Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Let's Go"

Theres other versions too. Watch when you get a chance and let me know what you think.



Kayla said...


Your performance was amazing I wish I could of been there, so I could finally get to meet you. You are such a great singer and actor. Just WOW! Any chance you could come to Northwest Ohio for a signing??


Jessica said...

I just watched it right now!!!! Oh my God, you looked AMAZING!!! haha, I'm like, in love with that song now!!!!
I had a good 4th of July. Just went to a friend's house for a graduation party! It was fun! We went swimming and did all sorts of stuff! I hope you had a good 4th of July and I can't wait until you sing some more!
I hope you have an AWESOME week!
P.S. Yay 1st post, hehe!

savanah said...

oh my gosh you did such an awesome job! you were so amazing!


Jacquelyn said...

Mitchel Thank you!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing in those vids!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you had a great time!!!!!!!! I really wish I was there!!!

Sooo.....How was your 4th of July?? Mine was OK...I thought of you the whole time when I saw the fireworks display in my town!!!!!!!! =DD

Hey you will be 16 in 5 days!!!!!!!!! Happy early b day!!!!!! =DDD

Weell, I'll ttyl!!!!!!! I think I am gonna watch the vids again!!!! lol

Yours forever and always; ♥
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

i'll check them out right after i do a few things!!!!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

-luvlaugh ;)

Alexandra said...

Hey Mitchel,
I thought it was really really good! I was entertained the whole time! You are really talented.Hopefully next time I get to see it in person. I cant wait until I hear more.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel,I loved it!You are amazing.I never thought you would sing,but this is like a dream come I can't wait to hear your new songs!I know they'll be as great as this one.It's one of my favorite songs now.Along with 7 other! lol I can't choose just It's hard,just a little.=oD
I cant tell you had an amazing 4th of July.
Love ya soOoOo much!


Anonymous said...

omg mitchel u r absolutly amazing i mean wut CANT u do!!!!!! i deffinitly see a tripple threat coming on!!!!!!!!!!! ur voice is sooooooooo cute and the way u move is so fricking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! can u PLZZZZ come to chicago and perform that cuz i WILL be there!!!!!
I ♥ U (times infinity)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!....u should go pro!!!....that was amazing!!...u looked like u had a lot of fun!!!!...great!!!!....4 days!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!


brit said...

Mitchel i think u did a great job yesterday. So congradulations. I wish i could have been there. You looked good. You sounded good. It's a all good. Oh and i did like the song. I knew u would do great and u did. :)
love ya

kelsey said...

hey mitchel! that was awesome! thx for the links! i loved it! i thought you did a great job and you looked like you were having fun! hope to see more from you! well love ya dude, you did a great job!

Kristine said...

Mitchel, I gotta say. "Let's Go" was pretty good. I couldn't make it to your 4th of July performance (since I live in Canada), but I saw it on YouTube. Good job. =) And keep doing what you're donig.


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD!!!! I just watched EVERY different one on youtube....YOU ROCKED!!!! YOU WERE SO GREAT I CAN'T EVEN COMPRHEND IT!!!!! I thought about you ALL DAY! especially during the fireworks!!!! hazzah 4 u!!!! i'm off...gonna go email it to EVERYONE i know!!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!, Hope

Jessica Rene'e said...

hey, i didnt ge to see you since i dont live in cali. lol. but i watched it.. and good job your a good singer & dancer =]

Jessica Bennett / benedetto x33

Rebekah said...

Just watched a couple versions of your song, and WOW! It was amazing Mitchel!! I knew you rapped but didn't know you were so good at it. And the all the dance steps were cool too. Really wished I could have seen it live, but at least I got to see it. I loved it, two thumbs up! =)

Love, Rebekah

Brianna said...

Wow i watched it online and and it was great!!! You did awesome!!! Good Job!!! And the dance move were awesome too.

Anonymous said...

I saw that vid. :]
It was awesome! it had me smiling the entire time. :D
I loved it! great job! ;]


Maddie said...

Hey Mitchel,
Well Done!! You were Amazing! You sounded magnificent and your Dancing was brilliant! I really enjoyed it! Oh and I hope you had loads of fun out there : ) Well Done!

Rock On! luv Maddie

P.s Happy 16th Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Becky said...

I loved it, Mitchel =D
You were amazing, and i loved the song!

I think you should make your own CD, how cool would that be? Well i guess singing talent runs in the family, cuz you and Mason are awesome!!!!

How do you think it went??

ashlee said...

