Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's Get Together!

Check out this great contest from BOP and Tiger Beat!

http://music.msn.com/music/photos/tween-idols/?icid=MUSIC1>1=MUSIC1&photoidx=4 Stop by and leave a comment!

I am headed on the road tomorrow in my First Tour Bus, so I am very excited about that! I will be making my next 4 stops on the bus.

Thurs. - July 24 - Ionia Free Fair in Ionia, MI. - 7:00PM
Sat. - July 26 - Ocean Front Arena Wildwood Convention Center - 3:15PM
Sun. - July 27 - Emmet County Fairgrounds in Petosky MI. - 6:00PM
Mon. - July 28 - Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport,IA - 7:20PM

Check it out!



Anonymous said...

Thx for coming to Saint Joe! And thanks for the autograph! Sorry it rained, but you brought the good weather. Maybe it was because of your weather forcast in Hawaii...

Anonymous said...

Mitchel-Thanks for coming to the Venetian Festival. Everyone in the area agreed that you were the best part of Venetian. My friend and I were really impressed! Thank you for the autograph and bracelet. Everyone hre really appreciates your generosity and come back soon!
PS-Sorry it rained. It's a funny thing called "Michigan Weather."

Abby said...

Mitch- Thank you SOOOOOO much for coming to Saint Joe!! You were AMAZING! I hope you had a lot of fun too (even though it rained : ( ....sorry about that) I wish you could have seen the fireworks!! ...I guess you'll just have to come back next year to see them
: D. Have fun on your tour!!
And thank you again!

Ashlee said...


KT J. said...

Awe, man! I wanna see the bus- take pics of it for us!!

Peace/Happy Touring~KT

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Haha! That's so funny that you mention getting a tour bus, cause my friend and I were just talking about whether or not you have a tour bus...and YOU DO!! Ha! I was right! YAY ME! LOL.

Have an awesome week.


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

im so happy for u mitchel!!!
aha everything is going well,right?
hope so,anyway but i hope u have the most FANTASTIC time!


Anonymous said...


Alex :) said...

I'd love to have my own tour bus! Doing concerts every night! That's the life! have fun!

Gabriella said...

Come back to Georgia again. we already miss you! I can't wait to see what your bus looks like.

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome you have a tour bus now!! does it have your logo on it??
and the website you posted isn't tigerbeat...just so you know...unless you meant to put MSN Music.

Have Fun this week in Michigan!! I wish i could be coming...its just like an hour and a half from where I live.

-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!
have a great time!
come to nebraska sometime ok??


ALEX said...

please :)

Anonymous said...

Hey micthel

Thanks for stoping in st.joe. In a little town like ours it was like the main event, but ur the main event any where you are. Have fun on your tour bus! you should take a pic of ur bus then out it on the web site!please!


christineeee (: said...

no los angeles dates?

Anonymous said...


j.musso said...

hi mitchel! i hope that i can cum to one of ur concerts!!! good luc

Disa said...

Oooh first tour bus.
Faaancy. Hahah :)

So um... do you have something against us Seattlites? Hahah.
I feel like you're never gonna come here :(

Jocey said...

Thanks so much for coming to the Venetian festival! It was a really great show. Like everyone else said, thanks for bearing the rain...haha.
You made the front page in the paper, too! Pretty fantastic :)

ally said...

hey mitchel!
your own tour bus sounds like alot of funn!
well have fun on the rest of ur tourr!

Austin said...

Aww Mitchel I wish you were comming to Sunny Flordia! But first tour bus that sounds fancy!!! I really wish you the best of luck and wish I could see you! Luv ya forever Mitchel!

leanneee =] said...

haha sounds cool [: have funn.


Ashlee said...

so, i just saw that you're the host for the "be a superstar" contest on mileyworld. it's completely awesome that you're gonna go to the winners' hometown. i shall enterrr. see you soon...?

Anonymous said...

i tried the link, and mitchel, it didn't work.

Annie Kate said...

Haha now that Beatles' song is stuck in my head, Come together right now :P
Anywho.. I was planning on going to one of those concerts, but my neice is having her Christening so I can't go :[


Gina said...

