Thursday, March 12, 2009


Big Birthday Month for us at our house. Mason's Birthday is the 17th and he will be 20 years old! and Marc's Birthday is the 29th and he will be 14 this year! Very cool! Mason will be home for his Birthday and with all the traveling he is doing with Metro Station, that is a Miracle in itself.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that if your Birthday is today or this month, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope this year is the best!



Miranda said...

Happy birthday to them!

Anonymous said...


My birthday is July 21!!!!

You are exactly 12 days older than me!!!
(I told you in Disneyland at Miley's sweet 16 party!!!)

<3 Breanne! ILY!

vanesa from Argentina said...

hey !! i wish the best for your brothers ... they are awesome like you .. my birthday is next month so i hope you wish me happy birthday on april 6 =D

you're the best !!
love ya !!


~*Amber*~ said...

Very happy birthday to Mason and Marc! That's great Mason gets to be home with his family for his bday. =]

Mine was the 1st. =D Thank you for the March shout outs!!

Have a great day Mitchel!

EWA said...

Oh...Yeah. This is a big birthday month.! Happy Birthday all.!
I have got birthaday on June...
I hope you have got best month.
Love.! <3

Ana Luíza said...

Hi Mitchel,
Happy Birthday to your Brothers!!!
It's a pitty that today isn't my Birthday... But it's ok!!!
And how always I writte in your blog I love your songs and in your tour Come to Brazil!!!
kisses and Hugs from your Brazilian fan....
Ana Luíza
PS.: Sorry my horrible english ok!!!

Taylor said...

Well Happy Early Birthday to Mason and Marc!

I'm glad you'll get to see Mason on his birthday, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

you are such a sweetheart :)
mine isn't until may 13thh haha,
and wow! Mason is gonna be 20! & lil' Marc is gunna be 14! Svheeeat


Anonymous said...

Hiiii Mitchel!


Anonymous said...

no happy birthday for emily on ur blog???? well if u see emily anytime soon tell her nisha from ohio said happy birthday!!! and that she is my role model!!! always has, always will!!!! :D


Ally said...

thats so cool!
my birthday is the 29th.
happy birthday to them. :)

Yasmin said...

Happy early birthday from Germany to you guys :)
I didnt know marc is younger than me!

Have nice days :D


Awesomeness said...

That's soooo awesome!!! My Birthday is this month!! Thankyou!!! Hope their Birthdays are absolutely wonderful!!

Love, Meghan

=] =] =] =] =] =]

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, how could u forget Emily's Bday? it was the 10th.. Oh well, i hope u wished her a happy birthday & did something sweet for her :)

melody savell said...

marc's birthday is the day before mine!
and we are turning the same age !
woaah, thats cool (:

happy birthday mason & marc !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Mason and Marc, hard to believe they're only 20 and 14! You Musso boys sure don't look your age lol It's funny how your a summer baby and they're spring babies, I don't know about you but I'd rather be a summer baby too! Also saw you on Monday night showing your support for the talented Shawn, which by the way did you see to Johnny Knoxville hanging around? Anyways, hope you have yourself a good one and enjoy spending time with all of your family! Keep on living the dream Mitchel.
Yours from ON
M.B. of LR
ps. I know I said your myspace needed some love but I think you need to show it some more as you've still got new friends waiting to be added (hint hint lol)

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moo♥Soo said...

Hey gorgeous!
What a coincidence! Your brothers birthdays are in march and so is my brothers! His is march 14th and he will be 21 yo! He's excited! Tell Mason and Marc Savannah said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you told Emily too for me! You are very lucky to have such amazing brothers.

My birthday was last month but I'm just gonna say you told me happy birthday anyway! X)

Much love,
Savannah from California


xoLauraaa said...

Aww thanks! My 21st birthday was on Monday!

Hannah said...

I am exactly one month and ten days older than Marc. :)
Haha, anyway, I hope both of them have a great birthday, and I hope that you have a lot of fun together.
And, uhm, just pretend that you can hear me singing Happy Birthday...
Take care!

Camille said...

Happy birthday to both of them! ::)

Nien. said...

Oh, I wish them a Happy Birthday! Hope they both have a great day.
I became 15 on the 18th of February, but my mom was sick that day, and my sis and dad worked. So my birthday wasn't that great this year x] (Two days later I was sick, yay -__-")

Oh well, I'm going to school now. Big math-test coming, and I'm not good at math at all. I heard it's your favorite subject. Wanna tutor me? xD

You have a great day, Mitchel! I still love you very much! n__n

Nien <3

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moo♥Soo said...

Omgosh mitchel your so freakin' hilarious! You make me laughh. Cant for Stitch now can you? Well give Stitch a big ol' wet kiss for me on his birthday! Lol. I love stitch, I might steal him from you! X)

Much love,
Savannah from California


Anonymous said...

say happy birthday 2 them for me thanx luv u heather xxx

GiGi said...

That's awesome, happy birthday to Mason, Marc and Stitch then!!! :DD

Haha, and one of my friends has a birthday the day before Marc's! Very cool! ;D


amy said...

happy birthday to mason, marc and stitch!! get mason and marc something good and stitch a nice big bone :D my dog is a july birthday like someone else i know but i can't remember who. ;) eat lots of cake for me mitchy. have a fun month. <3

Liez. said...

Happy Birthday to your brothers (:

Mine was on the same day as Emilys , the 10th =D

x loveyouu

Amira Husnina said...

Mason & Marc's, 17th March!
Mine's, 18th March!
Anyway, a very happy birthday to Mason & Marc!

PS : Marc & me exactly are 14 =.='

Anonymous said...

Hey there(:

Wow, the last time I've left you a comment is a really long time ago.
I'll try to comment your blog as often as possible ;)

I've already told you last year but I feel like telling you again:
My birthday is on the 29th too :D
But I'm a year older than Marc. ^^

Please wish him a happy birthday from me on the 29th.
And a happy belated birthday to Mason.
Did you know that Metro Station is getting popular in germany right now?
'Shake It' often running on german tv programms, on the radio and such.
That's amazing (:

Have a nice day,

Alex said...

Tell Mason happy birthday and tell marc to also have a happy birthday .. im like 2 months older than him which is super cool =D My birthday already past though it was on January 28th

<3 Alex

lais said...

Hi people, okay?
well, my name is Laís and I am Brazilian. my biggest dream has always been known Mitchel personally and know he will accomplish. wish a great birthday for your brothers. kisses my idol (LL