Friday, June 22, 2007

More Big News!

Just to make sure you guys know that we are performing at the Universal City Walk which is located on the stage right outside of the Hard Rock Cafe right next to the Movie Theater at City Walk. There is no cost involved except for parking if your driving.

Hope to see all of you there!



Jacquelyn said...

Thanx Mitchel!!!!! =D

Have an awesome time!!!!!!!! I wish you good luck with performing and break a leg!!!!! (OK not literally!!!!!!!!!! I'd be crying if you did!!!!!! =D lol)

Yours forever and always, ♥
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥♥

anthony said...

do we have to bring stuff to sign to the furture of cool event tonight?


i love you and im def. comming!
- bridget<33

Ashlee said...

mitchel i cant wait to hear ur stuff. i saw that thing from popstar! magazine. i also saw ur invition. dont worry it didnt have ur #'s on it. i really want to go to that. i have been begging for so much that i actually broke my phone!!!

TTran said...

Whoooo! Break a leg!! Not literally though, that would be awful! LoLz! Hope you guys have fun!!!

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

Thanks for the update! Good luck. You totally deserve it! Since I won't be able to make it, I'm gonna look it up on youtube!!!! That's REALLY exciting news. I know you're gonna be great! You have my support. I'll be thinking of you, that day, ESPECIALLY during the fireworks show, I'm going to. Good luck, with everything.

Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel! I really wish I could go, but since i'm on the east would be hard for me. But I hope that everything goes better than perfect and you have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!!
i probibly wont be able to see u sing and dance. :,( my parents never let me travel to see ya or any of that.:( well, i hope you have a great time there.:) i really hope i can meet you.:)
well, i guess ill comment on here l8er. well i luv ya! byeees!
<3Moo Peace


why can't I live somewhere cool and close to the action? Arizona is stupid. blow it up, please. :)


Anonymous said...

I just read your posts... it sounds amazing! I wish I could go, but I live on the east coast. However, I will see if anyone puts it on youtube, and if you came out with a cd, I'd definately buy it! I just saw Miley in NY today and it was really fun! I was pretty close to the front of her GMA concert, but there were so many adults lifting up their small children that it felt like I was farther back. It was still better than simply watching it at home and it was really fun! Hopefully I might come out to California, but it doesn't look like it's happening any time soon. *sigh*. Anyway... have fun in Disney World! *smile*



Lol i would be there but i'm in new jersey i'm at the other side of the usa so ..i'll be there in spirit!<33
GooD LuCK<333
PeaCe! TooTLeS!<33

Andi said...

What do you mean by "performing"?
Like entertaining?

Kay said...

yay! that's great! good luck! remember u have ur fans who will always support you!

Cat said...

hey mitchel, my family said that i can come if i can find another fun thing to do that night. Is there anything else going on that night in the area?

marykateee=) said...

i wish i could go
good luckk

Anonymous said...

what time is the performance at?

Jesenia said...

Hey Mitchel!! WOw! I'll probaby go!! I need to ask permission first! xD Well Take Care!


Megan said...

AHHH ok i'm gonna try to come. Don't you worry, i'll find a way to be thereee =]

Paige said...

That is soo cool!
I wish I could go see you, but I live too far away. :[.
Maybe someone will put it online and I can see you then!
Good luck!

georgina said...

Your gonna do great...
I wish i could watch...

Have a great time...
Im sure all your hard work is amazing...

good luck mitchel...

Love Georgina x

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry i can't make but i wish i was i really do...o well maybe another time.....ok then have fun and keep it safe!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Tiffany said...

what, you are now singing and dancing?? what? omgsh, that's crazy!! i knew you rapped and beat boxed, but not sing and dance!

man, i wish i lived out there. good luck with your performance!!

Anonymous said...

hi it's me again not only the super-hero but the super-star!....BRAZIL!!!!!:D ooooooo la la u r the coolest/most mind blowing super-star in the world and don't 4get the world of shopping!

-brazil :P

Lo said...

Hey Mitchel! I doubt I can make it but I just want to say Congrats on everything! You're amazing! Best of luck July 4th! I can't wait to hear how it went! Your fans are behind you 200%! Much love - Lo! :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mitchel! I wish I could come... but I live half way across the country from California. Oh well. GOOD LUCK... again!

Amy said...

Mitchel my dear, you should come to NYC or Albany. I really want to see you, but I never can! But if you came to NYC or Albany, I can pretty much guarantee my friend and I would be first in line to see you. (okay not first, but we'd be there)

LOVE YA! <3 Amy

Andi said...

Good luck w/ the singing and dancing!

