Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's Freak Aimee at Tiger Beat out!!

Ok....My Mom just got the latest issue of Tiger Beat and asked me to post this. You all know Aimee right? over at Tiger Beat? She has her picture in the magazine with the Stars and stuff , she works for the magazine and she is Really Cool just like Leesa and Heidi over at Tiger Beat and their whole team! the newest issue, she is asking that if you have seen me on tour, let her know what you think! fun would it be to Blow her away with tons of comments. She'd get her answers and I would find out what you guys thought about the shows. Remember to tell her what city or state you saw me and what you thought about the show. Do me a favor and cut and paste me a copy on my blog. That way I can see your comments too!

Here's the link:

Thanks for being the BEST FANS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!


P.S. Todays' show in Holt MICHIGAN was the BOMB! Totally Incredible! Thanks guys!


Hayley said...

Mitchel :)

I haven't read your blog post actually yet, but I wanted to be the first one to comment haha. I don't know if I am the firsttt but woooohoooo! :)

I don't know if you have AIM or anythinggg but It'd be pretty cool to talk to you or somethinggg. :)

My screen name is H0LDUPiitsHAYLEY
the 0 is a zero

:D haha
<3 Hayley

Hayley said...

Okaaay I just read it, and I have yet to see you :(

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel the email didnt send it said there was no such email??

glad u had funn at todays concert :)

Ashlee said...

that email never works for me. I've tried 4 different emails. it didn't work for me last year, won't work for me this year. so, there goes that idea. the way, I SAW A PICTURE FROM THE KEWL MAGZINE COVER SHOOT. you're wearing my dogtag. like you're SERIOUSLY wearing MY dogtag. I teared up. I still can't believe you wore it. I <3 you even more. =]

Bridget said...

Dude, Mitchel!! seriously, this is what happened when I sent aimee an email.
mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded.
WOW that was fast lol I guess I'll try later, but here is what I wrote.

I saw Mitchel in WildWood NJ. Mitchel totally rocked wildwood! I wouldn't have drove 4 hours to see anybody else perform. So that says a lot. he has amazing stage presence and can really get the crowd pumped. Mitchel is THE BEST! He goes out of his way to meet his fans at his shows, he seems like he's really a fun guy. I wish I could hang out with Mitchel! You should def. go to one of his shows if he comes close to your town, you will have an amazing time!


My favorite song by Mitchel is Hollywood Girl! It's awesome!

O Yea I almost forgot, you should def. go to your brothers concert on 8/20 at festival pier in philly. cause you know..I'll be there lol <33

SashaLovesYou said...

wow like 5 mintues ago no comments.
you should go to louisiana for a concert thingyy.

Mariam. [: said...
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kimmy said...

hey mitchelll i tryed to email her inbox is full :[

leanneee =] said...

haha sounds cool (:


Disa said...

So how about...
You come to Seattle and do a concert & I'll bring all my friends and then afterwards have them all write Aimee saying you were all that and a bag of chips.


Anonymous said...

Hey hey.. If only I can see you on tour. Haha. I'm all the way in SOUTH EAST ASIA!!! Lol.

Have a good day!


Nisha said...

Well I would come to your concerts, but none had been in Ohio! So, I would come!!!!!! Well ciao for now!!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!!!


#1FANisamyniemela said...

My gosh! How Cool! Well yeah i'm going to email here this:

"The last concert I went to was in Ionia, Michigan. When I first got through the doors for the concert, I saw Mitchel standing by a blue tent drinking his pepsi. I told my mom "Oh My Gee there he is!" And she told me to go over and see him, so I did I ran right up there, we took a picture and talked for a good 3 minutes, (best 3 minutes of my life!)He told me he would sing to me. So the concert started and he came on and it was AMAZING! I think Mitchel interacts with his fans alot, which makes it so exciting and fun! And he DID sing to me! What a Sweetheart!! :) My favorite song is "hollywood girl" and my other one is "tell me" and my other one is "in the crowd" and my...okay haha i LOVE them all! Go see one of his CONCERTS before the tour is over!!!!
Ionia Free Fair


P.S.: `i probably should shorten that a little for to send to aimee, but there's so much to say :)

#1FANisamyniemela said...

Mitchel, your music is awesome..
I saw two of your concerts now....
They were abosolutely amazing, your
Crowd at both concerts were good..
How you interact with us is a good.
Experience, I believe I fell in...
Love with you at the last one...

The last concert you got to see me,
Amy and hang out with me thanks for
The picture you took with me
Everyone i think was jealous

My mom said that 11 hour trip from
Upper Peninsula was worth it then
So when i was up by the stage
Seriously you kept your promise
Ohh how when you sang to me i was about to scream!


megan said...

omg! mitchels tour was amazing!! i saw him in dariren lake, new york. he did 10 songs which were so cool, including some stuff in between, like attempting to play guitar. he even gave a girl a rose! but the best part was the meet and greet, and i got to meet him! hes really nice and funny. it was like an awesome concert!


anyways- are you trying flattery for that girl?!?! jk
love you!

--ohh also i was gonna add, but hes mean because when i asked him to marry me he said no = [...
but its all good! but then i decided not to lmao!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
come to Florida!! lol we need some TLC from you. And then you would get more comment about your concerts :] haha

Anonymous said...

Mitchel omg you are the best singer/actor ever! I am such a big fan!!! I saw you in Hawaii and loved the consert so much! And then I waited in the longest line to get your autograph, and i did!!! Thank you for taking the time to meet your fans! It really means a lot!!! Thanks fot everything!


Athena said...

