Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hannah Montana Feature Film

I'll be on the set this week filming



Anonymous said...

have fun!!! i know you'll do a great job on the next episode...love you.


Annie said...

Cool! Can't wait to see it!

christineeee (: said...

post when where what time [:

haha please mitchel do me & a bunch of fans a huuuuuuuge favor.


you will soon, right?
well hurryy up! [;

i love you.

Shannon loves Mitchel said...

omg mitchel!
i'm so excited for you!
i can't wait till you're all done and we can see it.
i love you!

Anonymous said...

cool, can't wait

Ewa said...

Oh...COOL.But I hope you will write on your blog.;D;**


hey! thanks for updating! haha. kinda short, but im happy you did. anywho....
you were AMAZING on friday!! it was so cool that you wanted to take a picture with us. thanks so much! my friends and i were right in the first and second rows during the concert. i loved it! we got to talk to marc and your dad for a little bit too. they were so nice. so was your mom, but we didnt talk to her much.
carly, ally, and i are hoping we can all go to michigan this saturday to see you again. wish us luck!!

ps- i figured out how to get 'if i didnt have you' as my ringtone! haha. i thought you might like to know that. =]

Molly said...

Cool! Hope you have fun ;)


Gabriella said...

I can't wait to see the movie!

Alex :) said...

YAY! i can't wait to see it!

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

haha i cant wait for the hannah movie to see u in it:).hahaha
anyway i hope everytihng is going well!:)


lAUREN said...

SAWEEEEEET HEY MY B_DAY IS ON JULY 17, HA HA HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

brooke said...

ahh that's so awesome :D.
i can't wait to see it,
have fun!


Anonymous said...

its about time

Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel!
I hope you'll have fun filming =)
I cant wait for the movie.
This is soo exciting =)

xx <3

ALEX said...

ahhh thats so tight!!
i cant wait to see it :)
your brother was AMAZING last night.

selah said...


.audrey. said...

have fun! :]


brie said...


I can't WAAAAAIT!!!

luv, brie

I'd Swim the Ocean for You♥ said...


Woah, shortest post ever! You must be really busy!
I hope you have fun shooting :)

love you.

Anonymous said...

i love u mitchel! its michaella from fl. too bad u arent coming here :(

megan said...

good luck

tell miley.. CYRUS that her biggest fan is new york.. and asked mitchel to marry her.. but he said no so shes gonna marry trace instead!!
dont worry i stilll love you though!

love you!

christineeee (: said...

ohh & good luckk with the film. cant wait to see it <3

Amber said...

Aw! Good luck Mitchel!

I can't wait for the movie.

Bet you're going to do great!



P.S- Hope you get my letter soon!<3

mitchelfan1 said...

awesome cant wait to see it have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JENN(: said...

Cant wait to see you august 2nd :D
yayayay !
finnalllyy heheh (:
the roosevelt field mall one got cancled, so yay ill see you in 16 days :D
well, 18 i think hehe im leaving in 16 :D

you should bbring your costar from your new movie with you [;
aw thatd be cute.

hehehe ily cant wait to meet you ! :D

Gina said...

awhh have fun :)
cant wait until it comes out dood <3
xoxoxo Gina

Carly said...

awh mitchel! hope u have a lot of fun! i was wondering when u were going to film it! do u have any secrets about whats going to happen?? like any spoilers?? ahaha jk. but yah hope its a lotta funn! and im still trying to convince my dad to take me to michigan these weekend! i hope i can go!

have fun filming :) ttyl lyl



Alana said...

Sweet!okay i just wanna recall something:
In the Hannah Montana episode,"Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free",Miley said that Oliver and Lilly wouldn't last 2 min(or was it sec)in Tennessee.
Can't wait to see if thats true!!

leanneee =] said...

haha cooll. cant wait to see it [:

MeganP2010 said...

wahhhh thats really excitinggg! I hope you're in the movie a lot because you're pretty much my favorite part of that show!


sierra said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see it. Have fun!!!

Henna :) said...

Heyy Mitchel! Have fun making the movie! You probably don't remember me but I drew your name in graffiti on a colorful black paper @ one of ur autograph signings. Anyways...good luck!! You will do g8t and I can't wait 2 c it! :P

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

hey Mitchel have fun on the set can't wait to see it!

love ya,

Anonymous said...

