Sunday, July 01, 2007


Guys.....I can't put into words how excited I am about this week. First of all.....I'm turning 16! Very Cool! And....I am also making my music debut this week at CityWalk on July 4th at 7:00PM.

I'm looking forward to all of your thoughts after the song gets out and more and more of you hear it. I am very thankful to everyone who helped put this all together too. I plan to have it put onto YouTube as soon as I possibly can.

By the trip to Florida was fantastic. I stayed at the Swan Resort. We always stay in a different this was great. They have an all night buffet and me and my friend Kyle took advantage of that. I worked on the Boardwalk at the Boardwalk Hotel and got to play some of the new Disney Video Games that are coming soon on the DS and the Wii,etc. and they were all Very cool!

I ended up at Seaside , Florida for the last 5 days of the trip and ran into all kinds of fans wherever I went and they were ALL great and I loved you guys being brave enough to just come up and say hi! and......for the record....I'd much rather you come up and say hi than try to secretly take a picture with a cell phone when you don't think I'm looking.

The Beach was HOT and great and I spent my time with my best friend Kyle and my little brother Marc and we skim boarded a lot and ate a lot and just hung out with a couple of old friends and relaxed and watched movies on into the night and had a Blast!

I did eat Seafood.....I did not eat Lobster......of course.

If you haven't visited recently...please do.....there's a couple of new videos right when you sign on that I would love for you too see. And yes...that's my POPSTAR date in the last. She was nice and ended up staying and watching us film for the evening. Hopefully she has great memories to share with friends...everyone on our set thought she was great!

Hannah Montana cast had another big photo shoot yesterday. We have been on Hiatus for a couple of it was great seeing everyone!

If you haven't bought your copy of POPSTAR out and get it....I'm actually on the cover with the cast....and I'm happy about that. I love being a part of the show and I really miss it when I'm not on the set. The entire cast is fantastic to work with and we all have a blast every week we're together.

I shot a Super Short Report today and it was great working with the kids. We did a little improve and that is always fun. I'm not sure when it will air....but be looking for it.

I work on Phineas & Ferb this week, and my little brother Marc will be working on "The Perfect Game"....a new movie that he has a small part in.

Come see me on the 4th at's only need to pay for parking. It is open to the public and we want everyone to come! I can't wait for you to hear "Let's Go" and I plan on sharring some more new music with you soon. There will be an autograph signing afterwards.

Thanks for being the Best fans in the world!



karina. said...

wow, that was a LONG post mitchel! i'm glad you had an amazing time in florida. haha, i would've taken advantage of an all-night buffet too, that's awesome! aw, that sucks people were trying to take your picture secretly. i will definitely be getting the new issue of popstar soon =) ah, wish i could go to your performance july 4th! but it's a long drive from northern california, and besides i have work that morning anyways =/ but i'm sure it'll be AMAZING.


Anonymous said...

awesome mitchel! i wish i could see you in 4th of july, but i live in ohio and can't go :(

hope to see you soon though! happy 16th birthday!


Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel

Thanks for the post, i love seeing what you have been doing.
sounds like a really fun week. :D
Ahhh its Nearly your 16th Birthday.
Have a great week, i no you will.
take care, im always here to surport u.
i love you loads

bianca; said...

im excited to see you at universal city walk. and my sister has the same b-day as you. neaat.

Anonymous said...

lol thats was lots but cool
hey mitchel i am so glad you had fun and really thats rude i dont think i would come up 2 u im 2 shy i know you dun like shy peopls but yesh and omg that so rude well i think it is thats so not cool lol and well yesh i live a hour away from were thats going on but guess what on the 4th we are having a party so im stcuk home ugh that suckes i wish i could come i really wanna meet cha and well yesh your turning 16 omg thats awsome lol haha yesh love it and well i hope you have an awsome birthday lol im almost 15 i was all like omg mitchel almost 16 and my lil sister laughed and said hes older then you lol shes 10 almost 11 almost like marc lol but yesh i was like ok funny lol j/k well love cha biggest fan
~nicole aka nickel ~

Sayvon said...

hey mitchel
i am turning 14 on July 9th same day as yours cool huh?
well happy early birthday and good luck performing july 4th!
I am definitely coming to the performance! i came from Greenville, South Carolina! so umm yeah it took a while to get there!
i am going back to greenville july 9th for my birthday!
well i hope you have a great birthday and i can't wait to hear your new music!
It's Gonna Be Awesome!

