Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oliver's Alter Ego's Coming

Alot of you took a guess a while back as to what Alter Ego Oliver would have to be able to go backstage with Hannah & Lola. It was great reading all of your guys are creative! And a couple of you got real close.

August 4th's episode will be the unveiling......but incase anyone still wants to throw out a guess or two......feel free. One thing I can tell you is that Oliver comes up with his own idea of how he should look.....and Miley and Emily have a completly different idea. So get two shots at it!

I will be at "Hannah" this next week as well as working on "Phineas & Ferb". And.....I plan on sharing a new song with you very soon. I can't wait for you to hear it!

Share "Let's Go!" with all your friends....pass it along! Go to youtube and type in Mitchel Musso Citywalk get a sneak peak at my first song. "Let's Go"!

Have the most incredible Saturday ever!



Elizabeth said...


I can't wait to see the episode! I'm cream man? I have no idea! Ohhh... maybe your the mad scientist from the Cheetah Girls concert again!

I showed one of my friends "Let's Go" last night and she couldnt believe what she was seeing.

And I hope you have an incredible day too!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

ummmmm im gonna guess a rapper kinda guy! i cant wait for the episode i really want to kno wut he will dress as! have fun workin on hannah and phineas and ferb i also cant wait for the new song i loved lets go so im positive this one will be good too i think u should come and perfrom it in chicago or any ware near there please!!!!!
have a good weekend




Anonymous said...

yay i cant wait to see it !!!!!

Katie. said...

Hmmm...what would Oliver choose? I can see him coming up with something like a rapper (you do a great job at the raps by the way :D) and miley and lilly would think something like....a cheesy boy band character? lol. I really don't know.

I loved the new episode last night. Your parts were the funniest ever!! Especially the end with you, Jesse, and Moises.

I can't wait to hear your new song either!!!! I'm sure it will be just as awesome as 'Let's Go'

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel,

I forget what I guessed...I think Spiderman was one of

I'm gonna guess of the dudes from the Matrix??? That'd be sweet.....Or!!!! Or!!!! Even better!!! You and Jackson should dress up as the Blues Brothers!!!!!!! That'd be Amazingly AWESOME!!! I LOVE that movie!!

I can't wait to see the new episode...loved the one last night. My friend was over last night, but she doesn't really like Hannah Montana; but she watches all the parts with you in it!!! She loved the part when you dressed up like a rapper. Go Rico! Go Rico! Go Rico! She also loved the Cheese Jerky rap; who doesn't?!? I also showed her "Let's Go!" last night and she loved it! She said, "Gosh!! I can't believe you don't like it!!!" I was like, "Well.......the more I watch's growing on me........" Just not a fan of rap, love the lyrics though! Made me want to get up and shoot some hoops! I can tell you're so estatic about it! And you should be!!! Awesome accomplishment!!

Incredibly Awesome Saturday this week, but next week? Driving Test....actually on Friday to get my license...I have to get it on my birthday because I'm going on vacation for like 2 weeks then I start school....(Eeew school, already? Shoot, summer is going by too fast!) So I won't have time! I don't really want to get it on my birthday, because if I fail...well...not a great way to end your birthday!! So next Friday while I’ll be taking my test in my parents 10 year old SUV, you’ll be cruising in your Mercedes… lucky duck…..that’s all I have to say, haha. I asked my dad for one and he just said, “Do you make $200,000 a year?” I said, “Well, no dad…..” “There’s your answer!” “Ok, well what about a New 2007 Honda??” “No!”
I tried to start high and go low, you know? Nope, doesn’t work for my dad!


marykateee =) said...

Last night's episode was amazing.
And for the whole Oliver alter-ego thing,I'm guessing you're gonna be a gehtto boy (haha,I'd love to see that). Or like a crew a roadie or something.
Can't wait to fond out!!

Erin91 said...

oh sweet i can't wait! and i can't even guess what the alter ego's going to be haha i'm not that creative.

julia said...

Oliver's Alter Ego?.....hmmm I'm guessing someone's relative...maybe...what bout...lola's brother....or boyfriend?
anyway, I showed my bff "Let's Go" a couple of days ago and she was like "Oh my god...he's amazing!". And yesterday's episode was awesome, I loved the ending, You, Jessie and Rico rapping....awesome!!!
have an AWESOME weekend!

Catherine said...

OMG Mitchel your so awesome! I knew Oliver would be getting a secret identity ever since Lilly got hers. I would have to agree with some of the other people. You def seem like the kind of person (and Oliver too) who would go for the rapping kinda thing. And Miley and Lilly...probably want you to be like a Pop Singer or something. Idk, but I will August 4! Can't wait! Oh, and by the way, I loved the Wish Gone Wrong episode. You rap! (like you rock...get it? haha)

love, Catherine

mmb said...

