Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Ok...spent the night in a hotel with my two best friends here in LA. Parents took us away this morning. We didn't know where we were going. We ended up at the boat dock in Marina Del Ray. We boarded a chartered Yacht and left for Catalina for the day! My Band and Dancers were on board to greet me as well as some of my great producers that have written some of my music and a bunch of great friends like Jason and Lindsey, and it was perfect!

We had snacks on board and a cake with Catalina on it! I jumped right off the deck into the water when I landed. Your not supposed to do that apparently.......we jet skied when we got there and had dinner at the country club.

We rode the yacht back and it was truly an AMAZING Day!

Thank you for all the Happy Birthdays! You guys are AMAZING and I appreciate each and everyone of you!



selah said...

glad you had an awesome day. :D
i sent era some scans from the people magazine thing for MMO.


Leanna Marie said...

Happy actual birthday!

I love jetskis!!! I'm buying one eventually, haha!

<3Leanna Marie

Anonymous said...

Awww..that sounds like an AWESOME day! I have to admit, I started laughing when you said you jumped off the deck into the water and you weren't suppose to do that...sounds like something you'd do! Silly! Aww.. you went on jet skis again!?! I want to go on one sometime! They look Amazing! and a lot of fun!
Thats nice all your close friends were able to come!
I'm glad you had an AWESOME day! Do you feel older?....I know you never do when people ask that...LOL...I always go " I feel exactly as I did yesterday..."

But thanks for sharing your day with us!


-Katie R.

christineeee (: said...

aw mitchel. im sooo happy you had fuunn!

the only sad part is you live here in los angeles, but ii never get to see you. ii havent seen you in the longest time.

i'll see you sometime soon, right?

again, happy birthday.
i will always love you <3

Sala said...

Well well...I'm sooooo glad you had an amazin' birthday! Again, we all love ya!


from the weirdo soon-to-be 15 year-old in the south...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that u had fun 2day!! I started laughing when u said that u jumped off when u got 2 cousin did that once...besides his mom being super mad at him, so was this security guy...i think was a security guy but


laurennn said...

bro i live in marina. thats so weird. if i wasnt outta town i totally wouldve seen u today cause my boats docked there and we usually are out there during the day.

wow thats so random.
dangit i wouldve seen u man.

Anonymous said...

wow sounds like a great way to spend your 17th birthday!!!!! i bet it was amazing!!! it sounded like soooo much fun!!!!!!!!! i thought it was funny when you said you jumped off the deck. sounds like you!!!! lol. well it sounds like you had a big day so i'll let you get some rest! kayy, i gotta go. happy 17th birthday!!!! I LOVE YOU MITCHEL TATE MUSSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe.

laurennn said...

oh.. haha happy bday.

ALEX said...

ahh that sounds like soo much fun!
wayyyy better than my birthday.
again, happy birthday mitchel :)

YES. I'm seeing your brother on Monday for like the millionth time!!

Marlen said...

Happy birthday again (:
wow! sounds like an AmAzInG day!
haha hopefully you didnt get in trouble for jumping off the deck i mean come on its your birthday! hahaa
i've only been on a jet ski once and it hurt haha but im glad your jet skiing experience was really cool! thankss for sharing with us your day, I wish I was there haha but who doesntt.
well happy birthday mitchel!

Nikita Bimson said...

that sounds mad rad.

I bet you had a blast with the jet skis.

Once again, Happy Birthday.


Ewa said...

Hi ;)
I'm sooo happy you had fuunn!
Great that you described birthday day.

Kiss for you.;*

Samantha said...

Aw Mitchel! That sounds amazing! Glad you had a good birthday.

You're very welcome.


Ashlee said...

it sounds like you had an awesome time. :]

I threw a birthday party in honor of you. I made cupcakes, and put your picture on them, and we bought MUSSO bread * :D * and watched every movie you were in. pretty fun day for me too! :]

happy 17th birthday.
p.s. are you talking about Jason Gluck? and lindsay who helped out with merch at the FL concert? if so, they are some cool people.

oliviaakiddo! said...

i'm glad you had fun :]

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...

Happy Birthday, Mitchel!

We're in LA, so maybe we could meet up for a little belated birthday present? Let us know.


Kennedy said...

happy birthday mitchel!!! ur sooo awesome i hope your birthday was just as awesome!!

peace out

chelsea♥ said...





Bryan said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a crazy fun day, I'm jealous!

