Friday, June 22, 2007

BIG News

Please cut and paste and come out and see me at Universal City Walk on July 4th!

I helped write "Let's Go" and I can't wait for you guys to hear it! My dance team has worked really hard and they are Amazing...I can't wait for you to meet them!
Brandon, Alec, Talia & Sara...Thank you for all your hard work! And Thanks to Tiffany our Rock!

SO come on out and hear "Let's Go!"......I hope you love it!



Lauren said...

That is awesome!! I wish I could go! :)

marykate =) said...

ayooooo mitchell
good jobb =]
i would deff. go
...if I didn't live in nj
oh well.
I know you'll do awesomeee
havee funn =]
with lovee

Maureen said...

What? are you singing? dancing? or signing? wow but thats cool but i still dont get what your doing?


Jacquelyn said...

OMG Mitchel that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D I would love to go and see you, but can't (again) =((( But, have an AWESOME TIME!!! Tell us all about it!!! =D

I'm so happy for you!!! =D


Yours forever and always, ♥
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

--Ashley; said...

aw. this sucks. I want to see that!
To bad im in ohio. =/ oh well.
Maybe next time babe. hmm well I hope you have fun with that! AND I WAS RIGHT. the dancing star WAS from dancing with the stars. :)

Have a good day & weekend!

I heart youu. :)

Anonymous said...

mitchel are u singing? WOW! I can't wait to hear ya! what channel is it on?

Dani said...

CONGRATS MITCHEL!!!!! That's awesome!!!! Maybe you could get somebody to tape it and put in on YouTube!!!!!!!

I'm sure it will go amazing!!!!! Good Luck and thanks for letting us know!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! you rock! i hpe you win the d.c games. my friend said that your initials stand for mmmmm.(with 2 m's only)

Elizabeth said...

Mitchel Musso...

You never fail to amaze us. O.O
Singing, beckground

Will there be a CD coming in the near future?

<3 Liz

makenzye said...

awesome! can't wait! is this inside Universal Studios or outside? do you have to pay to go into the park?

broke recording artist said...

if i could go i so totally would!
good luck!

Becky said...

OMG! Mitchel, i can't believe you wrote a song, that's so........i can't even find the words to describe it! It's amazing. Even though I can't be there, I will be cheering you on in Oregon. I hope that I'll get to hear the song soon though. SO are you going to follow in the foot steps of Mason and start singing and come out with an awesome CD? Cuz that would be very cool!
Okay, well I hope you have fun with the music debut and have an awesome time. You have alot of people cheering you on, even if they can't make it, I'm sure they will still be very supportive. Good Luck, even though it's still like 2 weeks away. You Rock!

marykateee =) said...

go mitchell!!!
I would deff. go
...but I live in NJ =[
oh well
I hope you havee funnn
I know you'll do awesomee.=]
muchh lovee,

Anonymous said...

waiiittt, i'm really confussed. What's going on? Are you in a band now, or do you do dance shows, or whatttt?

BayLee said...

OMG! congratulations!!! i thought you were going to say you were working on a new movie but this is SOOO much cooler! i had no idea because on your site it says you dont sing professionally,but i guess you do! i'm sure your wonderful,i know your brother mason is!! i wish i could go,but i cant =( but i cant wait for a cd to come out! good luck the 4th!!!

melissa said...

hey mitchel...break a leg with your sure youll do great as always


Erin91 said...

omg mitchel that's so cool!

bianca; said...

oooo . sounds cool. i'll try to go.

Katie. said...

OMG!!! I wish my parents would actually take me seriously about this!! We never really do anything for 4th of July anyway, so I told my mom that I found something we can do, except we would need to travel a bit. It would be sooooo cool to come out and see you perform!!! I'm sure it will be totally awesome! That's a cool picture on the link, too.
I can't wait for the new 'Hannah' episode on Sunday! It looks really good!
So, if my parents decide they don't want to travel across the country so we can see you, I hope you do really well for the show!!!
(Sorry I wrote a LOT! lol)


Anonymous said...

wait r u singing?