Yes i will guess and i think you are going to be lola's boyfreind then realize ya'll really do like each other and go out. (as oliver and lily) Yes it's heart breaking for me to say but i know it's just in the show and you would tell us if it was for realz!!! Soooooo i will have a good saturday and i hope you do too!!! also cool award sooo stinkin' proud of you for that. I loved the "sleeep walk this way" episode of hannah. I have all the clips of that with you in them stored so i watch them like every chance i get!!! That was pretty hilarious! Loved the wish episode too. Nice hoodie! soooo obessed with them. Have fun at hannah and i can't wait to hear your other song. "Lets go" was awsome and i hope you thought so too (cuz it was)

Love to you always, & in Him!,

elly said...

hi mitchell!! I can't wait the new episode too! I think will be meesing! And i heard your new single, it's so cool!

i hope you have a great saturday too! bye <3 elly**

Kad. said...

Haha, I can't wait for the episode!

Oooh. I wonder exactly who Oliver's alter-ego could be, haha.

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I cant wait to see the new episode..and i have no clue what oliver could be!!

Brianna said...

Hey mitchel can't wait to hear the new song and i wait to watch the new show. My friends love the song "let's Go" It rocked
Loaded of love

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

Thanx for the update!!!

Hmmm.....I'm gonna be gone when that new episode airs...=( But I can always see the rerun!!...I can't wait to see what Oliver's Alter Ego is...I don't think I am gonna change my answer from last time....I'm sticking with Oliver wearing a blond wig like Miley!!! =DD Hey, if no one yet recognized Miley as Hannah, then it makes sense to me!!!!! =D LOL!!

I've had a great Saturday so far, thanx! =D I just got back home from the barn, and now I smell like a horse!!! XP I'm used to it though....when you groom a dirty horse, all the dirt and smell goes from the horse on to you, and when you are finished, the horse is clean and smells like flowers!!! Kinda funny how that happens...=D

The last Saturday of this month is gonna be better though. My trainer is taking me and my friend to a horse show to watch some dressage, western, English, and jumping classes. I have not been to a show in a while, so it should be fun!! =D

Hey, I hope you have a fabulous Saturday too!! =D Have a great one!!


Yours forever and always, ♥

jessica said...

hey mitchel i showed my sister lets go yesterday and she thaught u were amazing as well as i when i heard it and we loved the dance moves

have an awsome day


Anonymous said...

I think it would be some one with a lot of bling bling or something like that.
I can't wait for your new song Let's Go was great. I Love you Mitchel.

Anonymous said...

hey do you know if hannah went to the studios today?? and u said u were shootting ahannah episode today right ok cause yea i am very confused right now!! ~Katelyn~

Anna H. said...
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AnGeLa said...

i saw "lets go" its rele joke! lol i like loved it! come perform in St. Louis! lol!

<3 angela!

p.s. i love olivers whole look in last nights episode! haha!

Anonymous said...

ummm for olivers alter ego im guessing.... a rapper type guy or maybe one of hannah's back up dancers maybe. oooh hannah's bf now that would be crzy!! also, i made all my friends watch lets go and they all loved it!! i dont think im going to have a great saturday though, i have to go to my little cousins birthday.. what fun! NOT!! so i hope you have a totally rockin saturday. oh and you need to just tell us what oliver's 'double identity' is. plz. b/c im not a good guesser...

love you!!!!

Molly said...

haha, do you mean lilly? its okay, i would mess that up often too, one time during a school play when we were rehersing i accidently called one girl by her real name instead of her character and we were pretty close to preforming and i was just then getting used to it. and im pretty sure i told like everyone who i talk to, to watch your video. ha. well cant wait for all the upcoming events!


georgina said...

Hey Mitchel
I hope you've had a great week, I have! Im almost done at school for the summer holidays, im actually gona miss it in a way lol. especailly my friends, at least i get to go on holiday for my birthday with my mum, brother, my nieces and my best friend, that should be fun.!

I hope you have a good week next week, im gona be sooooo busy, its my show, so we are pratising at the theartre for ages every day, until the show on wednesday, i have to wear overalls because its set in the second world war and i am a plane worker, lol..

tomorrow we have to go to thearte for 6 hours! oh well, thats showbiz, lol i really love saying that, anyway, ill tell you about my show soon.
ive sent you some fanmail, i hope you get it :]

Bye Bye for now, gota go x
Love Georgina x

p.s i guess you'l be someone that atracts the ladies lol, :]

MARIAM. [: said...

your alter ego...
haha. idk.
but, your probably going to wear some crazy wig.
and glasses or somehting.

i cant wait to see it!
and i cant wait to hear your new song! [[:
this is exciting!

i hope you have an amazing saturday too!

(the girl with the neon green sign, "mitchel's a stud!")

Jesenia said...

Hey! Mitchel!..well i don't idea!..Yeah I already shared your video to all my friends...tehey were surprise because they never thought that you will rap...but yeah! ROCK! Have An Amazing Weekend!...Take Care!xD


baby r said...

