Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Bus is GREAT!

Hey guys, I am having the time of my life touring on the bus. We did a show in New Jersey today and you guys bought every piece of merchandise we brought! That was crazy! Our show in Ionia was equally fantastic and I love my fans so much! You guys are AMAZING. I will be in Petosky,MI tomorrow opening for Corbin! and on Monday opening for Corbin in Davenport,IA. I will see you there!

You may or may not already know this, but I wanted to pass along a couple of Youtubes....

Shake It by Metro Station which has close to 7 MILLION views INCREDIBLE!!!

and I just found out that My little brother Marc wrote a song and put it on YOUTUBE without telling us. I think he sounds Great! Give him some support and head over and listen to the song and perhaps give him a shout out!

You guys have a GREAT rest of the weekend!



sam said...

that all sounds awesome! i'm glad youre having fun :D

Mariam. [: said...

awhhh (:
im glad you like the bussss!
what does it look like?!

i heard your brother's music.
yall are one big singing family.

Ashlee said...

glad you had fun.

marc is a radd kid. with a radd voice. he's uberly awesome.

see you soon.?

oliviaakiddo! said...

coooolll stufff :]]

Elizabeth said...

Wow that sounds awesome!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

I'm glad you're having fun on the tour bus!! I can't wait to see it in person sometime!!

Shake It is one of my FAVORITE songs by Metro Station. I'm so glad they're doing so well.

I heard that song by Marc! It was REALLY GOOD!!!!! Can't wait to hear more.

Have a great week!!


brooke said...

ahh mitch, i'm so glad the bus is greattt :D.
i'm glad your having an amazing time touring!
maybe one of these days i'll see you, haha.
& marc is super cute. i love his videos and his voice is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Your little brother Marc is just as talented as the rest of your family! He sounds really amazing!

heard Metro Station was in Louisiana! i didnt get to go, but i was excited that they were here.

Good Luck on the rest of your tour!

Anonymous said...

oh!!!! iowa?!?! i should ask if i can go!!! oh wait monday...wait my dad has tuesday off so maybe just possibly i might be there! but maybe not this time :( marc is a cool kid...the whole musso brothers sing now...amazing! good luck with your concerts and maybe hopfully i might be there monday!


francesemily said...

It was great seeing you yesterday =]

That picture that was taken of us, came out extra awkward looking. HAHA.

I didn't even see the bus yesterday! But I am glad that you are enjoying it =]

But yeah, when I went to buy a shirt, there was none left.
HAHA. Thanks for having so many fans.

I hope you have an amazing rest of the tour, and hope to see you soon .


ALEX said...


i heart you!

DENISE said...

mitchel i really hope you come to connecticut soon! id love to hear you sing live!!! =]
looove you <3

megan said...

those are good youtubes, but my favorite one you don't have posted on here.. here i'll put the link..

^^ its you doing the weather report in hawaii-SWEET! = ]

heres another one.. its pretty random. and the whole time i keep saying omg i met mitchel musso, cause it was at darien lake like 20 minutes after i met you. oh and we were on the ferris wheel. check it!

yeah! so haha
love you!

oh and good job with everything!

Jenny said...

i saw shake it music video at american eagle yesterday. haha. i was "ooh metro station!"

marc has a song?
i will go watch that video. lol

Katie.<3 said...

heyyy you should put pictures of your bus on here so we can all see it!! hehe. marcs pretty much amazing too. my sister is like in love with his song. its super cool.
well have fun in michigan and iowa... =]

Carly said...

hey mitchel congrats on having if i didnt have u being 5 on the top 30 countdown! soo cool!

glad ur having fun on the bus! i wanna see it! :)

omgso cool ur opening for corbin! i was just at his show here in illinois on friday! i think u shoulda opened for him there! lol

marcs song is amazing! man u mussos all have talent its crazy!!

shake it is getting a lotta of fame! lol i just voted for it for the vma awards! tht would be amazing if they won!!

hey tell us more about tht music video and song with mason!

wow this is getting to be a long comment! ttyl



brie said...

