Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hannah Montana Premiere

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be tweeting from the Hannah Montana Movie premiere tomorrow night. If you haven’t already done so, sign-up at

Have the most incredible day ever!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel hope you have fun, even though like you said on Twitter it's a very small part I'm sure you rocked it nonetheless! Also, a big thanks goes to your official website for putting up those pictures of the Musso brothers at the Creative Recreation Showroom, nobody can't deny that you all share the same DNA. Hope you enjoyed hanging out with your brothers as I know you guys don't get to do it a lot with your busy schedules. Anyways have fun at the premier with your other family and don't forget ear plugs! Keep on living the dream, Mitchel.

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

PS. I think you should take a few pictures for Twitter too!

Camille said...

Have fun at the premire! I am so excited for that movie its going to be great!!!

Lizz said...

I check your twitter acount all the time!!
i love it that you make shout outs to your fans
allot of other people will never do that!

Miranda said...

Hey Mitchel! I had a dream about you last night! Just wanted to know, when are you coming to "Hannah Montana" in Nashville? Cause I live in TN and want to see you and I never have (except in la-la land and my good dreams.) So PLEASE
Lol, love ya,

alexis. said...


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the premiere tomorrow =D hope you have a good time =D

Georgia x~X~x

Ewa said...

Ohh...! I hope you have a fun. :D

Anonymous said...

Have loads of fun tomorrow night! I can't wait to see the movie. Already have you on twitter so I'll be checking it every so often.


Taylor said...

Have fun at the premiere!

MissaLissa :] said...

my cousin katie and i are signed up on you twitter. our name on there is KatelynMelissa...i think. lol

lalalove you

Hannah said...

Hey Mitchel! Have fun at the premiere! I can't wait to see the movie. It seems really good, and it's gonna be awesome watching Tyra Banks fighting with Hannah Montana. That part looks pretty funny, and I also can't wait to see Taylor Swift in it. The whole movie looks absolutely amazing. Well, I hope ya'll have a fun time!

Tanya said...

How cool...I'll have to get a Twitter account. :) Have fun at the premiere (can't wait until the release date next week)!

Anonymous said...

I need to do that!!!! I cant wait to watch Hannah Montana The Movie! It's gonna be soo awesome. And I already know all the lyrics to 'The Climb'. And Most the other songs!!!

LaVonda said...

Hey Mitchel,
We got to see an early screening of the movie and it was great!! It looks like you had a great time! Shawn is so cute!!
We enjoyed following you on twitter!!

xxxSofieStarxxx said...

Hey mitchel
have a good time

Amanda said...

your the cutest funny thing i have ever seen! im 18 in college and still watch Hannah Montana on disney channel everyday=] my boyfriend makes fun of me ha! Keep it going and can't wait to see you on the big screen!

Anonymous said...

Dude add my twitter lol

sweetshannadee said...

Hey Mitchel! You're awesome and I love your new song! The video is amazing! Could you please friend me on twitter? Or well follow me, whichev... It would mean so much to me! ♥

Destiny said...

Hey Mitchel,
I haven't commented your blog in a while. I will defnitly check out the Hannah Montana movie. As I always sed to say...Florida needs some TLC so come back soon! I have only seen you in concert once at that was at Jingle Jam in 2007. Now I have friends that want to see you too so come ASAP lol. Hope you have a fun weekend.

Sierra said...

Hope you had fun!! I can't wait to see the movie!!!

xoXO Chelsea-MussoFan OXox said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I hope you had fun at the premeire! sorry i havent been commenting very much, not that you care.=P So yeah, i hope you had a good time, it sucks that you dont have a very big part in the movie but its ok, we love you anyway:) lol, we always love you, and by "we" i mean us fans! Speaking of fans, can you beleive it? I have been a fan of you since you were 12 years old. Can you beleive that? I was only 9 back then. Now look at us, you're 17 and im 13. thats CRAZY! talk about dedicated fans! Oh My Musso, Im like, bragging!XD But almost ALL your fans have been fans that long or longer; talk about ALOT of dedicated fans! lol, we ready do love you Mitchel!

