Friday, May 08, 2009


I'm really excited to be playing at WANGO TANGO this Saturday , May 9th at 5:15pm out in Irvine California. If you guys are close, please stop by and give me a holla!

There's So much going on right now with the album release only 24 days away, I find myself with much to do! But I am loving every minute of it and the most exciting part is that you guys will get to hear all the songs and be able to let me know what you think about it all.

If you would like to see me perform in a city near you just click on that DEMAND BUTTON on my Myspace and let us know where U R so I can find ya! Also, you will be able to hear some new music that will be available on my album.

If you haven't started Twittering, get out there! Go to and get signed up and join me on a journey of my life. U know u want to know what I'm doing everyday! JK

Mason just finished the new Kelsey Music Video. I went out and watched some of the filming and can I just say that my brother is AMAZING! and Metro Station is a great band with a unique sound. I'm looking forward to the future for them cause it's very exciting!

Marc is working on all kinds of projects. Music, Writing, and finishing school. Don't forget to check out his youtubes if you haven't already. and

My new Music Video " HEY!" will be out on the Disney Channel sometime this month, so be on the lookout for that! Can't wait to find out what you think about it!

You guys have an awesome weekend!



Heather said...

Can't wait for the album release!!!
Can't wait to see you play in Toronto!!!
You're awesome... such a sweetheart.

Tell Mason I think he's super awesome too? 'Cause he's amazing and adorable all wrapped up into one.. just like you!

Amy Dunlop said...

Hi Mitchel,
I can't wait till your album comes out!
Your adorable when you talk about marc and mason!
I bought metro stations labum the other day, I love the song 'true to me' :)
Please come to the UK! :)
I've got everyone i know to demand you!
(Preferably Scotland!) :) x

MissaLissa :] said...

yay! mitchel. i demanded you to come.
so you better come.
and my b-day is on monday!
love melissa

Taylor said...

Thanks for the update! I wish I could go to your show, but I'm nowhere near California!!

PATTY (from BRAZIL) said...

Hey Mitchel!!

When are you coming to BRAZIL?????

I'm a big fan!
Have a great weekend!


megan said...

so apparently you are going on tour with a bunch of people..
are you gonna do any meet and greets.. maybe for future wifes. I MEAN HEY I ALREADY ASKED you! and you well didn't give me an answer so we obvv have to meet again!

Camille said...

Come to MINNESOTA this summer!! Please! and i cant wait for your album im toatally buying it!

~*Amber*~ said...

Have an awesome time doing the show Mitchel! I can't wait to see you in July!

I can not wait for your album! I am so anxious to hear it! I demanded you in a few different areas so I hope there will be more tour dates coming soon once the album is out.

I am addicted to twitter now so I'm one of the many 50,000+ followers. Lol.

Congrats to your brothers on all of their success and I wish them both lots of luck with everything (along with you of course). =]

EWA said...

Oh. Come to Poland.!
I hope you'll have fun in California.
I can't wait for your album.! :)
Yeah. Metro Station is AMAZING.
I'm waiting to hear 'Hey' on the Disney Channel.

Shanda said...

Good luck at your show, I would enjoy being there but it's a little bit of a drive from regina, Saskatchewan. have a fun great day!

KLYNN . said...

aww mitchel ! haha . your amazing .kso, i was really bored yesterday cause i dident go to school.and i was looking at your track list thingy.and i came up with something not so creative, and kinda confusing.haha :

HEY mitchel , im gonna SHOUT IT cause i want you on my SPEED DIAL so this is me UP AGAINST THE WORLD , so DO IT UP .Your not one of those guys,who know HOW TO LOSE A GIRL . so GET OUT cause im MOVIN IN and im never going to WALK AWAY from you.You will never be the ODD MAN OUT You will always be in THE IN lets MAKE THIS LAST FOREVER,and tell me WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD.

LOLOLOL i know , its stupid but i thought it was kind of interesting ; D . i already sent it to you on twitter,but not sure if you read it. haha you get a lot of tweets . personally i dont even like twitter D: no one down her uses it : O . im more of a facebook person(: .

hahahaha . BYEE .

Kelsee. ; D

Anonymous said...



Brittany said...

Hey Mitchel! Haha at this very moment, as I type this, Speed Dial is playing. I love the beat! :D Can't wait for the album, I'm sure it'll be great!!