Mitchel I tried too and it said inbox full. Ill tell you my story anyways... lol. Ok so I was suppose to see you at your meet and greet in orlando back in April but I had my acts- a test that ment whether I got my scholarship for college or not. So I had to take my test instead of see you. I was in tears when I found out I couldnt see you! I founf out 2 good things! I passed my acts and got 2 scholarships and guess what? I was going to see you at the dc games! So when I went to the games you came right up to me and my sister but your people said- mitchel you have to go and you didnt end up signing my book :(
So we were leaving the parking lot and I saw you right next to our car! You were sitting in a van with your disney cast member texting on your phone. I was so happy to see you in the car next to us. Lol. You didnt see us though, but maybe next time I see you, I can get your autograph for sure!!!
XOXO Athena :)

Anonymous said...

oh that's sweet!
i haven't seen you yet but one day I will!!!
glad you had a great time!


Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Okay...I sent it...but it came back!!! *Tear* But I can still show you...right?!

"I have seen Mitchel Musso in concert twice, once during the Jingle Jam, and once when he came down here to do a show at an Education Fair. Each time has been such an AMAZING experience for me! He does SUCH a great job singing his songs, something a lot of Disney stars can't do...and he can even rap too!! I'm not much of a fan of rap, but I really like his rapping!! His concerts always seem to fly by for me, and even though I haven't seen his recent concerts with his new songs, I'll bet they are JUST as amazing as the ones I saw. He interacts with the crowd so well! I mean, not every singer gives a girl a flower during their show, do they? haha. Anyway, long story short, he is SUCH an amazing singer/dancer/rapper and I enjoy his shows so much."

^ What I said. :D



KT J. said...

Yeah I know Aimee.
And sure, I'd love to tell her!
And you're welcome, I try to be your best fan ;)
Here's my comment for aimee:
When I met Mitchel in Alabama, he was so sweet, and down to earth. I mean, he made me feel like I had known him for the longest time! I wish I could see him again, so I hope he comes back here to Alabama. Maybe next time he'll be doing a stadium/arena tour! Who knows? I think he's talented enough!
(By the way, I'm from Alabama, and I saw him in Birmingham at Alabama Adventures in Bessemer)

That's exactly what I sent =)
Peace/Love/Happy Touring, Katy

Anonymous said...

lol, That's really cool, :)
Unforutnately my mom hurt her I probably won't be able to go to your concerts at all. But I still won't give up hope on being able to see you in concert some other time. Lol, so the name of your new album will be You? heheh :) lol, oh, and I agree with you on the whole someone else besides the show hannah montana has done that before thing. lol, especially since I don't think I even know who the other person is. lol (My dad says stuff like that all the time, I usually just ignore him on those, or just say Oh, really?)
lol, I'm not sure if that is cool, but for some reason the whole cake exploding thing sounds really fun right now :) lol Oh, and I watched your brother's video, It was great. :D :)
That reminds me, I gotta get the new Tiger Beat magazine :).
lol, Sounds like your deffinitely haveing fun :), (lately I've been kinda bored cause my friend is at summer camps all through July) so...ya...still not much going on. Yesturday I was thinking of what to do if we do throw a Halloween party, maybe one of those mystery horror games...or a haunted house...Or Both!!!!! lol (I love planning partys) Halloween has to be my favorite holiday, though I still like Christmas a lot...Hmmm Maybe this year we will get Selma (My dog) a Tinkerbell costume... :) (I am only partly serious on that one)...though usually i'm not really serious at all, sometimes I'll be like "I'm serious" (Though usually I'm laughing while I say that) Then a few seconds later I will be like "No, Im just jokeing".

Anyways, Wish ya luck... :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s.I usually love horror movies (Well the ones that aren't really bloody) Do You like Horror movies?

Alex said...

Mitchel ...
I just saw you yesterday in Davenport, Iowa and it was awesome !! Me & my friend were freaking out at the beginning of your show and during the whole thing. It was soooooooo fun ... you need to come back again next year. Im trying to convince my mom to buy tickets to the Des Moines show to see you again.

Yesterday was the best day ever because of the concert !!! And this week is going to be awesome because im going to 3 different concerts !!! Im still shaking from last night ... i can't belive i didn't loose my voice because i was screaming soooo much during your concert and this ten yearold kept on giving me dirty looks !!! I think your part of the concert was even better then Corbin Bleu's even though i missed some of his by trying to run out of the stadium to get you to sign my shirt !!! and i got you to do it in like a minute before you left !!! Im keeping that shirt forever and ever !!!

I think Davenport, Iowa was the best show ever !!!!!!
I would love to talk to you more soo heres my email ...

please email me back ...


brie said...

Now Mitchel......

you know I'd do anything for you....

but i can't really send her a comment about your amazing concert if I've never even SEEN one of your amazing concerts!!

I mean, I know you're great......

.......but i can't excatly say HOW great until you come to Chicago!!

luv, brie

Kyah said...

I tried to write to her but it said her e-mail was full. So I guess I will just keep trying untili it works. This is what I wrote though.....

Hey Aimee,

I went to the Mitchel Musso concert in Denver, Colorado. He played at Elitches and it was amazing. He did a wonderful job. I loved all of his new songs he played and his old ones as well. Since he did so well at his concert I am for sure going to buy his album when it releases which I hope is soon. Plus I will tell everyone I know about how great of a preformer he is!! So many people love Mitchel Musso and I can see why. He is funny, smart, can sing and act very well, and is of course good looking. We love Mitchel Musso!!!! Also after he preformed he went out and played basketball with his band members and some people watched him. Then he went on the sling shot twice and after that a couple other rides that I am not quite sure of. We had to leave but that day was amazing. My friend and I were second in line and we were waiting in line for over 4 hours. I got the weirdest sun burn but it was all worth it. Because in the end I saw Mitchel perform close up. I am going to say it again he was AMAZING!!! I didn't meet him, but when he came to Denver on Feburary 9th I got his autograph. And talked with his mom for a while. Both concerts were great. :))


Whitley said...