Oh and I celebrated the 3rd anniversery of Hannahy Montana on March 24th! Can you believe its been 3 years? It seems like just yesterday I was watching Hannah Montana for the first time thinking, "This is a good show! And Mitchel's cuter than ever!" tee hee! =P *sigh*... They grow up so fast! *sniffle* *tear*.....

Ok so now that ive had that little moment, I wanna tell you that I cant wait for Hatching Pete! So excited for that! Oh and as you're reading this you probably dont remember who I am, well im the one most ppl remember cuz I write the LONGEST comments, I usually ALWAYS say "Anyway" before i started a new paragraph, I would put my name as "~Chelsea A.K.A Chillie<333" But you have like MILLIONS of fans so you probably would NEVER remember me:(
but umm yeah... I just TOTALLY brought down my mood. I was like all "perky and happy" and now its kinda like, "meh" and all cuz i had to bring up the fact that i dont know you. It might sound weird but Ive ALWAYS wanted to meet you. its been my dream for literaly 5 years. And I STILL havent called your Say Now number but wen I do it would be the high light of my life if you called back. like im not even kidding.. You, Mitchel, are my role model and you inspire me to follow my dreams and to never give up on reaching my goals in life, if that makes sence.=P

Anyway, i g2g, BYE! <333
Peace. Love. Musoo.<333333

~Chelsea - Musso Fan <333

kezibuggg said...

whoa! i can't wait for the movie!
i think it'll be AWESOME.
i'm gonna watch it with my mom! hahaha xD she's a hannah montana fan :)
btw i followed you on twitter, Mitchel!

Gavdog said...

Hey saw the photos. Looked awesome!!

gi beretta said...

hiiii mitchel *-*
i can't wait to see hannah montana the movie, it must be sooooooooo awesome :o
but here in brazil it will come JUST on 5th june ): i hate here lol

but i love you forever, gi beretta, your #1 fan in brazil :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! :) lol

I was in Cape Cod all week, I only got back I missed quite a
I had a pretty good time with my dad. I played tennis, went in the pool, took pictures, I did a variety of things.
Also, I didn't have to go to any of his religious meetings :)
Of course now he wants me to go to his special meeting next week. I told him I would have to think about it...he keeps trying to guilt me into things like that...

How are you? I'm doing pretty good. It's hard getting used to finally being home after being with my dad for a week. I know that may sound kind of weird...but it's very hard to fact, even I don't understand it...I guess I have a pretty hard time being with my dad, even when things go pretty well. Which is another thing that is hard to explain. Ugh. I guess I feel sad when I get back home...though I highly doubt that it's because I miss my dad...In fact, I'm pretty sure about that...I don't know, it's pretty confusing...ANYways...

Whats up?
It rained every day except for one day in Cape
Though it's pretty warm in RI right now. I can't wait until it's warm enough to go to the beach :)
Do you like to go to the beach a lot?

Guess What? I read the whole Twilight series in two weeks! would be one of my favorite book series. I read a lot of it when I was with my dad on vacation. Have you seen the movie? I really liked the movie :) lol

Wish ya luck Mitchy!
I can't wait until your cd comes out! :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I like reading sometimes...I guess it all depends...I usually don't read as much as I did the last couple of weeks though. Well, I don't usually read four books in two weeks anyways. Twilight was really good series :) lol

p.s.s. I had a dream that I got stung by a large was pretty The only kind of bee I like would be a bumble bee...I really don't like the other kinds...

Anonymous said...

twitter is amazing , cuz i "hear from you" much more often :P
haha. i love how you tweet so much. haha. you're just amazing .

shoutout to me?


Meshia said...

I CAN NOT wait to see the movie! Hope you had fun. You and Shawn looked so cute together at the premiere, you both looked amazing. I watched Yin Yang Yo last night, the best episode ever. But only because you and Jason were in it!!!

I love you times ten.♥

himynameisalex said...

ooooh gooooodness im obsessed with twitter!
i didnt know you had one though! im definitely about to start following that for realz

Amy Levin said...

Hey Mitchel!
Have fun at the premiere!

Your Biggest Fan,
Amy Levin

Ayiene said...

