Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey guys!

Take a look at the new myspace layout at

Disney did an incredible job! You can find a DEMAND Button there too where you can demand me to come to a city near you. The higher the numbers go on those things, the better! If I get a lot of numbers, I get to come to your city and perform with my band.

Also, you can hear some new music on there! "Hey!", "Let's Make This Last 4Ever" from the episode of Hannah Montana and a new song called "Speed Dial"

Let me know what u think about them!

Also, PLEASE FOLLOW ME on TWITTER! Mussomitchel on twitter. I am having a contest at 50,000 followers and we are VERY close to that number!

U guys have an awesome day!



~*Amber*~ said...

Love the new layout and the new songs! Speed Dial is my favorite right now. It's really good!

Hope to enter your contest through twitter! Still waiting for a reply from you though Mitchel! Lol.

[richelle.] said...

i love the profile.
i love the songs.
i have one of them on my profile.
you're absolutely amazing
lovezzz ♥♥

Anonymous said...

Love the song speed dial, something about your tone that makes it really relatable. Although I wish Hey was a longer one, it will be another top charter for sure! Wish for the voting on your myspace reached Canada though, maybe if I click my heels together you'll be able to come lol Hope you had tons of fun at the HM premiers and DWTS GO SHAWN! Represent our age group! lol Another big thanks goes out to Ally from your website, maybe I can enjoy a day at Darien center if I twist the right arm. Good luck with the Hatching Pete feedback and have yourself an awesome one!! Keep on living the dream, Mitchel.

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

P.s. THANK YOU for finally opening a contest to everyone that lives anywhere I know your fans really appreciate it!

Austin said...

Hey Mitchel! I think the new layout is great and I demanded you in my area! Vero Beach hollar! LOL! Maybe you should come to a small time once in a while! :)
Or Orlando again thats great too! Another chance to fail at meeting you lol! Don't worry were meet someday! :)
Can't wait for the twitter contest! It's so cool how your so close! :)
Hope you have an amazing day!
Your October Fan of the Month

PS: My birthday is on May 5th! Cna't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I listened to "Hey", "Speed Dial" and "Let's Make This Last 4 Ever"! I thought they were really good, I especially liked "Hey" :)
lol...I already did the Demand thing! I guess I am pretty much one of the only ones who have requested Rhode Island so far...But, Please come to RI! :D

My friend and I celebrated Easter today! Ya...I guess it is a few days
I've been playing my songs on the keyboard a lot this week...

I went to see "Hannah Montana: The Movie" with my sister! I absolutely loved it! :) :D :) lol

I found a good therapy from being at my dad''ve been playing "Left 4 Dead" with my brother...It's a lot of fun...I mean...what better way to get over any previous frustrations then to shoot zombies? I'm just kidding of course, but seriously, I felt a lot better after playing the game when I got back from my dad's last week... Oh, I did go to that religious thing with my dad, but only to get the weekend with my mom. I had to go to my dad's on Wednesday instead...

Whats up? How are you? lol
I'm pretty good :)

Wish ya luck Mitchy!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I really like playing on the keyboard. :) I've made one complete song and two more songs I'm still working on; one of which is almost complete. Though I still haven't come up with any words for them...

flmom said...

Found your blog while doing a search for my son. He thinks you're great and we love to watch you on HM. Keep up the good work!

Nikita Bimson said...

lol. Dude, I like speed dial. =]

Ewa said...

I love these songs.! <33
I hope you'll come to Poladn.!That'll be AWESOME.!
This is nice you have got a contest.I'm happy. :)
The premiere of 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' in my country is on 17th April soo today.! I must go.! If not today I will go on next week. x) I really like it.!

-Ewa from Poladn. <33

Shefali said...

Hiiiiiiiiii............nice layout man..........luv it.....!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i love the song Lets Make This Last 4eva and i cant wait to hear your whole album

Georgia x-X-x

Anonymous said...



Miranda said...

You HAVE to come to TN! Lol.

Tanya said...

Wow, you're right. Disney did do an amazing job on that layout. Very nice.

Awesomeness said...

I LOVE the new layout!!! It's awesome!!! I really can't wait for your cd!!!!!!! The songs sound AMAZING!!!!!!!!


=] =] =] =] =] =]

Taylor said...

Thanks for the update! I like the new layout and the new songs!

DiN0Z0RKRiSTY said...

how can i follow you on blogspot?! (:

alicia said...

omg i cant wait till the album comes out!!!!! :))
i love LETS MAKES THIS LAST 4EVER!! great job. go on tour!! nd come to houston!!! lov ya

Disa said...