Hey Mitchel! Ummm....I haven't seen any of your shows yet. So sad. I wish I could though. I am a huge fan and I think you are great. I love the song you did with Emily Osment! If I didn't have you, right? Ya! I tried to send the email but it didn't work. Well, now that I know you have a blog I will Post comments more! :)


Whitley said...

Hey Mitchel! OMG! I have a blog too!!!!!!!! I am sooo excited. I am a HUGE fan and I think you are great. I tried to send the email but it didn't send. Sorry!! UMMM.....i will try one more time! well Bye! :-)

Whitley said...

Hey Mitchel! I was reading an M magazine and I saw that you have a blog. So, I decided to post a comment. I am a huge fan and I think you are great! I thought that it would be cool to talk to you. I'm going to tell ALL of my friends so you will have an overflow of comments. So, be prepared! :D

Katie.<3 said...

Heyyy mitchel! i sent aimee an email. it ended up being like 4 paragraphs long, so im only sending you part of it. well here it is!

....."When it was finally our turn, we gave him a picture of us hanging out after the last meet and greet we saw him at. Mitchel remembered us and said he had a lot of fun talking to us that night. After we all got our autographs and started walking away, the Radio Disney lady said that Mitchel wanted to take a picture with us!!! So we went back and took the picture and talked to him for a little bit longer. He was so nice and sweet about everything! He had to get ready for the concert so we talked to his brother, Marc, for a second. He was cool and was nice enough to take pictures with all of us. Then we left for our seats. We ended up being second row and it was amazing! Mitchel came to "Revolution", which was so good! He has some pretty sweet dance skills if you ask me. haha. My favorite songs were definitely "Hollywood Girl" and "Rock Track", but all of his songs were amazing! He had another meet and greet after his concert and we ran over to the place where it was going to be. Once we got the table, Mitchel recognized us from before and just said hi and stuff. Then we left and ran into his dad, Sam. He is like the coolest person ever! haha. We talked and got a picture with him too."......

there ya go! i hope you like it! sorry if its really long..

Whitley said...

Hey Mitchel! My friend Jesika is also a huge fan and she loves you! She says that you are hilarious on Hannah Montana. We hope you continue your career. Your a great singer and we love you! :-)

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

OH MY GOSH!!!! I was watching a commercial for Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and I heard a song and I was like "...I know that song!" It was Seventeen Forever!!! How cool is that?!



Sala said...

Wats up, Mitchel!?

Man, i probably won't be able to come to any of your concerts, becase we don't really have the money at the moment :(... but hey! I entered the contest to meet you! So, i've got a chance!

I'm still prayin' dude! Wish me luck! i love you soooooooo much. Keep livin' out your dream!


MeganP2010 said...

hahah this is a pretty good idea, Mitchel! Unfortunately you have not come to SF for a show in a while, so I'm afraid I don't have any feedback... :( Maybe we can change this though? I'd love to see you!


Anonymous said...


OMG!! I want to go to one of you're concerts! PLEASE COME TO LUBBOCK!!!!! PLEASE!!! lol.

I am finally turning 13 tommorow!! (July 30th)

AHHHH!!!!! I hope the red team wins!! I'm not even kidding!! You guys ROCK!!

Shayla Boas

nandeet Mehta said...

Hey mitchell im on my way to being a star for disney channel but ive faced a problem could you help a brother out my email is outside of that im a great fan and i hope you can help me fufill my dream to be an actor

Nandeet Mehta

jessica said...

hi mitchel! ur brother's song is cool. and i watched him singing burnin up bye the joebsros. he didnt know the words. it was funny! all ur family is talented! its true! we all luv u!so i hope ur havin' a gr8 time tourin!! cant wait 2 c ur bus! i luv u!

Breann said...

hey mitch.

okay so this is what i e-mailed her.. if it goes through.


I went and saw Mitchel in Wildwood NJ. He was AMAZING!!! i never knew he could sing or dance that good. I was the the first one there at 8:30 A.M. even though he didn't preform until 3:15 but i wanted to make sure i didn't miss anything. I honestly would never do that for any one else but Mitchel. Also, the meet and greet line was forever long and security said that i might not be able to get a chance to meet him and my parents were screaming at me to get out of the line but i just ignored everyone and i stayed in line not only did i get an autograph but i got a really good picture of only him i couldn't get in fast enough and he tried his best to get everyone in line. I don't think i ever had sooo much fun at a concert before I can't wait for the next one i wish he could have sang longer though i could listen to him sing for days on end and i'm making my best friend jessie come with me to see his sexiness lol.

~Breann Rogan

i'm at my friends house and i gotta get back to writing ur letter lol....

Love you.

Angelica said...

Sounds awesome but I haven`t seen
you YET. But I WILL! Hehe...