Anonymous said...

hey ey i hope cha do great i know you will because your bomblicious lol my word well yesh i eally wanna go i will ask my parents anyways i bet they will say no though ey strict i hate that well i still love cha and have fun love cha *nicole aka nickel *

Alli said...

mmk allison is confused! r u singing or what? and i dont get it i thought u were really embarassed to do that one episode of hannah [oh say can i remember the words] cuz u were embarrassed to sing... this is really confusing... wait r u dancing... can u dance? im confused and is this gonna be on tv cuz i will totally watch it!if ur there ill watch it! okay and i have a favor! will you please come to pittsburgh or somewhere close to there? cuz my parents will never freakin take me to california so u need to come here! cuz i can not die w/out meeting you! please && thank you!

Anonymous said...

You were amazing in the Obstacle Course! I am so proud of you! You and Moises looked like brothers out there, and you two were both as fast as cheetahs! GO RED!!!!! *smile*


Anonymous said...

As I said in the MMO comments about your surprise, I am soo close to crying! :( I can't come see you because I live near the East Coast, and I want to be there so bad to come and support you! (Even though you'll get plenty of attention, I'd love to meet you, too!) I thought that you didn't like to sing in front of people, though? You looked and sounded great in a couple of Hannah episodes! I am still so sad...and sorry that I can't come see you...Do you think you'll ever come to Ohio?! LOL. Anyways, I wish you THE BEST OF LUCK! Hopefully Ally or another MMO member will put up videos and pictures of your BIG SURPRISE DEBUT! Will you be coming out with a CD, or is this a one-time thing? I've got MILLIONS of questions, but I think I'll leave it at that! Sorry I can't make it, but, again, GOOD LUCK.

Love always,

Anonymous said...

One more post! Good luck to everyone that's been with Mitchel through his debut experience! Love you all!

Love always,

Anonymous said...

I would definatly come if I
was back in California. :D

You need to come and preform in Texas. :D

Owel, Good luck Mitchel. :]
Havee funnnn, Love you. =]

Anonymous said...

Yupp, I would come if I was
back in California. :]

You need to come to Texas
More often, and maybe stop
by Plano some time. =]

Owel, wish you the best of luck,
Love you Mitchel. :D


Alli C. said...

ok, this is just starting 2 make me cry! i am gonna miss u singing! ok, i am crying, on the inside. BALLING on the inside i should say.

Luving u forever,

Alli C.

Kylie said...

wait, who is "we"? Who are you performing w/ (is there any1 else bside you & ur dancer ppls?

Rachael & Lauren said...

We wanted 2 go rellii badly to the Future Of Cool Event, but at the last minute we couldn't go. :'(
Come do a concert in Orlando or Kissimmee Florida please!
We saw you @ the DC Games and u waved 2 Lauren. And you did AWESOME!

Much Love,
Lauren & Rachael


That is sooo cool! :]
You will do FANTASTiC.
Good luck! :D
You are AMAZiNG!
I am sooo sad that I will not be able to see you perform. :[

Well, comment baaack. :]

kelsey said...

i wonder if hes going to be singing like actually singing or rapping??? i hope he sings!!! id rather hear his voice than him just talkin fast really...

Anonymous said...

thnkz Mitchel but i cant go =( maby if u went to New York lol
oh ps i loved "Jackson and Oliver's chesse jerky" lol peace out have fun

Anonymous said...

MITCHELLL!!!!! What time does it start at?! I need to know when to get there!!!

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel good uck performing dont break a leg but kick butt lol i think ur so hottttttt lol.and goofy wish we had guys like u in PA but unforteunly we dont i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.




omg mitchel i ♥ u so much i think ur sooo funny and hot to bad u cant come perform in scarton pa were i live i love u on hanna montna ur so funny good luck at all ur shows kick but hope to hear from u im 17 and bigg fan

Anonymous said...

that's awsome! ur brother is the best singer in the world! there has to be some of that amasing voice in ur blood!!!! i support u 1000%!!! i hope u have a great show!!!! and remeber have FUN!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!-also great job in the disney channel games!! u really showed what the red teams all about!!! GOOD LUCK on the 4th!!! Go KICK some ASS !!!!:]

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome Mitchel! Too bad I can't make it...Kansas is a little far away! But I hope you have a great time and you'll do good!

Happy Birthday on the 9th! My 16th brithday is coming up as well so i hope yours is a blast!

Corisa Rakestraw

Anonymous said...

i saw u on the DC games on the Obstacle Course!!!....RED ROXS!!!!....hope u have a great time in florida!!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!I'm used to spellig that b/c my last name is Mitchell(a little diff. though)Um yeah so do you know the Jonas Brothers?Theyare awesome and so are you!!!!