Schmanyways, I REALLY want you to do another meet and greet tour! Like you did in 2007! I want to meet you again! (And so does my mom..shh lol) I haven't seen you since the Disney Channel Games and you were on stage so i was far away. So yeah it's been a while lol

Oh, now The In Crowd is playing! Love that song!

Oh btw, tell your mom I said Happy Mothers Day! Hopefully you got her something good :)

Summers coming up! It's going to be the best one ever, I just know it!

Hope you have a great week Mitchel! :)

Once again, COME TO MIAMI! (Sorry for the caps but I want you to see it!)

<3 Brittany

PS. I LOVE Loliver!Please tell the writers/producers to keep them together forever haha It's so adorable! They have made all of the Loliver fans dreams come true!

And Metro Station! Love them! I told you that they performed at my school's Grad Nite, right? Too bad I'm not a senior. Blahh :(


That is all. :P haha

MissaLissa :] said...

tell you mom happy mother's day for me.

<3 melissa

S. said...

Hey Mitchel!

*jaw drop*

I saw pictures of Wango Tango (I wanted to go but couldn't).

WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEW LOOK?! Your faithful fans over here are all in the dark while you totally change everything. Do you have both ears pierced, or just one?

By the way, I totally LOVE the new hair, and the earring(s). You looked so gorgeous! I wish I could've been there!

<3 S.

KT J. said...

I wish I could've gone. Happy mother's day to Mrs. Musso! She's a sweetheart for giving us those mileyworld wristbands :) And your new hairdo is sweet!

Keep rockin and rockin some more :)

bluetraffic, said...

HEY THERE!(: i'm from singapore, a country real far away from the states,unfortunately ): i'm a huge fan of hollywood and spend ALOT of my time wondering how cool it would be to be a rockstar!:D haha leave a comment on my blog~thanks(:

himynameisalex said...

duuuuude, SEATTLE!
i know it sucks here, but you should come here just to see me anyways!
hahaha kidding kidding
but seriously get your butt over here.

Anonymous said...

i heard about you on
china loves you :)

Katie said...

"Hey! I'm screaming at you!" Haha hey mitchell!! I'm so stoked for your new Album coming out in 21 days, 4 hours, and 12 and half minutes!! And I for sure cannot wait to see you in your new music video!! ;)
Btw, your new haircut and color looks stunning! and i absolutely love it.
YOu look very handsome. ;) I screamed when I saw the change(and it was a very happy scream, lol).
And I Just signed up for twitter so that I could follow you and know what youre doing everyday, haha, it's more interesting than my life currently. lol. Haha, although i'm not complaining.

Anyway, thanks for updating us!
YOu're awesome and keep up the amazing work!

Can't wait to hear from you!


bluetraffic, said...

hey mitchel! if you're reading this, visit my twitter kk. keep in touch. (:

Anonymous said...

i'm from japan,and i'm your fan!
i will go to America and i want to buy your new CD,but this plan was canceled because of swine ful!

i'm looking forward to buying your new CD and study english,culuture and so on.
But! i subscription to your CD on the internet.

i'm looking forward to listening your music:)

And,please come to JAPAN!!!

Anonymous said...

Making music like your big brother I see. Thats awesome, I'm sure it's going to be great. Hope yer as sweet as yer brother.

megan said...

ok so i think i am seeing you may 30th and july 11th!!!
are you doing a meet and greet?/
i think you should..
or just do like awards to meet you on here.. ya know?
cause i kinda wanna hug you, in a non-creeperish way..
okay definitaly a creeper way! but i swear im not some 3439 year old bald guy!
and i did ask you to marry me.
so. yea..
let us know..

bluetraffic, said...

hey mitchel. hopefully you're reading this somewhere and sometime. tell miley to stay gold. read up on robert frost's poem "nothing gold can stay" and you'll get what i mean. i mean, i may be wrong but somehow i think hollywood's really gotten to her in some ways or other. see, when she first started out on hannah montana in 2006, she was a real good kid, you know? pure, innocent and such(: not that she's becoming bad, absolutely not! but tell her not to get affected but people and stuff that's going around her, to remain unsullied by the hype. k good luck for your future endeavours.(:

Tamy. said...