Loads of Love,

Matt said...

hey mitchel,

here are the pics from your meet and great at the venetian festival

when does your album come out
your songs are awsome

ALEX said...

remember when I drove to freaking PORTLAND to see you?
Yeah, amazing.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

aww i luv u mitchel ;P
anyway i already did that:)
tehe i have like all the magazines ur in;P..but yeah.lmfao. anyway i hope ur show goes well:).and i need to see some pictures of he bus:D haha


kayla<3 said...

this is what i said to aimee(there were pics involved where it says view full size):::

hi aimee! my name is kayla, im fifteen and i went to the mitchel musso concert in Wildwood, NJ.

he was way professional about the whole thing, and did an amazing job, really professional, like he had been doing it for years. he has a great voice, and worked it. the dancers rocked, and so did the band. his new songs are catchy and really good, so i cant wait for the album to finally come out.

after he sang, he answered some questions, which was really nice of him considering he was in a rush to get to his next concert. he even stayed for a thirty minute meet and greet. he was so considerate and made time for as many people as possible. when he got to me, he asked me, "hows it goin?" and when i asked him if he saw me while he was onstage --- i was on the stairs to the left and he pointed at me during one of the songs--- he said that he saw me a couple of times. he was so sweet and took my number when i gave it to him, slipped it in his pocket i think :D --- bold, i know haha --- and told me he probably would call me. i know he wont but it was the best moment in my life and he did that for me.

i got pictures from the concert and meet&greet, which i am enclosing with this. if you want to use them, go ahead! oh and cut me out if you want, lol.
View full size View full size View full sizefrom the concert... (i have more if you want) --- email:

from the meet and greet: (sorry about the candidness haha. my mom is the best photographer with the digital camera haha)

View full size View full size

View full size View full size

the bassist with his totally ah-mazing fro and sunglasses that make him look like hyde from THAT 70s SHOW lol...

View full size

the cutie-pie drummer that danced funny while mitch signed autographs. he even gave me a hug after the picture was taken!!!
View full size

and the woman who sold his merchandise was really cool too!!! she reminded me of mandy moore. she told me she travels with him while he tours and other cool stuff. she was really nice compared to other vendors i met there *ahem* haha.

mitchel is the coolest guy ever. he is the funniest one on hannah montana, is a great musician, and totally handsome (sorry for old fashioned word but its true) haha. he's so great. i know i could use better adjectives but it takes too much time to look up in a dictionary lol.

thanks for taking the time to read this. i hope it helped with your question about his tour? maybe you could make it an even bigger section in the mag than you planned, because God knows mitchel deserves it.

*end of email*

I hope I did ya proud, mitchel:]


Kaylin! said...

Hi Mitchel!

Just stopping by to tell you that you are so sickkkk.
i love you dude :]

your music is killerrr.
come to louisiana soon please!

lots of love,

Samantha said...

Hey Mitchel! I enjoy your blogs so much. It makes my day when there is a new one. :)

Anyway, I am just doing as you asked and showing you what I wrote to Aimee.

"I saw Mitchel when he opened for Demi Lovato at 6 Flags New England. I hadn't really been up-to-date with his music {other than what I had heard on the Disney Channel} at that point but I adored him as an actor and as a person so I was really pumped to see that he was there. The second he came on stage I instantly got into it. His original stuff is incredible and I can't wait for an album to come out. He puts on a fantastic show and I can honestly say that I am a bigger Mitchel fan now more than ever. I can't wait until he comes back to Massachusetts!

To anyone who can make it out to a show, I promise you will not be disappointed. :)"

18 from MA

Ashlee said...

so, cover for kewl.........I see the CHAIN of the dogtag.....that sucks. oh well. its still cool you wore my dogtag.

Carly said...

mitchel congrats on making the cover of kewl mag! soo KEWL! lol. wow tht was lame joke thing. anyway how exciting!

and i emailed aimee twice now and im sure by now u know her inbox is fill. lol but ill keep trying!

basically my email just said how i recommend everyone to go to ur concert! becuase they are simply amazing, fun and upbeat. basically what everyone else said! but i really did have a great time! and i hope theres another tour coming soon or before the year ends!

alright well again congrats on making the cover! and glad ur having fun with ur bus and concerts and everything! say hi to everyone :)

AND COME TO ILLINOIS!!!! lol or wisconsin.

ttyl lyl



Whitley said...

Hey Mitchel! You rock our socks! Oh and ummmm......IDK. Just thought I ode you more than just a you rock. O.K. bye!!

ALEX said...

I met Mitchel back in February at a concert in Portland, Oregon. I had to work really hard to persuade my parents to let me go, and I ended up driving 5 hours all the way from Seattle to see him. But, my goodness, was it worth it. The performance was amazing, Mitchel has such a good voice, and he's a great dancer! He made conversation with the crowd, even though it was nearly impossible to hear him over, what, 2,000 girls screaming in the audience? After the show, Mitchel signed autographs and it was really cool to meet him, even if it was just for a second. I gave him a CD I made for him, and he was really grateful. I thought it was cool that he didn't just hand it to one of his managers or toss it to the side or anything, he actually took the time to look at it and open up the CD and read some of the tracks out loud! He was really sweet, and hopefully one day I'll get to talk to him again.

THERE. Haha, looking back on it, some of the music on that CD i made you was TERRIBLE, and you are desperately in need of an updated one :) haha.
SO the deal is, you announce that you're coming to seattle (or portland.. i guess!) and i'll make you ANOTHER, BETTER cd thats not corny and me and my cousin will come see you and i'll get to meet you again and we'll kick it and get Blue C Sushi and hit up the Ballard Bowl for some skating and it will be amazing :) haha!

Hayley said...

:) i neeeed to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

he for getting on eya sounds great well done for getting on the front cover of KEWL mag. dont be too mean to aimee she rocks u do 2 obviously! from heather in england

Anonymous said...

Mitchel the box was full but this is what i wrote I love you lots

Hey Aimee,

I saw Mitchel in Denver on June 28 of 2008 and the show was absolutley fantastic!!!

He was amzing the songs rocked he was so cute and the band was sweet. He did an encore and the crowd was in aw of him. He made my day by singing to me and IT WAS A DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET. He is so incredible like words can not describe how great he is at what he did and does.


