Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hey Guys! Please vote when you have a second!

Here's the link.

I want you to NOT look at the title of this article. You guys know that Miley and I are the best of friends. Who knows why they titled it that way....but what they said was amazing and I would love to get the numbers in the poll a little higher.

So if you guys are enjoying the music vote YEP!

Thanks a BUNCH!


P.S. S. Call me on my SAYNOW number!


Charlotte said...

Done & done!

Leanna Marie said...

I voted.

Those jerks. Giving it such a title.

And on the Radio Disney thing on the tv... When you said you love anything you can do with Miley, I thought it was the sweetest thing ever... You should duet. It'd be epic.

PS: Your new haircut is AWESOME! I love it.

<3Leanna Marie

Dinda Jonas said...

your welcome :]

ashleeeeeee. :] said...

woo. voteddddz.

mannn. i miss you! it'll be 5 months since i've seen you, on the 27th.! thats a loooong time. =/ i hope you go on tour in april, like your daddy said. :]


Laur said...

Eh, that site always has odd titles to begin with.

I usually just ignore them.

Oh, and I voted.

Jess said...

as a proud "rabid" fan i voted yep =]

cannot wait to see your album photo's and actually get teh album

Julie :] said...

voted :]

Ewa said...

I voted. =) I think you're the best Disney big star.!
Everyone say this to you but I repeat have a beautiful voice and you can act.Everything what you do is amazing.!

I have got any idea.Perhaps you like it.So...You have SAYNOW number but not everyone can call to you because you have fans in another country and SMS cost more then always.Smoetimes it's too expensive.So..Do you want to install skype?Talks are free. =) And people all round the world can have it...if they have the Net.
It depends on you.I don't force you. :) It's my proposal.You do that what you think.If you have a free time you can do that.I know you're busy and I understand it.Please think about it. ;d

I'm watching 'mussolive-mitchel's hair cut' Mmm...Your hair is wonderful.!

I <3 U.! =*

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the link to work.....
-Katie R.

India's Mom said...

Just voted!
I'm the mom of a special needs child who adores you and I have to say that your "In Crowd" song is not only quite good (at 52, I'm a tough critic - my tastes run from 20's jazz to Vampire Weekend), but also a powerful message to all special kids that even famous people feel left out and "other" sometimes, and reminds them of the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect.
She was heartbroken when your RI Meet and Greet was canceled last Sept. I hope your concert schedule and album promotion will bring you back to the East coast this year. Best of luck with the album. If "In Crowd" is any indication, I don't think you'll need it.

gi beretta said...

hi :D
i voted ok
and i love u (L)

GiGi said...

Psh, what a stupid title. Miley is ossum. Jerks.

Oh and by the way, I'm still waiting for a duet from you and Miley...'cause that would be the most ossum thing on this planet. Like, seriously. xD

But anyways, I totally voted yep, of course! =D


MissaLissa :] said...

i'll vote later. i'm knida in careers class right now. lol. we just had a fire drill. lol. and it's freezing outside!

so yeah. i'll vote later.

miss and love ya

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Sorry about the title though but that's journalism, only the ones that will sell, will also be twisted a bit. The plus about this article is that you’re not labeled as another Disney singer but you'll be able to hold your own in show biz. Either way here's hoping the tabloids keep everything positive or else your "rabid fans" will have to attack them if they don't lol. Keep on living the dream Mitchel,

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

Ps. Claudia did a good job with the haircut, do you think you can give me her number? lol

♥ m.e.g.a.n. said...

I voted! =D

I closed my eyes and scrolled down so I didn't see the title of the article haha ... but it didn't work cause I wasn't scrolling =P

Ahh well

But that was pretty jerky ... and not the good jerky, like, say, of the cheese-y variety ... hehe. I saw the Disney 365 on tv about you being on Radio Disney, and I thought what you said about working with Miley was one of the sweetest things ever!! It's so awesome that you guys are so close!

Keep smiling! You're gonna go far, dude! =D

God bless,
~ MeGaN
<33 xD

p.s. - Saw the new vid on YouTube about your haircut ... LOVE IT! =D

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey gorgeous!
Aww your so sweet. You care for miley. Yah, that was a rude title. I tried to vote right now, but I'm on my cell so idk if it worked. But no worries, once I get on the computer ill vote like crazy. Your definitely gonna go bigger after hannah. This is just the begining love. No matter how the votes turn out, your gonna go BIG! You hear? Its funny that I'm saying that cuz on christmas day in 2007 I told my cousin, "wow mitchel is amazing! He's gonna. get huge after hannah. He's like the next big thing." She didn't believe me but looks like your about to prove her wrong. Now I can rub it in her face! Hah.
Well ill ttyl love. May GOD be with you at all times.

