Monday, June 11, 2007


My Best friend from Texas (Kyle) came to LA today and he's staying with me for a while. He will be with me in Florida next if you see me....please yell for Kyle! He'll get a kick out of it. We have a special guest on "Hannah Montana" again this week......any guesses? I can give you a little hint.....he loves to dance!
Also.....I have a pretty big surprise for you guys.....but I gotta keep it a secret for a few more days.....actually a couple of weeks.....but I've been working on a new project and I can't wait to tell you about keep reading my BLOG. big Brother Mason is Home! He is great! Metro Station is Great and they are going to start having shows all over the place , their CD comes out in August and their music is AMAZING! so make sure you check their site as often as you can and see when and where they are playing. I try to go to all the shows when I am in town. The best news is....they will be playing for my 16th Birthday! Thanks Bro for helping me guys are going to be the bomb for sure. little brother Marc just booked another Feature Film. He starts working on that in congrats Marc!
Lot's of good news....hope all of you are doing fantastic and enjoying these first fews days of Summer Break.


Chandler said...

You've got a big summer! My birthday is in July too! I can't wait to hear what the surprise is!

With Love,

Anonymous said...

i love mitchel musso!.... i think he is so awsome....and he is so hot!!....

Leung said...

That's really cool Mitchel!
*Yay! first to comment*

kristen said...

hey Mitchel my birthday is coming up im still wondering if you will come to texas again one day like in katy ally is cool we love you ally!

Anonymous said...

I hope Kyle enjoys it!

I'm blank on the celebrity guest star, but right now my closest guess is Corbin Bleu because I'm so out of it right now.

I can't wait to hear your news! I'm so excited for Metro Station's CD and Marc's new feature film!


kristen said...

hey Mitchel i think jesse Mc Cartney is the hannah montana guest star! i hope im right!

Lexi said...


that is totally awesome. Is this new secret project a movie with Devon W (rumor I heard, but still). hmmm guest star on Hannah Montana....Jesse McCartney (sp?).
I am sooooo excited for the new CD. I can't wait. sooooooooooooooo is there anyway I could come to your party??...JK... but seriously is there??


Carly said...

aww that sounds like funn. have fun wit kyle lol. cant wait to hear the surprise!! i cant think of anyone for hannah montana! hmm someone who loves to dance. idk! lol. YAH i heard metro station was coming to chicago where i live. dont know if its true but im so there if they do! lol happy month til ur birtday! lol sounds like ur gunna have funnn!!!! u must be so excited! well i g2g ttyl have a great week sounds like u will. oh tell marc i congratulat him!!!thanks ttyll


iluv2act94 said...

Mitchel will you marry me?

iluv2act94 said...

LOL! your sooo cute!


Katherine said...

Hi Mitchel!
So happy that you can spend some time with your best friend from Texas! And it will be so special for you to have your brother's band play at your 16th birthday!

I won't be anywhere near a computer when you turn I wanted to wish you a (very early) happy birthday!

Katherine (16)

Yvonne said...

WOW!! Special guest star? Hmmm... Chris Brown? Lol. I don't know any dancers... except Alyson Stoner... but she's not a male.. Lol. Ummm... I have no idea!!
WOW! I wish I could visit you in Florida and I'll definitely scream for Kyle!!
OMGSH!! New Project? Hannah Montana MOVIE? Other Movie????? GoSH! I can't wait!!!
Wow, that's soooo awesome your bro's home. :)
:o!! I wish I could come to your 16th Birthday. :( I'm gonna send you a little somethin from NEW ZEALAND!! :D.
Have an AWESOME day!!

Yvonne, AKLD, NZ.

Anonymous said...

wow i am glad u and kyle get to hang out that must be exciting! im guessin it will be jessie mcartny? y cant u tell us the surprise now i want to know (im not very good with surprises i can never guess and it is totslly not wut i thought lol) congrats to ur bros!!!!!!!!!
hearts; ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Paige said...

Hey Mitchel!
Hm.. loves to dance.. there are many people out there who love to dance.
I love to dance.
Let me think about that one.
I can't wait to find out your big secret! I love surprises!

kelsey said...

that sounds cool. Well i hope you have fun with your friend Kyler.

Katie said...

OMG! I can't wait to hear what you have to say next!

Becky said...

WOW! That's ALOT of good news!
Tell Kyle I said "Hi!"
I can't wait to hear what your new project is, whatever it is i know it's going to be great!
Yay! A Metro Station CD! I can't wait to go buy it! Your brother and his band are AWESOME! I'm so glad he back home, and it's going to be so cool to have him play at your birthday party! It's going to be some birthday, huh? :D
Hmm, Likes dancing??? that's a hard one.... maybe someone from Dancing with the Stars?
It's so cool that Marc has a new film he's working on! GO Marc!!!
I can't wait to watch the Disney Channel Games! I'm so excited for it! GO RED!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay i'm on my last week of school! Friday is a half day and my BFF and i are going out to lunch, bowling, and then getting our nails done and facials! It's going to be a BLAST!
Have a GREAT week with Kyle! :D

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

It's really nice to hear from you again!! I clicked on your blog, and thought "HE UPDATED IT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!" So this is gonna make my day. Hmmmm... I think the guest star is going to be Corbin Bleu, again. Maybe Lucas Grabeel, or Zac Efron. I've been hearing rumors before season two premiered, that Zac Efron will be on. Oh, well. I'll wait. I still can't WAIT for the Hannah Montana episode with Oliver's disguise. And I'm rooting for the red team in the DC games.