Kellie Hedke! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!....Lmfao...i celebrated your Birthday!...cake and everything!...i think you are like the coolest person...and you dont even have to try!..well i absolutely adore you and hope you never change! ttfn
Love Kellie H.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

That sounds so completely fun! Catalina rocks by the way, it's so beautiful there, and jet-skiing would be so cool!

Happy Birthday [again]!
[with only 37 more minutes left]

ashley said...

i hope you had fun! happy 17!

Lisa Sakamoto said...

happy birthday! =) <3

Annie said...

ahhhhhh, that sounds like SO much fun. :D

Taylor said...

awhh !
I'm glad youu had an awesome birthday mitchel !
ohmygoshh .
yesterday I went jetskiing too !
loll .
wowowowow .
I still can't believe yer 17 now !
haha .
welll, I'm soo happy yer birthday was amazing !
come to Florida again !
I miss youu<3

Curse said...

Happy birthday! :3

Anonymous said...

sounds amazing!!
happy bday!

Cassie =] said...

wow! that sounds amazing. your so lucky. i'm glad you had a great birthday.

Sierra said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had fun. Glad you had a good birthday!

Anonymous said...

mitchel! You are so lucky you are 17!!! lol. That is so ossum! The closest thing I'v ever gotten to a yacht, is a canoe! lol (not that is's bad, but there are alot of misquitoes!)

Shayla Boas

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I am so glad you had so much fun yesterday!!! I wish i could have been out there that would have been tons of fun to do. But i am happy you had an amazing birthday.

Well when i was reading what you had wrote and when i saw Marina Del Ray i soon rememberd that and you be truly surprised.

There is this young teenager named zac sunderland
and his dream is be the youngest solo circumnavigator to travel around the world.He just left from Marina del Ray awhile ago and now he is living is dream right now sailing across the globe.

I just had to get that out there because that you can accomplish anything you do as long as you put your effort in.

Thanks for letting me share my story because i really wanted to tell you about this.


Julie :] said...

Im glad you had fun :]
and no, you're not sopose to jump off the deck x] haha.
but who cares. it was your birthday. do what you want. lol.


I'd Swim the Ocean for You♥ said...


aww that sounds like an amazing day! I'm glad you had fun :)

and thats so funny that you jumped off and you werent supposed to. REBEL hehe

well anyway happy birthday AGAIN and good luck with being 17 and amazing :)


Nisha said...

I'm glad you had fun on your birthday!!! BTW on "Your not supposed to do that apparently", it's supposed to be "You're not". So yeah, I bet jet skiing was fun!!! Happy Birthday Again!!!!! :)


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

haha sounds like funn!
i still CANT BELIVE u are 17!!
wow its seems not to long ago u started hannah montana:| ''oh yeah,she wants me''.haha i still remember that from the first episode bahaha u were so cute!lmfao
anyway im glade u had an amazing time.haha im listening to shake it:D...again i luv metro station:)
:O THIS IS WEIRD!ok me and my dad were in the car and shake it came on the radio and he started singing alone to it!!..again!i just looked at him...

anyway:Dhave an awesome day:)

Erinn said...

" I jumped right off the deck into the water when I landed. Your not supposed to do that apparently......."

lmaoooo you're awesome.

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm am SO glad to hear your birthday went so well. I'm so happy, that I'm shaking!!!! I hope your 17th year goes even better than you could ever dream! Let us know how this year goes. I love you!
Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Anonymous said...

i wish i was there!! broke the rules! :) jk
glad you had an awesome time!
just one more time...

Elle <3

Liz said...

aw im glad you had fun :)

brooke said...

aww, that sounds like so much fun :D.
i'm so happy your birthday was amazing. i wish i could've been there!


Meshia said...

I'm so glad you had an amazing day! You deserve it. Happy Late Birthday!♥

Lauren said...

sound like you had a blast!!
Jet skis are so much fun! I used to go on one all the time.. I can so picture you on one!

Have fun being 17!! Enjoy life becuase you are living out so many peoples dream with your career!


Gina said...

awwhh im glad u had a great day :)
Jet skiing?! omgsh ive been on it... once. and i pretty much failed lol bet u did MUCH better than me lol. well i hope u had a great day on ur birthday and yeah! cya soon dood <33
love, gina xoxoxox
god bless!

.audrey. said...

aww it sounds like you had an awesome birthday!
glad you had fun!

leanneee =] said...

haha thats sounds like so much fun (:


megan said...

awww!! thats sounds like fun!
haha yeah your probally not supposed to jump off the deck!
but its all good i would've done the same thing!