SO I entered the contest on Twitter and I didn't win :(
I thought I was pretty speedy too, hah.


Schhweeet new music though :)

Camille said...

Oh my goodness i got a message from you on twitter saying thanks. you thanked me!! thank you so much!!! im so excited, thank you so much for thanking me!!! :) <3

Mareen said...

I love the new songs :) Speed Dial rocks. Listened to it waay too much already.

btw I follow you. now your contest is over and I wasn't able to enter. my mom made me go to bed.. like 2 hours before you asked the question. I cried for like 4minutes and then my dad came in and asked me if I was crying.. then he wanted to know why. I told him and he said something stupid which made me cry again.
and when you said that the question will invole you and your brothers I searched for all your middle names. I dunno why.. just had a feeling. and then. BAM! I come online 2 hours after the contest ended (couldn't sleep that much). I was on twitter and you asked exactly the same question I thought you were gonna ask.
And then I felt like crying again... I'm still super-mad.. but I'll get over it.
I'm gonna join the next contest (if there's gonna be one) and then I won't care about what anybody says. I'll join no matter what.

But you're still awesome :)
I won't give up.

ohh btw. you never reply xD.. but you reply to my friends which makes me very happy :)

MeGaN! waz here ♥ said...


Muahahaha. "DEMAND". xD

OOO! I love love love "Let's Make This Last 4Ever"!! It's my current favorite song.

Have an awesome day to you too! =D

<33 xD

Love My Life said...

I hope we will find your album in France, sometimes it's hard for some american artist to be find here. Please make sure of it !

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel...
I love your new song Speed Dial; I heard it on your myspace and I am so excited for your album.

I hope that you win the twitter contest!

Best Wishes


ana_s2_ said...

Hey Mitchel, I loved all songs and your new layout in your MySpace, I alredy follow you in the Twitter... I'm hope that a day you will go reply a message to me...
Thanks for all!!!
Kisses and hugs from your Brazilian Fan ;)

ana_s2_ said...

Hi Mitchel, What's up??
Hey I loved all the songs and the new layout of your MySpace, I'm hope the debut of your cd, to me buy them!!
I alredy follow you in the Twitter, but I hope that a day you will go reply from you, because almost everyday I leave a reply for you!!
Kisses and hugs from your Brazilian Fan!!!
Ps.: Sorry my horrible english ok!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!Let me just say I love your work and I happen to be a big fan of your music/movies/and the show you are cast in currently. I just saw the new episode of Hannah Montana and let me say I love the way you guys are mixing it up with the hilarious plots and antics, and I never saw Lilly/Oliver coming so my jaw dropped because I honestly believe when it comes to couples on Hannah Montana you exhibit the best kind of chemistry with Miley...;D

~*~.~*~ChelseaMusso~*~.~*~ said...

Hey Mitchel!

I absulutly ADORE all your new songs! They're INCREDIBLY AMAZING! lol I love them :) You're like, the most amazing singer ever! No, not 'like' the most amazing singer ever; you ARE the most amazing singer ever! lol=P not even kidding! My fave right now is Speed Dial. It's like... I cant even say; I just love it so much! Its just the most amazing song in the world! and, love the new layout. I saw it the day you wrote this blog and heard all the songs but I didn't have enough time to comment so here I am; Commenting now! =P

So yeah, I'm actually on your Myspace right now, teehee =P Every time i go on your Myspace and see the count down for your debut album, I start screaming and or hyperventalating =P I'm buying the SECOND it comes out! Literally! There's a 24/7 Wal-Mart about 15 minutes away from where I live so I'm gonna try and get it at midnight. But sadly, that might be a fail cuz last time I was gonna buy a CD there wen the CD came out, (It was Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer; I love JB too!=P) a guy who worked there said they wern't putting the CD out til 5:00 am. So wat did i do? I waited for 5 hours to get the CD. and I'll do it for your's to if it comes to that! Yeah, im such a hardcore fan =P lol! But yeah, so thats wat im gonna do! and if thats a fail and my mom and dad say i cant get it at that time I'll go to the other Wal-Mart closer to me where i met ppl from Camp Rock, (Jasmine Richards and Giavoni Spina) wen it opens at like, 8:00 am. Of course i'll be there like 2 or 3 hours before it opens in case there's a line up! =P lol, there probably will be!