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

That is GREAT news!!! Congrats., on it!!! I'm really happy for you. And it's gonna be SOOOOOOOOO amazing. I wish I could go, but I can't. And I'll be praying so hard for you to get your own record deal! I'd buy it!!

Well, thanks for the update, and have fun, in Florida, and GOOD LUCK on your performance.

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Anonymous said...

that sounds super exciting i wish i coule go but i dont live in florida or any ware near that and i bet LETS GO is going to be amazing actually i kno it will be!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun

Kylie said...

I'm still confused. Are you singing or dancing or both? Please clarify. Thanks! :)

Rachel said...

OMG MITCHEL! Are you gonna sing and dance? I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU! only I'm in Texas right now... grr. Ahhh YOU SOOO ROCK! I really wanna see you so bad now & see you perform! That is so AMAZING!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Jessica said...

Dear Mitchel,
OMGosssshhhhh!!! That's so AMAZING!! *sigh* I really, really, REALLY wish I could go, but I don't think my parents would take me to Flordia :( Even though I won't be there, I'll still be cheering you on! hehe, speaking of singing and dancing, I'm watching the Hannah Montana marathon and I'm watching the "Get Down and Study-Udy-Udy" episode! It's so cool to see you all singing and dancing! :D Well, I hope you have an AWESOME week!

Anonymous said...

Whoa... singing. That's cool. =] Too bad I can't go, seeing as I live on the other side of the country.

Monica said...

OH MY. I will sooooo try to be out there!!!! Even though Universal is like 4 hours away. I am sooo happy for you!!! Can't wait!!!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!...wish i could come & c u i said i live 2 far away 2 make it there!!!....have fun though!!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

-luv2laugh ;)

mmb said...

HOLY COW that is amzing i really want to go but i can't. I hope... no i know you will do great!!! And, if you get nervous don't worry you have soooo many great fans (including me) that believe in you!!!!

Marisa said...

What time is it at?! I really wanna go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg i live like no fair from that wellan hour away i would ask my parents but there gonna say no since were having this big dinner and party on the 4th ugh that suckes i hope you do awsome i know you will well have fun guh i wanna go so bad ugh love cha biggest fan ~nicole aka nickel ~

Alli C. said...

I WANT 2 GO SO BAD!!! to bad i'm on the other side of the country........
Good luck!!!

still luving u,

Alli C.

brit said...

Mitchel, you're big news sounds amazing. I wish i could go and see u, but i no i probly won't.
I didn't even know u could sing. I knew u could dance.
You really r full of surprises.
Oh, i wish i could come to your b-day party. It sounds like it is going to be...the party of the year. But its not like u can invite fans....

Anonymous said...

hi mitchel. well i would love to see you there, but the problem is...i live in iowa. i would drive out there if i could but we just came back from cali! lol. i loved it tho, and wish i could go back just to see you.:(

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, when are you gonna come to Cinci, Ohio or Louisville, KY? Puh-lease come there sometime so I can see you!!! PLEASE!!!


Anonymous said...

luv the pic!!!....wish i could be there, but i'm like thousands of miles away!!!!...well i don't know that 4 a fact but it seems like it....o well
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Abbster said...

man, i wish i could go! that would be super cool! but i live in FL.
oh well!

Lauren said...

Hey Mitchel I really want to go! I wish i could but i live in Iowa ugh! I really want to meet you someday!

Anonymous said...

Aww I want to go.You know,I've always wanted you to I don't know why,but I did and now you are.That's really exciting.I hope somebody tapes it and puts it on you tube because I can't go.I can't wait to see you dance and sing!


Anonymous said...

I would SO buy a CD!!! Heck, I would buy the whole stock of them in the store if i could....sadly, i can't...saving up to go to LA and MEET YOU!!!!!!! that will be so fun!!!

lyl, Hope

HOLLY said...

i luv ur song if i lived in nj i would have went but i live in al but ur a really good singer!!!!im really happy 4 u though

luv u lots

HaleighJayy said...

I'm so happy for the band, and cuz now i get to hear it on the radio.

bye the wayyyyy;;
once again, colorado misses youuuu.
(pst, that means visit soon. :])