Tell Marc I said congrats, on his new film, & good luck with that! And tell your friend Kyle, I just shouted "Kyle"!!! I'm also DYING for the surprise, to come!! I hope your 16th birthday is the BEST ever. I won't turn 16, untill Dec. of 2008.

I hope you have a GREAT summer break. And good luck in 10th grade! I'm starting High school. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!I'm nervous. Well enough with me. Take care, and have an AWESOME week.

Deticated for you, forever and always,
Amanda <33333

Anonymous said...

o that is so cool!!!!....have fun w/ kyle.....y can't u tell us ur big secert????....mason is home!!!....i bet ur excited 4 ur sweet 16th b-day huh???....what movie is marc gonna be in???....o yeah i live in 4 days!!...i'm so excited :)!!!!
KEEP ROCKIN' and smile @ urself 4 being who u r!!!

-luv2laugh ;) :) ;p

Anonymous said...

sorry i wrote live instad of leave!!! bad!! don't get mixed up!!!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

so cool!!I did not know you have a brother!!how does he look like??Be sure to post his picture!!!Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Mitchel! Too bad you can't go 2 Miami after Orlando or at least doing an autograph signing in Orlando. But hey, i hope you have fun anywayz!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! too bad you arent going to miami or doing an autograph signing in orlando. but i hope you have a ton of fun while you are there!!!


Anonymous said...

wow! really cool! I cant wait to her the big news! I LOVE mason music! ANd congrates to all the Mussos =]


Dani said...

Hey Mitch!

Kyle be having a great time in Cali!! Haha, if I was there, I'd sure yell for Kyle, but since I'm not.....Tell him for me, "KYLE, DUDE, YOU ROCK!!!!!" See? He's got a fan!! lol

Let's see....special guest on Hannah Montana...Maybe Corbin Bleu again, Zac Efron, or Lucas Grabeel?

Oooo, big surprise....Coolbeans! I can't wait!!! Whatever it is, I'm sure it's SA-WEET!!!

Metro Station CD in August, I haven't really heard any of their music yet, but I'll be sure to check it out! That is so sweet they'll be playing for your 16th Birthday!!!!! That's awesome of your bro!!!!!

Congrats to Marc on booking another movie! That's amazing!

I'm having a pretty good summer vacation!!! I'm going to a waterpark resort with some friends for a very early Sweet 16 party next week! I'm excited! They have some sweet water rides there!!

Ok, It sounds like your gonna have an awesome week! I see ya later alligator!


Anonymous said...

i reckon its corbin bleu coz hes also a disney star...

jordan said...

Kyle the one who went with you to the Radio Disney event a while back? FuN!!!

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
That's awesome! If I see you guys in Florida, I will yell for both of you! :D
I can't wait for the big surprise! I will be checking your blog everyday!
I can't wait for the Metro Station CD to come out! How exciting!
Marc is soo awesome! Congrats to him!
Well, I gotta go, but have a fun time with Kyle! :P

Katie. said...

I wish I could go to Florida, but my parents never seem to take me seriously when I ask them to take me places......I don't know why though. lol I have no idea who the special guest is, but I saw the comercial that Jesse episode will be on in July. I can't wait till you tell us the surprise project you've been working on. It's so great that Mason got to come home. I really want to see Metro Station live. I've heard their songs and they rock! I am for sure going to buy their CD in August. And congrats to Marc for getting another movie!!!!


Anonymous said...

Summer is Finally Here!!! Omg i know this guy named kyle and hes really hott but he doesnt live in lives in cali! Metro Station is REEEEELLLLLLYYYYY GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL MY WEEK IS BUSY AND I NEED TO EAT BREAKFAST..SEE YA ...LUV YA LOTS..BYE!!!!!!


coffeeheart said...

Woot WOOT!!!! Hey Good Lookin' I've missed you! Tell Kyle I said hello as well. If he looks anything like you, trust me, you wont need this blog to get people to shout for him: "WOOO Go Hott Stuff with the face!!" Cannot wait for MetroStation's album! Gosh your whole family is famous! I know your parents are proud. Cant wait for the surprise. I put money on Corbin Bleu for this person that likes to dance. Kisses and have a great day you beast!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Are you doing an autograph signing in Orlando? And if you are, where in Orlando will it be at? Thanks in advance!

Jacquelyn said...

Thank you soooooo much for the update, Mitchel!!!!!!!!! =DDD Ur the bestest!!! =D LOL

That is so nice that Kyle is with you in LA!! I bet he is having a ton of fun!!! I wish I can go to Florida and see you and Kyle....But, I'm still stuck here in IL...Oh and say hi to Kyle for me!!! =D

I am DEFINITELY gonna buy Mason's CD when it comes out!!!!!!!!! I love their music!!! =D Can't wait until August!!!