So anyway, I called your Say Now # a few weeks ago. twice actually. And you have not yet called back! no im just kidding, i wouldnt expect you to call me back. honestly, i think that would be asking to much. It would make my day if u even just listened to it. which i doubt you did, but thats ok to. You give so much to your fans already, you wont have to give us anymore than a world tour! lol =P hey, it'll probably happen some day! =P But yeah, on my first messege it was like 5 minutes of me babaling on and on about all this random stuff; i shouldve prepard! lol =P and the second was me sing the chorus to The In Crowd. I sounded horrible thjough cuz i was sick! >.< lol =P

Anyway, I g2g
Love always you and forever<333


P.s. Uhhh, idk =P I just felt like typing more XD

Omi said...

Is the 'getting such amount of people on Twitter' something a lot of you are doing? Miley Cyrus said something similar to that earlier today, too.

Kayla said...

Mitchel you are an amazing actor!! Please message me or comment back!!!

Lacy Winston said...

Hey dude, You have 2 Myspace pages? Your Music page and the other one that your linking to in your blog. Is one a personal/private Myspace. If the latter is true then you need to change the side link because apparently yout not adding people to it. My link:

Ashleigh said...

So Mitchel... you should go to to the mall in Concord before/after the concert cause my friends and I can't afford a hotel room at the Great Wolf Lodge. But we're still driving 2 to 3 hours from our college to ... "bump into you" at the mall. Ha.


Hannah said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm so excited for the album! I love "Speed Dial;" your songs are seriously amazing! Anyway, good luck with everything you do.

Camille said...

I am watching Hatching Pete right now and you are so funny. You are truly a great actor, i mean you are really good! This is the best disney channel movie ever! It really is, and I hope it comes out on dvd cause i totally wanna buy it!

Anonymous said...

i reaLLy admire yah ..lOve the new Twitter....ur so NaturAL PlZ stay d same ...Love YAh...

tyRrah 17 frOm phiLLippines

hope uL repLy through ur twitter..

Anonymous said...

ur so yah ..^____^

ur a good siNger..keep it up..

tyrrah 17 from phillippines

Anonymous said...

uhm yeah so I watched hatching pete
withh my friend, and we loved it.
like really it was so funny(;
We were laughing so much when you
were like, "not until I get that root beer I asked for" haha
and then during the part where you were like "rock paper scissors.." we laughed for a different reason but yeah haha. well it was a great movie <3 okay byee now.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! First of all you rock!! And second of all i havent been on here in a while because of your new twitter... :-P SOOOO i wanted to say hi!!!!!! lol!! XD I hope you are doing great and hopefully I can talk to you one day because you are TOTALLY down-to-ARTH!!!!
and that is AMAZING!!!


~*~.~*~ChelseaMusso~*~.~*~ said...

Heeeyy Mitchel!

So Hatching Pete premeired in Canada on Friday! =D It was AMAZING! It was on today gain to, plus i taped it so ive seen it 14 times already! after the premeire i watched it again, then 9 times yesterday, and then 3 times today=P Ive already memorized most of the lines in the whole movie! My fave line is when when you said, "You can spend your whole life living in a shell... or, you can hatch" I love that line! it's like, insperational! lol =P So yeah, Hatching Pete is AMAZING!!!!

So I was watching Hannah Montana a couple days ago and I don't know what happened, but as soon as you came on the screen, I started screaming uncotrolably. It was a little weird. =P But you were sooo cute so i mean its understandable =P

So anyway I saw ALL the behind the senes videos on Youtube for your new music video for your sng Hey, and it looks absalutly AMAZING!!!! =D I cant wait for it to premeire! =D

So i had a dream the other night that you played a concert at my schhol and i met you and I was in front row and i was like screaming like crazy and you were like "im looking for the biggest fan out in the crowd today!" and I was wering a Mitchel Musso t-shirt, I had a HUGE sign, and I had writen Mitchel Musso all over my face. =P and i knew the words to ALL your songs, and I was like screaming more than anyone, so you picked me and i got to hang out with you for the rest of the school day which also got me out of class. But sadly it was just a dream...*sigh*...D= but its ok:) =P

Anyway, SOOOOOOOO excited about all your new music, movies, tv, and everything new and awesome in your career =D but for now i g2g
Peace. Love. Musso. <333

~*~*~*Chelsea Musso*~*`*`

Breana said...

Hey Mitchel
Glad to see your comming back to Buffalo NY! To think that just a year ago i was ridding the flying swings with your band :) This time let's Hit up the Ride of Steel together!! Can't wait! Facebook chat with me if you want

Marta said...

Hey :)
Please come to Sweden :) Sweden is beautiful :) i Promise!!
// Marta