I'm guessing a rapper dude too.
I can't wait to c

carlee said...

hey baby. i love you.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo I cant wait[:
Its probably going to be amazing
Because your going to be in it haha[:

I love you[:


Lauren said...

hmmm...what would Oliver choose?!?! lol umm i'm goin to guess...a baseball player lol i have no clue!! and my friend have watched let go about 10 times now lol we love it ...i loved that new episode last night..have a good day ..<3 LaUrEn RoSe WiLcOx <3

Rachel said...

hey Mitchel!
I can't wait to see Oliver's Alter Ego!!!
I think maybe you'll be a gangsta rapper or sumth'n! ahaha

Some of my friends have seen the video of "Let's Go" on my iPod and they're like "Who's that?" and I'm like it's Mitchel Musso! and they were all amazed "What? He can sing?" haha.

have an awesome day!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Linzi said...

Thanks for the update!! I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your site to see what you've been up to!! When you put up that post about Oliver's disguise...I guessed and I don't even remember what i put! But I'm sure it will end up getting a laugh out of me!!!

I really like your new song "Let's Go"! It has a really nice vibe. I have already watched practically all of the videos on Youtube of it!! They are all AMAZING!!!!

How was that Aly & AJ/ Corbin Bleu concert? I'm sure it rocked!!

Well thanks for the update again, and I hope you have an AMAZING Week!!!!!!

<3 ya!!

Nicole said...

i would guess.. but i would probably be completly wrong.. so ill try anyways!!;
oliver wants to be this rocker dude with a mohawk and everything, but miley&lily want him to be .. A MUNK! haha idk.!

hope your week goes good & drive safe!!

-- Nicole

Melissa said...

Well I have no clue what it could be but I'm sure it will be good. It'd be funny to be a rapper! lol Well good luck on everything and I love the "Lets Go" song! well keep up the good work.

<3 Melissa


i can't wait for it, well the song & the alter ego.

umm well i hope yoo have a great week & i hope yoo have fun. Unlike me my grandma died =).

much love

Emily said...

thats awesome!!!! oliver finally gets an alter ego!!!. hmm i have no idea what it could be, so i guess i'll just have to wait for the surprise!

~Emily from San Fernando Valley, CA

taylor said...

i really have no idea what he will dress up as. lol. i will defiantly watch it to find out! im very excited to see what it is. maybe he is a famous rapper of some kind?! i don't know. lol. but anyway, thanks for the update. i hope you have an awesome summer as well.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to hear the new song!!! im about to hear lets go on youtube.....i think ur very cute!!!! happy early 16th bday!!! i hope u have a great time!!! xoxo Katy <3

Valaurie said...

Hey Mitchel,
Can't wait for your new song! Plus i can't get enough of lets go. I didn't get to see the new episode of hannah *crys* but i saw the wish gone amiss, you were great!

I'm seeing alter ego oliver as Elton john in the 60's lol.

Love Val

Jen & Maria said...

Hey Mitchel,
Hmm, i don't know who Oliver is going to be...
I watched Hannah Montana Popstar Profile yesterday then again today.
I love it! =]
The one that there is a school dance or whatever. I think its a 70's dance maybe...When you are being the DJ. Your hair was so funny. Haha =]
I still have not listened to "Let's Go"
But i will.
I will let you know what i think of it once i listen to it. =]
Hmm. Everyone is sayin' they think Oliver is going to be a rapper. Hmm. Maybe. Idk.
Ahh. Well bye.

tiffany said...

haha can't wait! but i'll be in NYC then, that's why they made tivo! lol

i'm guessing rapper or some kind of hip hop gangsta. i'm interested to see what "miley" and "lilly" thought "oliver" should be

Lets just say.....Im amazing? =] said...

I LOVE new episodes of Hannah Montana!
Last nights was awesome. I have it recorded.....ohyes =]

you sure can rap!
i'd lovee to see from should make a video of a freestyle rap and put it on here for us fans! ....just a suggestion...=]
but for your alter ego...
im going to guess...
lily and miley want you to be like......dont laugh.....some sort of manager?


you want to be some kind of designer....

.....yeah....i bet your laughing because those guesses pretty much

anyways! i had an awesome saturday! and i hope you had one too!!

im going to go pull a mitchel now...
dude, just kidding....thats your saying...


holly said...

hey mitchel i have no idea but watever its gotta b good u could just bout anything off ur cute and an amazing actor!!!cant wait 2 c wat u do!!!

= )holly( =

holly said...

hey mitchel i have no idea but watever its gotta b good u could just bout anything off ur cute and an amazing actor!!!cant wait 2 c wat u do!!!


Anonymous said...


I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOUR DISGUISE WILL BE! Maybe It'll be a smurf, a mime, a singer, a monk, the president, a lion or even Hannah's boyfriend (as you can see, I am a Moliver (Miley and Oliver)shipper)! Please help me out!

Other than that, I've got two words for you: LET'S GO! I have to say Peacedude, that was SCARY good! Now I really can't wait for your upcoming music!