Hi Mitchel (:
Can't wait for the album release.
I'm from spain and I created your fans club.
At the moment there are few fans in the forum, but i'm trying to promote you. I've done flyers and I give it to teenagers on th street.
(Sorry for my bad english..but I'm so nervious to leave you a coment haha)
So PLEASE , if you can PLEASE visit the forum. It would be an honour if you'll do a new post, and give us the officiality.
It will make me so happy.

God luck in everything Mitch!
Your deserve it all!
Good luck to your big brother's band, Metrostation. They're awesome (:
And take care to your litte bro, Marc!

You're simply amazing!
Can't wait for you to come to Spain someday *-*
(Especially Galicia)

So, see you soon! haha
Post me back if you can PLEASE!

I love you!


Megan said...

Mitchel, you're in a video from The Onion!! Haha it's sooo funny!


Anonymous said...

i pretty much watched you
way back when hannah montana
was new,
& i think you can pull off the actor/artist (:
keep doing what youre doing <3

MIFFYlovesJOE&NICK said...


Nikita Bimson said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I saw the music video! Though I missed it on Disney Channel, I saw it on my computer :)....I really liked it! :D
Can't wait till your cd comes out! lol
I like your new hair style, it's just hard to get used to at first! lol

Guess what? I got a guitar! lol
I wasn't expecting it, but my mom and step dad were able to buy one. It wasn't the one I originally wanted, but for some reason the other one didn't feel right to me, though they were the same type of guitar. Have you ever had that happen? I got another one of the same type, just another color and a few differences. I really like the one I got though :)! I already had one, but my brother gave it to me so I didn't really get to pick one out on my this time I got to choose, also, it's a electric guitar this time :)
...So I've been playing both guitar and keyboard lately! lol, and singing!
Also...Guess what? I saw a snapping turtle! lol, I went to the park with my dad and step mom last weekend. There was a pond there...It's kind of funny because it looked really abandoned. Then after a while, we noticed little turtles with red and yellow patterns on there necks...then frogs...and then...VERY big snapping turtles! I guess there was a good reason that the pond had a small fence around it! yeah...I don't think I've ever seen a snapping turtle before last weekend......
I didn't have too bad of a time at my dads...I didn't have to do anything religious, though he did annoy me in other ways...but I guess that is relatively normal for being at my dad's...I decided that if he tries to force me, manipulate me, or threaten me to go to a religious event again, I will probably try to not see him anymore. Because I really will not go through that one again. Though even then, I'm not sure if it is already too late...I don't really have many feelings towards him whatsoever anymore...I don't know if I even want to see him anymore...So...I don't know what will dad saw a famous actor...I didn't see him though because I was talking to my mom and he didn't say anything :|...Oh, well... :)

Whats up? How are you? lol

Wish ya luck Mitchy!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. A lot of times if I'm talking to someone and there is a moment of silence, I will randomly wave at them and say hi...I guess it's pretty random, I don't know why I do it! lol I just do I guess :)

Audrey Chambers said...

you.... need to come to indiana on your tour.
because metro station did.
and right now, that puts them higher on the cool list than you.
i suggest you make an attempt to fix that.
so yeah. come here.
we loooove you :D

ps: 17 days!

sierra said...

i love the new music vid! its awesome!!! cant wait 4 the album!!!!

Heahter said...

you don't update your blog much anymore :(
which is a shame cause its really interesting reading it!
I watched your new music video and its amazing and colourful and you look great :D I love it!
Can't wait for the album, do you know when it releases in Australia? I hope soon

Lydnsay said...

Thanks Mitchel for taken a photo with my baby, While you were in vegas at sunset park. Thanks again

lyndsay said...

Thanks Mitchel for taken a photo with my baby while you were in Vegas at sunset park. Thanks

alicia :) said...

im so happy ur doin sooo good!
lov yaa

Lori said...

I can't wait until your album comes out!!!!! PLEASE come to Fort Mill South Carolina (or Charlotte) I tried to demand it on myspace, but it didn't work.
PS- check out my blog. It is Lori's Super Cool Peace-out blog. It is on blogger

Lori said...

I can't wait until the album comes out!!!!! PLEASE come to Fort Mill SC!!!!!
PS- check out my blog! It is called Lori's Super Cool Peace-out Blog. It is on blogger. Love you and hope i get to meet you some time!!!

Nikita Bimson said...