Love ya,
Savannah from California

P.S. I love you!

kkkkaitie said...

i voted. :]

i CANNOT wait for your CD, it's going to be amazing, like you. :]
and i can't wait until you go on tour! it's been over a year since i've seen youuuu. :[

oh yeah, and your new hair is awesome!

<3i love you mitchel! :]

Miranda said...

You are so awesome Mitchel!

Brittany said...

Whoop I voted! :D

Haven't commented in a while. Hope everything's okay.

<3 Brittany

ps. I'm totally calling your saynow number - Ok this is weird, as soon as I typed that, the phone started to ring but it was an unknown number haha anyways, I'm calling your saynow number right after I submit this comment :)

gi beretta said...

hi mitchel, how are you?
i can't wait to see hannah montana the movie, but here it will be on theaters only on july 5 ): i live in brazil, i hate it. oh, i love you.

megan said...

well honeslty.. i voted.. yep! of course, thats wierd. miley is still in! but you're pretty cool too (:
OMOGMMOMGOM i forgot to tell you, i am learning guitar. and so i have a hannah montana guitar and so NEXT TIME I MEET YOU, you are going to sign it. K?? cool beans! (:
do you play guitar?

[richelle.♥] said...

i ♥ ur new haircut!!
and yes i've voted like a billion times!!

Anonymous said...

I vote it! I love your music, and actually I scream when I saw your video on youtube! it's amazing!!! and mussolive is in my youtube's suscriptions! I saw your last video... your hair cut for your album cover... you look great!! well you're awsome!! I can't wait for your album, to see hannah montana: the movie, to see hatching pete...

gotta go ^^


PS: I just only watch hannah montana for you, but I like the series!

love you <3

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey gorgeous!
Okay i voted love. And i will continue voting. I even left three comments. hah i only meant to leave one but my cell was being stupid so i accidently sent three. But oh well, people need to hear it three times! I will always stand up for you love.

Love ya,
Savannah from California

P.S. I love you!

Hannah said...

63% Yep
38% Nope

WHOO! Haha, that's pretty good, but why does the total add up to 101%? Anyway, I can't wait for your album to come out. I think you should definitely do a duet with both Miley and Emily. I'm sure you'd sound great as a threesome :)
Good luck with everything you do!

jennifer said...

Hi Mitchel!

I've been wondering how do you style your hair? :)

Sierra said...

I voted yep! I'm so glad people know that you're a great actor and singer. And yeah, that was rude of them to put that title, because you always say that you and Miley are friends, and that you like anything you get to do with her, :). Really can't wait for the album!!!


[richelle.♥] said...

hey today's birthday...
i still can't believe it.
i lovedddd the suit you were wearing for your ablum cover.
very niceeeeee.
hey i'll talks later.

_ said...

Hell yes Mitchel.
Your the only Disney star I can honestly say would be able to break out of the Disney stereotype and have a great career as you get older. You have talent boy :)

P.S. Oh, I like the idea of a duet with Miley! It only seems fair since you've done one with Emily. Don't want them thinking your picking favourites :P

Amy Lynn said...

Hey.. i just voted YEP.
So yay for you.
Also, I called your "Say Now" Number.. and i found that a lot of of people are leaving not so nice messages and i was just wondering if you even bothered to listen to them. Do you, or do you just skip a billion, then listen to a random one?

Amy :]

Anonymous said...

I voted :D.
I want a season 4, i am not ready to let it go yet :(.

Gennine said...

Awwww, she thought it was going to be bad?? That's horrible, lol. I knew it was going to be amazing, and it was! I don't see how they can compare to you Miley, you two are totally the MussoLive vids, and I commented that your friend Grahmn should have a fanclub of his own! lol jkjkjk. Hope all is well!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

India said...

Hi mitchel my name is India and i'm a big fan. I loved your new song the in crowd it was so sweet. good luck on your elbum


laurencaroline said...

i would love for you to come to miami. you havnt been here since last januarryyyyyyyyyyy man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I already voted yup!
So whats up? I am going to Cape Cod with my dad at the end of that should be pretty cool...
I want to email my dad today...I am going to tell him I don't want to go to his religious meetings and events that should be interesting.........last weekend he actually acted pretty nice...I actually had a little fun...we made snowmen, :) my dad and I made wolves, but the way mine was sitting, and it was too cold to give it a tail, they said it was a polar bear. lol but it was meant to be a wolf...I had a pretty good weekend...