Kyah said...

That sounds like an awesome birthday!!! I went to Catalina like 5 years ago. It was really pretty, and a very small town. lol. I am glad you had a fabulous day. The jet skis sounds like really fun, and so does jumping in the water when you aren't supposed to. haha. It is okay we all make mistakes. Hope to hear from you soon!


brie said...

Party on a yacht?! SWEETNESS! Glad you had an awesome day!!!

Sorry to keep bugging you 2 days, it's MY birthday.....again, i'd LOOOOOVE a special shout out from you!

luv, brie

ravenclawreject said...

Oh, I've been to Catalina Island! Not sure if that's where you're talking about, though.

Oh well. Hope you had an awesome brithday! :D

Anonymous said...

lol, that is really cool! hahah
For my sisters birthday we went to the movies and got a cake for her. The movie was really good, I believe it's called Wanted.
Hmmmmm...You jumped into the water? lol... :) was the water cold? Up here in RI it's almost always cold...Though it does warm up in the summer... lol ok, I know it's the day after...but...
lol, I said that for my sisters birthday, but for the Birthday song, and I said times two, and everyone thought I meant some sort of multiplication... :| :) :D lol
It was kinda funny. Today is my brother's B-day!!!! my brother is now 22, and my sister is 23...I am 14...Hmmmmm....Anyways...again...
Cool, you like basketball? I think it's pretty cool...My dad likes it a lot...I pretty much never get to play because there is a bee's nest inside of the basketball hoop here.
lol, otherwise, I think I play pretty good...when I get too. We play basketball games where if someone misses, the next person has to catch the basketball and shoot from where they are standing :) sometimes I get the ball in seven times in a row...Which I think is good, considering. Though I NEVER get the ball in if I am all the way to the side of the basketball hoop. I always miss on those. Hey, want to here something kinda cool? We may be having another Halloween party this year!! And hopefully more people will come!! (I home school, so I don't know many people...)

Hey...How about I make a random fact about myself after every comment (Like my favorite color? ........Wow in a way that itself was pretty random...

-Coral (the girl from RI)

p.s. I don't like Brussel Sprouts either...

Mariam. [: said...


sounds tight. !
glad you had fun, man. you deserve everything you got kiddoooo.
happy seventeen budddd.

KT J. said...

lol I'd jump off too if it was my birthday
I'm super glad you had a great birthday! Hope your year just gets better :)
Peace/Happy Touring~KT

Disa said...

Aw sounds amazing :)

I wish I could have birthdays like that ahahah.

MeganP2010 said...

awww Mitchel that sounds SO fun i'm so glad your birthday was cooooool!!



Dakota said...

Wowza, babe, that sounds like a perfect day!

Hehe..."youre not supposed to do that, apparently."


Glad u had a great b-day, babe!

luv, Dakota

Shannon loves Mitchel said...

mitchel i'm glad you had an amazing day!
you deserve everything you got yesterday.
happy late birthday and i love you!

Alicia said...

Happy 17TH!! Wow im glad u had a good day!Jetskies-AWESOME! Thnx for telling us about ur day!

Alicia Castelo said...

Happy related birthday

Emily said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun! i love Catalina! haha you weren't supposed to do that... oh well, its too late now! so yay you're 17now! i don't even turn 16 until next month. i feel like really young, idk why. 16 seems normal but 17 seems a lot older than me, even though its not...i'm just weird like that hehe.


Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I'm so glad you had a good time!!! It sounds like SOOO much funn!! jumped off?!?!? Wow. Yeah, I'm pretty sure your not supposed to do that. :P hehe


carrie said...

sounds like so much fun !
happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Jet skis!! That's so awesome!! I've never been jet skiing before, but I REALLY want to. It looks so fun! I'm glad you had an awesome birthday. Can't wait to hear about your 18th next year!

Ambrea from Cali :D

Brooke said...

Glad you had fun!=]
Happy Birthday!

GiGi said...


So glad you had an awesome time, you deserved it!! That sounds like SO much fun too! Awesome! Maybe there'll be some pics in the gallery soon? =]


Elizabeth said...

Hi there Mitchel! I've read your blog before but this is my first comment! Your party sounds really fun! I'm sorry i forgot about your b-day! Well happy late b-day! I also want to say that you are really sweet and I know you care about your fans!
Love ya!