Shanelle In Denver Colorado

brie said...


I JUST SAW YOU MAGAZINE COVER! OMG you look sooooo AMAZING! I'm totally gonna get that mag!

*breathes slowly*

OK. SOOOO I get my DRIVING PERMIT in 2 DAYS!!!! I am soooo excited! Can't wait!!

And I have a wedding for my cousin Saturday....PARTY with the family! WOOHOOOO!!!!

SO keep on postin, cuz we love hearing about ya!

luv, brie

P.S--My friend Marissa and I are trying to think of a unique Senior Prank that won't get us in trouble. Well we're only Sophomores, but we wanna get a head start. Any ideas??

Anonymous said...

i just read my copy of TigerBeat and I am so excited about your CD. I can not wait to get it! I hope you are just as good as your brother and possibly even better.

send me a comment any time at!!!!

Alex said...

Mitchel ...

I just watched your brother, Marc's, videos and they were pretty good even though they were only about 2 minutes long ... you should be in one oh his video's sometime. When he was trying to sing Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers it was sooo hilarius because he didn't know any of the words ... he is a pretty good singer.

You and your brothers look soo much alike its crazy ... i hope i can go to one of your concerts again because it was awesome !!! me and my friend a super good time when you came to Davenport, Iowa.

When is your album going to come out because i want to buy it soooo bad !!!


Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...

HELLO Mitchel, it's Taylor. I saw you in Denver, and it was the most magical night of all my 18 years.

You should come to the Metro Station show in NYC on August 12. A couple of us will be there, you never know what we could end up doing ;) Send us an email or something, the address is on our blog.


Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

ok this is what the email said when I sent it......This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded.....

boohoo but this is what I wrote......Hey Aimee,

Just telling you that I went to the Mitchel Musso concert in Tucson Arizona and I thought it was AMAZING not only because I was front row and got to meet him but because he has an awesome voice and writes fantastic music! Oh and I cant forget his great dance moves that him and his dancers danced out to! My two best friends and I were totally amazed by the concert we all said that it had to be the BEST concert EVER!!!! and I would recommend to anyone that hasnt gone to see him yet to go and see him as soon as he comes to their city or state!

Amber K.

I will try again later but for now im going to do my homework!

love ya,

Alana said...

Sup Mitch?
I would comment for Aimee but i haven't seen any of your shows.Do u think she'd like comments that involve fans that want to see you?
I just may do that!!

Dc games r going good so far.You looked kinda!

If i do comment Aimee,i'll let you know!


PS. thank you for being the BEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!(well one of the

shireen said...

i wish i could've come to the ionia show,
but that's like, 7 hours away from me!
i'll send her an email, and paste it to ya later (:


Mariam. [: said...

the OFFICIAL theme song of teen choice awards 2008 happens to be shake it by a band called...METRO STATION!

congrats to your bro and the band!

Anonymous said...

NO! Darn it. I haven't been to ur concert yet b/c you haven't come to CHICAGO!!! PLEASE COME. But, I'm sure if I had been to one of ur concerts, it would've BEEN AMAZING...!! ♥♥♥ OMG. That's sooooooooooooo awesome that u got a cover on KEWL magazine. U look really good btw!!! ;p lol. I hope you get enough comments and enough emails for Aimee! =]]] I LOVE YOU. And, have an AH-mazing thursday haha. PEACE-OUT. ( I wonder who I stole that from??? HMM... this is puzzling... :] ) ~Lynn from Chi-town! ~

Dakota said...

hey babe:

That is such a cool idea!

Unfortunately, i didnt see u on tour. :(


next time, 'kay?

Luv, dakota

Olivia's Mom said...

Olivia has kept me up to date on what's happening, Congratulations Mitchel! I just saw the YouTube video with a new (to me) song,and it was fabulous! We're cheering for you from here,and hope you enjoy the rest of your tour. Hugs to all of your family from ours, and hopefully we'll see you all again when the tour stops here!

Melissa said...

OMG!!!you did a show in HOLT!!!!if i would have known i so would have gone!!!!!!

brie said...

So i was thinking of the brilliant idea the other day.......

because you don't have any concerts in Chicago (that we know about, hopefully), you should totally have a CD release party here for when your album drops!

Cuz dude, us Chicago girls haven't seen you since, what, december? and now it's not cold anymore.

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! SOON!

And let me know bout that Senior Prank, if you can think of anythin...

luv, brie

Brittany said...

Well, ya see Mitchel I CAN'T freak her out because I haven't been to a show. And that's because you're not coming to Florida.

But that's ok, I could make something up haha jk

Good luck on your tour! And you're not going to the Teen Choice Awards, are you? Well if you are, can't wait to see you! On my screen lol

Ahh, it's Thursday and my aunt and step uncle are coming to Miami from New York! Eek! And my cousin is coming back as well and she's so much fun! So on Sunday we'll be going to Universal Studios with my aunt's church! Ahh, can't wait :)

Well, my life is boring so I'm not gonna type about it anymore.

Peace out M&M! :)

<3 Brittany

madsies27 said...

I can't find the KEWL magazine! I guess they dont sell it at my Target. Bummer...

brie said...

So i know i sent you a post like a few hours ago, but I just had an idea.....(yes, another one)

you know how lots of people ask you questions on your blog, but alot of them go unanswered because you're always very busy? well you should have a think, like once a month, where you pick a catagory, like school or friends or something like that. Then people can post their question on the blog, and you can pick like the best 10 or so to answer them. I think that would be really cool, and a lot of the girls on here would love it.