Now Mitchel, you know i'm so happy for you with your bus......but HOW can I see it if you don't tour to CHICAGO?!?!?!?!?! You neeeeed to have a concert, dude! I'm dyin to see you again!

WOOOOOO! SHAKE IT! Awesome song. That was MY SONG for a long time, but now it's like everyone else's song.....but it's still MINE! WOOOOOO! YAY METRO STATION!

&& I heard Mark's song, too....very cool! he takes right after his brothers!

luv, brie

KT J. said...

I'm not really a big Corbin fan, but I am a big fan of you, Mitchel, no offense to Corbin!

I know, I watched that video of Marc weeks ago lol It is great!

Congrats to Metro Station- I dance to Shake it 25/8 :)

Happy Touring, Mitchellllllllll<3

ally said...

corbin bleu? that sounds like lots of fun! haha yeah i saw marcs song its pretty good! lol and i saw the shake it video so many times luv it!
have fun on tour!


Allie said...


I met Jonathan from Forever the Sickest Kids, and that just was the highlight of my day. But my sister went to the hospital because someone was crowd surfing and hit her in the shoulder. She couldn't hear or see for like, 25 minutes. I was like JESSIE!!!! I started to cry too, we had to leave and everything, but she was ok, and she came back, and we explained our story, and they let us in. But, she's ok. She was like, "I ruined the day for Allie, it was her first Warped tour, I wanted it to be special", and I was all, "its ok! as long as your ok!". But she met her fave band, I met the lead singer from mine, it was all good. And waiting for my sister at the med tent, I saw Travis from We the Kings and I was smiling and crying at the same time. I was like "TRAVIS! I LOVE YOU!". Man, his hair is freakin' sweet. You have to admit it.

I really wish you'd play a show on Long Island! Then I could go! Please?

That;s so cool! See, kids in the NY/NJ area love ya, come back soon!


GiGi said...


I'm so happy to hear that you're having a great time!! That's awesome. My friend went to the New Jersey concert so that's pretty dang cool!

Wow, I can't believe Shake It has so many views!! That IS incredible! Go Metro Station!

Oh yeah, I saw Marc's song when he posted it, it's AWESOME! I left him a really nice comment. You guys so amaze me. You should be the Musso Brothers! Haha, like the Jonas Brothers, but in my opinion you three are even better than them. LOL.

Still can't wait for your CD!!


Gennine said...

MITCHEL! I tried going to the show in Jersey, but I had to go to NY Mets game. Next time though! It's cool to hear that you're having fun touring. Metro Station rox my sox! blog more soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

haha aww mitchel thats awesome.
yah me and my friends heard like 10 mins after marc put it on we luv it!we actuallu were walking around the mall singing it.haha but he is amazing and i ♥ mason too :).he is gorgeous all three of u are;) im listening to shake it right now:) i was just listening to disco.:)
they are so great!haha im seeing miley in concert soon:) i cant wait!i got her new CD ;p.haha i cant wait for ur cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:O i will even skip school to get it the first day:) (if its not out until school).anyway we luv u:)haha im SO happy for u mitchel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kelsee,kristy and ayslynn:D

Gina said...

ohhh shnapp!! im glad youre having a sick time dood <3 ily! and chyeaa i've heard Marc's song :) i thought it was aweswome, lol i think its funny how he didnt tell you ;P teheh SO guess what im seeing u in six dayssss at the Spiedie fest and then im seeing ur broo on AUG 15th at his concertt (: ily!!
xoxox Ginaa

Amber said...

Mitchel, thank you so much for coming to Jersey!

You were amazing yesterday. That is soo cool you sold all of your merch while you were here!

Meeting you was amazing! Thank you for the hug. =] And when you asked security to let us up to the front was so funny. I was about one or two people from the stage at that point. It was lame how they wouldn't let us up. But it was still super fun.

Come back soon! My best friend and I can't wait to see you again!!

Bridget said...