By the way, that is so sweet of you to wish us a great Saturday. Hope you have an awesome Saturday too PEACEDUDE, and remember, wish on a shooting star tonight or Sunday, or your Wish will go Amiss! I'm just kidding! May all your wishes come true.

Salam (peace in Arabic),
Salimata (my name, and peace girl (Peacegal) in Arabic.

P.S. Could you tell Miley that you are the hottest guy on earth, just to brag for fun? HaHa! You know you're awesome, right?

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel! Oliver finally gets to go backstage with them, yay. I always kind of wondered why he never did what Lily (as Lola) did. I can't wait to see your alter ego, and I have no idea what it might be.

Loved the episode last night, with all the raps and dancing. Especially the ending scene with J-Mac, haha. Moises sure can break dance.

Have an amazing weekend!!! =D

Love, Rebekah

Katie said...

I loved "Let's Go." You are awesome!

Katie said...

I loved Let's Go! You are awesome! I hope I win the date with you :]

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for August 4th! I'm actually clueless with guessing who he diguised himself as.

Leanne <33

Mary said...

I cannot wait for the new Hannah Montana episode! You crack me up! :)

And I can't wait to hear your new song. Your so dang talented! hehe. I hope you have a great weekend!


Jessica said...

ooh im excited to see who you are. you'll be great at it no matter what!!

Maureen said...

im going to guess a lady's man....hahah i have no idea!!!! wow cant wait for the episode to come out!!

Rally[[Dynam!te]] said...

Hey Mitch your song is awesome when can we expect a cd?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I can't wait to see the alter ego and hear your new song! I guess I did come close! (I guessed that Oliver would come up with something and Miley and Lilly would hate it!) I'll talk to you later, but I hope your having a GREAT weekend! *smile*


Monica said...


I cant wait to find out what Oliver's alter ego will be!!! Lemme guess: Oliver wanted to be a rapper, and Miley and Lily wanted him to be a pretty boy. That's just a guess, I'm probably totally wrong! Good luck with the music biz, I know you'll do well! Cant wait for your next song!

lots of love from SD


Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]]

I can't wait to see that Hannah Montana episode where you show us your alter ego. Last nights episode was really cool too, I loved it when you beatboxed!!
I'm so excited for you to release your new song!! I'm sure it will be just as wonderful as "Let's Go" was and is.

Hope to meet you one day. xoxo

Anonymous said...

yay! im so excited for oliver to get be in disguise :) ive been hoping for that for a while cus a lot of the show is hannah & lola and then we dont get to see you! i have no idea what to even guess, but im so excited for that episode!

<3 ally m.

LolaJonas said...

umm maybe you are like a skaterboy person as an alter ego? I don't know and maybe you're just like some person actting like a famous person. Like some famous dude! I hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

I can't wait to see the new episode. I loved the other one last night. I think your a really good rapper. I also liked the song you did on the 4th of july. I didn't get to show it to my friends yet but i will.

Your fan,


Chelsie said...

Haha I just saw the "Wish Gone A miss" episode and it was funny. When I saw you and Moises dancing and in the matchng outfits all I could say was, "Awwwww!" You both looked so cute!

And I'm not sure what to guess...I'll just have to wait and see the episode.


KeLsEy* said...

ok so my best friend is absolutly in love with jesse mccartney and im absolutly in love with mitchel musso so wen we heard jesse was gunna be on hannah montana we got all excited were like "mitchel an djesse know each other!!" lol i was like they probably wont be in any scenes though, and then we were watching the wish gone a miss together and at the end when mitchel and jesse and moises and we started laughing so hard wen we say them together we did not expect it that was one of my favorite parts of the entire episode!!! i love you mitchel!!


Yvonne said...

Ummm I'm guessing you'll be a real gangsta guy with all your bling bling and stuff and not look anything like Oliver (Since Oliver is suppose to be a character that's real into girls but is a little weirD? Lol.)
It's SOOO awesome you get to be backstage!! About time you get a bit of the star treatment!! :D

You have an INCREDIBLY AWESOME day too!

Maddie said...

I did check out your let's go video.
it's niiice!

i want to meet you, like no other haha.

mechi said...

i really dont know what your talking about becaouse here in argentina i cant see hannah 2 but anyways i'm here to say hi,
oh and i've whatched the episode were you, rico and jesse strat raping (SO FUNNY)
are oliver and lily going to be together? please it would be awesome! see you later
please can you comment in my blog pleaseeeee!!
have a great week

Chelsea said...

I was supposed to go to city wallk on the 4th:( then my mom was crazy and wanted to go to the beach to see her lame bf.ew. But yeah I watched it and the performance was really good...he definetly proved himself:]

Anonymous said...

wow.i hope you dress in something a hollister model or something.=]=] wow.i loved the wish gone amiss were so aborable.geeze i wanna have your babies=] lmao holla.

Anonymous said...

i think your going to be a "tough guy" cause in the show your a sweet funny guy.but i think an alter ego would most possibly be someone more daring or rough.i wouldnt complain. ;) your a hottie,i watch the show for you. =]=]

your loved,
Joanna banana i wish i was hanna montana.
just to be close to you.