OOOH! A surprise????? NOW I have something to look forward to!!! =D CAN"T wait!!! =DD

I started drivers ed yesterday and drove a little WITHOUT crashing the car!!! I call that a success!!!! =D LOL!!! Its been fun!! I made a few new friends from my class and I have some old ones from school there too. That makes it even better! I drive every other day, so I will be driving tomorrow...wish me luck!!! =D

Marc's gonna be in another film??? That's awesome!!! I can't wait to see it!!! What's the title of the movie?? jw..

Sounds like you are having a great summer break!!! Can't wait for more news!!

Have an awesome rest of the summer!!! Take care...

Yours forever and always...
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥♥

brooke said...

Eeek Mitchel that sounds so exciting! ecspecially the fact that you get to hang out with your best friend for a while. And I can't wait for the suprise! It's probably something really good.
Oh yeah & my birthday is in july too, july 6th. Except I turn 15; I wish I was turning 16 though.
Well I hope you have a great week[:


AliciA said...

KOOLIE!!!!!!busy summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Wow! You're gonna have a GREAT summer! hehe. Well enjoy all of it. hmm... I wonder who the special guest is now. Mitchel, come back to Texas. Visit San Antonio so I can finally meet you. lol AHHH YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ALMOST COMING! wonder what I'll give you... i'm invited to your party right? haha.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel



Amanda said...

I'm thinking it's Zac Efron because he's in Hairspray, he dances, HSM, he dances, and HSM2, he dances!

Amanda said...

Or, it's Karina Smirnoff from Dancing With the Stars because the thing before Dancing With the Stars once said she would be on it!

Anonymous said...

what part of florida?
please say jacksonville. (:
bcuz omg i would probably die if i saw youuuu.

<3333 ~ nicole

Macy said...

Hey Mitchel! I hope you have fun this summer!

Alli C. said...

hey! that is so cool! congrats to your bro and that is awesome that ur friend is comin to visit!!!!
still luvin' u,
Alli c.

Mags said...

Hi Mitchel!!
Wow!! Sounds like you've got A LOT to look forward too!!!
It's great hearing you'll also be in the Disney Channel Games this summer!! : ]]

Oh, by the way, I sent you a letter a few days's got a mini-collage of you, a picture of me and a friend, AND a photo of you!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel

Thanks for the update!
thats great news =D
I Cant Wait For You 2 Tell Us The Big Surprise.
Im Guessing Your In a Film ?
i Might Be Wrong, Usually Am Lol.
Well Ill Be Checking Your Blog Everyday I Love 2 See What u Have Wrote, =D It Sure Makes My Day.!
Im Going To Be Waiting For Your Big Surprise, i Cannot Wait Till The Hannah Montana Movie Is Out, i Bet Its Gonna Be Awsome! =D Your Nearly 16 =D
Ahhh Bet Your Excited.. :D
Good Luck With Eveything
Have Fun & Take Care.
Biggest Fan!

Kylie said...

Hey Mitchel,
Say hi to Kyle for me, although I don't even know him. But still say hi. I honestly don't know who the guest star is, but I think it might be someone from Dancing With The Stars. Although, I did hear rumors that Zac Efron was going to be on season 2 before it started taping, but I don't know. I hope the secret project was a Hannah Montana movie. That would be SO cool if it was!!! I can't WAIT for the DC Games to start! GO RED!!! As soon as the Metro Station CD comes out, I'M BUYING IT!!!!!!! Some people get out of school WAY early!! I don't get out until June 21st, but I also live in Connecticut, where it doesn't get as hot as early. We also go to school in September, after Labor Day. So then we stay later. Okay. Well, now I'm just rambling on and on.

P.S. Come to CT some time, we have this AWESOME sushi place!!! ♥

Amanda M. said...

hey mitchel!

wow that is soo awesome that your brother is playing at you 16th birthday! i'm definetley going t buy the cd!! and congrats to your little brother!! i wish i could go to your 16th birthday but theres probably already tons of fans wanting to go! i think the guest star is corbin bleu but i'm not really sure. hope your having fun with kyle!! Happy Birthday even though its not till another month! well g2g i'm like your biggest fan!!!! bye!

Jen & Maria said...

Hey Mitchel!
Thats pretty cool that your friend is staying with you a while. hah.
I have no clue who the guest star is going to be.....
My birthday is in july too. lol.
Its my sisters birthday today.
She turned 15.
She is the one i share my blog with.
We went and saw pirates 3 yesterday for her birthday.
It was really good.
I liked it.
Well, have an awesome day!

Jen & Maria said...

Oh oh oh,
Is the guest star Drew Seely?
He is going to be a guest star on the suite life i think...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having a fun and busy summer (but probably worth it) Is your guest on "Hannah" from Dancing With The Stars? Because if it is i think it is Apollo. Or it might be Sanjaya becuase i heard a rumor that he will be on the show! I also saw the commercial for the episode of "Hannah" where Miley wishes that she could be Hannah all the tiem and it comes true! I am sooo excited to see this episode!!!! I <3 y'all!


