Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hannah Montana was nominated for an EMMY!

Very Cool!

By the way, Miley will be hosting the Teen Choice Awards this year so I am looking forward to attending.

I am headed to the Venetian Festival this weekend, It will be a PARTY!! who's coming out to see me?

Hey.....head over to and tell me about when we met at one of my concerts OR make a plan to meet me!!

You guys have the best weekend ever!



selah said...

Congrats on the Emmy nom. :D

Annie said...

It seems like so many things are happening in California this weekend. I really wish I could be there!!!

I'll be at my dance camp from August 3rd to the 16th so I'm not going to be able to make it. :(

Gina said...

OMGSH!! im so proud of you guys dood <3 have fun at the party ily!! live it up + keep on working we all love you! and i look foward to seeing you at the teen choice awards and on aug 2nd at binghamton, NY <3
xoxoxo gina.

oliviaakiddo! said...

woahhh thats cool
i wonder if this will get posted
since my last comments did not

I'd Swim the Ocean For You♥ said...


WOW. congradulations !

i wish i lived near you so i could meet you. danng new england. :P

anyway have fun at your party
think about mee
just kidding....not really:P

love you

Taylor said...

ahh, mitchieee :]
thats awesomeeee ~!
have funn at the festivall !
come bacck to florida soon !
i miss youu~<3
loll :]

Alex :) said...

cool! what's an emmy? Even though I don't know what that is I'm sure it's good so Congradultions, you deserve it! I'll be sure to watch the Teen Choice Awards. Tell Miley I said Good Luck! :D

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

Have fun Mitchel!

Lova Ya,

Sienna said...

hey. Its amazing that the show waz nominated 4 an emmy!! i kno that u prob hear this a lot but i really love u!! And btw shanelle says congratulations!!

Love hannah and shanelle

carly said...

omg i really wanted to go to the teen choice awards i was supposed to be in cali tht week :( but not anymore!

im seeing u in michigan! cant wait! im getting there super early and leaving super early ahaha since its almost 3 hours away and theres a hour difference there! see u soon mitchel!



Ashlee said...


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

mitchel!!haha cant wait to see the awards.i heard that rap someone sent it to mee.i love it:) ur so pro.and very,very,very,very,vey hott;) me and my friends LOVE u:)

kelsee,ashlee,amy,jenni,brittney,sam,jessica,jill,kayla,hannah and caitlin:) yahh were all here and we all luv u!!!!:O:):D.lmfao

j.musso said...

mitchel ur the best i luv u sooo much! i hope u had a gr8 b day. even though it was a wile ago! :) i luv u.

Anonymous said...

mitchel musso i luv u soooooo much! ur the best! luv ya!
jessi musso

denise said...

i wish youd come to connecticut, mitchel!!! =[

Shannon loves Mitchel said...

i can't wait to see you at the teen choice awards!
i love you mitchel.

megan said...

wow! nicee!
do you know its like mad cheap to go the teen choice, me and my sister were gonna go but plus the airplane ride ++ hotel ++ food, it just didnt makea it!
lmao! but yeah schweet!
love you!

Anonymous said...

well that's sweet! have fun this weekend...i wish i could go see you!! but have a great time no matter what gets in your way!!


Kodhai said...

Thats pretty cool it was nominated for an Emmy! Amazing. =) Hope to see you at the Teen Choice Awards.

carmen512 said...

i love u mitch come back to texas!! try to come to austin tx please u have lots of fans here we love you :DD

amber ross said...

hey awsome thats awsome thats so awsome yeah cool can't wait to see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s i was the first to comment

Sarah said...

I'm working on trying to come but I'm having troubles getting tickets. Plus it's 3 hours away and my parents aren't thrilled with having me drive 3 hours across the state. But we'll see. Are you doing a meet & greet while you're there?

leanneee =] said...

thats so cool! hahah im sure that'll be fun [:


AlexlovesMitchel said...

I love you.
Come to Jacksonville, Florida!

Anonymous said...

I'll be attending the teen choice awards as well:) hope 2 see you again I miss you mitch..oh guess who's working with me at radio Disney now? Chris Stelly the one who was on tour with you with mileyworld well hope to see you soon

Taylor said...

thats cool congrats! and hope you have fun this weekend wish i could be there but i can't

love yas

Karus said...

It was nominated for an Emmy!


I'd like to go to one of ur concerts, but unfortunately I live in Argentina :( If only u came here.. !

Have a nice weekend!



sala said...

Wats up!? Another Emmy nomination? Sweet B).