Jade Murry said...

Sounds so much fun! Like you truly has a perfect birthday! 17th is a big one not that I'd know since I'm only 15! But still! I live in FL so we jet ski all the time! Maybe you only needed a specail girl to share it with you...maybe next year....LOL JK! Sounds amazing and thanks for reading our comments and for posting again! LOVE YOU!But not in a creepy way!
One of your longest fans!

Alana said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday!!Whats it like being 17?
You weren't suppose to jump off a boat..yet you did it anyway?You Rock!(least you didn't

Try to wait to break rules till next year.You'll be 18 and old enough to be arrested.
Hahaha.Wait,don't get arrested AT ALL!Well if you do get arrested,can you try come to Florida before then?lol.Or i can go and bail you out.Which ever you prefer.(in case your wondering,i'm trying to be funny.)

So hows the project for
the Elementary Kids going?I think it's great that you would do stuff for younger kids.

Bye till Monday!(i'm off to Orlando!WOO!)

PS. Did you like the "card"?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel[:

I'm glad to hear that
your 17th birthday was
'truly amazing'.
Sounds like you had
as much fun as even posibble...
nice to hear ;D

Have a nice day(;

Terri said...

Happy Late Birthday Mitchel!!

Hope your wishes come true!!

Your fan always~ Kerri

Ashley said...

I'm so glad you had a great day. Sounds like tons of fun! Happy Birthday! <3


P.S.- You were FANTASTIC at Six Flags in Georgia!! Turely loved the concert! Love you!

Marielle said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday, Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

sorry i couldn't tell you yesterday! (:
i was at my friends house , she lives on a lake :D

but that sounded like you had a blast! =)

and guess what? my [17th] birthday is next wednesday! july 16th!! :D :D :D
you're exactly one week older than me! :)

you should, um, deffinately make a shout out to meee (:


ahh. te amo!<3


Meghan said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful Birthday!!! I love jetskiing too!!!! I love going seriously fast!! I laughed when I heard you jumped in the water. I can totally see you doing that. I'm really happy that you got to spend the day with your friends!!! Thanks for telling us about your day! =] =] =] =] =] =]

Samantha said...

I'm glad you had an awesome birthday!! =]

Is there going to be a 3rd season of Hannah Montana??????!!!!!!

Love Ya!,
from Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Mitchel I love you so much!!! Your birthday sounded perfect, i hoope you had a fantastic day! And I really hope that you got my birthday card, it was the huge one made out of cardbord. Thanks for all you do! Love you


Fer said...

Aww I'm so glad you had such a great time on your birthday!
You're AMAZING, you deserved it!

Wow 17! Dude you're jk=P

Love you<3

alyssa! said...

Glad you had an amazing birthday! You definately deserved it (especially for making mine the best ever!) :) you're amazing, btw!
Alyssa in Buffaloooo<3

Amy said...

That sounds like a sweet birthday!!Glad to hear that you had a great one! Hope you have a good day.


omg that sounds like so much fun!!im glad you had an awesome day!

i am sooo excited for today! i cant wait to see you perform. i got super early to get ready. lol. you probably dont care but thats ok. see you tonight!!!! =]

Gabriella said...

I am soo glad you had a great birthday!Jetsking sounds like soo much fun! I have to do that one day. well anyways come back to the South soon.good luck at the concert tonight!

Carly said...

im leaving soon for kenosha!! im soo excited my friends there already and shes first in line and made sure that were tht im going to be going in first with her!! yah cant waitt!! see u soon! ur birthday sounded amazing

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
It sounded so great, you are so verry lucky!!! I love you Michel!!

madsies27 said...

That sounds like an unbelievable b-day. I still haven't sent you a present! Any suggestions?

Jenny said...

sounds like an awesome birthday! haha. i wasn't on on the ninth.. i was shopping. and i wasn't on that much yesterday. so anyway happy late birthday. awesome, a cake with catalina on it. haha. ooh i love jet skiing, its fun.
anyway bye :)

Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel!
Happy belated Birthday =)
Sorry I couldnt go on internet sooner. It sounds like you had much fun with what you did =)
And you so things who arent allowed to do ?? Baaad boy xD.
My Gosh i feel like your mom right now =D
Anyways .. Happy days in your future ;)
Have Fun with the things you do =)

Mareen xx

Julia said...

HAPPY [late] BRITHDAY mitchel! :D

Daniela said...