Best. Blog. Post. EVER. Thanks Mitch.

Happy Belated Birthday btw. You thnk you're all that and a bag of chips since you rode in a yacht. But guess what? I get to ride in a FIRETRUCK for my birthday. Total PONEAGE.

Eww My birthday's on Sunday. 5 days. I don't want to be 17. Gross. hahaha


Ashlee said...

ok, basically, mason is amazing. I just met him, like literally JUST met him. he's awesome. I gave him HUGE sunglasses and he's gonna wear them tonight. =] I asked how you*MITCHEL* are and he said "oh, GREAT!" :] and I saw him eat pizza. xD well, have fun filming!

Karus said...

Hey Mitchel! <3

That's REALLY cool !!
Hope u have a great time filming!

Good Luck!



P.s: I love this blog, and the official site too !

Anonymous said...

o good luck o and remeber to get poeace-out in the script jk but seriously Mitchel o and r u comin back to Arizona anymore i lkoved ur concert in Tucson it was awesome and i would love some tips on some things

Anonymous said...

SWEET have fun! i am SOOOO excited for the movie to come out!! does this mean it'll be in theatres?
Sarah P

Anonymous said...

HEY i was at your concert in COLORADO! i met you mom, dad, and brother Macr there sooo cool!!
i hope your Birthday was AMAZING!! i was in Cali for your birthday on a vac. and i was in the area you where sucks i didn't see you :( sad day
well maybe one day i'll meet you!!
Love YA!
Katie McKenna
p.s. can't wait to see you in a new episode of Hannahe Montana!

KT J. said...

Shu-WEEEEEEEET mitchel
have loads of fun :P
love ya bunches!

Allie said...


Why's the entry so short? you ok?


Jenny said...

yay oliver oken! :)

Anonymous said...

cool... :)
Wish ya luck!!
And hope you have a lot of fun.
lol...not much new here. Except I got a small sunburn on Saturday...The water at the beach is a lot warmer now. :) and the waves got high enough later on, that they went up to my head. (I usually don't like the waves that high, but out farther it's not as bad) a couple of times the waves almost pushed my sister and I over...we had fun. The day after that, I was at my dads and we went to the park. lol, hey what is your favorite thing at the park? Mine is the swings. I also like the tire swings that twirl around...ya... :| :)

oh, can't wait till the next episode of Hannah Montana! :)
I am not sure what I am doing this Saturday, but I will think of something! like maybe the art museum :) Hey, guess what? last year, we went to a car show!! I got to sit in my favorite car... (Nissan 350z) and see some really cool cars that you really never see anywhere else.

lol, :), ok, I will do something I don't do much (Make a slightly smaller comment) lol

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I have a Jack Russel Terrier named Selma, she is six years old.

Cass said...

Great have fun filming the new movie sent you a fan mail hope you reply! Yea anyways have fun filming say hi to emmy and smiley for me

Peace Love Ya!
Cass xoxoxoxoxo

Marlen said...

Have funn (:
I cant wait to see it

Kaylee said...

Man, that post was deep.


I know, you're just busy, so I understand. You're a studmuffin, Mitchel. Always.

P.S. HAPPY BELATED 17TH BIRTHDAY! I wasn't online all day that day to tell you. So I'm sorry. I turned 18 on June 27... kinda weird. I'll go buy you a lotto ticket. lol

Much love!

<3 Kaylee

kris said...

good luck and have fun!!
can't wait to see it when it comes out!!!

Meghan said...

Dude that's awesome! Can't wait to see it! =] =] =] =] =] =]

Disa said...

Yaaaay :)
Have fun!

I wasn't able to meet Mason yesterday because he was either surrounded by mobs of girls or behind a fence where I couldn't get to him :(
BUT Mason's friend kept pointing at me going "MASON LIKES RED! MASON LIKES RED!" (while Mason was talking to him hahaha) because I was wearing red shoes & sunglasses so I was like yayyy :) ahahaha.


Taylor said...

thats great! i know youll have fun and will do great on it!
can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...





Oh, and I already know, by the way...

Oliver > Travis

Travis = PWNED by Oliver


Oliver > than all HM guest star guys

(he should save Miley from them XP)

Jade Murry said...