Anonymous said...

corbin bleu is the guest star :]

Kristina is totally rad. said...

Omg Im glad you mentiond Metro station! I love them ever since u like first talked about them in ur blog thing i was like hmm who are they and now im in love thanks! U have great taste in music! Have fun with ur buddy!

Kristina is totally rad. said...

i love u!

Emily said...

DREW SEELEY! :D Ahahaha. Am I right (: Have a great time with Kyle, Mitchel! - Emily


txz for the update mitchel1

Anonymous said...

OMG! Kyle Edwards! LOL I LOVE that kid!!!!!!!


Samantha said...

Hey Mitchel!, my name is Samantha,I am from Arkansas. It sounds like u have a BUSY BUSY summer!!!!! me and my brother just stay home being bord!!!! well my mom and dad take us to go swiming and to Wild River Country(a waterpark) which is fun! I want to thank you for the letter and autograph picture of you!!!!

Samantha said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesenia said...

Hey! Mitchel! Thats cool that your best friend Kyle is staying with you!! Have lots of fun with him! I can't wait until the big surprise!..yeah!!...xD Let me see Corbin Bleu! dont know! i can't to her your bro CD!!...well see u laterz!! Take Care!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have good times with your best friend Kyle.
I cant wait to know the BIG secret!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!
Have a nice week!!!!!

Hey!!!!It is for your brothers....

Hey Mason,
A new CD?

And for Marc,

Feature Film?It is cool.
Good luck!

Thank you again !!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG awsome cant wait for thier cd and congrates to marc and mason :)

Ashley;; said...

wow! you are really busy!
It`s a good thing you keep
us updated! we love hearing
from you! say hey to your friend for me! ALSO! im so excited for metrostation`s cd! i LOVE them!
Anthony is the sweetest! haha. i love talking to him!

<3 Ashley

ashley;; said...

ohhh! and for the guest star.. i bet its the winner of DANCING WITH THE STARS. =]

karina. said...

i'm guessing corbin bleu, since he's a really good dancer. i can't wait to hear your big surprise! and haha i think it's funny you're trying to get people to yell kyle's name =p he should get a kick out of that if anyone does. i'm having a great summer so far =) hope you're doing well (along with ally and your mom!)


Anonymous said...

Well,as for the guest star on HM I have to say J Mac lol I call Jesse McCartney that.Don't ask why,I think I got it from a blog from one of the magazines like Tiger Beat.Also,I think I remember seeing him on a commercial with Hannah in it on DC.I'm probably wrong though.I am so tired right now...Oh gosh my friend and I need to start sleeping more.We go to bed late and then wake up early on these summertime I should really stop!ha Well,I hope you have loads of fun with Kyle (is he as cute as you?)haha don't answer Just ignore it.haha But,you are cute!The first thing that popped into my crazy mind when I read you had a suprise for us was singing.I could really picture you But,I kind of don't think you would ever even think about that,so I don't know.Can you maybe just give us a little clue or guess to what your big suprise is??I would be so happy and I'm sure everybody else would too if you did that!Even though you already make me way too Wait nobody can ever get to happy.Happiness spreads.Ok,now I'm getting really off-topic.If I met you Mitchel I would probably never stop talking and laughing.I laugh too much and I really like to talk.It also seems like we have tons in common,which is totally awesome for me,except I'm only 12 and you are getting ready to turn 16.Gosh Mitchel,turn younger!!lol That is awesome that your borther is home.My brother is too!lol But,not for the same reason.My brother is on his summer break.He is a freshman in college,now a sophmore.Congrats for Marc!He seems like quite the actor,just like you!How sweet!! =) I've typed too much already even though I could still be typing a week from now,if I really wanted to.I don't think the comment would be able to hold all of my words though.=( haha Ok well l8tr Mitchel,lots of love to you,Kyle,Mason and the band,and Marc!

Bye Byess!!**


P.S.Oooo I get to post as anonymous!lol I love that song!by Bobby Valentino *wonders if MM (you) have heard it* lol

P.P.S.I promise you I am not annoying in real life! ok,maybe just a tad,but hey!everybody has a little annoying place inside them!

P.P.P.S.I got this P.P.P.S. thing from my friend Jakob,but he moved to Maryland.=( Anyway I think I'm REALLY done now.Suprising,right?

Emily said...

Hey Mitchel!
I had my tonsils out today and you could say I'm hurtin' for certain! I hope you keep me in your prayers, because right now all I can eat is chocolate ice cream and my fave cherry Italian ice!


Anonymous said...

i love mitchel musso sooo much!... i would do anything in the world to be with him!!!.....

