Friday, August 15, 2008

Check it out! A new project I just finished "Clean Hands are Cool Hands"! I am very proud of the work and the help it will bring to remind everybody to wash your hands and stay clean and healthy!

Have the Best Weekend Ever!!



Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I love the site, and the SONG! That is such a cool campaign!! My mom and dad loved the videos, and so did my little sibs!

Have an awesome weekend!!!


Carly said...

yeah i saw tht! very cool!!

i love the videos u did for tht website! and i like how they used ur song for it!! :)



Ashlee said...

can't wait till you announce the special concert. lets hope its close to the west coast..

Disa said...

I'll think of you whenever I wash my hands now ahahh :)

Anonymous said...

you have such a cute sneeze Mitchel!! lol

Shayla Boas

Alana said...

Yeah Mitchel,speak the truth!!
Clean Hands ARE VERY cool hands!

Kendall said...

I just saw the clean hands are cool hands site and video and stuff u did so well u were awesome!!!!
Good Luck with what ever else you have going on
Kendall xox

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

sweet i will check it out right now

Nikita Bimson said...

that's mad rad.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Amazing job! I just went to the website and checked it out! =]] U were really good!!

~Lynn from Chicago!~

sierra said...

Awesome! It's cool that stars like you are trying to remind teens of the little stuff to do to b healthy like that! Keep up the amazing work!

Gina said...

omgsh thats suchh a great project <3 good luck and im glad ur promoting such a great thing! ily so much xoxox you rock dood

selah said...

saw it. it's cool beans, man. :D


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

tehe mitchel!:) its 1:39 am here in Cape breton:D but yee we just left a comment liek a few hours ago or w.e about that video on ur other blog post:OOOO blahh..::D

kelsee,brittney and kylie:D

~*Amber*~ said...

Like I said on your site, I am a handwashing addict. I freaked when I saw that. Lol.

I'm an even bigger fan now, Mitchel. =D

Mariam. [: said...

mr. revolution...
you woulddd.
first the obsessive hair washing and now this!
ahahahhaa (:

and as for the show in a very special place. I THINK CALIFORNIA.
come onnnnn.

if its not a cali show,
which it is cause
its gonna be at disneyland or soemthing.
but lets just pretend its not.
you should just like go move to alaska then cause then i wont feel so bad about not seeing you!
you like, hate us cali kids, dont you?

Mariam. [: said...

you need to wear hats more cause you look good in them!
ahhahahha (:

Nikita Bimson said...

oh, I was watching the videos for the Clean Hands are Cool Hands website and i thought it was cute.

I liked it when you were playing your guitar. btw, awesome guitar.

Oh, and your sneeze was cute. lol

Ewa said...

I saw that.!Very cool.!
"Clean hands are cool hands." It's truth.:) Very good video.!

Ewa ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw it....that's so cute =)


Anonymous said...

thats shwweeettt!
the website is pretty neeat. (:

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy! I watched it and loved it! You were so cute (as always) in that little cartoon and now, I think of you every time I wash my hands. :) Love ya!

KT J. said...

Clean Hands ARE healthy hands! Thanks so much for telling everybody to finally wash their hands :)


Anonymous said...

that's awesome!
way to go Mitchel!!!
love u...
have a great weekend!


Wendy said...

I feel prettyyy idiotic for meeting you the other night and not giving you my number or at leassst taking a picture with you you're definitely a cutie bad move on my part haha

Katie.<3 said...

I love the videos! and when you sneezed. lol. that was cute. i also love the black and gray jacket that you had on... and the website is super cool. def my new fav. lol. =]

Anonymous said...

I always go on your website! That's how I get the link to come here, to your blogs.. by the way this is mussofan124 i just forgot my password.. :P <3 ya Mitchel!

allyy said...

haha veryy cool! :D

Sasha said...

I love that website. I can't stand when people don't wash there hands. It's so gross. I swear. It should be a law.

See ya

oliviaakiddo! said...

august 17th is officiallly your dad's birthday. i made him a card last year and i made him one this year i just don't know how i plan on getttin that to him. intereeeeesting littlee post. ahaha have a good rest of weekend. i know i will. im back in cali and turn 16 on tuesday ;)

Alex :) said...