<3 HM

amber said...

hey mitchel!!!! its great to hear that you will be performing to bad you can't come to chicago!!! and its cool that the Red Team for DC games is playing for the Make A Wish Foundation!!! My two sisters got a wish from them! they both have a very serious case of arthritis. but it's so cool you will be doing that!!! and also is it true your dating AJ??? just wondering so if you can maybe answer that it'll be cool.. if not i completely understand if you want it private but i love ya and by the way can i have some beef jerky w/ cheese!!LOL love ya!!!


Megan said...

I'm buttering up my parents to go on a little vacayy and see you on the fourth of july! So far.... well, i'm working on it! I want to go sooo bad!

--Megan <3<3

Katie said...

I wish I could go. But I cant so Have a GREAT day that day! Hope it goes good!

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel, it's me again. Just finished rewatching the new episode from last night. I LOVE the lines where you and Miley talk about the fainting, it's so funny. Poor Oliver :P And also the rap about the cheese jerky...made me smile. Have a great 4th of july and have fun in florida! GO RED!

Love, Rebekah

Andi said...

Hey Mitchel!
It's me again.
I just have one question, did you do any of the beat boxing at your concert?

Anonymous said...

Mitchel!!!!! WOW when i heard you were coming to florida i was sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! i was on vacation when you came

so, of course, i saw u and i came and got your autograph and stuff it was awesome!!

thanks for being... awesome!

Emily said...

what time is it at?? i looked at the information and cant find a time anywhere. it would be cool if there was a time so that I could know when to go and if i can go. thanks.

~Emily from san fernando valley, ca.

Anonymous said...

my friend kaylynn and i are going to see you!
cause we think your a stud muffin.
times a million. [:


Shianne said...

hey! I wouldn't make it! My mom would be too lazy to get me an Airline ticket. I live clear over in pennsylvania! :( ...I was at Florida last year for christmas, but I didn't see you or anyone famous. :( But I hope you have a wonderful time and I wish you the best of luck because YOU deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mitch!!
I can't go and i wish i could but i kno you'll do great!!

love X3
Meggie W

jocelyn2 said...

just want to tell you i played oliver's treasure hunt and its fun but not as fun as the helicopter game on addicting!!!

seriously the helicopter game owns for internet games but mario owns all :D

brie said...

hey,mitch! i just got back from florida and i had a BLAST!!!!! my family was there for 2 weeks! we spent the 1st 9 days at Disney. i wish i could've seen you at the hotel, but i wasn't on the disney grounds. :( darn! and i'm so upset because i already went to CityWalk and when you're there, i'll be at home!!! NOOOOO! i wish i could see you sing and dance. you are probably so AMAZING! if you can, get a recording and give it to Aly so she could post it on the site! i swear, yo're gonna be the next Hannah Montana! (!)

Disney and Universal were AWESOME!!! i'm not really big on roller coaster, but this time, i did em ALL!!! the biggest ones were The Hulk and Dueling Dragons at Island of Adventure! if you go there, you've GOT to go on them! they're a BLAST!!! i also did the Summit Plummit at Blizzard Beach for the 1st time. i was SCARED TO DEATH!!!!! but it wound up being really kool!

after Disney, we went to my uncle's condo in Clearwater for 5 days. the seafood there is UNBELIEVABLE!!! my fav place was Shepards. it was ALL YOU CAN EAT crab legs, roast beef, fried shrimp, chicken, and more! YUMMM!! it was so funny because my bro was only chcarged $11 and he ate about $200 worth of food! lol!

we also went fishing in Clearwater. my bro and i both caught some little guys. on our last day, you'll never guess what i caught...JAWS!!! literally! i'm SERIOUS! i caught a shark! he was grey and white and almost 2 feet long!!! he was really heavy, too, and he had some sharp teeth! it was SO KOOL!!!!!!!

i also just graduated 8th grade (b4 vaca). i gave a speech about our guest speaker, a deaf teacher, Mrs. Stweart, who used to teach at my school. she was really nice. our graduation song was Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne. we all sounded really good! and i got to be a lead harmony singer! i had to hold this one note REEEEALY long while everyone else sang "ladadada. ladadada..." glad i didn't run out of breath! anyway , graduation was really great. i got a yellow rope for a honor roll! it was really kool that the song we played walking out of the auditorium from "Flyin' High" from Rocky, my fav movie! so as we went up and out, i held up my hands in the air like he did in the movie! it we AWESOME!