I like the music video for 'Hey'.
It's good.

Anonymous said...


Miranda said...

You are so awesome! Mitchel rox!

Katie! said...

Oh man, you're coming to Nashville Saturday... Is that a joke?!?! I'm going to the fer sure.

They made a new Kelsey video?!?! That is my favorite song ever. I've loved it forever. Yay!

Can't wait to see you Saturday! ;D

Gica said...

You should come to the Philippines and have a concert! People love you over here :] :]

Katie!!! =D said...

Hello! It's me, Katie agian. Ha. So, I saw you in Nashville tonight. It was fantastic. I about died. And I felt dumb because it was mostly little kids, but it's okay. Ha. And I didn't get my picture with you or anything of the sort! Booo. So yeah. I'm putting my twitter as my link thingy. So you should follow me. :) I love you.

Anonymous said...

I love U so much Mitchel....i dreamed of u last night & i was so upset when i awake cuz u were not here wit me
My name is CHI, i bet im ur biggest fan in the world!!! LUFF following u on twitter too

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mitchel. Just wanted to say 'your rock!'... sooo... You rock!
Wish I could go :(
But I am nowhere near there.
If i ever meet you, expect a hug :D

Nadhyra said...

i already watched your 'Hey' MV, and it was great! keep rockin' mitch!

michellemily said...

hey...michell i love your sonngs "o" you wanna no my fav song............ ok michell musso and emily osmet if i didt have you

Debby Ryan said...
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Debby Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I just wanna say...UR awesome!
I love your music...and your songs...and I say it again: You'r so cool

Bye, P.

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Miley!
When we meet?


princessde said...

i have heard the album on the nt but i think it is officially suckish that i cant get a copy of it cause i live in australia..any suggestions....i can orer it online i think but will that workon my cd player and computer here???? i really love your voice and it sucks here because alot of good music doesnt come out here for ages if ever.....and im 8 days older than u lol...just thought id throw that in there...dunno why, im a huge fan...write me would make me freak out xoxo de

Me said...

Yo Mitchel pls visit my blog cause it is interesting!I am a really big fan of u.I hav ur lyrics in my blog and pictures too.

yo, diseñadora! said...

Hi, Michel if you need a graphic designer: i´m here! :)

Dom-Dom said...

mitchel i cant wait to hear your new song hey!! u rock! i am soo getting ur album!

Brittany said...

Hey. Sooo, your cd is out! I'm so stoked, I might get it either today or on the weekend, depends what mood my mom is in haha

You should do a live chat but not with twitter, with, cause I don't have a twitter.

Oh yeah, and if you can, pleaseee add a tour date to Miami. Or anywhere in FL! That would make my life. Actually you could come to Orlando the week before the 4th of July because I'll be there that whole entire week and I'll be leaving that Sunday.

Anyways, I hope everything is well. I'm sure your super excited about your new album! Of course, all of us fans are.

Who would have thought you would be making a cd when two years ago you said you didn't like to sing. Oh how the tables have turned. :D

I miss your blog posts! But you're always on twitter now. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Later days, Mitchel!

<3 Brittany

audrey said...

dear mitchel:
i love your album.
insanely alot.
congratulations :D
love, audrey.

Anonymous said...


(just don't keep it pitch black plz & tysm)

TESS=] said...

ur album sorta dissapointed me and my bestie.
we were hopi for the songs like lisensce for love, and the 1s u sing at ur concerts, or ur old concerts.
plz tell me ur puttin another out wif those songs??? that would make us sooo happy!

Wintery said...

OH MY GOSH! I cant believe i am going to leave you a comment! I love you! I wish i could be there to see ya because i love ya! I just also want to say, i cant wait till your album comes out! love ya! really want to be ya!

Anonymous said...

Mitch at Disneyland!

jayne said...

OMG I love your music and u:)I really want to see u in person!


Brittany said...

Mr. Mitchel Musso. Where are the tour dates? You said they would be up during the week. That was last week.

Put them up ASAP. Please? haha I'm not being serious just so you know but I am being serious about putting them up. I want to see you performing!

I'm so happy for you. You've come a long way :)

<3 Brittany

ps. Will there be a tour date in Miami? Or somewhere in South Florida? If not, please add one lol

(I demanded it. So I demand you come to Miami :D)

Brie said...