Kristine said...

mitchel - i cant wait to hear about your new projects!

im your brothers friend on myspace & he really does have the best music ive heard! i have gotten all of my friend hooked on them & i really cant wait till agust to get their cd i bet its awesome! congrats to both of your brothers!

bianca; said...

where in LA do you hang out? i'd like to know so i can see you and say hi. sinceee i live in LA. its all about LA westtsideee haha. jk. anyways. yeaaah it'd be neat if i seen you in person, but i bet there'd be like a lot of people surrounding you and i wouldnt get a chance to just say hi. hahaha. btw. you should have this shout out thing. im not sure if you can put it on here though. maybe post it in a new blog and it might work. give it a try. its really cool. fans can leave you a message by phone.

the jonas brothers on myspace have it. go take a look. anywaysss. hope your summer is going well and getting better, unlike me, it hasnt started yet. hahha. take care.

Chelsie said...

Hey Mitchel! I live in Florida so hmm maybe I'll see you. But I doubt it because I live in a pretty dumb town...Anywho, I wonder what the surprise is. Maybe I know from reading someone else's blog...(Devon Werkheiser, or however you spell it, by any chance? You and him in a movie?)

I hope that your party is fun. If only I knew you...

Lol later :)

Mal said...

Wow i hope you have a great time for your sweet 16. having metro station play at your party? THATS AWESOME!

my sweet 16 is in 3 days and my party is in 4 and all i get at my party is ennough songs to last like an hour when the party is for way longer then that.

well anyways hope your having a great time.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till the cd comes out, that was fast!!!!!!!! also can't wait for the surprise!!!!!!!!hope u have a great week with kyle!!!sounds like ur going to have alot of fun!!!!!!!!:):0:):):)
p.s RED all the way~

kristen said...

hey Mitchel its Kristen if i could put a dollar or a sase in the mail which one will it be? please post it on you next post your writing

Anonymous said...

hi ur the rocken dude around the corner and ur friend is the other but not as cool dude around the corner that dresses better, and that means that u r one of a kind! :)

-brazil :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
What's up?
Can't wait to hear your surprise! And can't wait to see all the new Hannah Montana shows for the summer!

Anonymous said...


Meshia said...

hey mitchel! my birthday is in july too!!!!! i can't wait to see disney channel games and your new project!!!!

georgina said...

Hey Mitchel

Thanks for the update, lots of good news you got there lol...

cant wait for the suprise!!

Thats really cool that your brothers band are playing for your birthday...
hope you have an AWESOME DAY!

and thats great that your best friend is staying over

well gota go, have an awesome week cyaa xxxxxxxxx

Molly said...

Hey, i heard about the movie The Greatest Escape with with Devon Werkheiser, im pretty sure i am going to see that when it comes out! I didnt have a birthday party for my 15, last month, but i will for my 16 forsure. It wont be a big one, like on mtv, im not into that stuff. It bugs me when people act like that. Funny thing i will actually be in Texas during your birthday, visiting my sister. Then im off to the best place on earth, Kanakuk, its camp for christain athletics ive been going since i was old enough(7) i go for two weeks it is sooo MUCH FUN! Have fun this week!

Molly E.

Maureen said...

yay!! cant wait to hear the "project"...and its so cool that your best friend is with you!!, i'd love to met him!!


mitchell (not musso) said...

Where in disneyworld will the disney 365 being filmed and what time???? What si the disney 365 for? andother hananh or miley concert?

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, unfortunately, I can't come down to Florida to see the DC Games, but GO RED, GO MITCHEL, and HEY KYLE! LOL. I have no clue who the guest is, but that's just me! I can't wait to read your blog for the secret, either...Happy-almost-Sweet-Sixteen! My best friend, Rachel, just had hers...It was a ton of fun! I've heard "Kelsey" by Metro Station, and I'll probably buy their CD! WAY 2 GO, MS!!

Okay, that's about it...
Love always,

Katrina said...

Hey Mitchel!
guess what? My birthday is the same as yours! so happy (early)birthday! :) then you get to drive! we should just chat sometime! i was just courious, do you have MSN? well, i g2g to go beat my friend at air hockey!! C U l8ter!
Peace- Out!

Anonymous said...

haha, kyle edwards! for those ladies who don't know, in those pics of mitchel at the radio disney 10th birthday concert in LA last summer,the dark haird boy in some of them with mitchel is can find them in mitchel's official site's gallery!

and i'm guessing the guest star is corbin bleu or maybe apollo's dancing with the stars partner since she won.

have lots of fun in florida :]

Kay said...

ok well I have come to the conclusion that your summer is more exciting than mine. let's see today I babysat for 4 hours, went to work, and went on my labtop woot woot! I'm sure ur birthday is gonna be a blast. I know mine isn't. I still have ti wait another year till I get my licsence (or however you spell it). Can't wait to hear what the "big surprise" is! Keep rockin! Oh and since I won't be able to make it to Florida since I am having an oh so wonderful time in north carolina tell Kyle i said "hi" I'm sure he will be pleased.

Jessica said...

That's soo cool that you get to hang out with Kyle! I wish I could go to Florida to see y'all, but I'm just here in Illinois. Oh, well.
Hmmm, I think that the guest star will probably be Corbin Bleu or Lucas Grabeel. I guess I'll have to wait until Saturday...but OMG, I wanna know what the surprise is! LOL! Also, I think that it's so cool that Metro Station gets to play on your birthday, July 9th! YAY! Tell Mason that his band ROCKS and tell Marc congrats! My birthday was on June 8th! I'm now 14! YAY!
Well, I hope you have an AWESOME week!
See ya!