I'm going to wash my hands Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Sorry its been awhile
I was in Myrtle Beach SC awhile ago for vacation and it was so much fun. I went parasailing and that was so awesome because you could see everything up there in the sky.At first you are a little scared but you then get used to it

You are such a great role model for younger kids and i am so proud of you to be able to do this project.

Hope you have a good week!!

P.S. I start the first day of school tomorrow and i have to get up 6:30 in the morning for cross country practice too.

Anonymous said...


this is a little delayed but isnt it true that you went to hawii?

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of ya,Mitchel!!!!!!That project is amazing!!!!!Can you do something for me?Please,tell us when you'll make your cd with your musics,but if there's no prediction,just tell what type of musics u like,if you don't do,your number of fans will decrease(kidding ;))but please,do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariam. [: said...

happy birthday papa musso<3

Gennine said...

Very cool project Mitchel!!! It's cool to hear that you're doing well! blog more soon!!!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

Chelsea said...

very cool, mitch.
the campaign is great, and i love the videos :)

Joanna said...

Love your site. Been there a lot...

I hope I can meet you some day. I guess everyone who has posted on here hopes so too lol.


Anonymous said...

Cool, :) lol, I've already watched all the videos, and I love the song! It's really cool! :D
So far i've had a pretty cool weekend...Not much going on today though, I think I will hang out outside most of the day. :)
Sometime soon today I will change my picture on Myspace :) It's a lot better then the other one (The other one was pretty old too)
:D Friday was kind of funny, we were out most of the day, and it was really late, but we went to Starbucks anyways...I got something with a lot of sugar and chocolate in it...The funny part was by the time we were on our way home I was talking really fast because of the coffee drink and I couldn't stop laughing...then everyone else started laughing...and we couldn't stop...
we were laughing pretty much the whole time. lol

...okay, in a way I still want to tell you what happened that I was so upset at my dad...but...well i'll keep it short I guess, well my dad is pretty much in a religion that doesn't believe in following your dreams, and it also believes that if you have been introduced to the religion and don't want to be in it...well people in the religion can't talk to you (the religion is Jehovahs Witnesses...). (though it used to be that if it was your child that didn't want to be in the religion, that you could still talk to them...but they apparently changed that recently) so, well I guess you can guess the dad pretty much said that because I didn't want to be in his religion, and I wanted to follow my dreams, that he would have to stop seeing me eventually...And this all came up just because I didn't want to go to this big three day religious event where I have to get up early and hardlly get any sleep...and then spend a whole day at a place where they talk about something that I don't believe in...though it does hurt...I should be okay...It's ten times worse when I have to see him on the weekends after he just said that to me...but right now he is in Brazil, so I have some time away from him...whether or not my dad hurt my feelings, i'm still my usual silly self! lol I don't know, for some reason, for a while I wanted to tell you what happened that I was upset at my dad...don't ask me why, I have no idea... But anyways, on a happier note...

I still wish ya luck Mitchy!
and can't wait to hear more of your music!

-Coral (the girl from RI)

p.s. My room is so colorful, it's not funny (Well actually it kind of is) anyways, I have almost every color from the rainbow, except for yellow, I have some yellow but I don't like the color that much. :) lol

Maddie Loo said...

Oh my god, Mitch! You were fantastic! I love how you wore your hair in the video. You were great.

SkateXRocker:) said...


m s l l y s w e
i M s o e
t u i t
c s a
h r n
e e H
l a O

t n
a a a a
n b e w
d l e _____ mitchel
a s _____ musso is
d o really sweet
o m and hot and
r e adorable an

haha it took me only a few minutes:Di love u mitchel:D
at the end instead of awesome i was going to put talented but it dident fit:( but i could of made a on with ur hole name but that would be to long of a comment:P
but yee i was bored;P


p.s haha u rockx)

Nisha said...

I loved you on there!!!! I love the site!!!!


Austin said...

I loved the videos and the SONG! Great Job of teaching us to be healthy. i'll wash my hands for you anyday!

ALEX said...


"Cuz if you just start dating a lot of girls, that's gross."

oh my goodness mitchel, you are too funny. i seriously started laughing when i read that. but in a good way. i think its good that you think that! hah.

anyways when are you gonna come kick it with me in seattle ehhh?!?