That 2 hour trip to WildWood turned out to be like 4 hours lol too much traffic! But it was worth it, even though they gave me the run around at the arena. I was the girl in the Metro Station shirt with the paint spatter backpack, I must have been the ONLY 20 year old girl there lol I got trampled on by litle girls. That was CRAZY!! It sucks they tried to rush the stage on ya. I felt sorry for you :( I was actually walking behind the stage where the dancers were, and when I came out you were telling security to stop all those girls lol anyway I didn't even get to meet you or buy any merch, boo for that. anyway great show! sorry for the long post lol <33

DeleeshaMelton said...

ii WaS At R CoNCeRt iN NeW JeRsEy iN wiLdWoOd u roCk i eVeN GoT To take a pic with u ..luv ya
deleesha and can i get ur number..
im ur biggest fan

leanneee =] said...

hahah thats cool [:
dudeee i was in jersey the same day that you wereeee. i wish i couldve gone though haha. sounds like this is gonna be a good tour. (:


MeganP2010 said...

awww yayyyy yea Mitchel you need to check out all of Marc's videos lol he's a funny one... I don't know if he deleted this one or not but he had this entire video about how he needs a girlfriend and how all the ladies around LA should myspace him and stuff lol he's pretty coooool

and i'm so happy for all of your music stuff! You should definitely come to the bay area/san francisco and do a concert and then you can chill out with meee!! yeaaa

k ttyl

hay said...

marc didnt tell yall.
you guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. How's the bus? Anyway, I know it is sooooooo late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL. Your birthday is easy for me to remember as my birthday falls on the day after! And we're born on the same year! Haha. But I'm in Singapore and you're in America so if we count the time difference, I think we might be born on the same day. Haha. I'm lame. Have fun in the bus! Hope you're feeling awesome! Have a nice day!

Annie said...

Hopefully I'll be seeing Metro Station on Thursday. Assuming my mom will let me make the two-hour drive up there alone. Hmmm, wish me and my awesome driving skills luck.

You need to beg for some Florida dates. Do whatever it takes, Mitchel. Hahah, no, but that'd be amazing. Hopefully I'll get to see you soon.

Have an awesomeee time on tour and rockin' out in your bus. :)

megan said...

heyy mitchel = ]
megan agian! yeahh man! well i forgot to say woahh! awesome! to the bus! hehe

and also i was watching drake and josh- it was my parents party so i was entertaining little kids! i swear! but i commercial for sister hood of the traveling pants came on... and 17 forever was playing in the background!!
I WAS LIKE HOLYY CRACKERS! haha yes- they were little kids =].
so uhm yeah.. go metro station!
(im ditching the joe bro concert, to see metro station, boys like girls, and the maine!) just to let you knoww!
love you!

Nikita Bimson said...

in your next post you should describe your bus please.


Carly said...

i was at the ionia show!!
it was amazingg
you might remember me :]
and maybe my friend too

i was in the 4th row
(on your left)
then i was in the very front
when everyone was right in
front of the stage. haha

and we stood up and were dancing
like crazy, until we were
told to sit down :[

oh and i was wearing one of the
autographed hats during some of
the concert :)

and then when you were leaving,
you said some stuff to me :D

haha ily
im so glad your having a great
time with all of this :)

i love youu
<3 Carly

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel
it sounds like your havin a blast! im glad you like the bus. hope to see pics of it soon (hint hint)

marc's song was really good. your whole family is just so talented.

cant wait til your cd comes out...when is that anyway?

just watch the dc games tonight and as always you look ever so cute. hope yall win. GO RED TEAM!

well now im just rambeling on so i think i should go.

emily h.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Mitchel! I was at your New Jersey concert. I was in the only group of girls remotely close to your age there xD You were amazing. My gothic-rock-punk-rocky, eyeliner wearing friend with the green/pink highlights was with us, and dude... she actually liked you. Now that, my friend, is saying something.

And, hey... you stayed behind and signed everyone's stuff, even after we were all strictly told you had to leave in thirty minutes. I greatly admire that. Major kudos to you. You're great.

And you signed my cell phone. It still smells like permanent marker. Wow. That sounded really stalkery.