Lo said...

Hmmm... I'm going to guess Joey Fatone? lol! I hope you have an awesome time with Kyle and I bet your big 16 will be amazing! Good luck with everthing Mitchel, we support you 100 percent!

Anonymous said...



TTran said...

I hope you'll have a great week! Sounds like fun!! WHOOOO!!!

Kad. said...

Hey! :)
Wow, that's great that your friend's coming over! Hope he has a lot of fun.
I can't wait to hear about this surprise, sounds very intriguing. ^^
Congratulations about Metro Station playing shows! The fact that he's playing for your 16th birthday is amazing. Have a nice Summer! :)

Emily said...

thats awesome that your friend is coming from Texas! I have a friend in Maryland I havent seen for a few years and she wants to come out here soon. as for the guest star on Hannah Montana.... hmm.... i dont know. the only person that comes to mind is that guy who played Stanley on That's So Raven. haha. if its him i'm like so psychic.

~Emily from San Fernando Valley, CA

Abby said...

Hey Mitchel!
I just got out of the hospital. I was climbing a tree, and I was 20 feet up, and the branch snapped that I was on, and I fell. I was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter, which was pretty awesome, and I had two CAT Scans done, and I had no serious injuries! I was super lucky.
The only thing that hurts in my back, and my tounge. My braces like pinched my tounge when I fell on the ground or something like that.
My friend Anissa, came to the hospital and she brought me a bunch of pictures of you and the Jonas Brothers! :P
Thats made me feel a lot better!
Well gotta go!

Anonymous said...

hAhA uMMM YE@@!♥ I dId wIn 4 longest blog post on mItChEl tAtE mUsSo♥'s blog!!

h@h@!!=0D bye bye**


RUBY or RoXy said...

WOW i am so happy for u and ur family ! that must b so cool !! well i can't figure out who the guest is who luvs to dance though ! wel have a great summer
Ruby or Roxy !


Hey Mitchel,

I can't wait for the new episode of Hannah Montana! I love metro station. Manson is my friend on myspace. :) By the way, your birthday is 20 days before my sister. Much love! xoxo


Anna said...

hey mitchel,

hopes u have fun w/ kyle! r u gonna b in disney world anytime in september or october? Anna

clifford said...

Hey have fun with Kyle! I want to know the secrect. I have an idea ut idk 4 sure. The person i'm guessing is a girl and you said it was a "He" so idk. I have seen comercials with jesse m. and stuff but i'm not positive. I heard your Italian in some way or another. Me Too!!!!! Go italian FOOD! Hey i've seen some of your "ENERGY-VIEWS" LOL (yup i am a true fan) Also just to let you know even though i'm sure TOPNS of girls tell you this anyway. You are a great Beat Boxer. LOL

Much love to ya!!!,

ashley said...

metro stationn.
yeauhh <3 (:

CHRISTINE H. said...

kyle edwards, eh? :D

and im so down to see your brother on the 28th, i might go see them the 23rd too but that's just if my friend can get a ride to this demo down up in LA, then i can catch a ride back down to upland from her and we can catch metro station.

im psyched theyre back! i missed their shows. i felt a little lonely for a while, not going out on school nights to see em play HAHA


go Mason!! && Marc!!
i can't wait to hear the suprise!
and my guess for HM is..
or Zac Efron.. but i bet it's Corbin !!
for some reason i was gonna say B5! but thats 5 of them.. and you only said 1 person.. so nvm :]

i yelled for him :D

<33 Nicole

Anonymous said...

omg its the one and only sexy mitchel musso

really thats awsome hope you guys have fun and thats cool and well thats really cool congratz to mason omg i love metro station they rock lol and well congrats to marc lol hes so lil and so cute dun worry mitchel your hot lol haha well yesh thats so awsome your turning 16 cool i cant wait till novmber but im only turning 15 but still lol haha yesh its late here in california i know you know lol u live here yay and well yesh i better go and i hope your birthday will be awsome *huggy wuggy* love cha mitchel your biggest fan ~nicole aka nickel~


too many comments. D=
woo! surprises are always a good thing.

~chelsea said...

that is cool wat part of FL r u going to because i live in FL!!!!!! lol
<3 ya,

Chelsea said...

hey mitchel,
i just commented ur blog...well duh!!!! and that would be awesome if i saw u dere but probli nt cuz mii town is kindda small but hey! well hope u have an awesome party!!!
<3 ya,
P.S. I <3 YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitch,
tomorrow i'm leaving so i just wanted 2 say good-bye....and on sunday tell ur dad happy father's day....on sunday is also my parnet's anv.!!....we'll be in colorado!!....i'm so excited!!
have fun in flordia!!!
keep rockin' and :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!!


Anonymous said...