Seriously, you should consider it. If not, oh well. Just a thought.

luv, brie

Amy said...

hey- you know there's a group of us on youtube trying to get you on the ellen show? i wrote her a few months ago but got no these girls are making videos. it's pretty sweet.

and when you go on, IM SO GOING

Anonymous said...
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Katie Busscher said...

hey mitchel. i just bought that magazine! i think that one had a poster of you in it. or it was another one that i got. but i have more posters of you haning up in my room. haha. you're great. i saw you at the ionia free county fair! omg. i came home crying! because i got to hold your hand! haha. i know i'm kinda a dork. But yes i love your music! and btw i will for sure email aimee!

you should really come back to mi! come to the holland area!! ahh. i want to talk to you. you need to have a live chat or something. or call me! haha. i wish! but hey. ill keep my hopes up. comment on my profile. if u get time!
much love!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel. You rock out loud on Hannah Montanah. You're also really funny. I like that in a guy. Miley rocks too. I don't give 2 flying fits about wat the paparazzi and tabloids have to say about her. She's a good person.I also like that she's a christian. Me too! I like "If I didn't have you" As for me, I too would be nothing if I din't know about you (or have you).Well God bless and have a good day.Sincerely, Sabrina.

.audrey. said...

heyy now.
i know you've been opening for Corbin Bleu, and i know he'll be at the Indiana State Fair on August 11th.
will you be there with him?
because, that would definitely get me to go :]
ok, let us know!
glad you're having so much fun.


mitchelfan1 said...

hey mitchel i saw it in alabama and thought it was amazing and you were awesome


mitchelfan1 said...

i have email ellen 3 times a day to get you on her show no luck yet hope i can see at her show

brie said...




hah. im crazy.

and i got a blog. check it out. leave me a message :D

luv, brie

Ashley said...

Hello Mitchel. :]
This is what i tried to send to aimee. it didnt go through. :[ I would still like to share it with you.

"I saw Mitchel in Atlanta, GA on July 6th, 2008. It was truly amazing! He was such a sweetheart and was very personal with is fans. My favorite song was Wasn't Your Girlfriend. He is such a great performer. His voice is very unique and easily lovable :D. I did not get the chance to meet him yet, but i hope to soon. I don't think i could have enjoyed the concert any more than i did. Fantastic job Mitchel! I will definately be at another concert. :D"

I meant every word of it. :] Absolutely wonderful job!

Love, Ashley

mitchelfan1 said...

hey mitchel i wanted to know is in croud go to be on your cd tell me in your next blog please

~*Amber*~ said...

Hey Mitchel. I wrote Aimee an email today.

Here it is:

Hey Aimee!

I heard you wanted emails about Mitchel's summer concerts so I thought I'd send you my experiance. I saw Mitchel in Wildwood, New Jersey and it was an awesome show. I've been to many concerts, but this one is on my top favorites. Mitchel came out after doing a little beat boxing (wasn't surprised lol) and the crowd went nuts. I've heard a few of his own songs before so I was pumped to see him live. Security was really tough the whole time to not let us up to the stage, but Mitchel tried his best to let us. He yelled over to them asking if they could please let us up. It wasn't any fun to sit, and we promised not to rush the stage. I ran over to the front right when that happened. It shows Mitchel really wanted to give his fans the best show, and I thought that was really great. After only a few songs, security made us go back. I was bummed, but Mitchel made jokes and said "I guess we were making it to hot up here. Must be because of all the pretty girls in the audience." Still, even though I was forced to sit, the show was amazing. My favorite songs of the day were "Leavin", "Wasn't Your Girlfriend", and "Lean on Me". Oh, and of course "Cheese Jerky". I wouldn't be a true fan if I didn't say that one. Mitchel did this really cool song where all his dancers had glow sticks. I loved that. I even yelled out to Mitchel a few times and he responded back. When the concert was about over, I went in line with one of my best friends for the meet and greet. The worker told me that he wouldn't be doing one. I was surprised. But, I didn't take no for an answer and decided I'd check back and see if he'd come out. When I went out, he still wasn't there. As I walked back in, Mitchel ran out from behind the stage! It was really cool. =] I got in line and one of the workers told us that my side would most likely not get to meet him because he only had a limited time. But, he ended up meeting everyone. I was so nervous when I met Mitchel. It was funny because someone threw a random white hat in front of us. I ended up getting the guts to ask for a hug after he signed my shirt. It was so sweet. I really hope he comes back to Jersey because I'd love to get to see him and meet him again. One of the best concerts I've been to. Mitchel has a ton of musical talent. Not to mention, he said he sold all of his merch here. Not bad at all I'd have to say.

Hope you liked my story Aimee! Hope it helps!


MAK said...

Yo i emailed Aimee and told her how i met u when u came to MI Petoskey and how we met at the days in!!It was awsome...
I Love Yah,

Gina said...

MITCHEL!! guesss whatt! im seeing you tomorrow, YAH! im coming to the Spiedie fest in NY trmw from MA <3 i cant waiit to meet you and Demi xoxoxo
love Gina

Anonymous said...

it like didnt workk :(
but, you should get a myspace.
tehehe (: that way you could post yer music their and stuff!

Molly said...