Paige said...

Now I'm excited about a bunch of things.
I can't wait for your new song and I can't wait for the new Hannah episode.
I've always wondered what Oliver's disguise would be.
I guess I'll find out soon!

brooke said...

Hey Mitch [:
hah wow, so i have no idea, but i'm really hoping your going to be a rapper, i love you in gangster clothes. eeek i can't wait to see the episode! & i'm so excited to hear your new songs, i know they'll be great!
well i hope driving is going good!
stay safe (:


Alli C. ( Allison) said...

omg, cant wait 2 c that episode dude!! ya, I am really tiered from being at my bro's baseball game yesterday. had to wake up at 8 and head out there at 9!!! ya, so i am not gonna guess about your identity because i just want it to be a surprise, sorta. Cant wait to here the new song!

Luv ya like a fat kid loves cake ( lol, jk just love ya!)

Alli C.

(going by Allison now)

live2laugh said...

haha wow. idek if i have an idea. i cld see like hannah and lola wanting their friend to be like little kid cute and then oliver wanting him to be like macho and tough or something haha.

u know what? this is random but it just popped into my head like right now.
i cld see an episode where one of hannah's rivals who is equally as famous falling for olivers alter ego and oliver not knowing who she is so they go out on a date or sumthing. then the press catches them together (and by now they know olivers alter ego is hannahs friend) so hannah is furious. and yeah.
haha okay im done

omg and btw. happy belated birthday. srry i cldnt get to it on the actual day :/

have an awesome day :)

Tiffany said...

hey mitchel!! wow this site rocks! thanks for making it :]]]

Anna Signore! said...

hey Mitchel!
its anna signore again! sorry um.. yah i saw the wish gonna miss weekend or somethin and i loved it! you were soo good rapping with rico, you , and jessie! it was awesome! and i cant wait to hear your other songs! your soo awesome! lol and i got a popstar mag. and your in it! and i hung up a poster of you and ur skateboard! lol i signed up for that win ur skateboard thing! lol i hope i win! good luck! have funn!
i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel happy late sweet 16!!
ur a great rapper i cant wait to see ur new song:)

<3 allison

Alli said...

oh my gosh i have shown it to all my friends! before i showed them they were like "what he raps???" after i showed them they all said about the same thing "wow... hes really good" and i totally agree! ur amazing!!! and i cant even wait to see the new episode... hmm heres my guesses... maybe like a gangster rapper person thing. if that makes sense... or like a hawaiian dude with the dred locks and the hat and stuff... personally i think the gangster rapper would look better! lol.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea i'll just have to watch the episode!! and i show some of my friends "lets go" and they really liked it.

luv ya!!

♥♥♥ xoxo

Melissa ♥

p.s.keep up the amazing work!

Jason said...

Hey Mitchel Well Uhmm i'm Sure U hear this Alot, But Ur Awesome

Feel free to message me back

Lexi...... said...

Maybe a Rapper, Maybe a Pro Skater, Maybe an up and coming singer.

I am going to say A pr skater for sure.



Anonymous said...


hey well i have no idead ill have to wait and see lol hhahaha thats awsome and well yesh i cant wait till the episode also the new episode was alsome lol im watchign it again lol you and rico looked cool or should i said you and moises or rico and oliver lol love cha gottta run *huggy wuggy * bye

Anonymous said...

wow!! how nice!!! I do not see the hour to see the nose-dive, unfortunately that from we in Italy they arrive very later ....... I have sincerely not understood a lot of what you have said because the translator of google is not beautiful, but does not import. a salute to you and all the star of Disney channel!!!! by beatrice and chiara

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!!!!!

ok i guess u r gonna be a rapper?...that makes sense doens't it???

my new computer is fully running now and i am so happy!!!!!!....that's where i am right now because we didn't have internet for awhile...we just got it and i had to come here first!!!!!

can't wait to hear ur new song!!!!

i showed one of my friends "Let's Go" and she thought it was cool but i thought it was AWESOME!!!!
well G2G!!!
Keep Rockin' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

hey i forgot to tell you that you were awesome in wish gone amiss weekend when you rapped!....luved the outfit!!
Keep Rockin' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Mitchel i'm SO sorry! Happy Birthday. I've been out of town and away from a computer 4-ever! so happy late b-day and u shall have a new identity on HM? that's flipp'n sweet! uh...let me'll have blond or black hair in a Mohawk and a mustache with your nose pierced... just kidding. Can't wait for it!

Samela said...

ah you love FOB too? I went to their concert like month ago 5th row it was the most amazing night of my life and it was dirty's bday so that made everything much better i mean random cake being thrown in the air always is fun! and it also says you like blink-182? Well +44 was there too and they played "The Rock Show" Yes there was major moshing! Ah have an AMAZING DAY!