graduation was sad and happy. i'm so sad to lose my friends. sure, i'll still see them, but it won't be the same. i actually started crying when i said goodbye to everyone. but i'm happy and excited to start high school and i'm glad to be away from the haters who have made fun of me through the years for no apparent reason. i'm glad to be away from theis one girl. i had a party for all my friends, and she somehow found out. she was mean to me, so why would i invite her? so she invited 2 of the people coming to my party to go out to eat KNOWING they were coming to MY house! and my friends LISTENED TO HER! i'm mad at my friends for going, but i'm MORE mad at the girl for having the NERVE to do that!!! and i did absolutly NOTHING to her!!! >:( oh well, she is gone now!

wow, LONG POST!! well, i'll talk to ya l8r, sk8r boy!

luv, brie

Sandy said...

hey mitchel! i really want to go to your thing that you are hosting!! I want to go but it's to far!(4 me) i live in watsonville. my DREAM is to meet you! i really want to! i want 1 or 2 days to hang out with you! well good luck!!!!
Sandy (ur #1 fan!)

Laur! said...

i wish i could come cuz i REALLY wanna see you... come to chicago sometime!! please! and post it when you do =]

love <3


Tiffany said...


haha, idk why i just said that...

i can't wait to hear your music! you need to update so we can all know what is going down with your performance, since it is only a week away!


Lauren said...

Have a fun time i really wish i could go :( i'm so sad. Good luck!!*

emilyy said...

well heyy mitchel. that sounds pretty sweet. wish i could go.
your amazing <3

emily wolodkowiczzz

Danny said...

Good luck performing. (:


Hey Mitchel!
I Haven't commented your blog in a while! Well are you doing any aperences in Canada? Ha! Doubt it! It's so boreing up here! Well if you do decide to visit Canada, try Southern Ontario. We don't live in igloos! Lol! Do some people down there still thik that? I doubt that too!Lol! Well check out Smithville sometime! Directions? 10 miles past the middle of nowhere!Lol! Toronto's not THAT far from here, so you might want to check that out instesd of Smithville (home of the Poltrey Fest :( )

So yah. SCHOOL'S FINALLY OUT!! Woot Woot!! Lol! Nothing's really exiting though! I hope your having fun in California! I did when I was down there! It's a BEAUTIFUL state!!!! Well have a good one!

bianca; said...

what time will you be there? and will perform?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel. Man, I wish I could go to that. I can't though. My mom would think it is "stupid." Lol. Anyways, I am overly obsessed with you. Just had to say thatt.=]

<3 your biggest fan.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome!
Did you know we share the same EXACT birthday? yeah. down to the year. i already have my car but I can't drive it yet without a legal gardian. TEE HEE!

Hope said...

OMG, I can NOT believe, Mitchel Musso, singing!!! and DANCING!!! i so wish i could be there....more than ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, but, sadly, my parents don't have the money. but, I have $5 set aside to get you a birthday card! looks like i'll have to get a good luck one too!!! hope someone puts it online soon...*wink, wink to you all* and, again, GOOD LUCK!!! HAVE FUN!!!
~luv~4~eva~ Hope, your girl!

Hope said...

Oh, P.S., i sign off all of my emails with "The RED team is on FIRE so all the others should RETIRE" and i write them all in red, to support you, Mitchel!!! :D

alyssa said...

omg omg omg omg omg

r u gonna sing????


have a great time

i wish i could come..... im just a 12 year old stuck in kansas who luuuurrrves mitchel musso : (

Tiffany said...

Hey Mitchel! Are you super excited for your show?? Sorry I can't be there, I live too far away :[

Have fun!!


btw, is it true that Jason Earles is 30?? That is so weird, he plays a Junior in High School and he is 30??? That's crazy!!


♥ heyyy! Mitchel
omg guess what myy sister Megan juss got offered a songwriting contract with paramount group.. all we have to do is payy about 400 dollars 4 the bg music! like omg we're prob. movin 2 nashville, tn!&& i hope it goes well but i cant SRY! have a GREAT SUMMER!


Jessica said...

Hey Mitchel!
I hope you have a good time performing "Let's Go!". Well, that's all I really have to say for now, except I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MIND-READING POWERS!! I'm watching the DC Games right now! Go red team!
I hope you have an AWESOME week as always!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm basically just writing this because I'm bored and haven't posted in a while, but nothing worth writing about happened. *sigh* Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck with your concert and happy early birthday! *smile*. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I love u mitchel. come to buckeye arizona. i would loooove to meet u. byeeee. luv ya lots

brittany said...

Mitchel, your going to do great tommorow. So u have no reason to be nervouse or anythng like that. So Mitch, give it your all and do your thing. Wish i could be there to see u, but i can't. But i love u so much and i know our going to be amazing. So get a good night sleep and remember your turning 16 on sunday.