I can't wait till it gets warmer... lol :) I really want to go to the zoo and the beach...right now It's really

Oh, I finally put that video on my Myspace! lol

I can't wait to see your music video next Monday! :)

Wish ya luck Mitchy!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. ok...I really can't think of anything else to say right

Ursula Caturla said...

Hey there Mitchel!!

I voted, you've got like 67% YES and 34% NO... OF COURSE YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE NEXT BIG THING!! It's like DUH!! What a question. KEEP ON ROCKING!!

MissaLissa :] said...


rosario said...

Voted (:

- rosariioooo

Miranda said...

Cool new background Mitchel!

Sarah said...

I voted! Of course you should know what I picked, because you are ossum!

Sarah S.

~*Amber*~ said...

I voted. =]

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I think it's super sweet how much you support and care for Miley. She's really lucky to have an awesome guy like you in her life and I hope she knows that.

So I snuck a peak at the newest Hannah episode (You Gotta Lose That Job). That song you sang? Amazing! I love your voice and I think you are an amazing actor. Plus you and Miley are so cute together! You guys gonna duet anytime soon? You so should!

Anyways, ignored the title and voted right away. Best of luck with everything, I know you'll succeed!

deeeee said...

i voted! you rockk.
will you be at bamboozle with your brother? you should def. perform.

Taylor said...

I voted!

Jackie said...

i voted(:
and i love that you care so much about mileyy.
you guys should do a duet together.
it would sorta kinda make my life haha

lovee you.
- jackie

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel :]
I just voted for you.
I also told some friends to do so.
Hope that helped :D

Have a nice day and a
incredible upcoming weekend :)

Anonymous said...

So i get the hannah montana episodes early on my tv. and i saw the episode called Lose that Job. first of all thats one of the cutest episodes i have seen.
and dont want to spoil but you sound amazing in it.
i hope that song is going on your album.. its fun.
phaha and this has nothing to do with your blog just thought id share:)

Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel!
I finally had time to vote...
also, since I'm going solo this year, would you like to be my valentine (again?)....I remember that you had made a list last year and it was soooooooo awesome!
Tell Marc to post more mussolive vids, I love them!!!
Blog soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ
Also: I'm learning how to play guitar. Where can I find tab for The In Crowd?

Anonymous said...

DUDE, where ya at boyy? :D

- will you be my valentine ?
Amy, ky.

Heather said...

Oh my God I LOVE your song in the new Hannah Montana episode its SOOOO GOOD!!! (in the middle of watcing it now :P )

MissaLissa :] said...

that is really awesome.

moodringer10 said...

i LOVE your new music video for "the in crowd" :)

tubalicious_ said...

lol its P.P.S not P.S.S..
so cute xD and yea i did say yes lol. and the sayynow.. hmmm.. well i WOULD if SOMEONE decided it was finally time to call SOMEONE back! :O lol. loveuu peace ♥

IheartORANGE said...

I voted for ya....

Anonymous said...

happy Valentine's day!!!! Will you be my valentine!!!??? you're mine!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Mitchel! :D

-Coral (The girl from RI)

Maru (: said...

Hey Mitchel! What's up? I'm Maru, from Argentina. You are sooo great, I'm completely in love with you. Today is Valentine's day, but it's also my birthday and it will be awesome if you could say happy birthday to me, but I guess you can't becuase you have no place to do it hahah, anyway, happy valentine's day! Hope you have the best time. Kisses!

Rachel said...

I absolutely adore that song- 'The In Crowd'. it's something a lot of people can relate to, at any age. and I personally believe what matters most is creating the music you love and that other people can relate to, and they can share in their experiences, learn from songs, and essentially grow from it.

you're awesome!

Rosario said...

It's almost 12am here in FL,

--- Rosariioooo

Don't eat too much chocolate! XD

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey gorgeous!
How are you loves? Hope your doing well. Hope you have a happy valentines day! You are my valentine. Can I be yours? (: well if you make a list of valentines like last year, I'd better be in there! Hah. Okay? Well my birthdays on monday, ill give you a call and hopefully you call me back. Thatd be the best present EVER!

Much love,
Savannah from California

P.S. I loves you!

Ewa said...

Happy Valentines Day.! <3

Happiness I bring along
So give me some happiness too
Now I put out my hands
To grab your hands only
My hot heart welcomes you
I long to be with you... and nothing more.