Anyways, yeah. Again, you were amazing. You'd better stop by again soon... hopefully opening for Miley, or better yet, headlining your OWN concert. Can't wait to see you again. [/corny joke ends here]

Oh - and has anyone ever told you that your brunette back up dancer bears striking resemblance to Miley at different angles/from a far? 'cuz. Yeah. I got some shots of her on stage and. Yeah. She does.

BY THE WAY. My friends and I are IN LOVE with Leland, just so you know xD We've been fangirling about him nonstop since the concert! (gawdhessooohawt) Your band rocks. Please do send our love. (especially to Leland xP)

P.S. youweremyfirstconcert =]

Noel said...

Mitchel, the concert in Petoskey was amazing. and Olivia and Kristina and i are glad we got to meet you. [we were like the oldest three at the meet and greet, bahaha.]
You should come back,to Petoskey again.

oh and marc, is so adorable and has an amazing voice just like his older brothers.

and for metro station, i love them alot. shake it, is pretty much an amazing song and basically all there songs are amazing. but wish we were older or seventeen forever are my favorite of all time.

Hayley Michaud said...

Heeeey Mitchel :)

I heard Marc's music, it's awesome! I've seen Mason a few times in concert, he's really good :D

But Mitchel... I haven't seen YOU yet :(

I live all the way in New Hampshire though, so that could be the reason :P

I would loveeee to see you though, or talk to you or something :)

<3 Hayley

mitchelfan1 said...

i heard the song it was awesome i hope you get on ellen mitchel hope your haveing fun on your tour bus

brittany said...

hey mitchel. i met you at your wildwood show. you did great. i was gonna send you the pics of me you and dannon but idk where to send them to haha well good luck with the rest of your shows.. <<<333 brittany

Anonymous said... bus is sweet looking. i should have gotten a picture of it. i saw it at the ionia concert


kaylaaa<3 said...

let me say that i was at your show in new jersey and it was amazing!!! i cant wait to buy your cd... its not out yet, right? i've been trying to figure out if it is but so far, no progress.

and i want you to know how cool it was for you to do a meet and greet after the NJ show even though you weren't supposed to. its really amazing how you take time out for your fans even though you had to get son the road for your next show. im happy to say i got to meet you, and am waiting for you to call sometime, like you said:D

ℓαnα , said...

wooahh , you have your very own bus now ??? :O

thats amazing Mitchel ! I bet your having a BLAST :) !! what does it look like ?? i'm sure it looks just as AMAZNGG as you .. since it's your bus , aha !!

ohhh btw , is Marc making a CD ? if he's not , he DEFINATELYY should ! his song is awesome ! your whole family is just SOO talented !! :) speaking of CD's , when is yours being released ? can't wait for itttt !!

i can't help but feel like i've missed soo much !! i just got back from vacation on saturday, and i'm just getting on the computer now! i saw Nelly and Jesse McCartney live in concert in Halifax. they both looked and sounded UNBELIEVEABLE! <3 i also went jet skiing with my cousins about a week ago , i actually love those things so much aha!

anyway, i have to go to work, fun fun fun ! take care buddy ! keep up the awesome work, and keep having the time of your life on your tour :) <3
- lana

Anonymous said...

yay you like your bus and yeah marcs song is down right AMAZING the fans in Colorado want you back make a quick stop for me please. hannah and i miss you so much it is so not funny.

Alex :) said...

where's the pitures i begged for?
glad your having fun.

kelsey said...

wow metro station did it! they made it to 7 million! tht is beyond amazing!!

i like marcs song! very catchy!

mitchel tell us more about ur bus!and i hope u have a nother concert tour coming up i would love to see u!! my friend went to one of the concerts in michigan it was her first and she LOVED IT!

well i really hope to see u one day!!

much love

josiee(: said...

marc's amazing.
mason's amazing.
you're amazing.
one talented family.

jv said...

im gonna listen 2 ur brothers song rite now! i luv u! please come 2 oregon!!!

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

you and your family is so into the music right now lol.
and your opening for corbin?
then you should deffently come to the canfield fair in ohio!
imma be at the concert in the 18th row haha ; so you should go and open for him there! its the 28th of april so yah lol.