OOOO good luck dood <3 im seeing you in like 11 dayyysss!!!! i cant wait to see you :)

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

Awwww I wish you could come back to Arizona so I can see you tour bus! Well I still hope you have fun with the rest of your tour I still wish I could go back to the day you were in Arizona and meet you over and over again and be front row at your concert lol well I love you!
Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

Mitchel,it`s me,Rafael,and I`m here,maybe,to put my last comment,I just saw this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv0Vh6EaA-o and I think you saw it too,but I have to thanks to you,because I`ve finaly discovered my music,and I really don`t know if you like brazilians,but thank you,thank you so much,you`ll aways be my idol,but now,I`ll just listen your musics,and I think it`s a goodbye,but maybe I`ll still comment here,so one more time,thank you,and goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol, Awesome!!! :) You must be very exited...well you already said you are... lol :) Cool, Tour Bus!
Oops! I meant to say October, around the second, first, or somewhere around there...Well I would have to be there on one of those dates to see my brother graduate :)...Heheh
lol Can't wait till they tell more about the contest... :)
Cool...so, you will be leaving tomorrow. :) In January we (meaning my brother, my mom, and I)
drove in the car (Well of course I didn't drive) all the way to North Carolina...I didn't bring enough to keep myself from getting bored...and well, ya...I don't think I will go on a long car trip without a new Nintendo Ds game again... :| :) lol, though I do know a pretty cool car game that my mom taught me...I don't know if you already know it, but we call it the ABC game (usually you play with two or more people) , you have to find all the letters in the alphabet in order, without using the same sign or license plate that you have already used. Your not supposed to use anything in the car also. I find that the hardest letters are J, Q, and Z...but usually you can find J on license plates. :) You might want to try it... If your not too busy...and If you want to that is... lol it's pretty fun.

I really wish I could see you in Concert... But I'm not giving up hope yet. :)

Wish ya more luck Mitchel!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I usually eat Organic or all Natural kinds of foods. lol...

p.s.s. I think I will try to make you a bracelet :) ...lol If that is ok... Hmmmm, perhaps when I eventually meet you I can give it to you :)

jessica said...

mitchel! have the best time wen ur touring!! can u cum to klamath fall oregon? (please?) or somewere near it???? luv ya so much!hav the best time! and goood luck!!!! i hope i can cum to one of ur concerts that would b the absolute BEST!!! and can u rite wen a concert is mayby one of the closest to klamath falls oregon? i luv u thanks 4 everything!! ur awsome!
jessi musso i hope writing musso at the end of my name dosnt offend u?? thanks! ur amazing!!

jessica said...

hav the greatest time!! please cum to oregon! =) :)
jessi m.
in one of the last comments i did. i put musso 4 my last name. and sorry for that! =) luv ya!!!

jessica said...

hi mitchel!! i just downloaded a podcat fom radio disnry of u talking!!! i did two of them! one of them was about lean on me(the music video) and the other was about the song lets go! and in one of them u were beat boxing wile the radio disney person was free stylin! it was great! and i luv all of ur songs!!! o and do u no wen ur gonna have ur cd out?? if u no could u post it?? thanks soo much!! ur awsome!!
jessi m.

Denise said...

hey good luck on your tour!
sadly i will not be able to come join you... i live in ct! COME HERE PLEASE =]
i want to see you so bad!

ALEX said...

okay too much with the caps... anyways oh my goodness that makes so so excited, that is so cool! its like, all my favorite things combine! Haha. WELL I can't wait to hear it, and I hope your tour bus is super bomb :)

I'm gonna write you another letter I think. Haha. Do you still read those??!

Mariam. [: said...

congrats on the tour bus!
does it have your face on the side?
ahahhahaha. thatd be soooo bomby.
cause then everywhere youd go, people would be like. JDPIJFDPIJHGFPOIGHFPIOHGIFPH ITS MITCHEL MUSSO?!
whats with all the michigan dates man?

izzyboo04 said...

My 3 yr. can't wait till your concert in Petoskey MI. she wakes up everyday and asks me "are we going to see Mitchel Musso today???" She we are very excited we will be in row 21. Can't wait to see you.

I'd Swim the Ocean for You♥ said...


omg, your own tour bus!? awesomeee, you gotta get some pics of that up.

you know where you should go in your amazing tour bus?

rhode island. mhmmmm



Anonymous said...

yayy!! mitchel got his first tour bus!!!! i'm so happy for you!! unfortunately the dates are nowhere where i live.
but have fun meeting the people in the cities where you are going!!! i'll be at metro station's concert on aug.9. yayy!!!!! lol. i thought you were hilarious in this weeks show of HM. i almost laughed until i cried.....
"my father named me that. his name was hariett". hahahaha. too funny. i love you babe!!! be safe on the road!!! ily<333.

Brittany said...