Anyways, I hear you're filmin this week. I can see Oliver's role now:

Miley+Travis= a not so happy Smokin' Oken


Jelousy=Yay! Moliver!

Moliver=Miley and Oliver

Miley and Oliver=hints to come on Season 3 and maybe 4 :D

I'm pretty sure there probably won't be any Moliver in the movie though.

Haha, I'm hopin' Moliver will happen in the 3rd season! The chemistry is seriously there. no kiddin'. The hints r obvious! Crossin' my fingers!

Lol, anyways, have fun this week ;)

we all love ya:D

Mariam. [: said...

thats coooolie.

im gonna get tickets to teen choice.
so maybeeeeeeeee,
ill see you there!
that would be super tight. ! :D
cause i miss you kid!

peaceeeeeeeeeee <3

Mareen said...

Hey !
Congrats for the Emmy Nomination =)
I hope Hannah Montana wins this.
I voted even I am not from the USA =P And enjoy yourself at the party!
Aww man I want to enter too but Germany is germany and I cant fly to USA =D. Moneyproblems .. Anyways .. have fun =P

xx ily

Ewa said...

Hey Mitchel ;*
COOL.! I'm very happy you had fun.!
I can't come.!;( I want to see you...But...
I live in Poland.
I will do something to meet you.
Will you arrive for Poland sometime.?

Love You...!;* You're THE BEST!!!

Brie said...

OMG! That's so awesome! Congrats to you and the cast! I'm going to see you this at the fair! I can't wait!

Grace said...

Mitchel-I'll be at the Venetian Festival! I live downtown, and my friend and I are getting tickets today! Look for a curly dirty blond and a brunette. We'll be at Shadowland!

Grace said...

I'll be at the Shadowland Pavillion watching you tommorrow! See you soon!

I'd Swim the Ocean For You♥ said...


uh hey again.
my last post my name came out eg.
my name's not eg it's meg. haha


love you

brooke said...

that's so awesome (:
i wish i was going to one of the concertss.
have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hy mitchel,

Thats awesome!!!!

I wish i could go to the festival to see you but i can't.:(
But i hope you have a great time there.

My family and my other relatives are leaving to go to vacation tomorrow. :)
So we will be out of town until wednesday.It takes 8 HOURS to get where we are going in South Carolina.

Have an amazing weekend!!



Sierra said...

Wow that's awesome! You guys really deserved to be nominated. That's so cool that Miley's hosting the TCA's. Can't wait to watch. Have fun this weekend!

sierra said...

Wow that's awesome. You guys deserved to be nominated. That's so cool that Miley's hosting the TCA's. Have fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there!! I can't wait! see you tomorrow!!

-Katie R.

#1FANisamyniemela said...

hey mitch,

i'm not coming to this weekends' concert, but i AM going to the next one in Ionia, Michigan the Corbin Bleu one yay! That's how dedicated i am for you, i live in the U.P. that's the northest part of michigan and it's going to take me and my mom 9 hours of a drive from here to there, i'll be in the ninth row at the concert so see you thennn


Alana said...

Way Cool!!

Katie.<3 said...

congrats on the nomination!! you guys rock!
and im so excited to see you again this weekend! we have to leave really early cuz its like 5 hours with the time difference i think... haha. its totally worth it tho. =]

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel whats up? nun really lol congrats on the emmy!!!!!
I love you

Brittany said...

thatss sweeet (:

Daniela said...

ohh that's cool!
I hope she'll win!
LOVE U!! and I can't meet oyu because I live in Israel-_-
Daniela <333

Disa said...

Ah man. I wanna go to the Teen Choice Awards ahahaa.


j.musso said...

hi mitchel! will u please please cum 2 orgon? u dont no how much i need u to cum! =D
i luv u sooooo much. places in oregon close to me: k falls scremento salem portland keno!
and alot more but pleasee cum to oregon! thanks! i luv u soooooooo much. can u tell us on the blog wen ur upcumin concerts r?
i luv u sooooooooo much! i just got alo alot o' pics of u 2day!ur awsome! i luuuv u! so much! even thogh u hear it atot its true.

Austin said...

COngrats on Emmy nom!!! Thats so exciting!!! I can't wait to see you at the teen choice awards! Well I mean like see you on tv! I love you forevr! Wish I could be there to share it with you!

KT J. said...

I plan on doing that now =)
When I met you, I was like stunned, but you were so down to earth!
Anyway, Happy Touring, as always-
Love KT

Jocey said...

I'll be at the concert! Venetian festival is SO fun. Its amazing.
(I bet you're already here in St. Joe...dontcha just love it here? :D )
Seeya tomorrow!

Meghan said...