Anonymous said...

heey idk if you actually read any of these but umm your kindoff the hottest guy ive ever seen and i dont usually watch disney but my freind loves hannah montanna and so i was watching it with her anddd anyway now i watch it all the time bc you are so hott !!!! well anyway i swearrr im not usually a creep. k peaacee : ]


Hey sweetie!
I'm Katy. I really think you're an awesome guy, I really wish I could get to know you!
Maybe my dream'll come true someday =)
Love ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I cant wait to see the next episode of Hannah Montana and to hear your next song!
I loved your first song "Let's go",it was amazing!!!!

Have a nice week


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I know I might be kinda slow, but I just found out your favorite number is 6!!! MINE IS TOO!! I was just curious...why is your fav number 6?? Isn't it considered the devil's number or sumthin? I like it cuz my life revolves around 6es...haha...
Anyways...hope you're having a blast!

Fer said...

OMG I can't wait for that episode I'm guessing it's gonna be something really funny
A BRIGHT RED WIG! haha ok jk
it's gonna be such a cool episode I really want to see it you always make me laugh a lot in hannah montana that's why I always watch it =D
you're great!!!
love ya=)

alyssa said...

EEEEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what?!?!! i just found out i will be coming to cali next yr

so help me god if u rn't there!!!!


Anjum Hussain said...

Oliver might think about being like a rapper dude, and Miley and Lily might think more along the lines of a rock dude. Now that, would be cool. Ooh, but if you were both (which, I know, is impossible) that would be cooler!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel!

I was surfing around on the internet when I saw the cover for the 3rd Hannah DVD! It comes out this October and you're on the cover again! Its a bigger picture of you this time and I'm so excited (as if you didnt know all of this)! But first I have to buy the second DVD!

Just thought I'd tell you that! :]

Ever since I saw the Hannah episode I can stop saying "Baggy-waggy pants". I just randomly burst out singing that rap and I get the weridest looks from my family. I showed my brother it when it came on TV and I was singing along. When it was over he said "That was fairly entertaining." I asked weither he ment me or the TV and he said both.

Have a great week Mitchel!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel.... there are so many posers in out world i hate them... but any way how was ur weekend?mine was pretty cool my church service was awesome! we go to starbucks after it too so that was awesome also!! uhh i just love it! Gods amazing and he has helped u through so much i think do you? any way g2g bye!

AlEXiS ROSE said...

Im guessing your going to dress up as Tracy, you'll talk like her and have a wig like her! That would be soo funny. Can't wait to see it! bye!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I just saw the picture of you and your car on the MMO was pretty obvious to see, but knowing me, I'm EARLY seeing it! LOL. Your car is so HOT! Well, just goes to show, hot guys get hot cars! Ooh, tsss! Alright, I'll post again later!

Love always,

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
For the alter ego... I am guessing that you come up with a gansta look, and Miley and Emily come up with a secret spy kinda thing. Well I have no clue what it could be!
I showed my brothers and sisters "Let's Go!", and they all think you're really talented, (and so do I!)
I have been busy taking up a new hobby, the guitar! I really stink, but it's fun to play!
Can't wait for your new song!

Kate said...

Mitchel! Long time no talk. Well I was wondering if you are lik goign to become a singer and try to have a career in that? I haven't gotten a chance to see Let's Go yet since I am incredibly busy with sports lately. So if you could answer my question that would be great.

Jen & Maria said...

Hey Mitchel!
Okay, Finally I watched a video of "Let's Go"!
It's great!
There was a bunch but I only watched one.
I was going to watch more, but then I didn't have time.
I was at the library by the way.
And I don't have sound on my computer.
So I had to watch it at the library.
So yeah it was so good.
I sent it to myself in an email.
Im trying to find the lyrics, but i can'tttttt. I can't find them.
Sweet Nibletsssssssss.
"Here's my number and my name, let's hang.."
I think. Lol. I only listened to it once, so i don't remember if thats how it goes. Lol.
Wellllll, Im just gonna post this now..Lol.

Kim said...

Wow, honestly, I have NO CLUE what the "unveiling" of Oliver's alter-ego will be on "Hannah Montana". Hmm...maybe some kind of rapper? That could work, I mean, Oliver already showed off some of his rapping skills with Jackson--("Cheese Jerky!")LOL. I guess I'll just have to tune in to find out...(I always do anyway). OMG, I'm so excited to hear your new song--I saw you at CityWalk performing "Let's Go" on were AMAZING! I also can't wait to see you on "Phineas and Ferb". Hope you have an awesome weekend!
Oh, yeah--and come to CANADA!
<3 Much luv <3,

Anonymous said...

hey mitch,
u'll never believe what happened to me.....I GOT SICK in the summer!!!....i'm so tired and worn it's really hot which doesn't help @ all!!!...yeah.....
Keep Rockin' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!! (Don't get sick either)

P.S.tell marc i said hi!! :)

Tiffany said...

hey mitchel! i bought marc's "the last mimzy" dvd! you should let everyone know it's on sale now!! it's really great if any of the other fans reading this haven't seen it, see it! plus, mitchel's little bro marc is in. that's reason enough to buy it :]]

hope you are having a fun summer mitchel!