Have a great week =)

Jessica Benedetto =)

Clare said...

Marc's song rocks!!! ive watched it like a billion times

P.S. Metro Station is awesome too!!

Katie Busscher said...

OMG I WAS IN THE IONIA CONCERT! wow. your great.
i bought one of your hats! .. def. my favorite hat now! hah
i love you so much.
your amazing!
much love

Nori said...

Hey Mitchel! I went to your concert in Michigan Petoskey! It was Amazing!!!! Hope you had a safe ride home. :) You have this cool personality that i love!! Well i went to go buy one of your pictures at the concert and they were all out! Isnt that amazing! Well i geuss everyone likes you! Well i do of course! Well i just dont like you i ♥ you! Well i hope we can become really good friends in person and here!Hopefully i will meet you some day! Also if i do i want a huge bear hug! I do cause you are cute too! I should get going! One more thing also if theres another behind the scencs date thing for you please pick me! Ok Mitchel i will get going. Alright Bye, I ♥ YOU! Write me back to!

Gelaine said...

YEEEEEE ;D metro station - shake it has 7 milllionn viewws !

andd i'm glad ur havin fun touringg =D


Anonymous said...

glad you're liking the bus mitchel :).

i saw marc's video... he was so good. he takes on alot after his brothers.

congrats to metro station!!!!! i'm in love with shake it!!! and i'm WAY too excited to see them on the 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WAHOO!!!!!!!!!! :)

i watched the DC games last sat. sucks you guys lost that challenge.
but i have feeling you guys are gonna win!!! GO RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have funn on the road and i hope i'll see you really soon, kayy babe?? :)
love you<3333

ishgeelaine! said...

heyy metrostatio-shake it ! lol i LOOVE that song they deserve to have that many views !

i'm glad yur lovving the buss ;D
when can yu visit CANADA?

Nori said...

Hey Mitchel! I went to your concert in Petoskey MI!!! OMG! It was amazing! I ♥ you so much! You are cute too! So what have you been you to? Me nothing much just waiting to meet you! YEAH! So i hope we can become really good friends in person and on here! And im glad the bus was great! Well write back! I ♥ you!
bye! -Nori-

MAK said...

Yo Mitchel its mshkoadekwe i dont know if u remember me but it was like 10:30 at night and u were at the days in siting in the pick nick table with ur take out from Garfeilds and u shoock my hand and i told u my name and u said "cool i dont think ill remember it but cool"We toock a picture and we huged it sort of just fell in to place.I touched ur hair and said u shouldnt cut it and u said "K"..I was the 1 with short brown hair and blond in the back with blond hilights and glasses...I wrote u a letter and i hope u read it when u get back from tuor and mail back and not 1 of those kind u get done 4 u a real 1 written by u and every thing..I know ur buisy and every thing but if u love ur fans as much as u say u do then u will..I LOVE U!!!

ashley said...

omg he srsly didnt tell you guys? i saw it like 3 mins. after he posted it, i think it was good. =]

hopefully you will come on tour to florida next time? yes yes?

Gabriella said...

Hey Mitchy!
I can't wait to see your bus! I bet it is amazing! and Shake It=one of the BEST songs EVER!! I love Metro Station! all of there songs are soo great to dance around and sing to. Which I do all the time. lol. my favorite song by Metro Station would probably be Tell Me What To Do,Kelsey,Disco, control or shake it. I really love them all though! lol. I can't wait to see you in concert again! I just saw Metro station in concert and they were soo great! you and Mason kinda look alike. lol. well I can't wait to see you again!
your devoted fan from Georgia,

Gabriella said...

Marc has an amazing voice just like his amazing brothers. go Shake IT!! and Metro Station ROCKS!!
I hope I get to see you soon in concert!
your devoted fan from Georgia,

Anonymous said...

ur bro was pretty good and he looks alot like u! i've nvr seen him b4 but he sounds great!

Carlee said...

i was born in davenport!

Joanna said...

Aw man I come to New Jersey too late lol!

Glad you are loving/loved the tour. I hope you do some more in the future!