Mitchell, that's so cool! Happy BDAY!


omygoshhh! Like i am havin' the besttt summer ever! bcuz i juss got back from Epworth By The Sea Church Camp! omygoshhh it like changed me I left home monday june 11th & came home fridayyy which is 2dayyy! when I went my 1st yearrr which wuz last yyearrr i felt like camp had changed me a lil' bit but this yyyearrr like omygoshhh i juss feel like i've been touched by GOD & every1 in my cabin wuz reallyyy nice!!! & i loveddd my counselor or however yoo spell it =)!!!lol... & camp wuz juss amazinggg & i cried the night b4 we left bcuz the counselors walked around the circle & prayed for everyone & every gurl in my cabin wuz cryin' including my counselor Cassandra & there wuz 9 gurls in my cabin including me but including the counselor theres 10! & i also cried 2dayyy when I left bcuz I juss loved every1 so much & i wanna go back but i have 2 wait a yyearrr!

well I hope yoo have a great summmer! & even though Idk Metro station but since urs & mileyy's bro is in it It ROX! =)...!

♥ ya lotz

ashlee said...

hey mitchel! Tell kyle i say Hi! thats coolio that he's going with you. thats so nice of you. anyways i would sooo want to go to ur sweet sixteen. that would be uber fun!!! i want to see metrostation but i don't know if they are gonna be in san fran. well g2g!! i luv ya!!!

Anonymous said...

I had an amazing time at the end of the year dance, and I wish it wasn't over! On the plus side, I only have one and a half days left of school! (On monday, I have the end of the year fun field trip, and I have ten minutes of every class on tuesday to sign yearbooks!) We have first period on monday (chorus for me) and our teacher gave us a music trivia game, and the boys lost, so they have to bake cookies and throw a party for us! Let's hope they're good bakers! *smile*


Anonymous said...

awesome! i LOVE metro station but i love you more! haha :)

Rebekah said...

Just saw you against Kyle on the Disney Channel games on tv. AMAZING win for the red. I was definitely cheering for you!!! :)

Molly said...

Hi Mitchel,
Way to go on Rock Paper Sisscors on the DC Games.. Funny story, at this youth group thing we had a tournament of rock paper sisscors and i ended up winning against 78 people.. i went against my bestfriend in the championships.. it was pretty funny..I also just watched the new episode of Hannah Montana, you werent in it. =( Well way to go again!

Anonymous said...

You were amazing in the Disney Channel games! I'm really proud of you and I have an amazing feeling that combined with all of your teams effort and the fans who game online, that red will win the DC games! I wish I could see you in Florida while you're filming Disney 365(considering that school's pretty much out), but I live closer to NY, so I might be going to see Miley instead, which is on the same day. On monday, I have a fun field trip, and on tuesday I have ten minutes of every class to sign yearbooks. *smile* Happy summer!


Anonymous said...

wow thats a lotta sthuff to do!
special guest starr... im guessing jesse mC Cartney?(its on all the disney comercials so im going with that.) i TOTALLY wish i could be in Florida.:( and id defenitly haller at kyle .:P
ok i dont know if ill be on the comp when your sweet 16 is, so,HAPPY BDAY MITCHEL!
i love you and your awesome hair!!

Katy said...

dude thanks for telling me about ur bros band...they rock..i love they're music. hey dude if you're ever coming back down to texas to visit check out teen night in austin...its so cool.
i saw a pic of ur bro on his guessing at ur house becuz the caption said "i miss home...somethimes" and there is a longhorn. banner or flag....if ur a longhorn....i just became a bigger fan of u and ur family.

Amber said...

wow i have a packed summer to im going to mississippi to help out hurricane katrina victims and im going to texas for my best friends sweet sixteen.shes mad cuz im three days older than

Lauren Wilcox said...

Hey Mitchel tell Kyle i said hi! You are awesome and i luv yer chartacter on hannah montana you are so funny! I think you are so cute! I wish i could meet you. I will ttyl Luv ya ~*LaUrEn*~

Anonymous said...

wow thats a lotta stchuff to do!
special guest starr... im guessing jesse mC Cartney?(its on all the disney comercials so im going with that.) i TOTALLY wish i could be in Florida.:( and id defenitly haller at kyle .:P
ok i dont know if ill be on the computa when your sweet 16 is, so, <3HAPPY BDAY MITCHEL!<3

PEACE & LOVE, Mariah OR Moo (my nick name is moo, but if u dont want to call me that than its fine with me:) )
i love your hair, brown eyes, personality, smile, everything about you! :D you're so awesome!!

Alyssa/Sabrina said...

gawd mitchel

i hate surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im entering the M! win-a-date with mitchel musso contest

pick teh girl with the name o/ Alyssa

Anonymous said...

I have good news and bad news. Good news, I have my last half day tomorrow to sign yearbooks. Bad news, my throat is so swollen that it is almost closed (I'm not even kidding), and I have random coughing and sneezing fits that put even more pressure on my throat! On the plus side, though, it doesn't feel as bad as the times when I had strep throat, even though it looks worse. HAGS! *smile*


Jessica said...

wow, that was big news Mitchel! i can't wait to hear the suprise! :) and omg, my friends told me they met you at six flags the other day! they said you were very cool! and i live so close to there! i wish i could meet you!

keep doing what your doing, boy! because you inspire me so much!