Alicia said...

mitchel, i love u and ur hott as heck!

Anonymous said...

hey i just watched "Let's Go" again and i just can't get it out of my head!!!...u should record it and put out a cd or something!!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Megg said...

OMG is oliver gunna b a professional rapper??????


alli [addylaine] said...

dude dude dude dude..... YOU ROCKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i ♥ u!!!!!

Jordan said...

omg. i can`t wait 2 see :)and i emailed let`s go to everyone i knew! i love u! xoxo!

Lets Make A Wish On The Fireworks Below said...

I can't wait to hear your new song!
and I deffinately can't wait to see Oliver's alter ego!
Hope everything well

Anonymous said...

probably some rapper type, kinda like in when you wished you were the star. or some hot shot singer. but you'll do a great job with whichever it is :)

Anonymous said...

ZOMG, Let's Go is awesome! I watched it on YouTube and almost fainted because you were sooo good!


Paige said...

Hmm.. I have no idea what your alter ego would be! There is so many different choices!! But your song "Let's Go" Is really good. I cant wait to hear more songs from you. Keep up all the good work. =]

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel! i would have to guess.. some kind of rapper dude lol anyways cant wait for the new episode! love u! ♥

p.s. i showed one of my friends "let's got", she said you were cute and it was a great performance

Anna =] said...


You're song makes me smile=]

I couldn't even begin to guess what Oliver's alter ego will be. Everybody seems to think a rapper... but... i hope Oliver proves everyone wrong and comes out with something totally different.

Every Hannah Montana episode is amazing.. it never fails. I love it.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

i finall got to see the lets go video it was really coo! and the dancing was awesome i love choreographing!! its cause i can't do it lol haha well u were great i i live ur rap on hannah montana i memorized it lol haha

Anonymous said...

Ahaha. I have NO idea. Well whatever you will be, I can't wait to see you in that episode.


youuuurr hoottttt : ] said...

haha you must feel like the shit all the time bc you have a million girls who are in love with you

too bad im one of them too !!

hmm k bye i love you

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel,
When is Phineas And Ferb premiering?


Anonymous said...

you'll never believe what i got this morning at 12:01....i got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!'s good so far....i'm only on page 18 yeah.....
Keep Rockin' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!


Selah said...

I really liked the rapper guy from the Wish episode,
so if that's not it,
I don't really know.

But I was wondering if you've seen Hairspray yet?

Okay, really belated.

Baylee said...

i think oliver will be a rapper or roadie or something like that! whatever it is i'm sure you'll be hilarious(as always =) i cant wait for the show...ill defidently be looking for olivers alter ego! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Tianna said...


I love you SOOOO much, and I can't stop thinking about you. You are so cute and have a great personality. I loved watching you rapping "Let's Go". That made my day. Please keep up the AWESOME work! I hope someday I can meet you. And when i do, ill faint. I promise

Your bigeest fan,

coffeeheart said...

Missed you Love!!! I've been in England so of course you had to put up 3 blogs while i was gone. ANYWAY, I bet you go a rockstar, with the leather jacket and john lennon glasses. Or an emo kid. *Tries to picture you in eyeliner* Oh,umm... or not. Cant wait to see. Happy sveet 16 deary! Have a lovely day!

Meg said...


The episode is gunna be great I can't wait to see what you're gunna be! It's not Brody the Roadie is it???lol I missed you in last nights HM! I thought 4sure u were gunna be in it! o0o0o Did u get ur b-day present from me yet?? If u did i hoped u liked the confettii=]

Have a super ah-mazing weekend


Kad. said...

Someone spoiled it on Wikipedia... =/ I think I know what it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I was just online and figured I'd say hi. The summer play I'm in is doing the performances for High School Musical this week, so wish me luck! Good luck with any projects you're doing, and have the most AWESOME day! *smile*


Lauren said...

I cant wait to see the episode!Im guessing your gonna be a rapper or something like that.Im sure its gonna be awesome!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait! I have no idea though what you could be lol

amberjean. said...

i cant wait to see it!!
dude dude dude you rock...
hahaha yea your awesome,i love your stuff,i love you, marry me :]


Meg said...

Heyy again Mitchel♥

It's me again!! Just wanted to let you know i signed your petition! You definatly need to be in more episodes!! Cuz Hannah Montana without Oliver is like Boy Meets World without Eric, it just doesnt work=]LOVE YOUU!!


Alexandra said...

hey mitchel,
I really have no idea whats going to happen in that episode. Maybe you'll dress up as a rapper.I really have no idea. I just cant wait until it I see it. I also cant wait until your next song. I loved Lets Go! It was awsome!!!!!! I just cant wait to hear your next song! I hope we can hear it soon.Im also so jealous of your car. Man,I wish I could get a car like that. I might get a car when I graduate from high school if im lucky ( which by the way is in like 3 years!lol)but still nothing like your car.:) Im glad you had a great birthday!! Cant wait to see you on hannah montana and cant wait to hear your new song.
One of your many, many fans


Kara said...

i read that in a magazine can't wait til august 1st!!!