WOW it sounds like a perfect birthday!!!!
I'm happy that you had fun and I hope you will too :D
I had an amazing birthday with my friends too :D they did me a aurpruse pary wuth a cake with spongebob and patrik on it ! :D
Daniela (from Israel)

Mariam. [: said...

hmmmm. are you going to teen choice?

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Mitchel!!!!!!!!!!!It's me,Rafael the brazilian,and I'm very glad you had a great day,I know it's not te time for that,but could you talk to us about the DC games anything interesting?I really want to know all the things,so please,don't forget it,pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase,have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! I know I'm a few days late but my computor was broken on your real birthday well anyway I hope you had a good day it sure seems like you did. love you:)

Allie said...

yay to an awesome day! glad you had fun. i wanna go on a yacht.

and i read the people magazine article, and thats so cute how Stitch waits there for you to get home! That's adorable! My dog when he sleeps, sleeps on his back with his legs straight up in the air, he looks dead sometimes, its the funniest thing in the world! and he snores, burps and squeaks when he yawns. he's a crazy dog. but so cute!

I just noticed, you are 17, and Metro Station's song is "Seventeen Forever", and now its applies to you! Yay to seventeen, my older sister says its the best age, one year before college, last year of freedom. woah thats depressing... scratch that then...
"We're one mistake from being together, buts lets not ask why its not right you, won't be seventeen forever, so we can get away with this tonight" - Seventeen Forever - Metro Station. Oooo to the irony.

Can you please make the August 2nd date move to the 3rd? I have a stupid lab for stupid summer school to get into stupid AP, my mom stole away my summer, and I have to wake up at 5, and i have school even on saturdays! It sucks, so badly. I want my sleep back!

Ugh, I think thats it, wait, no, I have more.

The Maine is holding this contest where if we promote their new album, we can meet them, and I put up a bunch of flyers around my town, its The Maine Takeover. ITS MAD CRAZY! I want to win, SO BADLY, ITS CRAZY. Any creative ideas for me? The more creative, the more i'll get noticed.

Have fun this week!


heartgrenadex3 said...

im glad u had a lot of fun on ur bday =]

Sheila said...

hey Mitchel, my name is Sheila and im just glad u had a great dAy and by the way HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

Brittany said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! It's probably better than all my birthday's put together...Not counting the time my parents took me to Disney for my birthday or the time I got a pogo stick from my uncle. That thing was fun man! Everyone was jealous of it haha but that was a loooooong time ago. But I still have the pogo stick! Hehe I can pogo with no hands! Whoo!

Ok, so, yeah, I probably bored you with that but it's 12:12 AM (Make a wish!) And yeahhh...

ok, goodnight! Glad you had such a good birthday! :)

#1FANisamyniemela said...

OMG the concert tonight was AWESOME!! You totally rocked the stage! I was soo happy i got to see you at the meet n' greet, but you didn't look very happy? Bad day huh? Like everything was behind schedule & it was sooo hot out! wow!, but yess, i don't know if you remember but, did you see my Lime Green poster saying "#1 FAN" I think I was standing on a chair, but yess me & my good friend had a ball, but one more thing before i go, i saw your lil' bro Marc and your awesome mom, she's cool :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!!
Today i went to see your concert in Kenosha or w.e.
Yeah it was really cool except you seemed really crabby and sad at the meet & greet.
It seemed like everything was running behind Schedule but w.e once you got on the stage it was awesome.
GOOD JOB the concert was great.
It was worth waiting for.
I wondered if you saw my pink sign that said love you haha. prob not theres like a million fans.
Well yeah i got to see some of your family like your mom. shes so sweet.
well have a good tour maybe i will see you again.


Anonymous said...

That must have been soooo fun but I would have been so exhausted werent u or were you just used to it or were you just havin 2 much fun to even notice

Anonymous said...

You had an amazing birthday =)....I'm so happy for you....I make you my wishes 'cause I were to the sea without my pc ç___ç, so:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (too late)


Ashley said...

Hi Mitchel!

I wish you have an awesome day and the rest of the year! My b-day's also this month on July the 17th! Plz send my regards to everybody and thnx for all the hard work (and the updates on your blog)!

Stay so cool,

mrcool said...

Yo dude what up ur coming to saint joe next weekend. How long u staying?