OMGOSH!!! I'm so happy for you guys on getting an Emmy nomination!!!! Woah that's amazing! Dude I really wish I can see yoiu this weekend but I live far away. But anyways CONGRATS!!!!!! =] =] =] =] =] =]

Anonymous said...

I'll see you on the 26th at Wildwood =]

But that probably doesn't help because I'm putting this comment in on 'anonymous' xD

Btw, OMG.

Metro Station's "Seventeen Forever" was used for "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" commercial! Dude, I freakin' freaked out!!!! Eeeee!!!

Yay, Miley's hosting Teen Choice :D I am happy. Hopefully well catch a glimpse of you... and I hope HM wins an Emmy. Y'all totally deserve it :D

GiGi said...

That's so awesome Mitchel!! Hannah Montana totally deserves to be win. I hope it wins an award at the TCA too, can't wait to see Miley host them!

I'll go check out that website for sure!

Have a great weekend!!


bryce said...

mitchel im so proud of you babe(:
best wishes <3


Meshia said...

I'm so glad that Hannah Montana got nominated for an Emmy. That's awesome! I wish I could see you, but I can never go. I hope you had fun at the Festival!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Emmy nom! You guys better win! :D

Oh, and just out of curiosity, did you ever have a song called "Somebody Out There"? I saw a bio thingy about you on some site, and it said it was the first song you ever song in front of an audience...? Ah, well I hope we'll all get to hear it someday (if this song exists).

BAAAH. Can't wait to see you in concert!

Kaybye. :D

Carolyn said...

Hey! I was one of the kids at CMW who got to open up for you at the venetian festival! Congrats on the emmy!

Anonymous said...

Ah dude. That sounds rad.

Tomorrow's my B-day and I took a few friends to Dave and Busters today and it was ballin. My parents also got me a beastin digital camera. o.O It was rad. Happy 17 forever to me. Woo. If I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday, I'm sorry. o.O I know one of my comments had "homosapian" in it, which means human, and it got deleted. lolllll


j.musso said...

hi mitchel musso! i luv u! i got a magizine today and its tigerbeat and it seriously has like 20 pics of u! it awsome! please cum to oregon! please please! :) i luv u so much! luv ya lots

Anonymous said...

when you were at venetian vestival in michigan u gave me a rose but due to the weather and the long line i was unable to get an autograph but i just wanted to say thank you my dream is to become a famous singer and u gave me five mintues of fame that will last forever thank you and you rock!

Carly said...

Ah greatt concert today!! i was glad i could see u again!

come to chicago soon



Gennine said...

Congrats on the Emmy, Mitchel. The cast of Hannah Montana def. deserves it! Blog more soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

Stephanie said...

I saw you at the Venetian festival! Sadly, I wasn't able to hear your performance though. I'm sure it was great though:)

ALEX said...

I met you at one of your concerts :)
But adkjacdkfj that was soooo long ago and I had to drive all the way to PORTLAND! But it was totally worth it.
Ummm Seattle soon please?

Maddie's Mom said...


My daughter and I attended the show yesterday at Venetian Festival - we were so impressed by the way you greeted the girls, my daughter is 5 and she was so happy she got to actually touch your hand, she also got one of the beach balls you signed. She says she is never washing her hand again and slept with the ball and the t-shirt last night and say she is going to marry you now:) Thanks again for making my daughter the happiest she has ever been, you are an amazing young man and hope you have continued success in your career.

Anonymous said...

OMG! ur show totally deserved it Mitchel!
i hope u are just as excited as all of ur fans are for u!


Juliey said...

Mitchel, I saw you this weekend at the venetian festival.

And it's so great that you took the time to go around and sign EVERYONE'S merch. It was my sister's 17th birthday, and you even wrote happy birthday on your shirt! Thank you so much, that just completely made her day.

I absolutley can not wait to see you Thursday at the Ionia Fair!
Congrats on the Emmy Nom btw.

You are so amazing, and such an inspiration. I'm so proud of you.
Man, I'm lame.


Gabriella said...

congrats on the Emmy nom! I hope my parents will drive me to the South Carolina one. I live like 4hrs away from there.I hope I get to see you in concert for the 2nd time.Come back to Georgia soon please!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I'm SOO excited that Hannah Montana got an Emmy nomination!! I totally hope you guys win!! And I'll watch the Teen Choice Awards too!

Katie told me you seemed to have an AWESOME time at the concert on the 19th! I really wish I could've been there!!

I did go on Tiger Beat/Bop website and wrote about a time I met you...and I can't wait to enter the contest!

