Tuesday, July 03, 2007

KTLY Channel 5 in LA, CA-9:00AM

I will be on the show at 9:00AM in the morning (July 4th) if you guys want to tune in! Hollywood Launch starts at 7:00PM at CityWalk Universal outside the Hard Rock Cafe tonight!



Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel.
Thanks for the Post.
i Will Sure Tune In .:D
Good Luck With That.
Your Awsome
Take Care
Hope u have a Great Day
Love u

Anonymous said...

OMG i will deffinitly watch it and the best of luck to u tonight at citywalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i ♥ u

Paige said...

I really wish I could go. I really wish I lived in California. But that would be a negative. So, I hope I'll get to see you perform on YouTube. If I don't get to see you at all... wow.. that'd be sad... :[

NIKKI said...


Becky said...

Good Luck tonight, Mitchel! =D
I can't wait to hear how the music debut goes, and i can't wait to hear your new song, "Lets Go."
Remeber that we all support you and love you.


Brianna said...

Mitchel needs to come to New Jersey so those of us that live on the other side of the U.s. can come and see him

Tiffany said...

cool! i don't live in CA, so hopefully someone recorded it!! good luck today mitchel! can't wait to see pictures and hear your new song!!

Alli C. said...

man, i was sleeping! darn it..........

Luv ya!!!,
Alli C.

christine h. said...

haha im like, watching channel 5, and youre getting on soon.

duuuude, tonight! im stoked, to be honest :D

Anonymous said...

I slept late and missed it, but good luck at your performance! I'm sure it will be great! *smile*


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

Good luck on your show tonight. And have fun this moring. I'm wearing my lucky bracelet, for you, so you have all the luck you can get, tonight. Have a GREAT 4th of July, and enjoy the fireworks show tonight. (It's raining here, an we're supposed to get sever storms, so I doubt I'll see fireworks, tonight. :-(. I hope you do though.)

I'll be cheering you on throughout the day, and into the night.

Deticated t you, forever and always,
Amanda <333333

ttran said...

Today's the day!! I hope you have an awesome time performing! I'm sure it'll be TOTALLY COOL!! I'll be watching it on Youtube!


Kad. said...

Haha, hope it goes well!
Happy 4th of July! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! OMG, i wish i could be there!!! YOU WILL ROCK!!! I missed the show, too. SOME1 PUT IT ON YOUTUBE!!! love you, good luck, and HAPPY 4TH!!! ~Hope

Anonymous said...

good luck on your performance i wish i could go!


Heyy Mitchel,

sry i cant be at citywalk!! i'll watch it on youtube! have a great 4th of july!!!<333
Peace! Tootles!

Brianna said...

Hi mitchel just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you do ok and dont mess up- lol no pressure or anything jk if u mess up i'll still luv u=)

Anonymous said...

Hope it goes WELL!!!!! i was babysitting at that time so i really couldn't watch sorry i bet it was awesome though!!


baby r said...

Good Luck at citywalk tonight Mitchel! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, good luck tonight!!!!!!!

brit said...

Have fun tonight.
And Happy 4th of July!!
Love u mitchel, for realz

Anonymous said...

Hey Good Luck !
Ill See You Afterward - Em ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July
<3 Em

Anonymous said...

oh darn i missed it!!!!!.....well have a great 4th!!....ur b-day is 5 days away!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

-luv2laugh ;)

mariam. [: said...

tonight was the most amazing night of my life.
you're so sweet and adorable!
you're fantastic.
i can't wait to meet you again!

love ya lots,
(the girl with the "mitchel is a stud!/will you marry me?!" sign. haha)

Anonymous said...

ugh i wanted to go but today we had a party it was good i guess but i really wish i would have went to that it sounds so cool ugh that so suckes btw i havent sent you letter for a while i think i will write it tommrow and send it to cha lol yesh sorry about that just been kindda busy lol
love cha biggest fan ~nicole aka nickel ~

Anonymous said...

You should put pictures on here!!! of u and the stars from hannah montana that would be so cool or just more pictures of you casue it is ur blog lol well oke bye!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel
u were awesome at citywalk!!!
i loved meeting u.
ur performance was amazing.

im the girl who gave u the 2 gifts in the red quiksilver box. hoped u like it. happy birthday...and the card that was in it - well hope u do what it says .. love yah

congrats again!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I just went on youtube and there are four videos so far of your performance. None of them are the professional taping, but so far this one has the best sound and the best overall view of the dance but there are some that have a closer view of the show. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Wx3dPRej-P8&mode=related&search=

Anyway, I hope you had an awesome fourth of july and I loved your song and dance! I hope you record it so that I can get it on iTunes because it was awesome! Great job! *smile*


Anonymous said...

Sorry! That link doesn't work, but this one should http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx3dPRej-P8 That should work. Once again, awesome job! *smile*


Katie. said...

Heyy Mitchel!!!
I hope you had fun performing last night. I'm sure you did great!! I can't wait till it's online so I can see it.
Hey guess what....Hannah Montana's on right now. The 'Miley Get Your Gum' episode. I can't wait till the new one on Saturday.
I hope your summer's going good.

kelsey said...

hey OMG! mitchel that was better than i thought it was gunna be lol, your amazing! you looked like you were having fun so thats good! but you did a great job i wish i could of been there but i live in washington state, but ya how was the rush of singing in front of people...i bet it was awesome! well love ya man! you were great!

Anonymous said...

hey you did great !!!!!