Samantha said...

Wow! You have been busy!!! So, maybe your birthday isn't for another week, but in case I don't get on and tell you then, Happy Early 16th Birthday Mitchel!!!!!

I can't wait to hear the song! And I'm glad your trip was awesome. Wow, you are busy! I just can't say it enough.

I just got back from two weeks of camp, and they were awesome! I liked the first better, but they were both good. I have to go type it all up for my friend Erika now, so...

Have a great week leading up to your birthday!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG first of all I HAPE U HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY u diserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i want to see u the fourth but i live in chicago... and i kinda cant go so goood luck with that i cant wait to see it on youtube! and once again have an awsome birthday!!!
♥ maddie

Paige said...

Thanks for the long post! I can't wait to hear your song. I'm sure it will be great. Everyone who met you is wicked lucky. You never come to the other side of the country so that I can be able to meet you. But that's okay, myabe sometime in the future? Anyway, I hope you have a GREAT birthday!

Kad. said...

Haha, glad you had fun! You're getting old! D: Then again, I will be 16 in 6 months... --;
All-night buffets are the best, haha. Hope your performance will be a great one :)

Alli C. said...

Mitchel, good luck!!! Happy b-day!!! I will be sending you a birthday card in the mail. i have my friends party 2day........ya. So once again, GOOD LUCK! i can't wait to listen 2 your song!!!

alexxxx said...

i love the part were you talk about when people take pictures of you when they think no one is looking ahaha....and i think i'll see you perform because i fly into lax so i think a bunch of friends adn i are gunna go down =] cant wait!

Anonymous said...

heyy Mitchel! Good luck on performing, I'm sure you will rock it. My 16th birthday is tomorrow, kinda kewl that ours are days away from eachother! Haha, keep up the awesome acting!

x0x Katie

cutieluver said...

i thought ur b-day was on the 9th mitchel

Alli said...

wow that was long lol and i must tell u... i should have won the date thing... i hope they have another one or at least something that i can meet u cuz we have a lot in common! cant wait for ur music!!! love ya


Anonymous said...

fun!!!!....wish i could make it 2 c but i live 2 far away!!!!....1 week til u turn 16!!!....that's awesome!!...u'll have a fun though, right?

last week i finished my summer adventure zone at the local was a lot of fun but it was hard to let go of the new friends i made there....most of them were from japan!! was so cool!

i'm glad u had fun in flordia with ur friend sounds like u had the best time ever!!!!!...and marc too!!!...can't wait to see his new movie once it comes out!!!..well g2g!!
KEEP ROICKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

o yeah...i luv the mind reading powers mitch!!!....i could stop thinking about that 4 about 3 days!!!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, You are the best!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could come see you on 4th of July but I live in Arkansas! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

brie said...

wow! there's been lots of things going on in your life, mitchel! glad you had fun in florida! (it's a good thing u didn't eat any lobster!)

isn't it soo kool to knonw you'll be 16 soon?????!!!!! WOW! my b-day is 3 days after yours, so i'm very excited! i'll be 14 this year! YAY! and again, i hope you do a great job at CityWalk! i know u will!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...

Dang Mitchel!

Good luck with your new sining career. I hope you do great...

Its always fun to take advantage of all you can eat buffetts. I did one time for was great! Were you able to try out the new Hannah Montana game for Wii??

I guess I con't take more pictures of you with my phone...J/K! I'll be sure when I first meet you I'll come up and say hi once my legs stop shakeing. I'm pretty shy.

The person who won the date was really pretty! POPSTAR! Magizine said that she looks like a Disney Channel star herself! I can actually see that. I'm planning on getting the Hannah DVD as soon as I can. I get Miley's CD the last time I went to the store and next time I'm gonna get the DVD. Yeah..

What did you do the Super Short Report on? I'm trying to figure that out but nothing comes to mind. Having fun on Phineas and Ferb and I wish your brother luck on his movie role!