God Bless!


Rachel said...

Hey I think that the person who loves to dance and who is going to be on the show is Joey Fatone. Becuase Apollo is probably too busy doing press. So yeah! You have a lot going on this week! Have fun with Kyle and doing Disney 365.

Rachel <3

Anonymous said...

I think the guest star might be joey fatone who was on dancing on the stars. I think it is him because miley said that he was on

Anonymous said...

My bestest friend is in Orlando so she'll get to see you and vice versa.....Shes so lucky! Can't wait for the new hannah ep, I hope theres alot of Oliver in it! Good luck to your brothers! Marc is just the cutest thing *hug*! Also I love you in the DC games! You tried your best and thats all what matters! Winning isnt everything right? Well we still have a few more events to steal them back! GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!


S.J. said...

hey! I'm glad kyle got to go with you! how's it poppin'? I'm good. so000, I can't wait for the surprise. I'll take a guess! uhh.....zac efron??? I'm not sure =/ but sometimes, I guess correctly!!! lol..well, I'm out for now! :D
Love ya,

maddie said...

Hey Mitchel !
haha. im here with my friends 4:00 in the morning. haha. were cool right ?
well cool stuff.
you should give out like 5 open invatations.
haha && they would go to me && four of my friends. :)
haha just kididng. but yah know i think you should ! :]

Anonymous said...

School is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have an AMAZING summer!!!!!!!!!!!! *smile*


hannah said...

hey just wanted to say hi


Ashley said...

Hi Mitchel,

I was in Florida the same time you were! I wish i could have seen you! I was in disney world;) wish you couldve came;0 HAVE FUN lol.

Ashley Michelle

Sam said...

hey mitchel. just passing by to say hello. i'm a big fan. ur character in hannah montana is great. ur so funny. hannah montana is my favorite show lol. btw, my brother makes me watch monster house with him every single day. i'm not complaining. i love that movie. so i guess it's pretty obvious that ur my favorite celebrity lol. i wish i knew u. and i would leave u my screen name and email address but i know ur too busy. so i hope to talk to u soon. bye <3

Anonymous said...

hey so i really want to send u something for ur birthday can u give us an idea or 2?!?!?!?!

guitar_queen said...


jennifer loves jB said...

hey mitchel!
that's awesome about your brothers.

i heard from popstar! magazine on their myspace that the guest star is going to be drew seeley. (sp?)

i hope you and kyle have fun!


Anonymous said...

yeahh metro station rockk on!

Anonymous said...

I love you!! ur sooo cute!
I just hav a ?
Do u have a journal on Greatestcities?

Melissa said...

hey whats new??? Ive just started to listen to your brothers band...i love them...i also wanted to wish you an early happy sweet sixteen. i hope its fun. for my sweet sixteen back in october i just went bowling with a bunch of my friends and then we went for pizza...they threw cake at me but it was so funny. well anyway have fun


Hayley said...

My best friend just called me, and she was crying. She said that Bop mag. just called her and she found out that she won the trip to Hollywood and shes gonna get to meet you in august because your who she put down for the favorite celeb. Shes so excited. She cant wait. Even though its still far off...I hope you guys have fun. She is the best.

Chris12 said...

It's Joey Fatone thats guest starring
Happy almost birthday
Cant wait for metrostations new album

alyssa said...


ha thx 4 the post

my b day is comin up 2

july 27 th

alyssa said...

duh the guest is Cody again

why would it be Corbin?

Cybill said...

this is so AWESOME!!! I live in fl and I go 2 disney all the time!!!! I just hope that I catch u and kyle!!! also, congrats to u for your b-day, and ur bro for the movie.And, I know that we are nobodys now, but my friends and I are trying to tie the not and finish preps for the band, The Echo. I'll keep u updated on the haps with us. But I must say, ur gonna luv this band. also, puttin support to mitchels bro and metro station, ROCK ON!!

Megan said...

ahhh wait this is really exciting!!!

but mitchel, I heard Jody isn't going to direct again and it kinda sucks.


Jessica said...

im like your number one fan :]
i have a fansite for you on myspace
i LOVE metro station!
almost all their songs are on my ipod :] and i love you of course :]
im so happy you and kyle get to hang out.i wonder what the surprise is!!

jocelyn2 said...

Is Metro Station ever going to perform in Canada?!

TayTay said...

AHHHH! I love Metro Station, they're amazing. Techno pretty much rules my life. Also-I added your brother on myspace! I love his music too. In fact his music graces my myspace at the moment. Yay!
/me sings
shes got me down on my knees shes got me begging please ooo baby you got a gift from above
shes got her hands on my waist and now were face to face ooo baby you got a liscense for love!!


Anonymous said...

whoooooaaaaaaaaaaaa, WAIT! I must not act like a fool, Mitchel is watching. i just have to say *cough*ilikeyou*cough*