I'm so stoked for the movie! Can't wait for April 22! Oh, April 22 is the showing day here in the Philippines, btw. :>

beela ♥ said...

hey mitchel, my name is Isabela and i'm from brazil!
yesterday here in Brazil the episode in the new season of Hannah Montana where you sing for a test of the school band, your voice is amazing! I'm a big fan yours!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel when does your album come out in the uk cos i cant wait to get it

Georgia x~X~x

megan said...

so i saw the hannah montana movie

i cried during part of it, but i'm not gonna ruin it.. but its one of the time she performs at the end.. cause i thought something was gonna happen.. if ya digg!
he would do that!
and poor lilly!
yea the movie! ROCKED!

Anonymous said...

heyy (:

the movie was awesome!

it was funny cause we were basically the only teens in the theater besides the little girls! but very cute

and i think its so cool that you like teach your fans on twitter like they are your friends (:

Anonymous said...

the movie was amazing (: i liked your part hahah

just wondering do you ever add fans for your twitter!

and i don't know how to make an account on here so i am going to be anonymous ):

-- Sawyer

jennaS said...

hey i cant wait to see the movie... and hatching pete was brill xxxx

Naomi and Amanpreet said...

Hi Mitchell,

Please visit my blog and write a comment. I would really appreciate it. Also if you could tell me how to make my blog popular I would be very happy.

Love Naomi xxx

( my blog is

Anonymous said...

i saw hatching pete the other day i loved it, it was so funny i loved your character =D =P
Cant wait to see the Hannah Montana Movie it hasnt been released in the uk yet it's gonna be great

Love Georgia x~X~x

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, hope that the Hannah Montana premiere was great! I will be sure to check out your twitter as soon as I can!


gi beretta said...

hi mitchel, i love you a lot *-* i have a twitter: i send a lot of messages for u, but evrybody sends and i understand that don't have how you reply everyone, but if you reply me, i will be SO SO SO happy :D and i wish you have 50,000 twitts soon :D love love love ya :*
gi beretta, always your #1 fan in brazil *-*

Princess Sanela :) said...

Hopee you had a good time;
I saw the movie Friday night & there were so many people there!
The movie was great, all of you are so talented. :)

Since you didn't wanna "twitter" me back, haha, thought I'd leave you a little love on here. :)

Find me on myspace? :)

You're awsome!
And I'd really like to have a conversation with you, haha, so if we can talk anywhere, [myspace, facebook or wherever? ;)]
Hope to hear from you! <3

mariammmmm said...

buddy (:
long time no talk or
or anything.
hope you are doing good!
i saw you on tv today and i was like awh what happened to him?

guess what? its my birthday tomorrow!
ahhahahaahaha. sixteeeen! (: (: (:

SusanR said...

hey mitchel =] loved the hannah montana movie. even though you had a smaller part you never fail to make me laugh =] oh and im sooooo glad oliver and lilly got together <3 its cute

Brittany said...

Mitchel! I haven't commented in so long. I hope you remember me :)

Anyways, saw the HM movie and loved it! You were barely in it though! But I loved your dance moves at the end haha

I also saw you in the audience on Dancing With The Stars. I don't know, it was either last week or the week before.

Schmanyways, I hope everything is going well with you and your family. I wish you would go on tour or something. Can't wait for your new cd! Peaceeee.

<3 Brittany

ps--Metro Station is performing at my high school's grad night this Friday. I'm not a senior so I'm not going. Wish I could! Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mitchel!!!
I've seen "Hannah Montana: The Movie" 4 times now... and I don't plan on quitting there! It's a great movie. I have one problem with it, though. Don't get me wrong, I love supporting it, but the moments with you are WAY too scarce. Although everyone does an outstanding job, I can't help walking away from the theater heavy-hearted wondering why the producers, or the director for that matter, (Peter Chelsom, is it?) didn't give you a bigger part. What were they thinking? Were they afraid you would outshine everyone? :(
It's alright, I guess. I still thought you did a fantastic job. I especially liked when you and Moises were dancing to "Hoedown Throwdown." 2 thumbs up!

P.S. Looking forward to this Sunday when the episode "What I Don't Like About You" (3:13) makes its big debut! 'Loliver' finally bursts on to the silver screen!

Congrats on all your success,

Louisana Carrie Lade Miller said...

i love !!!

good luck
:]] and i love u
i mean u work¬¬
i mean

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