And you're very welcome! The thing is..we don't try to be the best in the world..somehow we just are! ;]

<3 Liz

georgina said...

WOOOOOOOW that was a really long post, but thats a good thing lol :]

I hope you have an amazing birthday, and dont forget to read our messages on the mmo forms, theres a special thread of messages that ally send the link to your mum, which by the way i started so my message is first :)

I hope your show gets out on youtube because i reallllly want to watch it, its gona be awesome!

Glad you had a blast in Florida!

If i saw you, id come up to you and talk you to death lol :]

lol, glad you didnt eat lobster, we dont want you having an elergic reaction..

ive seen the videos on and your date seemed lovely :]
hope you had a great time

thanks for the great update and thanks for being the best actor/boy in the world lol

--Georgina xx

Anonymous said...

that was Super long!

i am totally going to get the popstar thing soon!
i would come to the 4th of july thing if i lived in the states, but i am going to be in the states for the 4th of july!

luv ya

- Melissa

mariam. [: said...

i can't wait to see you 4th of july!
im so excited.
you're adorable.
and i'm glad you had fun in florida!

see you soon!

jordan said...

I just heard from my gramma that my aunt is having her baby on july 9th!!! What a coinsedence! [sp?] anyways happy birthday to you and my new cousin!!

Jacquelyn said...

Whoa long post!!!! Thanx Mitchel!!!! =D Sorry I haven't posted in a while....I've been concentrating soooo much on driving that I haven't turned on my computer in over 2 days!! LOL

Sounds like you had an awesome time in Florida!!!! =D That's great...

I'm glad your date went well!!! =D Happy she won... ;)

Oooh! My last day of driver's ed is tomorrow!!!! =D FINALLY!!! I actually don't mind's really fun!!! =D I have a HILARIOUS instructor.....he's a riot...he keeps saying that when he retires he wants to go to Rome and go to Gladiator school!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY (IN A FEW DAYS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh i still have to send you your bday card...I promise I'll do that this week!!!!! Sweet 16!!! Niiice!!! =D

I'll keep a look out for that Super Short Report!!! =D OH, and when does Phineas & Ferb premiere?? Just wondering...

Can't wait for Marc's movie!!! =DDD

Have the best time with "Let's Go" in 2 days!!! I wish I could see you and hear it....That would be awesome!!!!!!!! =D

I still have to get the new Hannah Montana 2 CD and Popstar Profile....I'm going shopping today so I'll definitely get a copy!! =D

Weeellll, Have an awesome week!!!

And hey, the Best fans in the world need to have you, the best person in the universe!!! =D We love you more than anything!!! ♥

Yours forever and always, ♥

Popsicle and Izze said...

We guess this means you can drive now! Sounds like you had a blast in Florida! Oh, and good luck with the song! We really wish we could see you at citywalk, but we can't come. :( Oh well! Have a great birthday! :)

-popsicle and izze

ttran said...

YAY!! I'm happy to hear you had a great time in Florida! It sucks that I can't actually be there to SEE you perform, but I will most definitely watch it on Youtube! This week sounds like it'll be a BLAST!! Have fun!

Happy Sour Sweet Sixteenth Birthday! WHOOO!!

Fer said...

Hey mitchel!
I'm glad you had a great time in Florida =D
aww I would love to meet you but I live in Mexico so...would you ever come?
But I'm definitely buying popstar!
well keep having an amazing time =)
I love you<3

Katie R. said...

Mitchel, I hope you have the BEST Birthday EVER!! And i'm glad to hear that you had a blast in FL! Did you happen to see on IMDb that we all said Hi to your friend Kyle? it was an intire thread of it!! You may have to look in some of the older threads to find it. That girl(Anna?) looked like she had a fun time with you on her date. I hope you have a fun week and i know you will do AMAZING on your song/dance on Wednesday!! Can't wait to see it online!! and Have an AWESOME 4th of July!! Your Friend, Katie

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had fun! I can't wait to see the new 365 and the short report! Also, I'm glad that your date went well, and I'll have to get the magazine when it comes out in New England! (It hasn't come out yet where I live, but I expect it to come out on the seventh). There's nothing much going on in my life, but I am in our summer production of High School Musical. That's pretty much it. Also, once again, happy early birthday, and good luck with your concert! I can't wait to see it on youtube and I'm sure I'll love it! Have fun! *smile*


Rachel said...