Wow, you posted alot while I was at kamp! Which by the way was a blast :). Funny thing, the first full day the girls director was telling us what we were not allowed to do with boys and she used a mic stand as an example and we called it mike stanley the third :)..pretty much 3 seconds side hugs are all we can do. Oh and a guy in my brother cabin went to the same school as you when you were little, he lives in Rockwall, Texas. He remembers you, but you guys wern't exactly friends but he said you were really sociable and loved to skate also something about being like a sponsered skater at one point. But that was cool stuff. Also we got to do this live chat thing with Jordin Sparks, she was one of the kamps (K-Colorado) for her last year as a kamper and that was fun! I also got to do like wave runners (jet ski's) like 5 days in a row for my 6th period! So much fun. But once I got my final schedule I couldn't do them anymore.. Well I wish I could come see you tour, but sadly no. You are no where near me...go to Dallas either the 7-10, i'll be there then! Well I gotta go to Barnes and Noble to wait in line for "Breaking Dawn" I am all new to this whole book releasing thing, I never read.. but the Twilight Saga got me.

You're doing great keep up the work!

Molly E.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!! :)
hit us up with a cd of you singing!

Bridget said...

Mitchel!! I SO wish I could come see you perform tomorrow in NY! But I have to work :( PLEASE come to Philadelphia or Jersey again soon? Pretty Please? lol Anyway hope you have fun tomorrow :)

catherine said...

Hey! I was just able to email Aimee!!! Looks like her email's working again! :-)

Mitchel... YOU ROCK!

Gina said...

HAHA heres what i wrote to Aimee (: its PRETTYY long :) ...
hey aimee!

so my name is Gina, and i went with my friend Jessie to Mitchel's show in Binghamton, NY we drove five hours (10 hours back and forth) just to meet him and Demi was also there too!

· we waited in line for Mitchel’s concert from 11:30 until 2 and there so many mean old ladies there L it was quite sad, but SO worth it

· Then when we were in line we saw his SICK bassist with the FRO and then I ran near back stage but there was a fence haha and we met Mitchel, he was walking towards us and I HUGGED HIM!

· At the concert we ALMOST go to touch his hand but we couldn’t reach, and we were in the SECOND ROW! And we swear he was totally looking at us during a song called “Hollywood Girl” haha… we can dream right? (no but ser. Haha)

· We stayed only at the concert til 2:30 cause we’ve seen him before in concert, so it was fine plus we wanted to get in line for the meet and greet!

· We waited in line for the meet and greet about 45 minutes an there were SO MANY MEAND OLD LADIES THERE AGAIN hehhe ( but that’s okay!)

· When we finally meet Mitchel:
- Jessie said hi Mitchel, and the he said how’s it going?
- then I said uhm we got you something( we gave him skittles and starburst!! Haha)
- then he said oh thank you girls’ so much!
- Then I said you were amazing and then he said AWHH thank you so much!
- Then we said thank you so much! Bye! And then he said thanks guys great to see you!

· WOOOOOO! We actually held a convo. With him we were so excited!!

· Then get this, we met papa Musso!!

· We were in line at the merchandise table and I was like isn’t that Mitchel’s dad to Jessie

· Then I was like ARE YOU MITCHEL’S DAD…. ARE YOU HIS DRUMMER ( to his drummer)

· And they both said yeah and were like can we take a picture with you guys and they said of course! But they had to sell something first

· While they were selling something we saw Mitchel… he was like 10 ft away and screamed: WE LOVE YOU MITCHEL and was still signing something and said thank you very much but then he turned to us and mouthed “Thank you girls!”

· We waited and then we took a pic wit the drummer then a pic with his dad, but papa Musso was talking while we were taking a picture and was like: I probably look crappy in that pic! And we were like no you look fine… but actually, he looked funny but we still love the pic! (it was cause he was talking while we were taking the picture!)

· Then we saw papa Musso wearing a Metrostation shirt and we said: HEY WE’RE SEEING THEM IN TWO WEEKS! And then he was like you do know that this one is Mitchel’s brother and we were like YEP and then he said you do know this is Miley’s right, and were like YEP! And then he said you’re ONTOP OF THE GAME! We were like CHYEA!!!! And then he was like HERE TAKE THIS FREE HAT! ( we assume its cause we’re such die hard fans of Mitchel and Metro haha)

· Then we waved to Mitchel casue he was just facing our way randomly and we made the weirdest faces you could ever make haha we wearnt thinking… -_- and he did the ILOVEYOU sign back to us

· Then we bough two T-shirts but I noticed when we left that I took two by accident so we had three in total so we ran back to Papa Musso and gave one back and he was like THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST!

· He SO loves us… and soon he’ll tell Mitchel that he should love us too lol!!!! :P

· Then finally we were like BYE Mitchel BYE Mr. Musso but Mitchel looked the wrong way!!! L but that’s okay hehe IT WAS A TOTALLY GREATTTTTTTTTTTT DAY!

hahah sry its so long.. enjoy readinig it :P xoxox gina.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, Its Breanne! Here is what I said to Aimee at Tiger Beat about ur AMAZING concert!!! :

Hey Aimee..
I did see Mitchel at his concert in Wildwood, New Jersey on July 26th. I thought the concert was AMAZING!!!! It was the BEST concert I have EVER been to!!! My favorite part of going to see Mitchel in concert was meeting him backstage after he finished performing!! While we were backstage talking to Mitchel, I gave him a picture that I drew of him. He made me sign it so he could keep it and remember me by. Another AWESOME part of meeting Mitchel was when someone in my family asked him to kiss me on the cheek! And HE DID!!! I was so happy and could not believe it was happening to me.

<3 Mitchel's BIGGEST FAN!!!!
- Breanne H.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!! Its Breanne! I met u after ur concert in Wildwood New Jersey on July 26!!! I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT U DO NOT HAVE TO POST THIS BUT I DO WANT AND HOPE THAT U DO READ THIS!!! Anyway!!! If u remember the picture that I drew of u and gave to u at that concert... what it said on the back of it I really hope u do it... by the way... if u do decide to do what I wrote, I PROMISE x INFINITY that I would NEVER tell ANYONE ur number. or ANYTHING... but it would mean the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to me if we could keep in touch!!! I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! AND will ALWAYS support you!!!! PLEASE... WHAT I SAID WOULD MEAN MORE THAN ANYTHING TO ME~!!!!! ILY
-Breanne H. <3<3

Jessie said...