I am so mad I cant go to see you on saturday... ughh. But I am going to see mason on August 20th!
Im super stokeddd :]

Anonymous said...

haha i don't think you posted the right link.... :P



Anonymous said...

thats awesome i cant wait to see ur new touyr bus mitch

im sure itll help u even more

ur loving and deareest fan Jamie

brie said...

SWEET TOUR BUS MAN! lol....and I luv the new profile pic. Very handsome!!!

But dude, you GOTTA do a show in Chicago....we're all waiting anxiously for you to come back!!!!

Guess what I did yesterday???

My friend Joanna came over and we made a Spanish soap-opera with phony bologna Spanish! lol. The name of the show is "Tengo un Burro en mis Pantalones," which translates to "I have a Donkey in my Pants!" haha. And the show was about the search for Pedro, the moustache-wearing-taco-stealing-thief! lolz. I guess when you're an actor, you do CRAAAAAAZY things!!!

So tonight I'm going to see HellBoy with 2 of my friends....can't wait! You should totally see Batman....I saw it a few days ago and it was INCREDIBLE!!

And I'm getting my permit next week! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So talk to ya soon, and keep on postin!

luv, brie

Terri said...

miOMG!! That's so cool, im soo excited for you :) i just wish you were coming to Mass. but hey, there's always next time and by then, you will be a male version of miley cyrus haha!!

Can't wait to see you next time you go on tour and come to MASS!!

Your fan always ~ Kerri

GiGi said...


Your first tour bus? That is SOO cool! I'm sure it's gonna be so much fun!! And your shows are gonna go great too!

I just saw that video Ally posted, and I'm SO excited for the HM movie and also for your CD!! I'll preorder it if I can, I am just so totally stoked for it! And it's so amazing you're doing a duet and music video with Mason!! Awesome! The next duet you do should be with Miley, heehee. =D

Rock on and God bless ya!!!


Anonymous said...

oh wow mitchel has a bus aren't you stepping up in the world?! lol just joking you know i love you

Katie.<3 said...

heyy!! your own bus! very cool. and a song with mason!!! even cooler! i cant wait! and i saw last saturday in michigan and it was amazing. you pretty much made my life when you sang 'hollywood girl' to me and carly. thanks sooo much!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun Mitchel =)


Alana said...

That is so cool(ur own tour bus).
Can you drive it?

Meg said...

Omgosh!!!! I'm happy for you! Yay! So is your tour bus nice? I bet it is. Lol. Thanks for the update! =] =] =] =] =] =]

mitchelfan1 said...

thats awesome cant wait to see your tour bus

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...

Hi Mitchel!

We're loving the new layout. It's so...GREEN. We love the greeeen ;) not as much as we love you though!


angelgirl234 said...

Mitchel ive nver met you but you seem awesome you have an amazing voice and can you plz try and make stop in south fl plz

Angelica said...

Ooooo sounds fun! Well, hope you DO have fun. Hehe.

Loads of love,

Alex :) said...

put up some pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, How did the concert go tonight? Did you have a fun time? I hope Ally will put up pictures of your awesome tour bus!
1 more Michigan stop...man, you had a lot of MI concerts...and I only got to go to 1 of them....well, I guess thats better then none of them, right? I had a blast tho!

I hope you have an AWESOME weekend! I'm going to go see The New Batman movie with my dad.

Oh, hey, did you like the DVD thing Molly and I made you? Molly worked hard on it, and I picked out the pictures!

Ok, well, TTYL

-Katie R.

P.S. I wish there was a way I could talk to you. like instead of on here, cause I'd really like to get to know you better.

Anonymous said...

Did you know you had a concert date on the same date as Mileys' and the Jonas Brothers 3D concert?
How exciting is that? Let me answer that. VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your dearest and bestest fan in the world,

Jamie Salmen

Anonymous said...

Do you like Georgia? Did you see anybody in the audience you liked ? haha

Anonymous said...


Daniela said...

have a good time:) and enjoy from your fans!
Daniela(from Isrel_

jessica said...

i luv u mitchel!!!!!!!!!!! and do u know wen ur cd is cuming out? or anytime clpse 2 wen it cumin out? if so please post it! i cant wait!!

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

I seriously havent commented you in about 5 months! since like i seen u at the DC games.
Congradulations on the bus lol!
but dude i dont like the stops you stoppin at ;
you should be stopping near Pittsburgh! lol.
i Wanna see you bud =)

But hey have a great week!