I seriously wish I was in LA right now. So I could see you perform you NEW song! & DANCE! ahhh!
Well good luck at it! I know you're gonna be AWESOME.
I wish I saw you at Florida 2.
But unfortunately I'm stuck in TX taking advance classes in summer school. haha. It's still OK tho.

and I seriously wish I could go to your 16 BLINGIN' BDAY BASH PARTAY! haha. You wanna like send me an invititaion? haha. well HAVE AN AWESOME 16TH BDAY! hope u get that car you want! ROCK ON! =]
& tell us all about this week!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Becky said...

You stayed at The Swan? That's cool. It's a really nice place. I'm glad you had fun. I really wish I could go see you perform!! I hope that everything goes really well!! Please put those videos up ASAP! And I hope that you have a very nice birthday!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love when you have your long posts. I think that it's great of you to always be communicating with your fans and to always be intouch with your fans! I very much SALUTE you for that. Although I would've loved to have been the winner of the Popstar! date, I'm glad you had a fun time! HEHE! I really wish I could come out to LA to see you peform , but I'm here in Chicago! Actually, this weekend we're going to Detroit ,and Ontario, Canada! I'm stoked! I really wish you luck with your peformance, and want you to know that I WILL always be your #1 fan! SIGNING OUT, LYNN!

P.S. I really wish that someday I would have the chance to meet you in person, that is truly one of my ultimate dreams! Let's hope it happens!

Dani said...

Sweet Nibblets! Long post today!!! In fact, I think you broke your record! Congrats!!!

I can't wait to see you sing and dance!!! I can't go....Living in IL can sure put a stop on last minute trips like that...I asked my dad, and he said, "Yeah, then we're gonna take a cruise to Australia!” Haha, sarcasm is a great gift in my family! So, I can’t wait to see it on YouTube!! Good luck and have fun!!!!!!

Glad Disney World was fun! Speaking of video games…I just bought a new one for my Nintendo DS!! Actually, its not really a game….its called DS Browser and it uses WiFi and you can get on the internet! It’s so cool!!! I brought it to my summer school class that has WiFi and was checking out your blog(on my break of course….*cough*), when my friend came over and was like, “Haha, you nerd playing video games in school!” I’m like, “No! I’m on the internet!” And she was like, “Cool! Wait….CAN I CHECK MY MYSPACE????” She got to check her myspace, and she told me, “BRING IT TOMORROW!!!!!”

If I was out and saw you, I’d defiantly come up and say hi! I’m pretty outgoing though! Maybe some people are shy…..or they could be working for the FBI…..and trying to take your picture because they are trying to see if your really a spy working for another country…..that’s why……

Skim boarding is killer fun!!! Have you tried kneeboarding? That’s sweet too!

Lobster is good…..shrimp is better!!!!!! No worries!!

Thanks to my dad being cheap, unfortunately I have dial-up so it takes FOREVER to load videos….but I will see it eventually…in approximately 6 hours, 54 minutes, and 42 seconds…..41……40…….39……..38…….

Can’t wait to see the Really Short Report….I saw the one with Emily and Jason….it was funny!
Congrats to your little bro with his movie, and keep working hard on Phineas & Ferb and on Hannah Montana!!!

Again, have fun at you performance; I’m sure you’ll be AWESOME!!!!


53 minutes, 34 seconds, ……..33………….32……….31…………..30………



WOW, that was a LONG post! i wish i could see you on july 4, but i live in new jersey so i cant. i just got the issue of popstar, and you are so hott!! Tell Marc i said good luck and cant wait to see the movie!♥! if i was there i would of came up to you!! well good luck on july 4th and have lots of fun!

p.s.- my aunt[shes 17] said you look like a goof ball and a dog with your hair like that! but its not true.

Tiffany said...

wow! thanks for the longgg update! is your friend still with you or did he go back to his home state aleady? sounds like you had an awesome trip! haha, they were taking pictures of you. i would have just walked up and asked to take a pic with you! actually, i've met you and done that before :]

anyways, have a great day and thanks for the update! can't wait to hear your music!


savanah said...

hey i hope you have an awesome 16th birthday! ill definately be waiting for your performance on youtube. :)


Catherine said...