Hey Mitchel! This is what I wrote to Aimee! I know it's really long so imm sorryy haha but ur show was amazing and ur soo nice so thank you for being so awesome haha <3 lovee ya!

Hey Aimee! So my best friend and I went to Binghamton, NY on August 2nd to see Mitchel (and Demi of course :) haha but Gina and I had to drive 10 hours total to see him and we had to get up at 1 in the morning but it was SOOO worth it!! We love him soo much! It was absolutely the BEST day of our lives! Soo here’s the story!! Sorry it’s so long, but there’s SO MUCH to tell!

Then we waited in line for Mitchel’s Concert from 11:30 until 2:00 and OMG there were SO MANY MEAN OLD LADIES! While we were in line we saw their Bassist with the fro and then we ran to this place where Gina got to hug Mitchel, I was about to but then somebody called him in At the concert we ALMOST got to touch his hand but we couldn’t reach. Btw we were in the SECOND ROW! And we swear once again he was looking at us during a part In Hollywood Girl <3 it was AHDORABLE. We stayed at the concert until 2:30 cause we’ve gone to it before and we wanted to meet him haha
We waited in line for the meet and greet to meet him and that was like 45 minutes THEN WE FINALLY MEt MITCHEL: SO we swear he was looking at us for a while in line haha .. then I said hi Mitchel then he said how’s it goin? Then gina said uhm we got you something! We gave him the skittles and starburst and he was like AWWHH thank you guys so much! Then he said that’s so sweet of you… then we said we drove five hours to meet you and then he said oh thank you girls’ soo much! Then we said you were amazing and then he said AWHH thank you so much
then we said thank you bye! And then he said thanks guys great to see you!.. he was the nicest guy ever! He was soo sweet and sincere, which made even bigger fans than we already were! (we didn’t think that was possible haha) THEN WE MET HIS FATHERRR, PAPA MUSSO! But first we met one of Mitchel’s dancers! He was SOOO nice! Well anyway first we were in line to buy some stuff at the merchandise table. Then Gina was like wait isn’t that Mitchel’s dad? And so we were like ARE YOU MITCHEL’S DAD… AND ARE YOU HIS DRUMMER to the drummer. They both said yeah and we were like can we take a picture with you guys and they said of course! But they had to sell something first while he was selling something we saw Mitchel… he was like 10 ft away and screamed: WE LOVE YOU MITCHEL and he was still signing something and said thank you very much but then the turned to us and mouthed “Thank you girls!” we waited and then we took a picture with Mitchel’s drummer then a picture with his dad, but papa Musso was like talking while the picture was taken so the picture was a bad one of him lol… he said I probably look crappy. Then we saw that papa Musso was wearing a Metro Station shirt and said HEY WE’RE SEEING THEM IN TWO WEEKS! And then he was like you do know that this one is Mitchel’s brother and we were like yeahh and then he said you do know this one is Miley’s brother and we were like Yess! And he said you’re ON TOP OF THE GAME! And then we were like yeahh! And then he said HERE, TAKE A FREE HAT! Soo basically we’re like friends with his dad now haha ;) then we waved to Mitchel cause he was just facing our way and we made the weirdest face that could ever be made and he did the ILOVEYOU sign. Then we bought two t-shirts....but Gina noticed when we left that she took two instead of one by accident so we ran back and gave PAPA a t-shirt back and he was like THANK YOU FOR your honesty! He loves us…. Totally. Haha not really but he was soo nice to us! He didn’t’ give free stuff to anyone else.. he could probably tell we were really good true fans hehe  we lovee Mitchel!!! thenn finally we were like BYE MITCHEL BYE MR. MUSSO but MITCHEL looked the wrong wayyyyy!  BUT OTHER THAN THAT!! IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING DAY EVER!!!! We had SO much fun and we can’t wait to meet him again! Haha we try to go to every show near us, so hopefully he’ll come back soon!
Xo Jessie

Gina said...

haha jessie nice story sounds familiar! ;P thanks for being there with me! it was a totally great time xoxox ginaa

Gabriella said...

Hey Mitchel! below is the letter I wrote Aimee. I hope you like it!

Dear Aimee!
I saw Mitchel in Atlanta,Georgia at Six Flags Over Georgia. and he was AMAZING!! He is soo talented. Just like his big brother Mason. His show was filled with such great energy and great fun. All of his songs were amazing and the crowd loved them and him. His concert is one of the best concerts I have ever seen! I loved how he interacted with the audience by singing to certain people in the audience and throwing signed beach balls to the audience. I also loved how he danced in all of his songs. He is such an amazing singer,dancer,actor, and he's such a great person.I also got to meet him at the concert. And he was totally down to earth and soo nice. I know how everyone is like this celebrity is down to earth and this celebrity is soo down to earth but, really they aren't. But, Mitchel is like the most down to earth celebrity that I have ever met. He was just soo nice and funny and anyone that meets him will feel the same way. Meeting him makes me want to just spend more time with him because, he is such a great person that if you hang out with him once it won't be enough! So, I encourage you and anyone else that is looking to have fun and a great time to go to one of Mitchel's concerts.
Mitchel Musso's devoted fan,

sarah said...

i saw u at vention (st.joe) & u rocked! Best vention fest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!