OMG! u were sooooo awesome! too bad i couldn't go. i wanted to see u like in person. i was like sad and i cried for days. i was going then my dad was like no we arent going and i got all bummed out. and yesterday at 7 i went into my room and looked at ur pic for 3 hours.:( but u were so good. dang u should record a album or something!!! well have a sweet day!!
Luv ur biggest fan,

Anonymous said...

that was so hot
if u ever make a cd i would buy it
y are you so amazing
do u have any more talents to show us

hope you make more music


Anonymous said...

i can't get enough
make more please

Chelsea said...

Hi Mitchel!!! I watched "Let's Go" on your YouTube links and it was awesome! I LOVE the song; it's fun and has a great beat! =) You did an awesome job performing it! Sweet dance moves! lol Anyway, wish I coulda seen it in person! You Rock!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel that was AWESOME!!!

Great job!

Anonymous said...



bianca; said...

your performance was really neaaat. i was so happy that i got to see you at citywalk. it was the best 4th of july everrr. haha . sadly i couldnt go to the after party at bbkings but, im glad i got to take a picture with you. even though i looked weird. hahahaha. but im so jealous that girl won a date with you. haha . well take careee.

Melissa said...

Haha the first link was my vid!!!
u were amazzing..hoped u liked the gift i got u, it was the one in the red quiksilver box. hope u do wut it says in the card. keep up the great work. hope 2 see u again..sushi sometime ?? my treat haha

love ,

Megan said...

ahhh so cool so cool, great job Mitchel! wish i coulda been there... ahhh that must have been exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

that is so amazing good job! are you making any other appearances in the next couple months?

xxbrandonxx said...

hey dude, loved the performance...i didn't get to go but if i did i would of been dancing haha keep up the good work

Tiffany said...

hey, not half bad! thanks for the update mitchel! hope you had fun performing last night! good luck with your music career and be sure to keep us posted.

happy almost sweet 16 :]


Kayce[mitchel's] said...

normaly music wont make me get up and dance but i love this song! you should sing more omg and the dancing is soo awesome :D i love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
You were amazing!! Congrats on such a great performance!! Happy early birthday!!!

Dani said...

I'm gonna be honest....I'm not a fan of it wasn't my favorite.....but I like the lyrics, just not the rapping part if you know what I mean. But even from a non-rap-liker's point, it was pretty good, you got talent! Did you write the song? And it looks like alot of people came out to support you! Congrats and I hope you had fun!


marykateee =) said...

omgg mitchellll
your amazinggg
i would have been there in heart beat if i didn't live on the other side of the country.
haha well i hope you had fun

MARIAM. [: said...

you were amazing.
that was like the best night of my life.
you're really sweet and adorable and amazing!
i feel like the luckiest girl alive, because i got to meet you.

(the girl with the "mitchel is a stud!" sign. hahahha.)

i made a video too. [:

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

You did AWESOME last night!!! I wanted to be there SOOOOOOOOO badly!! But since I couldn't, I wore my lucky bracelet, so your performance did great. And I can see you did!! "Let's Go", as soon as I heard it, be came my number on favorite song. That is the best song ever. I hope you had a great 4th of July. During the fireworks show I went to last night, I kept looking back at this star I made a wish on for you. The fireworks show didn't start untill 10, which was good, because, since I live in Ohio, it was your performance time in CA!! I'm so glad it went well. Is there gonna be a record deal in the future?????? I'd buy it. Right away!!

Congrats, on your big debut, and I'm wishing that one day soon, you'll be touring!! Take care.

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Anonymous said...

Mitchel u were awsome. i didnt think it would be this good.
if this song was out i would defantly buy it.
your so talented.
you did a great job

Anonymous said...

Mitchel , what's a better word than "amazing?" I thought you were AWESOME! I just wish that I would've been able to go out to LA and see you perform live. You were great! I'm going to be watching that video 24/7! I'd just like to say one more time: AWESOME!!!

Rachel said...

Dear Mitchel,
OMG!!! What a great preformance!!! It was an AWSOME song!!! I LOVED IT!! U LOOKED GREAT!!! I LOVED THE HOODIE!!!

P.S: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


babe, you are so hot when you rap.
haha seriously i dont really like
much rap music..but WOW. haha.
&& i wasnt to sure if i liked your whole
music thing. i didn't know if i`d like you
as a musician person thing. ha. but i`m
starting to like it..just a little bit. :)

love you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It was really good! I loved it! Now I really want it on my iPod!