Hey, Mitch, I'm glad you enjoyed sunny FL! I wish I could visit you in Cali for your concert, but I live all the way in New Jersey! So you should def come to New York sometime soon so I can meet you.

I saw that win a date blog and she was soo lucky. I would kill to date you...(little overdramatic there :D) I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Happy 16th Bday, bu the way, wish I could attend your birthday bash but, you know, you don't know me :D.

I'm sure Popstar! will give us all the details in their mag!

love ya,

christine said...

FINALLY! i get to see you after 3478678562348563457 years.

jeez, haha.

so i went to your bro's show thursday and to be honest IT WAS THEIR BEST SHOW IVE EVER BEEN TO. matt was there too, haha. so it was thrilling. especially cause the people were so crazy, love it.

Emily said...

YAY! X] I'm really excited. I am probably going to go on Wednesday. Not confirmed yet though /= Hope to meet you Mitchel!

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel!! So cool that you're turning 16. And I can't wait to hear your song. Wish I could hear it live but can't unfortunatly. I'll definitely give you some feedback though (I bet it's going to be GREAT!) I'll keep in mind to just go up and say hi to you instead of being stalkerish and taking pictures from afar, heh. I watched your videos and you're definitely NOT a freak and that's a pretty cool talent you have there. It's always great reading your updates. Thanks so much for keeping your fans updated on what you're doing. We all appreciate it. I know I do. =)

Love, Bekah

Anonymous said...





Heyy Mitchel,

still wish i could have went to florida my friend kayla was there and she hates u (no offense lol) but i was like "whats ur problem freak how can u not liek him??" lol but w/e her loss. i wish i could see u at ur performance on july 4th but i cant u should come to either PA,NY/NYC, or NJ then i can come!! lol but w/e sooo txz for the update! i have tennis all this week then basket ball next week then for the next 4 weeks i'm in australia!<33 i'm goign to be at soem LA airport u should come cuz we have a 8 hour layover :P how much does that suck! if u coem u shoudl bring the cast or ur bros! lol any yea..
Peace! Tootles!

Love ya<333

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchell hopefully u read this urself! heyy! mitchell, u seem like a pretty cool kid to hang with.and i no ppl sayy this alot but my biggest dream is to meet u and hang out.truly from my heart. i hope u hav an awesome sweet 16! im sure it will be great. besides you got the looks r very cute. one of the cutes actors ever. im seris. but maybe....we culd chill out sumtime? im not sum wacko of the street im a nicce gurl dnt worry.and ppl usaually say im cute. butt idk... and no im not a stuck up snob im an average gurl. unQuie gurl. i hav a great personalitty. and we hav alot in common. so lets chill out sumtime. and i deff wnt to go to the july 4th thing. ima try my hardest to go.

i love you:) we gotta chill sumtim. maybe bowling or sumthing fun<3 alrite stay cool. peace outt:)

Erin91 said...

good luck preforming! i wish i could be there! i'm glad u had fun on your date too! oh, and i think it's hilarious that you see people secretly trying to take pictures of you haha.
can't wait to see more of you!

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel, Bekah here yet again. I just noticed your new picture and I wanted to say that it's really really cute and a great pic of you! =)

Love Bekah

Anonymous said...

my friend made a myspace bulletin about you. hah. it said:

i think that mitchel musso is ADORABLE.
and i want him to be my sugardaddy.

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!

Thanks for the update!!!! I'm WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY excited for your birthday, too. I keep reminding my sister, about it!! I've reminded her SOOOOOOOO much, that she's probably sick of hearing me talk!! I can't wait for your music debut. I really want to go, but I can't. SORRY!! I'll definitly look for it on youtube, and you have my support!!!

I'm glad to hear, your trip to Florida went really well!!! And a buffet, well, let's just say, my brother, and I would have LOVED to be there!!!! I'm glad the fans were all great. And, if I ever get up the nerve, to say "Hi", when I see you, that'd be THE best day of my life!! I hope you, Marc, and Kyle all had fun. Sounds like you did. YAY!!