ALEX said...

ok sorry, you got a spray on tan?

you're great.

Bridget said...

MITCH MAN!! That song is gold, love it! Did you call your Coke Coke-ala? lol That's too cute. I also LOVE your song on the kids zone page, it's AMAZING! <33

Don't forget...Festival Pier on 8/20, PRETTY PLEASE? lol Dude, your brother is gonna be in PA all day that day! How awesome is that? You know what would make that day even more awesome? YOU! Fo reals. You could hang with your brother at the mall that afternoon, then go with him to his show that night at Festival Pier. They have a HUGE game & arcade place (Dave & Buster's) right next to the pier too. We could hang out, rock out to Metro, then play some games. Now doesn't that sound like a fun day? lol I think so. Yeah right, I WISH! Anyway I hope ya have an AMAZING week and I hope to see you! <33


Bridget said...

O yea, I can't forget. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA MUSSO!! lol

SkateXRocker:) said...

:O oh no i just looked at my comment!:O mitchel it dident come out:( all those words made the letter M T M for ur enishals!

abby:))))) said...

awwhh mitchel!! that's sounds soooooo cool! I will def check that out when I get on my computer because the website doesn't work on my iPod. :(
but I'm pretty sure that's its going to be super flyyyy:)

MeLiSsA wAs HeRe! said...

That is sooo sweet!!!!!

Brie said...

Who knew that a commerical for clean hands could be so HOT?!?!

ok. I'll calm down now.

Just saw your skating video....wicked sweet, dude! And you have a GIRL board?! That's one of my favorite brands next to Element. Niiiiiiice job........

School started today....yuck :( But it was kinna kool. I got to see all my buddies. And me and my 2 BFFS have 2 classes together...we're the 3 Musketeers!! ha!

My classes are pretty cool, and my teachers are alright.

But I know its gonna be one heck of a year!!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Oh, it was your dad's birthday?
lol, tell him I said Happy Birthday then!!! lol :)

-Coral (the girl from RI)

Brittany said...

Hey Mitchel.

Please tell me the secret place you'll be performing at is Florida. Seriously. I need some cheering up.

Tropical Storm Fay is here. Our first day of school was supposed to be today but they cancelled school today AND tomorrow. I'm so bored.

My birthday sucked. But whatever, I'm over it.

I don't even know why I'm commenting now. Oh, but I've been thinking about when you used to post on imdb. Good times. I was too shy to actually talk to you though lol Now I don't even go on imdb. But I do miss talking to the girls on there. They're funny haha

Well, I gotta go. Maybe I'll take a nap even though it's 7:54 pm. Gah, stupid Fay.

<3 Brittany

ps. You rock. You're super awesome. Have a great week :)

pps. Love the website! Keep it up and wash your hands ;)

luvanglmusicbby said...

hey mitchel!! thats so cool, i love the campaign!
i just made a blog hoping we could talk sometime.
feel free to leave me a comment anytime!
hope to hear from u soon!


Fionaku5566 said...

Hey ... i luv ta song in tat site wat is it called????

PEACE OUT w/ kisses
----Fiona_ Fi

ashkeigh said...


MeLiSsA wAs HeRe! said...

hey your cd coming out before christmas?

my school starts back up in 2 weeks. michigan law says after labor day but i really don't wanna go back.

ever since the concert in ionia. i havn't been letting bullies get me because of the stuff you and corbin said about not fitting in.


oliviaakiddo! said...

august 19! its my bdayy! :]

Anonymous said...

I read this in an article about Miley.

"It's always a good vibe when we're together."

You're right Mitch.

Vibes of pure sexiness.


Anonymous said...

i saw it and i think its great that you are teaching kids how to be clean and healthy. you seem like such a great person, and thats very nice of you to help kids stay healthy. thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. i love you so much! <33

Anonymous said...


Nikita Bimson said...

Mitchel, today was my first day of my sophmore year.

it was boring. lol

Gracie said...

OMG that is a great song!!! what was your inspiration?? The site's really kool and very creative!!

hope ur tour is going great!!!!

Just Another Fan