Friday, March 13, 2009

Where is Mitchel Musso right now and what's he up to??

There are so many ways to see what's going on with me right now that I thought I would list sites that are definitely me and also things that I am Very involved in. Come visit when you have a moment!

First of all....CALL ME!! I want to hear from you! My official SAYNOW number is: 323-622-8588 - Please visit Radio Disney and request - The In Crowd! New songs coming to Radio Disney very soon! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! for calling and pushing The In Crowd up to the Number 5 spot this week! Keep calling! or you can request the song right there on Radio Disney's website!

Also...RadioDisney just posted a CONTEST. Come visit me on the set of my new Music Video!! Go to for details!

My New Official Myspace that Disney put together for me - - Here you will be able to hear new songs as they come out and they also have a couple of my music video's listed as well as updates!

My Official Twitter which I do update on a Daily basis - - MussoMitchel - Please don't follow anybody under the name MitchelMusso, that's not me! Follow MussoMitchel!! Let me tell you what I am up to today! You'll feel like we're spending the day together!

My official Youtube made for me by Disney -

Official Youtubes made by Me and Marc and Mason AND Marc's Youtube page -

My Official Fan Site headed up by my friends over at has the most extensive fan information and Fan Picture encounters, Gallery of Pics, Magazine covers, and the most Mitchel Musso archive information out there! Please visit and find out everything you want to know about what I have been doing this week this year and beyond!

All things HATCHING PETE!! - - By the way, if you haven't heard mine and Tiffany T.'s new song "Let It Go" for the movie, get on over there and take a listen! We just shot the music video for the song, and it was so much fun! See if you can learn all the words!! Can u do it?

All things Hannah Montana -

Please visit - this is something I am very proud of. Keeping kids well!

And my IMDB page is - Here you can see all the projects I have been involved in over the years and there are also lot's of pictures and videos

My official Facebook that Disney put together for me -

Last but not least, want to write me a letter??

Mitchel Musso
c/o The Disney Channel
3800 Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA. 90211

Get a pencil, write these down or print them out and come visit me as often as you can!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness boy you've got soo many sites to visit and places to requests songs, you really know how to juggle these things well! I guess if it's something you love to do it doesn't really matter how busy it seems, just don't deprive yourself of sleep in the process lol
Love the new song from Hatching Pete but I hope the In-Crowd will make it to the top 5 sooner than you think, I’ll try to see if Radio Disney’s website will let me request it! And on top of that I guess I'll have to start adding those new Disney accounts they set up for you too.
Again hope you get to enjoy some family time this week and don't forget to eat lots of cake too! After typing up this long list of updates on your blog you could definitely use it lol Keep on living the dream Mitchel.

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

P.S. Tell that awesome dog of yours HAPPY BIRTHDAY STITCH! What kind of cake is he getting? Hahaha.

Miranda said...

Cool! It is so cool that you just posted this and all these pages have you!

Taylor said...

WOW! Lots of websites! Thanks for keeping us updated on all of your websites!

I'm so excited for the cd release!!

MeGaN! waz here ♥ said...

Awesomeness!!! I'm gonna go and check everything out RIGHT NOW! =D

Keep smiling! God bless you!
<33 xD

ashleeeeeee. :] said...

awesomeeee. i see disney runs like everything. wow.

anyways, mitchelz, i miss you, dude. i havent seen you since september. =/

well, have a good week i guess...

Nien. said...

Oh, that's cool! Thanks for putting that up! :'D

I was already busy with a letter for you, and now I know I had the good address x] So you'll see my letter very soon, coming from HOLLAND! :]

So, I saw on your twitter that Mason's coming home today. That's awesome. I can understand you've missed him. Have a lot of fun with him. I met him after the concert Metro Station gave in Holland. He seems like a very awesome guy, but you probably knew that for a long time already ;] Tell him I said 'Welcome Home!'

Have fun with all the birthday's coming up! Take care!


kaitie! :] said...

wow! that's a lot of sites! thanks for keeping us posted! :]
the new hatching pete song's awesome! i can't wait to see that movieeeee.
have fun with mason, marc, and stitch's birthdays! :]

have a good weekendddd!


Ana Luíza said...

Hi Mitchel...
My name is Ana Luíza, I'm from Brazil...
Wow that's so great know, your address, to that your fans could send a letter for you...
I alredy almost all days in your SayNow number a message, maybe you alredy listen...
So I will add you in your Twitter, ok?!
Thanks for all!!!
Kisses and Hugs from your brazilian fan!!!

~*Amber*~ said...

Thanks so much for posting this Mitchel! I've been so confused about your sites. I've seen so many and didn't want to add any because I didn't want it to be a creeper poser. Lol.

Thanks! =]

Anonymous said...

wow, that was seriously the BEST update everrrr!
I will have to check out all those sites!!!!!
If u wanna know what I'm doing....
Today afterschool me, my dad, and my brother took a road trip to go skiiing @ mt. Lutsen it's in Minnesota & only 35 miles from Canada...(by the way it is 6 hours from where I live) we are going skiing first thing in the morning! That's what your #1FAN-amyjo-hearts; is doing :)

Anonymous said...

Mitchel I seriously LOVE you!
You are the BEST!


amy said...

hey mitchy <3

u didn't mention your other myspace... :( thats my favorite thing to contact u on haha. dont forget about it! ;) i left some love on the facebook since no one else did and u know i love ya! i think u should film ur phone calls cuz i love your faces when u listen to the voicemails. hehe stay ossum <3

Yasmin said...