I did see the videos. They're AWESOME!!!! Big photo shoots, sound like a lot of fun. I wish I could do some. I hope that went well. I'll DEFINITLY be getting the magazine!!! I have a really bad habit, of buying all magazines, when my mom doesn't really want me to. Oopps!!

It also sounds like you've been REALLLLLLY busy. It's great to know you did a "Super short report". I'll be looking for you on that. I'm also waiting for the "Disney 365", to air with you in it. Every time one comes on, I get excited. And I can't wait to see, "Phineas & Ferb". It sounds like a REALLY cool show!

Good luck on the 4th!!! I'm sure you don't need luck, with all the talent you have!! You'll do PERFECTLY!!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

marykateee=) said...

Happy almostt birthdayyyy!!!!!!
I hope you have a great one!!!!
and good luckk on the 4th!!!!!!
I bet it's going to be awesome!

Kristine said...

Hey, Mitchel! Good to hear that you had a good time in Florida. I'm going there again for Christmas. Lol, like you, I would've taken advantage of the buffet. In fact, I would PWN you. XD So anyways, if you're gonna be in San Diego from July 12-18, comment on my blog so I can see you there! =)


P.S. Happy early birthday. (:

Therese said...

Wow that sounds like an awesome trip. I'd love to see ya preform mabey i have a chance i live in Florida so will see. I think its really cool that you dont mind fans comin' up to you and saying hey and like taking pics and stuff. I just bought the new popstar magizene today yeah that girl must have felt like her life was complete meeting you and all. Well good luck on the 4th !!

good luck to ya

Jesenia said...

Hey! Mitchel!! Thats awsome!! i can't wait to see you! I'm going to beg my mom to take me! hopefully i convince her to see you again! take care!!xD

Love You!

Therese said...

Oh and of COURSE
sry forget to add that in the other post

happy 16th

Cecile said...

i'm glad you enjoyed florida
and you have so much good news!
i'm very excited for you [:

God bless<3

Ashley said...

OMG!!! I know where the swan resort is!!! lol. i wish i could meet you!! My bday is coming up too!
july 27 to be exact:) lol. well ill be 14 but you will be 16!!! wish i was turning 16. I am so happy for you!! I hope i will get to meet you one of these days, i have always wanted to meet you in person, because i know your a GREAT guy. I would do anything just to meet you! Well happy early birthday from your HUGEST, BIGGEST, LARGEST fan!


Rachel said...


HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! 16 YEARS OLD!!!! I HOPE U ENJOY IT!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel what's up? Can't wait to C UR new song on YouTube! I live on the Eastern side and can't go. Have an awesome week! And HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

Chelsie said...

I love the beaches in Florida. Basically because I live in Florida and go to them a lot lol. Too I don't live in CA so I can't go to your show. But you have to take pictures and maybe even a video :D that'd be cool. Anddd lucky! I can't wait until I turn 16 so I can drive. I'm turning 15 soon so wooooo permit time! Lol yeah I sound like an idiot but oh, good luck with the performance and I someday I will see you :D


Anonymous said...

luv the new pic!!!!!....o yeah i forgot 2 tell u happy independce day!!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!!!

-luv2lugh ;)


Katie. said...

Wow, you wrote a lot! lol. Good luck tomorrow on 'Let's Go'. I'm sure you'll do awesome. I can't wait till I can hear it. I have to wait till it's online, though. I wish I lived someplace where stuff actually happens.
Florida sounded like a lot of fun! My friends and I would totally take advantage of the all night buffet, too. lol. It's sooo nice of you to always take pictures with fans. Not a lot of celebrities would do that all the time. You rock my socks! haha
Anna was soooooo lucky to get to hang out with you! And the the rest of the cast. I really want to eventually meet the whole cast in Hannah Montana. Or try too, at least.
Congrats to Marc on his movie!!! I also can't wait for Metro Station's CD. They are sooo good!

And a (early) HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!! Have an awesome time at your party!!!
Wow, I wrote a lot, too. hehe

coffeeheart said...