So it's been forever since I posted on here. But HELLO!! :D I'm so excited to be reading about and hearing all of your music. You're becoming so should be so proud!!

I've been wanted to tell you something really cool. For our final in Creative Writing, we had to write a one-act play. And I wrote mine based on your brother's CD! I made a whole plot and story line based on the Metro Station music! :D I mixed in some of the lyrics to their songs, and the main character's name is Kelsey! Just thought I might share that with you :)

luv, brie

Elaina said...

OH MY GOSH, MITCHEL! I AM A HUUUUUUUUGE FAN OF YOU! <3 I love your music! I can't wait for you to go on tour in Alabama...whenever that is. I got tickets to the Miley Cyrus and Metro Station concert in Alabama, and some people said you were going to be there! I'M LIKE, YOUR NUMBER #1 FAN~please, please, PLEASE respond to this comment! It would be a miracle.

Mason is really super cool and awesome, too. 'Cause, he's amazing and adorable ~ and you too! I found your blog on a magazine. Pop Star! Cutest Crushes! magazine. And those pix of you on page 6 and 7 aren't bad at all... :) I am just saying I would really LOVE to meet you one day and you may think I am just some person who's a big fan of you, but I am more. You inspire me. :) You've inspired me to write my own music like yours, play guitar and sing ~ Mason and Trace Cyrus have too! Just thought you should know!! :P But you are way cooler than Mason. There is something to tell your bro!

Well, you are super incredible! I LOVE YOOOOOOOU!
PS-I have a couple of blogs myself. Check them out when you can!

Coraline said...

Yo! Mitchel,u rockz! I'm the BIGGEST fan of u n ur songs rockz too! Juz brought ur latest album, my favourite song would be 'Movin' in'. And I hope that somedaze u'll visit my blog!
&& ur Metro Station rockz in al their songs!

Kaci said...

ahh you haven't updated this in foreverrr hah


Hannah said...

Hey Mitchel! Just saying hi, and I'm so excited for your album. The day's approaching fast. :)
And I might see you in Dallas by the way. I freaked out when I found out you'd be there.
Well I hope you're having a great summer!

MMS_Nosanity said...



Alexandraaaaaa said...

ayyyy broski you better come to Seattle on your tour...

PS your haircut looks cute :)

Megan said...

hey mitchel!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Mitchel!
i see you in Hannah Montana
im from Chile and here the people meet you when Oliver :S

MissaLissa :] said...

you need to update!
btw. love the cd!

xo. melissa

Alexandraaaaaa said...

mitchel you're finally legal! thats super exciting! :)
i cant wait to hear the details about your vancouver, BC show! i'm getting a passport just so my friend and i can come up there and see your concert! your cd is amazing, and i hope your birthday is suuuuper dope. happy birthday!


Ewa said...

Happy 18th birthday.! :) You come of age.! Good luck in life.! I wish you to have amazing fans and next popular music. :)

Anonymous said...



gina said...

hi mitchel:) wow you get a lot of comments! Well, i dont know much about you but im glad i took a look at this it was cool to actually kinda see who you are. Anyway i guess i just wanted to say i think you are one of the most down to earth guys out there. oh, and good luck with your music and acting! God bless! said...

hey mitchel can you please follow me back on

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the album release!
Brazil loves you Mitchel Musso.

You're really AWESOME!
kisses from Brazil.

Ravenne said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw you on the fourth of July at the Cubs game...nice throw haha, i also saw you at the taste too, you should come to chiacgo more often : ) I saw on your blog that your birthday is in is mine, so Happy Birthday!, mine is July 14, 1992

Just to let you know i have three pictures of you from the cubs game if you want them, it's when you are on the field for the first pitch of the game : D

-Vironeca, from Chicago

Kethleyn :B said...

I love you so much Mitchel *-*
Cant't wait for the album too.

Here in Brazil, you have SO MANY fans haha

kisses (L)

l-ea said...

is this really mitchel?
oh well follow me!

leaout :]]

Angela said...

Hey Mitchel..
when you gonna updaye your blog???

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
I don't speak English at all lol^^ ='( and I don't no if u'll understand so I just say one thing:

A french fan!!!XOXO

Justine said...

Please come to the North of France Mitchel :D
Thousands of fans wait for you!
You're the Best.

Felipe Moreno said...