Julie's blog said...

I voted :).
guys;; check out my blog plz<3

Victor K. Hariki said...

Happy Valentines Day :D

Anonymous said...

mitchel i lovee you!
we will meet onee dayy when yer in ny! =]

Disa said...

Remember last year on Valentine's Day when you listed everyone's names in your blog post that day? :)
Good times, haha.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Anonymous said...

hi....... " i wonder what its like to have it all to never be afraid that i would fall." INCROWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lolzzzzzzzzzzzour a pretty cool cat btw peace out

Anonymous said...

OMGG!!! Mitchel you are so awesome!! I love your new song In Crowd!! Keep on rocking!! :tongue: :wink: :smile:

Jenn. said...

Hey Mitchel! x3
What was the song you performed on HM (S3Ep7: You Gotta Lose This Job) ? It sounded like MetroStation. I thought you were amazinggg!(: Hope there's more singing on HM!

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!
Love ya lots(:

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!
Happy Valentine's day! Will you be my Valentine? I LOVE YOU, MITCHEL!
Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

gi beretta said...

MITCHEL, i saw you singing in that new episode of hannah montana *-*
you were so hot and cute singing omg *-* i can't stop hearing that :D in brazil this episode isn't come yet. sotty for my english ok ): MITCHEL, I LOVE YA. i would call you, but i don't have enough money to call for usa ): i was really sad with this ): well, do you want to call me? i will be SO happy if we talk for just 30 seconds *-*

by: gi beretta, ALWAYS YOUR #1 FAN IN BRAZIL *-* if you wanna call me: 84152514 (L)

gi beretta said...

and happy valentines day mitchel *-*

~*Amber*~ said...

I know I'm late on here but Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

I went to it! Mitchel You rock my socks!
I voted yes!

Anonymous said...

awwww...i love that song soo much. mitchel you have an amazing voice and you looked soo cute in the video. good job! <3

Polona said...

voted :)

sabina95 said...

voted :)
voted yes ;)

sabina95 said...

voted ;)
Love your album (Y)

Anonymous said...

hey, so i saw your music video and i loved it! i also searched for you singing live and i was surprised it sounded really good! the new hannah episode aired last night, i thought it was really funny (they all are) and i loved how oliver and miley's relationship is portrayed, it's nice to see a great example of what a true friend really is. good luck with everything, i just saw a promo for hatching pete and i will definitely be watching it, i saw emily's "Dadnapped" last night so tell her we love it!

MeganP2010 said...

Mitchel... I love you.

I just realized I haven't commented your blog in like a year... woah thurr. I just voted like 5 times on that poll, so cooool! I love the song and I'm soooo excited for your album (whenever it comes out).

I've also been leaving you messages on your SayNow number so you should call me backkkk! (My messages are like really randomm...)

Ok yaaaa come do some concerts sooooon, I miss you!!


BriElle said...

Heey there Mitch! Sorry i haven't written in a looong time!!

I hope you had a good valentine's day first off :)

And i definitely voted for you!!

I'm so anxious to hear more of your music. I luv your video for "The In Crowd." You have no idea.....that song totally describes my 7th grade life. it's fantastic!!

So i hope everyone's doing good...your bros, the 'rents, and Stich of course!

And be sure to come back to CHICAGO reallly soon! we miss you too much!

luv, brie

whatshesaid said...

I know I know, I'm a loser.

I was watching Disney Channel in my sick bed when I saw your video of the school house rock song and let me tell ya, 3 is the magic number was my life up until the age of 8 and I still use that song when I am stuck in math class. Kind of like how I use the Respect song or Holla Back Girl to help me spell. I also learned how to recycle from School House Rock.

Thanks to you I'm going to dig up those old video's, but you're my hero for remixing it.

Oh um....
I voted too since everyone else is doing it.

Btw: The In Crowd video, you = mmmmmmhmmm ;)!


Madi said...

I voted yes of course!! Who the heck would ever vote No??? Anyways, lots of luv me and my sis luv ya!!! <3

sabina95 said...

hey mitchelx
my saynow number won't work, becouse i can't activate it, becouse i live in uk, and saynow, has some sort of a problem with that so...
just telling you like this then, i love you, and i voted, and ofcourse i voted YEP! x

Anonymous said...

mitchel i love you i live in texas to my b-day is the same as yours i promise come to San antonio texas some time for a concert

you rock

Anonymous said...

mitchel we both live in the same state and we both have the same b-day come to san antonio some time for a concert.