YAY your becoming the age of ultament awesomeness!! I've been 16 for a couple months now and trust me Love, its AWESOME. Especially if you get your license a couple months later. I can see you driving around trying to pick up chicks with all the groceries your Mum asked for you to pick up in the back. I'm glad you enjoyed the magical land of (Insert Heavenly music here)FFLLOORRIIDDAA!! If you think all night buffets are awesome go to Wal-Mart at 2 in the morning. Me and my friends did and we played hide and go seek in the clothing section. Anyway, yay for you and seafood!! Dont feel bad about the lobseter thing because it is NASTY (Unless itss the lobster pizza at Red Lobster thats a differents story. Anyway, tell Kyle I said hello and have a great day you sexy beast!!

Lashae said...

Hey mitchel guess what?? my birthday is the day before yours. so i hope you have a Great one...Happy early Birthday.

miss-blondie said...

That is so awesome that you're going to be turning 16! And you're gonna be preforming tomorrow! I would definitley come, but, Im in Ohio = ( But, good luck, and have an awesome birthday!
<33 Maryanna

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm sending you a birthday card, but I need to add finishing touches and the post office is closed tomorrow, so my card might or might not be there on your birthday. I'm sorry, but I'll still say happy birthday and I hope you have an AMAZING birthday!

Anonymous said...

haha i am 15 16 in april i can't wait to drive ahh lol are u having a sweet 16 that would be so cool u could have so many people there it would be off the hook!! So when did u start to sing??

I love your character on Hannah Montana you r so funny. Miley and Emily are very blessed to have a friend like you even though i haven't see u off set lol but i am pretty sure u r very nice hah :O) well keep bloggin this is my first time on here i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel yeah thats great u had fun in florida and i was kinda bummed about the date i wish that was me!! and that would have been fun and i would have had great memories and u could of got free sushi but i am glad u had a fun time and i am sad that i cant see ya preform cuz i am in texas!! well i hope u have a fun time tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!!! that was a LONG post now my eyes hurt. I didnt know you sing!!!! I bet your really great. you could be backup for hannah montana!!!!

mitchelfan555 said...

hye mitchel on hannah montana for boys u r my favortire person if i ever met u i would die u r awesome i have two posters on my wall of u i hope to get more i wanna meet u so bad plz plz plz plz plz plz i would love to meet you i think i should cuz i am up to almost any thing and i do not skate board to well but i love watching it and trying it i have one and i love taking walks and doing any thing and i like video games too

krystal said...

hey Mitchel!
i can't wait for tomorrow!!
it's going to be awesome! =]]


Happy Early 16th Birthday!!

ur fan,

Ayana said...

Hope u have a great 16th b-day! Maybe when u get ur car u can pick me up! Lol. Hey Mitchel. I love ur character and I am a fan. Hope all goes well with ya.
~ur biggest fan

Anonymous said...

im sorry about all the ppl takin pics of you. but i think you are have to gonna get used to it tho cause ppl are too shy... and you are way too well known for everyone to come up to you. i wish i could come see you but im stuck in lame utah for half of the year... then i get to go to cali again for a half a year. happy birthday.


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

Thanks for the update. It's REALLY exciting that you're performing tomorrow. Sorry, I van't be there, but you DEFINITLY have my support. With all you talent, you don't need much luck at all. You're gonna do PERFECTLY!!! I'm gonna be searching youtube, like crazy, July 5th. (btw, if you happen to see Jason Dolley, on Thursday, tell him I said happy birthday. lol) I can't wait for your birthday on Monday. I'm probably almost as excited as you are. (Probably not, but I'm really excited for you. :-)) I'm glad you had fun in Florida. I'm still looking for your Disney365, everyday.. I can't wait to see it.

Take care, and good luck, tomorrow.

Deticated to you, forever and always,

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, we're the best fans in the world!!! Cool!! THX Mitch!!! lolz...I love you, and wish i could be there on the 4th, but i can't....but i did mail you a good luck card, and a happy birthday one too!!! and a braclet...hope you like it!! lyl, Hope

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I have just recently found this site..and I love it. I love how funny you can be, but also how caring and loving you can be. Keep it up. It amazed me at how much you can write, and that means you do have time for your fans. That's an awesome point in an actor. :) Anyways, about the concert tomorrow, I really wanted to come...but I can't. And it really sucks. You ever gonna come to Georgia? In the future? I'd really like that...and I'd try extra hard to come. Anyways, keep up the good work! Hopefully we can get in touch later one-on-one conversation. That would be really cool...but I understand you don't have time. But if you do...lemme know in one of your messages. I might then leave my email or something. If not, this is cool too. Hope I didn't waste too much of your time. And good luck in the future!!!