Anonymous said...

that was really awesome!

ttran said...

I LOVE IT!!! That was totally amazingly awesome!! It was even better than what I imagined it would be! You ROCK, Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome Mitchel!!

Shelby(chitown) said...

Hey Mitchel!

Its your first pinkrazr!!! hehe whats up man, ahh i am kinda mad i couldnt see you live but i saw the video your kicked baby that was fresh! nice job, haha u should of seen me and kristyn we were like work it baby! lol we are so proud of you! i cant wait to hear more =]] once again you totally kicked it yeeeeahhh boiii! i am honestly like trying not to jump out of my seat it was amazing

-Shelby <33

Anonymous said...

I loved it!!! You were awesome!!! I really liked the song!! I wish I could've gone :( Hope your fourth of July was fun. Again.....Great Job!!!!
<3 Britney
P.S. Happy Early B-day

Chrissy said...

Great job! I really liked your song and your dancing. :D Wish I could've gone! Anyways, it was really good! ~Chrissy (one of the Elves Girls)

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. GOSH! LOL.
You were absolutely AMAZING! I loved it so much! That is definitely the best song I have ever heard! You were awesome! I loved the singing, dancing; All of it! I hope you enjoyed doing it and that you will continue because it is obviously TALENT that allowed you to be so awesome! Please continue! It would make so many of us happy! Well, more happy, actually! Let's Go actually sounded like a better version of "Get'cha Head in the Game". It was so cool! I'm sorry I couldn't make it!! But you survived, I see :P. Okay, well, hope you had fun on "Channel 5"! LOL. So I will comment you again...soon, I'm sure!
Glad you had fun on your date with the winner of the contest, by the way!

Love always,


Anonymous said...

You were amazing and I hope you do more performances! I wonder how it would look as a music video... Anyway, great job!


brie said...

Oh m gosh, Mitchel! Your performance was UNBELIEVABlE!!! You sounded great!!! You really should've started singing a lot earlier cuz you're really AWESOME at it!!!

Sounds like a great 4th of July for you! I had fun, too. On the 3rd, I went by my friend Bob's house for his Bi-Annual 4th of July bash. I went with him and a few of his friends to the park to skate for a while. (Of course, I'm not Elissa Steamer or anything, but I tried.) My friends are really good! We eventually went back to Bob's house and ate. Then I watched all the crazy guys light off fireworks. It was really kool.

Then yesterday, some of my family came over. My dad grilled burgers n dogs and we played a ton of beanbags. At night, my dad, brother, and I launched some fireworks. It was so much fun.

Can you believe you're gonna be 16 soon?!?!?! WOWZA! Sweet 16! Woohoo! But I don't really see you on "My Super Sweet Sixteen" cuz, even though you're probably gonna party, you're TOTALLY not one of those stuck-up rich kids. Plus, the kids on that show are always "Bla Bla talk talk yap yap. Ooo Sally, nice capris! Bla bla..." sorry...getting a little carried away there...lolz. (sound familiar?) I have no idea where that came from... anyway, for my b-day (the 12th), I'm having some family over in the afternoon and my five closest friends come to spend the night. I can't wait!

Well, that's all for now! Talk to ya soon, Mitch!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

OMG that was sooo awesome! i was very impressed. You are so talented! Cant wait to hear more from you. Wish i could have been there though, but you need to come to houston texas cuz i would SOOO be there! it would be soo awesome to meet you. hopefully someday i will!!

Anonymous said...

Just watched the video, it was awesome! Loved it!


Anonymous said...

Mitchel you are ahhh-mazing. You have so many great talents that you share with the world, and everyone loves you. :]
You can act, rap, and dance, which is totally hot. :]

You loook reaaaaaaally good with hats and hoodies. Hah you always look good. :D

You need to come to texas and preform there, I would definatly come. You are simply great at everything you do.

Its almost your birthday and we all wish you a happy one. :]

I love you so much Mitchel. :D


Katie. said...

He acts, skateboards, plays guitar and now.......he sings and dances!!!!! OMG, Mitchel, you are amazing. For real. I LOVED it. You did a great job. It looks like you had a lot of fun, too. I want it on my iPod sooo badly. You should have a CD. I would totally get it. lol. I hope you had a great 4th of July!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel ur were so asome it didnt air here so i was upset bouts that but when i heard u i thought u were great i cant stop listing to that song

M. said...

you are amazing! i love that song and i wish i could have been there!! come up to niagara falls/buffalo some time!!


alyssa said...

uh wow!!!!!!

was ttly not expecting that!!!! since when do u rap?

wow still in woe!!!!

wow uh i am like wow

i like really like that that's coool

is disney ok with u rapping?
i know disney doesn't want to encourage rap or anything(which is stupid!!!i like LOVE rap!!!)