Jessica Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

We had great weather last night at the ionia free fair when you performed! i loved when you told everyone to come down to the stage. my fav part out of all of it was when you sang cheese jerky for us!!!that was funny cause when u held the mic out no one knew what to sing!!! at one point i was like 2 feet away from you and didn't relize it till you were walking away to do meet and greets...oh well...i still got great pictures...you outfits were awesome. everyone loved you and we all are hoping thtat you come back soon!!!!afterwards everyone from the concert ganged up on mcdonalds and we had this conversation about you while we were waiting to go to the bathroom...AWKWARD!!!but yeah...come back soon.


Kat S said...

Hi, its Kat from yes Canada! Woot for Canada but then again not woot since you haven't come to Canada. *sighs*. But that doesn't mean you never will and I will be the first to find out (since I check everything about you all the time). Hope you come so we can "Get Together" lol.

emilie said...

are you coming to boston on september 6th still?!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! Come to plano or dallas soon pleaseee!!!!

#1FANisamyniemela said...


thanks for hanging out with me before the concert in Ionia,MI!!! You were drinking that pepsi, and no one was around, so i HAD TO come see you, i mean i told you actually my mom told you we just saw you 2 weeks ago in Wisconsin, so true!..anyways, i know you're busy, but i just had to THANK YOU! Thanks for taking that picture with me also, and singing to me like you promised, you were so worth the 12 hour drive there!!! But that was my LAST concert :( !!! NOOO!! Ohh well, i'm sure you'll be on a tour next year or maybe even sooner, and come up to the U.P not the L.P haha in MI ...


#1FANisamyniemela said...

Do you remember i was like the ONLY one singing cheese jerkey with you?!!?!??!


Katie Busscher said...

MITCHEL! Thankyou so much for coming out to the Ionia Free Fair! I dont live out there. But i drove and hour and a half to get there just to see you! WOOT! ANd guess what i did! And i also omg *tears* got to hold your hand while you sang to me for a little bit of a song. IT was so magical! I love you and your songs to much! If you were on the stage i was standing off to your right, so whenever you went over to the speeker/ stood on it was when you were right next to me/in front of me! You did and amazing job! I'm still in aww of how great you do! I feel extremely special that i got to hold your hand! WOW! But i really would like to meet you sometime! ONce you're off tour! OH and btw I was the car that was in front of your tour on your way out of the Ionia Free Fair and we were waving then you guys flashed your lights. We were waiting for you guys to stop, but then you took an exit :(. oh well i'm hoping that i get to meet you sometime soon! I also got to know your band a little bit while they were watching Corbin's performance. They're sweet! And i also bought one of your hats that you signed. OMG! it's hanging in my room! :) lol.. Well i hope you are having a great fun/safe time on tour!

Carly said...

Hey mitchel! A new bus soo cool! to bad u didnt have it at ur first michigan concert at st joseph! oh well cant wait to see picturess! :) how was the concert on thursday?!? and have fun at ur concert tonight :)!

u gotta come back to chicago! as much fun as it is going to wisconsin and michigan to see u chicago misses u 2!!! :)

hope ur having fun at the rest of ur concertss!




Brittany said...

Yay! Your first tour bus! Good for you :)

I know, I haven't commented in a while but I've been pretty busy with summer and all.

So...Florida? Yeah?

Come on! Just one last stop before school starts! School starts August 18th in my county, which is Miami-Dade. So, uhhh, keep that in mind lol

Well, peace out Mitch! :)

<3 Brittany

ps. Congrats on the tour! I'm pretty proud of you. Keep it up and can't wait to watch the DC Games tomorrow :)

Hazel said...

hey mitchel.... i was wondering if you could post a video of you skating.... that would be cool. sorry this is off topic... i just don't want to remind myself that the macys was cancelled... but it's ok.... ill stay positive....

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
my mom is letting me send in an audition tape for america's got talent season 4...but i don't have any idea what song i should sing!!!!!can you help me out please?


Breann said...

HEY! u were AMAZING in Wildwood today!!!! i never had that much fun at a concert in my life! i was the 1st one there too i was waiting since 8:30 A.M. everyone that found out thought i was nuts lol but i would have never done it if u weren't there or for anyone else....and i wish i was able to take a pic with u but we were getting rushed but my sister got a really good pic of u with my Iphone.... anywho, how'd u like the jersey shore??

Love ya


kaylaaa122 said...

sounds like tons of fun!
will you be in arizona any time soon? :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
THanx for coming to wildwood u were phenomenal!!!! i hope to see you again.

Love ya,
<3 Lauren

Anonymous said...

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