~Katie said...

Hey Mitchel,
I wish I could go see u 2morrow. Good luck though. Me and my mom are going shopping 2morrow so i'll buy the magazine. Anyways, i hope u have a great birthday!!!!
luv, katie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel,
I am so sad that a couldn't see you today at the City Walk :( But i live in Australia so it would be a little hard lol.In case I can't get on Happy Early Birthday. 16 wow! Are you going to have a huge party? Oh well, whatever you do HAVE FUN!
Love from Australia
P.S I am just finishing your birthday card but i doubt it will be there in time for ur b'day. SOZ!

Kayla said...

Mitchel I really wish I could come to see you perform...but I live in Ohio. I wish you would come to Ohio so then I might finally get to meet you. I wish you a big happy birthday! I can't believe you are turning 16! Wow! I hope you have an amazing week. And I loved you post, it was so long.


Amanda Quimpo said...

hey mitchel
im amanda and haha my brother said today you went to mann 9 theaters to watch 1408 he tells me this cause he knows i love hannah montana hah and he knows because he works as a cashier at that movie theater soo how was the movie haha i hope to see you at the 4th of july thing but idk if i can go tomorrow that sux =/ oh well i just wanna tell you im a HUGE fan well thanx byee! =]

Jen said...

hey mitchel!!! i love you!!
happy birthday! hope you have a blast on monday!
danielle says she loves you too.
we both love you!

Molly said...

YOU WENT TO SEASIDE! OMG OMG OMG OMG! Sorry, my family has been going there since i was 2 and im 15! I love seaside sooo much, its pretty much my second home.. everytime we go we stay in a different house everytime.. i love it there.. and frost bites is my favorite snow cone place ever.. i get lime and tigers blood mix. its soo good! ahh im pretty sure i screamed when you said you went there!

Molly said...

ohh. and skim boarding is so much fun! my first year i tried it i skinned up my leg real bad.. but now its easy.. except when the board gets stuck in the sand i hate that.. lol.. and yes seaside beach is really hot! because of all the white sand.. when my sister got married there in 2004 my uncles feet were like out of the shade and they got burnt and see couldnt wear any type of shoe.. it was really funny..happy 16th!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had an AWESOME time with your debut, Mitchel! Again, sorry I couldn't make it, but I'm glad it'll be put up for all to see! LOL. So a verrry extra-belated good luck for the like 50th time already, but you should've already debuted so great job, I'm sure! Thanks for the post, but I'll type more later!

Love always,

Devann-Dianna said...

I love the long post! =]
Happy early Sweet 16! Hope it's a great one! I left you a message on MMO, and so did all the other girls! =] (I'm Invisible-Stars)

Sounds like a blast in Flordia! And I hope tonights performance went great!

All night buffet?? Ha ha ha, I would deffinatly take advantage of that. After midnight is snack time ha. =P

If I ever meet you I'll deffinatly walk up and say hi. Hopefully it'll be soon now that I've got my new headshots taken for my agency so I can finally get submitted for auditions.

Happy July 4th!

Ally =] said...

why cant you eat lobster?

ps improv has no e at the end. just saying. =]

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! Mitchel, i can't believe you're 16!!!! That is so cool! Hope you had an AWESOME SWEET 16!!!
ur #1 fan & admirer

Anonymous said...


I just watched your video in You Tube, it was great. I really did not know you were such a good singer. I also wanted to wish you a Happy 16th Bithday!! Hope you get a cool car.

Your biggest fan,

Jaimee, MI

josie said...

omg mitchel u r a good singer i never thought that u would ever sing..........but i was wrong i cant go to bed without looking at ur pic. its soothes me ily mitchel!!

meredith said...

hey mitchel
omg i know two of the people you met in seaside! evan and courtney
they're my friends
i've been there a couple times.. i love it there :D
i think it would be awesome to meet you.. i obviously live in houston where evan and courtney live
i think your a really good actor
well if you ever want to talk.. im here :]