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel yesterday was like the3 best concert every I had so much fun and thanks for requesting for a picture they turned out amazing. I really hope u come bk preferbly to illinois but wisconsin is fine too lol. Ur music is amazing and I hope u come out with a cd because I'm buying it for sureee! Thanks for a grat night and I was suprised u did 2 meet and greets I mean its totally fine by me ahaha. I loved it! Ur family is really nice too! I thought it was really cute how u gave the rose to the little girl tht was very cutee well hope to see u again soon! Ttyl



Madison said...

Aww, I was gonna wish you a happy (late) birthday last night but I was so star sturck I couldn't :(
Hope you had a great one!

Love you TONS,

Angela said...

Hey Mitchel,

So it sounds like you had a good birthday!!! I'm happy for you. Well i got to jet.Later.

ALEX said...

Dude, you know what I realized...

Your brother is coming to Seattle for like, the 6th (?) time on Monday, and I'm gonna go see him. And you've visited here... how many times Mitchel?

Haha, seriously, COME HERE.

Marielle said...

Today's MY birthday! I'm only turning 13, though. Unfortunately It's kind of sucked so far (the day). Oh well.


Disa said...

I saw Metro Station in People magazine yesterday :) yayyy.
Right when I saw it I went and showed my mom and she was like ...cooool :/

I'm excited!

So my friend wants me to ask Mason or Trace before the show if they'd dedicate Seventeen Forever to me when they sing it since it'll be 3 days before my 17th birthday but I'm too scared to ask them to do that so I don't think I will ahahah :(
But that would be sweeeet though if I did and they did it.


Anonymous said...

haha sounds like you had a great birthday!
and thanks for coming to wisconsin a couple days ago i had so much fun watching you preform! you did great! thx again try coming back to chicago! lol!

katie said...

hey mitchel!!! i am super late on this..but happy birthday!!! glad you had fun on your birthday and i hope you have a greatt week!! <3

Alex :) said...


Carly said...

mitchel! guess what! i might be going to ur concert on sat too!! and i just went on friday in kenosha! ahaha. but idk yet my dads thinkin about it!! its like a 2 hour drive thts not bad at all!! i really hope i can go cuz ur concert on friday was simply amazingg!! and ahhh! ahaha



theBLOGGER; said...







i kno you wannnnnna! ;)

katie said...

happy birthday bud :)

TiffanyCakes said...

I am so glad that you had a really great birthday:D I bet the cake was good:) Happy 17th Mitchel

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Mitchel!


Taylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taylor said...

I'm glad you had an awesome Birthday! Happy belated 17th birthday Mitchel!

Love yas
Taylor and Bre>3

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mitchel:D

Tori said...

Im glad you had an awesome birthday.

gosh i wish my birthday would be that awesome...lucky :]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way :]

natalia said...

I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful day! You so deserve it!
you don't turn 17 every day, right?

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Oh man , happy late birthday .:)

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

WOW! I'm very glad that you had an awesome birthday, Mitchel!! You deserve it SO MUCH!!! LOL to the jumping and the splashing and the not-supposed-to-do-that... I was laughing so hard!!

Mmkay, so I know that it's a wee bit belated (*blushes*), but here's my birthday present to you!!


No, seriously...

Okay, maybe the poem I wrote to go along with it will help it make sense...

*Clears throat* Ahehehemm!!

"So your broken hearts and bad days mend,
I shall give you the letter 'D',
So ev'ry time you type it, my friend,
May you always think of me!"

Hope that you're having a GREAT day, week, month, year, decade ...

Keep smiling!!
~ Megan

April said...

You totally stole my birthday Mr. Mitchel Musso! :)
but since its you i guess i can share
alright well i'll see ya

-hey! i have some videos on my youtube page from your concert at Alabama Adventure

-So check 'em out :)

you can click my link!


Mikaela said...

lucky. we share the same b-day (i turned 15). i was at my grandparents house on meh b-day and everyone got a virus so we didn't get to do anything except watch tv and barf.

brittany said...

happy belated b-day mitchel


peace out

luv ya

Joanna said...

This is a bit late lol but happy 17th Mitchel! Glad you had a good one! Cant wait till the new Hannah Montana season to come out in England (I dont when its out there) and I cant wait for the film!

Good luck in the years that follow, and have good birthdays in the future! (Make your 19th the best its my fave number ;) JK)


Gracie said...

Omg my birthday is in july which means ur exactly % years and 6days older than me!!!!!!!!!! which is kool i was on yahoo answers a sec ago and some girl said that she thought u were older than zac efron! isn' that Bazar???

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