Have the best week ever!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I met you yesterday! I'm the one who stayed after and gave you your birthday gift. I am glad you liked it! Your family is all SO nice! I got pics with your dad,Marc and your Mom! and of course with you! Your so cute in person!
and your mom's the sweetest person! She was SO nice!
So your coming back here on the 24th! I am very much hoping I can go. I hope you come back to Michigan soon, you know, besides the 24th. LOL Ok, well, ttyl! Molly says Hi!

-Katie R.

Emily said...

I'm going to the teen choice awards too! maybe i'll see you there! but i'm sure your seats will be way better than mine ;) haha


Gabriella said...

oh my gosh!! I just got my tickets for the South Carolina concert! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
excited! I can't wait to see you in concert again.Please have a meet and greet! I can't wait to see you in October!!

Anonymous said...

mitchel mitchel mitchel mitchel mitchel!!!!!!!!! i just heard metro station's seventeen forever on the new sisterhood of the traveling pants movie trailer!!! i flipped out pretty bad! to you l8r.


Carly said...

Hey mitchel! i finally logged back into my account i made a while back ahah! well thanks for doing a great show in michigan it was well worth a 3 hour drivee!

itd be great if u came back to chicago tho! SO much closer lol. wisconsin wasnt a bad drive either tho!

hey i read somewhere ur songs are going on itunes soon. well some of them. when is tht!! lol! ur music is great!

well ttyl have fun with the rest of ur tour!



SMOKIN OKIN!! :]] said...


I am like your biggest fan!!
i was wondering since i cant go 2 any of your concerts if your gonna be at six flags fiesta texas on july 23rd 4 the metro station concert!! i hope your there!! it will like make my day!! ILY!!!

Anonymous said...

Really cool!!
Hmmmm, unfortunately I usually miss the Teen Choice Awards...when is it anyways?...
Oh, we did go to the museum on Saturday... :) I saw a lot of Japanese, Egyptian, and Asian things. One of them was four-thousand years old! cool, don't you agree? So I had a pretty cool weekend. :) COOOOOOL!!!! A Contest!!
Unforunately, it seems I probably won't make to any of the concerts... :| My mom doesn't think we will be able to go... But ya never know, perhaps somehow I will be able to make it anyways :)
:) I hope you had a great weekend too!!! Your going to South Carolina? I will almost definitely be going to North Carolina around the second, first, or third, to see my brother graduate from college! lol

ok, well again, it looks like my comment will be slightly smaller then the usual...

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. Besides my actual name, my sister usually calls me
well at least she doesn't call me shorty anymore. (And I'm really not short at all...well I'm not super tall either...)

mitchelfan1 said...

wow thats awesome i hope it wins

Anonymous said...

I just heard metro station on the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 preview

Erin said...

hey just wanted to let you know Seventeen Forever plays on some commercials for the new sisterhood of the travelling pants movie!!

Chelsee said...


Well I don't know if Mason and the guys already know this, they probably do =P. but "Seventeen Forever" was the song on a trailer I saw for "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2"!!!!

haha, it made me really excited, I hope it's actually in the movie, too!


P.S. Congrats on the Emmy nomination!!!!

Samantha said...

Congrats to the whole cast and crew the Emmy nomination!

Mitchel...I'm very upset. You know why? YOU ARE GONNA BE AT THE IONIA FREE FAIR WITH CORBIN ON THURSDAY! That isn't that far from me. Maybe 90 minutes....But I'm completely broke and have no money for a ticket...Nor do I have a ride. How come everytime someone I love, like you, comes near me, I don't have money and its a Thursday? I really wish I could come Mitchel. I really do.....


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you have a facebook or myspace because there are many posers on both and many of your fans are adding them as friends and believe them to be the real you. For everyone's safety, I was hoping you could clear that up.

Anonymous said...

i was at vention and you SO ROCKED.
p.s. come back to st.joe sometime!

Alex said...

Mitchel ...

I wish i would of known about that meeting thing because one of the contest places were davenport, Iowa ... and i went to that concert !!! well anyways i guess i kinda meet you at that concert ... because me and my friend went out of the stadium and into this crowd were you were giving autographs for a short time ... soo me and my friend pushed our way throw the crowd ... by the time we got up there you said you only had a minute left and they you had to catch some plane .. but my friend had you talk to her friend on the phone and take a picture with her ... and you got to sign my t-shirt ...

if thats considered meeting you i guess i met you ... at the best concert ever in Davenport, Iowa !!!!

Cyrus Fan said...

It was a well-deserved Emmy too! Miley Cyrus is so very talented and worked hard for the nomination, as far as I'm concerned.