Hi, I'm Felipe, your big fan here in Brazil... I aslo follow U by Twitter, then I would like to know the date of launch of the CD here in my country... Would be nice if U could give me an anser...
My e-mail (and my messenger) is ;)...Thanks...XD...

Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhhh! I agree with "Justine" .... Come to France, please, please =)
You've got a lot of fans there!
We adore U!
Continue like this, U rock!!!
Love <3

Anonymous said...

I saw your video!!! Mitchel it was sooo cool!! and LOVED the song

freakin' awesome, that's what you are

Irene Coello said...

heyyy mitchel!! i love u!!! come to see my profile here!!! and twitter andmyspace and facebook!!! love ya see ya!!!

Irene Coello said...

ur album!!!! OMG!!1 I CANT WAIT!!! I ADDED U AT YOUTUBE!! U r awsome!! and ur brother 2!!! love ya!

Nikki said...

I love you Mitchel... I just wish I could meet you... Ugh, like that would ever happen...

Angela said...

I ment updaTe!

Jaavi said...

you're so cute *u*
xoxo :*

Marina -BRAZIL said...

Hey Mitchel...
I am from Brazil and I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!
your song "hey" is perrrrfect....
congratsss :)))
hope someday you come to brazil....
love you so much....

Fehh said...

I Loove You so MUCH!

Annika said...

Hi, Mitchel I really don't know what I'm going to say to U but I'm bored and wanted to give U a message =D, I'm a girl from Sweden who loves your music and I really want U to come to Sweden and have a concert. If U comes to the city Helsingborg U always can drop by my place just give me a call before :P (+46762766611),I would be really happy if U start following me on Twitter or just send me a message that would probably make my day and all of the days for the rest of this year :P I'm jealous of U, not because U famous but that U live in California I will definitely move there as soon I got the money and turn 18 :D, U got my number and my titter name is AFritzon Just so U know if U comes here take with U warm cloths it has been cold almost the whole summer and the rest of the year :P haha. I will maybe visit my uncle in U.S. next summer hope U can have a concert in D.C. then Annika. I love your Album its one of them there U loves all the songs and don't get tired of them and that is very unusual for me :D But U are not so famous in Sweden yet so I cant by your album so has to listen to it on spotify and is like all this brakes with commercial (annoying). This may sound crazy but if I'm sad or angry and watch a picture of U or hear a song I gets happy and forgetters about everything else. Ii don't think any Other celebrity has had that effect on me. I'm has more to write but I don't think U want to know more about me(if U do Send me a message) so I say God night
LOVE Annika

PS. sorry for the bad English :P

Hannah Montana Cover said...

Heyyy Mitchel
You are really awesome!
I'm brasilian and I can't wait to see you here someday ;)

love Lhays

Anonymous said...

oi mitchel, my name is thayna, is of Brazil, I loves you of passion! I am very its fan! it orders an email please to me? and the one asks! when you will come to Brazil my email is

thayna its fan

Selena Gomez said...

Hey Mitchel!! I'm Selena, nice blog you hav here... wish you visit my blog someday.

And hi to all my fans who are on Mitchel's blog, pls come to my official blog too i will update it every month.

So stay tune ^^

Caitlin said...

you HAVE,HAVE,HAVE to come to Tallahassee FL. All my friends tell me that u'll nvr com bc most stars only come if there passing through and even then somtimes they wont so PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZ COME!!!!!!

P.S i wanna prove my friends rong LOL


Joanned said...

you're a great singer, don't ever stop singing!

@BR_Miley said...

I Love you! Please follow me on twitter? @BR_Miley

Anonymous said...


Koniro said...

Emm, hi! Well, i just wanted to ask you one thing, but i feel weird writing here because you probably won't read this and if you read it, you'll never answer.
Anyway, the question is.. How or what do you feel when you're in a concert or just when you're singing?

Well, that was all but.. answer your fans, they're crazy about you and a post with an answer will make them the happiest people in the world ;D Look after them ^^

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


RIRI said...

What are you writing this
What's really Mitcherumusso?
Not that there is no doubt
I'm a fan of Mitcherumusso
And Shikurettoaidoruhannamontana
I think I've seen really cool every time I've seen Oliver
My cute too of course I think Lily Lee
Maybe next time you comment.


Anonymous said...

happy to read~ thank you!..................................................................

Anonymous said...