Christina Vourcos said...

This song was great. I can't help but listen to it over and over on youtube. You will put it as your single on itunes, right? I wish I could of been there. Is there going to be a offical video of "Let's Go" too? Can't wait to hear the next songs you do and watch the new episodes of Hannah Montana.

Paige said...

There is now words to even describe how amazing you sounded. I'm still disappointed I couldn't be there, but these videos were excellent. You're so talented! I would so buy your CD! :]



I ♥ed it.. yoo should make an album... i di not know that yoo could sing like that or dance like that..lOl!!

Wayyy 2 GO Mitchel!!!


Catherine said...


Your amazing. Acting, dancing, singing, skateboarding...

Man, you can do it all, can't you?

I live in NJ so I had to miss the performace (unfortunately), but I watched it on YouTube.


~ Catherine
~~Crazed NJ fan

Kelsey said...

lol that was hilarious!!! who new mitchel musso could sing!

well there was that episode of hannah montana! lol


Anonymous said...

i saw the videos!! i'm really not into rap at all! but that was AMAZING:]!!! you have a AWESOME voice just like ur brother! my favorite part was the dancing! i though you really rocked it!(i have to say u looked so HOT) did you write that song your self? you looked like you were having a so much FUN!i believe a cd in ur future!im sure!well i hope u have a great weekend and AMAZING 16 birthday(i wish that i could have metro station play at my 16 party)!!!

Alli said...

OMG! your freakin AMAZINGGGG!!! wow! I LOVED IT! i soooo wish i could have been there! sweet job tho! hope to meet you soon!


ps. come to pittsburgh please!!!

pss. almost ur birthday!!!

Chelsie said...

Good job :D

You're really good. And god I'm so jealous that you're turning 16. I'll be turning 15 in like a month so that means about year until I can drive! I don't know if you got your permit, but just saying. You'd be legally able to drive.

Ohhhhkay done rambling now. Have a nice day.



omg your such a good rapper and your sexy too!! i ♥ you! great jobbb! amazing!
BRiiDGET <33

sabrina said...

omg r u gonna have a CD?

i would SO ttly buy it!!!!!!!!!

Maya said...

OMG!!! I loved your movie!!!!!! I think you where awesome! you can dance! I loved the music!!!! I am going to tell all of my friends about the video!!! Love you!!!!!


Maddie said...

mitchel, you are like, AWESOME! that was so good!

Sara said...

That was an awesome preformance! I was smiling the whole entire time I was watching it. That definately made my day. The dance moves and everything was so cool. Great job!!! I give it 5 stars. lol


Rachel said...

Mitchel that was just AMAZING!
soooo AWESOME!
I never knew that you could do that stuff...
it just makes me love you more!
I really hope you record an album then go on tour then come here to Texas like in San Antonio *hint* *hint*. haha.
I wish I was there!
I would've been screaming and jump'n up and down for you! lol
I'm sooo PROUD OF YOU!
You totally ROCK!
btw, Happy 4th of July!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Elissa said...

reallly good show last night. i was up against the bars, right in the center. :D i especially loved the lines about the girl in the front row. haha
i went to the afterparty too.
and, you still have my sharpie.
or you left it there. haha, but hey it came in handy for getting a headstart on those 5 million autographs you signed!

tiffany said...

hey dude! great performance! totally off topic, but how old is jason earles.? i've read he is 30 on imdb and then on it said he is 22. that's kidna a big diff you know. if you could post how old he is that would be cool!

let's go! lol, love it!

Emily said...

that song is awesome!!!! I loved it when i saw you yesterday! by the way, I was one of the girls who gave you the birthday present, along with my friend JoAnna. also, you signed my hat and noticed it was also signed by Jason Earles. haha. anyway yesterday was AMAZING and I'm soooo glad I was there!!!! Awesome job performing!

~Emily from San Fernando Valley, CA

Katie said...

That was AMASING! I wish I could have seen it in person but I couldn't! I hope to meet you someday!

Jewel said...

wow you are a great singer. you should sing with miley and emily they are great singers as well.

Elizabeth said...


I must say that was impresive.
Please stay with acting. I love that you're going out and trying new things. I'd like to do that too.
But I just think you're more of an actor.
I wouldn't mind if you put out a CD. I'd buy it. The song and your voice were really good.