PS my mom and sis think that i could be your cousin or sister cause they think i look like a girl version of u!!!

i luv mitchel!!!

Lo said...

I'm really happy for you Mitchel! I can't wait to see your new cartoon and the new Hannah Montana episode! We've all noticed you haven't been on Hannah Montana that much lately, I really hope your parts gett bigger because they are the most enjoyable! God bless and take care!

OF said...

I seriosuly cant wait for that episode! YAY! lol. you're going to have a funky look like Lola XP

Thats awesome though, i cant wait to see the new look!

I seen this episode you're in, umm Song Sung Bad, and it's adorable how you stood up for Lilly XP

Okay anyway, I cant wait to see the new ep lol. you must be busy.

Mindy said...

Hey Mitchel! Glad to see your doing well! <3

I absolutely LOVED "Let's go!"

You had so much energy and your dance moves were...woo!

Haha <3

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Oliver's alter ego! I think you will want to be a rapper. and i bet Miley and Lilly dont want a Hannahs-New Man-ah all over agian so maby a girl.

Anonymous said...

your gonna be like a rapper or somin or a roadie ? i posted let's go on my myspace i got like 50 comments from all my friends who watch hannah & they were like OMG he's awesome ! && i've been promoting metro station !
cauz they're awesome !
cant wait to hear your second song

-xo michele

Anonymous said...

Well, as far as ideas for the next show goes I'm completely stumped. But I just wanted to let you know that I think youre a really awesome actor and do a really good job with staying in touch with your fans. And I think it'd be really exciting to meet you. Haha, I feel pretty lame writing this going into my junior year of high school, but I just thought I'd let you know:] keep up the amazing work.

God bless, Sharyn.

valaurie said...

Mitchel! Its been 10 loooong days since you last put in a blog! So please do! Thank you sooo much.

Love your biggest fan in all of Canada, Valaurie

P.S. Keeping aswome!

mel :) said...

Hi Mitchel! Im your fan and I'm from Brazil :) Hmm.. I dont know speak english very well, but I watch you in the serie Hannah Montana everyday and you act in the serie very well!
I saw the show that you participate, Let's Go, in youtube and I like so much, you sang very well!
When do you'll come to Brazil? You have many fans here! ^^
I'm so embarrassed to say it, I like you very much! ;}

luv ya! ♥

amanda said...

im guessing a rapper like cause how your rap haha

Anonymous said...

Tonight is the opening night for our summer theater's stage version of High School Musical, and I'm starting to get nervous! Not because I'm afraid of getting on stage, but because we haven't sold out yet and we did last year. *sigh* Either way, I'm still gonna have fun tonight! *smile* Unfortunately, for the next four days the cast is supposed to eat only food that won't clog our throats, so I can only have fruit and water. It'll pay off though. Have an AWESOME day! *smile*


Christina Vourcos said...

Did this post have anything to do with what I wrote in the comments about my fanfic? Well, cool! Can't wait to see the episode!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I loved the video. I wish I knew where you where staying when you went to Disney World. I was there the same time you where. I was going to get an autograph but a lady said the line was closed. I got pretty mad. lol
Your biggest fan!

Audrey said...


i just watched the new episode of Hannah Montana. Loved the disguises. the vampire was hilarious.
& ""
keep it up!

Anonymous said...

aw, mitchell your amazing
u singing made me smile,
and im not going to lie, your quite good.

Anonymous said...

I thought the vampire thing might have worked if not for the whole hair thing. Other than that,he looks pretty good in eyeliner, black lipstick and fangs.

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel, I think U made a mistake. You said the episode would show on Aug.4, and i saw it on Sept.29. (Count Dorkula?!) The sibling-ish rivalry between lily and oliver was cuet. Love the black eyes and lips. Mitch, U ROCK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mitch, You are the hottest guy on the planet!!!!!I love your acting, it's sooo funny, my sister and I thought we were gonna die laughing at the vampire get-up! Luv you, and God Bless! :)

I LOVE YOU! said...

Is this episode still season 2? Because I have seen all the episodese in seaseon two adn you don't have an alter ego.

Anonymous said...

i havent seen the epsoide but im guessing your going to be a beatboxer

Gaby said...

Mitchell you are so Amazing, but I heard, form One of my Close Friends that your Alter Ego name would be Brian Bleu is that True (That was not suppose to Rhyme) Well I heard your song Lets Go, awesome. Okay Ciao


Zerina said...

Awesome! I saw the episode and it showed on my birthday! that was too cool!!! xoxo...

MarĂ­n said...

i can't belive it is you i just dont know what to say yes i'm from iceland and i watch hannah montana evry time it is and i wish i could meet all of you love you bye

smiley mileys fan club said...

hello i am maylani and i now who you are tell miley i am a big fan of her and i want her e-mail so i can talk to her