally got a myspace!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy, I don't know if you've seen Alvin and the chipmunks,but this is a video i made at "Mitchel and the Chipmunks". :) lol Hope you like it. The link is the URL of my name. I don't know if it'll work but hopefully it will.
Love you!

ALEX said...

"Dope meaning cool!"
Nice save!

Mareen said...

Yay this is awesome!!
And I have a question.
I watched DC games and you tried food from different countries.
I am from Germany and want to know: Did you like the German food??
I know you probably won't answer but I just really want to know that =D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

You have a myspace!!!????? Guess what? I don't! lol. That's what I get since my dad's a computer guy. (He's not a nerd... just for the record! lol) =]

It still kills me your 17! I'm only 13!!!! geerrrr! lol


MeLiSsA wAs HeRe! said...

my cousin katie says HI

Ashlee said...

random comment: I went to hot topic today and saw a METRO STATION shirt. it was werid...because I was actually wearing the same shirt they had.....yea.


Anonymous said...

your so sweet with all your fans! we all love you!!! and ive been voting for red team on disney channel games!


p.s. i love your hair!

yoitsjmandmj said...


Alana said...

Dude Inferno won!!FINALLY!!!
it was really funny when the Comets took the red team furniture outside!!

CourtneyMichelle said...

interested...of course mitchel who would be?! lol. umm half the population! =] well in girls anyway.

i added u by the way.

CorutneyMichelle said...

Guys/Gals- he told you how to add him. and yet all of you are asking for the URL. lol He said: go to metro stations myspace and then to Mason's myspace, or go to music and search 'Mason Musso' and Mitchy
is the name of his myspace. he is on Mason's top 4. aww what a sweet brother!

but if you all still can't find you go, take the short cut if you must....

Carly said...

heyy! ahaha. so im bored i just got back from the dells. it was fun. i was hoping for a new post...jk...but looking at this post actually reminded me i havnt commented u yet. lmao soo i did! lol.

so when does hannah montana start filming again!?? jw.

well ill ttyl



Bridget said...

PSHHH...Comets be hatin' on Inferno lol
"I got ma bling going cause....were the Red team!" I LOVE YOU! <33

Anonymous said...

You are the best singer, actor, and dancer! I went to your concert and it blew me away! You are amazing!!! I love watching you and am a big fan!!!! I love you so much!!! <3




Sonia said...

well first off i love you!
hehe well yeah my friend cilla & i would like to know your dream girl?
Oppisites attraced?
Ya like girls with the same interests like you?
Important question!

Kaitieee said...

Added you :)


Ewa said...

Ohh...Mitchel is COOL.!
I'm sorry I didn't wrote coments on your blog.I been on holiday.
I live in Gliwice but on holiday I been in Zielona Góra (in my friend Karolina) and on the lake "Wilcze"
In Zielona Góra I visited a lot of interesting things.In the evening I with Karolina watch horrors of Stephen King.It's very great! :) We watch romantic comedies too.Generally there was COOL.!
In Wilcze I swam in lake and sunbathed xD I walked for wood...etc
Okey...and it's all.!;)

Nyra said...


come back to boston you fool.

oh yeah and i just requested you.
nyrasaurus. :) HOLLER! hahaha

Ashlee said...

so, I got the new KEWL today. I love you. you seriously wore my dogtag. <333333333333

I miss yoou tons.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so i came up with another idea... ur myspace is cool. i think u needa get a youtube account now! and the first vid should be a shout out to like some of ur fans and it should be a rap!

(i just saw both intracks tht u rapped in! SOO COOL!) so like u should have a contest for like 10 girls or something to be in the video. idk just a idea.

Anonymous said...


please write in your blog!! it's been a week!!!! oficially! lol

(just kidding) lol.

mitchel, come to lubbock!! please! (I'm giving you the puppydog pout!)

It never works on mom, but on dad, yes! lol

Shayla Boas

MeLiSsA wAs HeRe! said...

when is your cd coming out?

Brie said...


I just picked up the new Bop, and they had a pic of you at the airport with your puppy slippers on.........

Soooooooo adorable! lol

Just though I'd make that comment :)

luv, brie

Ashlee said...

I have the greatest idea ever. you should go to good morning america tomorrow to see metro station. my friend is going, she won VIP passes, and I think you should go, along with your family. itd be awesome if you went. so, GO.

Erika said...

i added you :)
sorry 4 the 1 extra friend request that might be packing into your inbox with millions of others.
its awesome that you actually want to be friends with your fans!
thanks 4 being amazing!

MeLiSsA wAs HeRe! said...

at the concert at the ionia free fair did you see it when your drummer got his stick stuck in the curtain? that was pretty funny. and that was pretty sweet that was the first time her ever caught the stick when throwing it in the air.


Anonymous said...



Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy here's another video I made that I think you'll like. Again,it's the URL of my name. It's called "Oliverlicious" :). Love ya Mitch!

Anonymous said...

I add you =)


Tianna said...

Mitchel I think that it's really cool that you made a Myspace. I am definatly going to add you, and thanks for making one. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchy!
Just wanted to say that I made a myspace, and I used the name dreamangel... I already invited you to my friends list and you accepted :)
Oh, I like your Myspace!! mine is kinda boreing...I think that by the end of the week I will change my picture...I don't really like the other one...

-Coral (the girl from RI)


Anonymous said...

Aww, Mitchel ya know I would if I had a myspace!

~Sarah Mina~

Beth said...

I so Added you!!!



Anonymous said...

hey mitch!
is it okay if i call you mitch even though you don't really know me cept for once at a concert?...

alright let me try again.

okay. better? alrighty then. so i gots a myspace, but im technically not allowed to use it. whatever. i really REALLY REEEHEHEEALLY want to add you, but considering im not allowed to add friends unless they add me first, i cant. *tears glisten in big brown eyes while sad music plays*


i can add YOU if YOU add ME!
that would be so awesome. *jumps for joy*

please do! ill put you number one in my top, replacing criss angel, and he is pretty darn amazing! and hott. so that would make you even more amazing! and HOTTER! thats awesome right?
plus, then all my friends will see you and add you. like a major BOGO! add one get twohundred!!!!

OH and GO INFERNO! (it still has that ring to it:D)


myspace info:::

see what i did there? switched the first letters of my first and last names. when asked for my last name its in myspace as kent. Kent. yeah.
PLEASE TRY:( i shall be heartbroken if you dont. HEARTBROKEN!!

hahaha. im just kidding with you. but i really want you to add me!


blackmrule19 said...

I thought you where 17, your myspace says 18...???

kelsey said...

AHH ive been looking EVERYWHERE for family pictures of you guys and i only found two...but i dont have a myspace :( there anywhere else you can post them??