Awesome :) I'm going to follow you on Twitter :) TWEET TWEET!

Have an AWESOME day :)

Yasmin from Germany

EWA said...

COOL.! I'll check it. :)

taaylor (: said...

wow mitchel you've been busy !
well im definetly going to call you soon :D
i'm so excited to see hatching pete & of course, when your album comes out i'm going to run to a store & get it as fast as i can !
keep on updating us on how everything's going.

& aw mitchel i miss you <3
come back to florida asap !
it's been over a year since the second time we met =(

GiGi said...

Man you've got so many sites now!! Exciting!! :DD

I love the new song with Tiffany, by the way! I opened up the Hatching Pete page and just let it play continuously for, like, ever. xD

And I will totally be requesting The In Crowd and stuff! That's SO ossum that it made #5! We'll get it to #1 for sure!! Haha. :D

Can't WAIT for the new songs! And CD of course!!!! :D


Carly said...

Hey mitchel jjust saying hey! i havnt commented in a while...sorry about that! iv just been really busy with school and stuff! BUT that is a lotta places to keep in contact with! and thats a lot of updating with u! ahaa. well happy birthday to everyone in ur family!



Anna said...

Hey Mitchel! I just wanted to say that I can't wait for Hatching Pete, it looks awesome! :)
The other day my friend and I were watching the episode of Hannah Montana where you auditioned to sing at the school dance, and we were just wondering if that song you sang was going to be on your new album? You sounded amazing singing it and we would both LOVE to hear the whole song! :)
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel. Is it strange if I'm a guy and listen to your music? Seems like almost all your fans are girls...

Also I'd like to know how you style your hair, it's so nice in the Making Of The Album -video. :)

Disa said...

Sweeeet, you have a Twitter.
Hah, I'm gonna follow you :)

I want a puppy said...

Hi Mitchel! I love Oliver on HM! You're character is you funny and cute! When you're CD comes out I will be first in line to buy it! I love The In Crowd! It's my second favorite song (Rihanna's Disturbia will always be my favorite!)Anyways, come to my blog!

Luv ya!

I want a puppy said...

Hey mitchel! me again!

come on my blog and follow it! My life is almost like a movie! lol. It would be awesome if you followed our blog! i come to yours everyday!

Heather said...

3rd myspace Mitchel...really? I added it anyway. Just watched an really awesome dance to Shake It on So You Think You Can Dance Australia! :D

Anyway keep up with everything, I cna't wait to hear more music! And looking forward to hatching pete!!!


Anonymous said...

ok... I add you in all! I mean at facebook, myspace, youtube! I LOVE YOU I guess I'm your #1 fan in Mexico! and happy b-day to mason this tuesday!

Jesse said...

Haha nice dude with all the stuuf going on for you it must be busy. you have marc and mason's birthdays and all this disney stuff and mail to reply to. i was talking to marc and he said you were in your room with his ex feeding your fish lmao its cool we should go snowboarding sometime.

Bridget said...

Heyy..MITCHEL! I think I'm def. gonna be calling you. soon. lol should make your way on over to the East coast. Cause I needs me a Mitchy fix! lol <33

gi beretta said...

hi mitchel, i love you ok *-*
your #1 fan in brazil, gi beretta :D

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moo♥Soo said...

I'm in need of a dance partner. I'm like so mad cuz I cant find someone to do the waltz withh. My brother thinks he's "too cool." Sometimes I wish I knew you! I know you'd do it with me huh? You dont think your too cool. Thats what I like about you! Ahemmm, wanna be my partner cutie? (:


P.S. 5 more hours til Masons 20th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASON!

Cassidy said...

Mitchel Musso is everywhere doing everything (but hopefully taking a break to skateboard or cruise around looking cool in his car), and Cassidy is tired just reading his post! Now I feel guilty for being annoyed you don't post more...:P

Wish your brothers a belated birthday, and tell Marc he's got great video editing skills! :) If you ever wanna hire a computer nerd to update all these sites for you...have your people call my people! :P Peace, Love, and Rock 'n roll Mitchel!

EvelineTorres said...

What's the area code if I wanna call from sweden?

Xoxo Evie <3

Anonymous said...

Lilly and Oliver dating?!! :(.
I always tought that Miley and Oliver would get together..

Alex said...

Im am soooo going to check out all those sites that you mentioned !! and of course i will send you something =D i just dont know yet !! hopefully my mom will let me enter the contest because it would be really cool to see the making of your music video cuz i never seen that before and of course to meet you !!! i love the song the In-Crowd it just always gets stuck in my head soo im like singing it all the time =D i will keep on calling your saynow number and your brothers (marc's) saynow number because he has one !!!

<3 Alex

Libbylove86 said...

That number doesn't work in Canada =(

Anonymous said...

from all the disney artists i think you're awesome... im a guy and i think ur the coolest... keep the good job Mitchel (with one L) LOL.... i dnt really like Disney Radio since everything is Jonas :/ ... but i will support you Mi Amigo! :D
my cousin says ''Hi Mitchel'' she is 13, and we live in Miami Beach... im following you on Twitter :P

take care!

debbie said...

i'm one of your biggest fans..,
i'm always watching hannah montana..,
may i know what is your new music??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm one of you'r BIGGEST fan ever, and hoplessly in love with u! I was wondering if you ever tour in, just maybe li'l 'ol Prince Edward Island? There are many a people here that love u!

Madam Stephie