Guess what I'm just going to see the film cause your in it! Hehe! I love you for ever! And I can't wait to see you on the big screen again! I mean monster house was great but I want the whole image and not just your voice! I want Secondhand Lion magic again! I mean thats what I fell in love with in the first place! Love you forvever Mitchel and I can't wait to see you on the big screen! "See you at the Movies Kid" (As said by Cody Linley in an episode of Hannha Montana! Luv ya! Austin on of your longest fans!


I'm pretty pumped to see it ;D

Anonymous said...

haha yay!! :D

oh and guess what ? lol
we were in "wet seal" at the mall and they were playing "if i didn't have you!"
hahahaha!! xD i was amazing!! Lol!!

and since it's midnight, i'm 17!!! :D :D


te amo!<3


Taylor said...

Thats pretty cool! i hope you have fun with it!

love yas

Juliey said...

OMG I'm so excited for the HM movie to come out!!!!!!

I'm even more excited for to meet you, in how many days?
Yeah, THREE.

I'm absolutely enthralled.
It's going to be my sisters birthday that day too.
So woooooooooooooot!



Leanna Marie said...

Um. I don't know if I can wait to see this movie. :( Its so far away! But I am excited for the new epi on Sunday!

<3 Leanna Marie

Leanna Marie said...

I forgetted to ask... Do you have a cd coming out soon?

Because its really hard to listen to the version of Wasn't Your Girlfriend that was released... Its like, choppy, cut up and distorted.... And I really like that song!

And because I want to hear your singing every day... Haha

<3Leanna Marie

Analeeluvsmasonndmitchelmusso said...

omg i love you doooooooooooo muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am gonna meet you august 9th at your meet and greet in detroit! im soooooo excted!!!

Isabel 李 said...

this is shanghai,china
I am looking forward you can come to Shanghai
Can't wait to see this film!
love you

Denise said...

have fun Mitchel! Are you going to come to Connecticut anytime soon? cause i know of like a bajillion people that would love to see you!! =]

GiGi said...


That's awesome!! Have fun! Already I can't wait until it's out in theaters. xD


madsies27 said...

Good luck Smokin' Oken! I'm sure you'll do great.

madsies27 said...

Oliver Oken takes on the big screen. Can't WAIT till it comes to theaters! It will, right? Anyway, have loads of fun filming and hangin' with the cast. Peace!

Anonymous said...


omggg shake it is #1 on itunes australia!!

from naomi your #1 australian fan

Angelica said...

Hope you have fun! I can't wait to see the movie!

OMG OMG OMG I am soooo sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday sooner! OMG OMG OMG OMG! I was freaking out that I couldn't get internet access on the 9th. I'm a WEEK LATE!!!!!!! I am soooo sorry! But now that I have the chance, I'm going to greet you a belated happy birthday! And hope it was the best day of your life!

P.S good luck & have fun filming the movie SMOKIN' OKEN/OLLEY TROLLEY! =]

Loads of Love,

Carly said...

so mitchel it looks like im able to see u on sat! im so excited but i didnt call in time to get reserved seats. so i guess i willnt be as close as in wisconsin...but hey mitchel u gotta do a meet and greet again! ahah alright well hopefully ill get to talk to u again! see u soon!



Sarah said...


I really hope i get to catch one of your concerts somtime in the near future. You should really consider coming to Toronto or something. Also, i am hoping to catch Metro Station in concert they are so amazing i have been listening to them for a while now and i totally love them. Well have fun on tour.


Anonymous said...

Hey hon,
Sounds like fun lol I just got back wanted to say hey and let you know that you were awsome in Denver and we want you to come back soon!!!!!!!!
Love you

Ilovemitchel253 said...

I really hope you do great o and just have fun that's what it's all about

Jamie Salmen is your biggest fan

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mitchel! My name is Kelsey Braun and I think you are soo great and your brother is too! Kudos on your vocal cords, you guys rock!

Disa said...

& It's my golden birthday wooooo.

Ah gooood stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be at six flags fiesta texas in san antonio on july 23rd for the metro station concert?

Sierra said...

Just wanted to say i like the new color on the homepage!

Alex :) said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to film a movie.

Alex :) said...

Give us a sneak peek!

Anonymous said...

OMG! i cant wait to see ur movie! it sounds like it will be really interesting...

if u r ever in Louisiana, tell me!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! i'm totally looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

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