But I just think you're more of an actor.

<3 Liz

Melissa said...

i wish i was there you sing amazing


Anonymous said...

OMG Mitchel! Ur performance was SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! U r sooooooooooo talented!!!! U r my fave actor and now i guess ur gonna become my fave singer!!! Keep up the GREAT work u do!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG, that was awesome, that would be a great career for you!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work Mitchel!!!!!

Shannon said...

Hi Mitchel!

It was great seeing you yesterday. Luckily my friends and I arrived early so we got front row :) But they moved us when they set up the judges table so we didn't get to be right next to you when you walked by..
Anyways, amazing job! We could tell you were a bit nervous, but who wouldn't be? I was a little disappointed we didn't get to take pictures with you, I had something to give you! Maybe next time..
My friends and I also went to BB Kings..but we left a couple of minutes after you got in.

Anyways, great job once again :)And happy early birthday...16's great! My sweet 16 was in February but i'm still a little late on getting my license.

- Shannon

Anonymous said...

Mitchel you were awsome!! I hope you had fun and you have a sweer 16th birthday party!! You rock!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shayla Boas~~~~~~~~~~~
P.S I am like your number one fan!!

Chloe! said...


The performance was wonderful. When I first saw it I was like, "Wow, Choreographing". Haha. I'm Random! Well, I loved the song. :)

MUCH love,


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

It was awesome.Wish I could have been there but California is a long way from Mississippi.Feel free to come to Mississipppi any time for a signing or something.
Hope you had a grest 4th of July!
talk2ya lata.

Breanne said...

You are amazing!!! I love the song!!! I never would have guessed that you could rap!!! You are like the best!!! I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

it was amazing. is there anything you are not good not. do you have other songs too. that is a great start. you are amazing. i love you.

Yvonne said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Mitchel you are the most AWESOME guy I have ever... seen? I want to say met... Lol.

I just saw the video... and couldn't stop watching. I've probably seen it like 50 times now. :D I'm actually listening to it in the background.

I'm hoping you'll have a cd. I'm urging for more!! I would be your first person to buy it!! :D

I'm soooo happy for you. You are amazing. You're not just any "Disney Kid". You definetely have talent and will go far in life!!


Peace and Love
Yvonne (Mrs. Yvonne Musso) :D

Alli C. said...



Alli C.

Anonymous said...


oh my gawd, dat song is AMAZING, u wer deadly. u rox our sox,hehe. we wuv wat ur doin so keep doin it. ur sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!

Rach 'n' Zo

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh mitchel!
i watched your videos of lets go, and i loved it :) not only are you an AMAZINGLY TALENTED actor - your music is so awesome! i live in michigan, but if i had the opportunity - i would have loved to be able to spend my july 4th with you @ citywalk. :) i hope i get to meet you one day, i love you mitchel!
<3 ally

Anonymous said...

Awesome video!! Great song!! The background dancers are perfection!! GREAT CHOICE!! Hope to see more of you and more of them!! What a team!! gwl

jonasg said...

dude mitchel u rock, i had no idea u can rap...well a little cause of those episode on hannah montana, but u sang ur heart out and it was amazing, no wonder u inpierd me to be an actor, best of luck , and hope u make a cd

Anonymous said...

omg!! u r sooo hot!!! ur my hereo!!!! i luv you!!!!!!! ur a great actor, singer, and dancer!!! i luv ur hair!!! luv ya, ~caitie warrington

Anonymous said...

wow your awsome love it
woot woot would comment more but i have to go
your awsome love cha mitchel
~nicole aka nickel ~
lol love cha *dances go mitchel * lol sorry im hyper must find my cell phone i lost it lol my bad

vicky said...

i think it's awesome
i love you!!

melissa24242 said...

o.m.g I loved it! and im not kidding when I first watched I was like no way cuz to me you seemed like the skater who doesnt like that type of music butlike they say dont judge a book by it cover! lol but yea it was great! keep up the good work

<3 Melissa

holly said...

i luv ur song and ur r an amazing dancer and singer i wish i could have seen u preform!!!!i hope u come 2 alabama soon

lots of luv
holly <3

amberrr :]] said...

mitchel that was awesome!
your so talented...
haha and the fact that your GORGEOUS doesnt hurt either ;]
your amazinggggg!
haha i think you should come and sing for me... :D


I go crazy for life is all for you... said...

I wanted to I can see you again...and I love it by the way...