Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey Guys!

Hows it going?????? All good here, just working on Hannah this week. Also went snow boarding on Monday. Very cool! My little brother Marc went with me. Mason is in Australia this week with the band.

I am heading back to Texas soon to work on Clean Hands are Cool Hands. Please check it out at!

We have so much coming up that it is hard to keep track of it all. Hannah feature comes out in April, Hatching Pete comes out in April, My New CD comes out June 2! I will be touring soon, dates to come.The third season of Hannah films until June . Phineas is still keeping me busy! There is another Music Video or two that we will definitely fit into the schedule as well!

I wanted to say Thank you to everyone for calling my SayNow number!

Have the Best Day ever!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone’s been busy! At least you got some down time in-between to hang out with your little brother. Now Mason on the other hand is soo lucky to be performing in Australia! Hopefully you'll get to do the same someday...hopefully your schedule won't increase to be as busy lol But it's a job that you love to do and couldn't imagine yourself doing anything else right?
I also envy the fact that you can travel to a very WARM place unlike here in Canada, Texas keeps sounding even better by the minute! lol Anyways, hope your having yourself a great day and have fun filming, singing etc. Keep on living the dream, Mitchel.

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

brianna! said...

come to Ohio on your tourrrr:D

-brianna, <3

Sierra said...

thats awesome!!! cant wait until june 2!

Lauren said...

Sounds like your busy mitchel...

I am so excited for all your new projects coming out soon!


Anonymous said...

mitchie mitchei mitchie!!!

long time no blog! haha

that is so amazing! do you know where in Texas you're going?


heart ya!

hint hint

Camille said...

Oh my goodness you are one busy man! I cant wait for all those things to come out!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I just got back from seeing the movie "Coraline". I liked it a lot!
:) Awesome! Do you think you'll come to Rhode Island? I also can't wait until your cd comes
Did you get any of my messages on your SayNow number? Hmmm...Maybe I'll call you again sometime soon! It's not like I don't like talking on the phone...I just freak out sometimes :) lol...but like I said before, my freaking out is I just start laughing...then I start laughing even more because I find it funny that I'm laughing in the first then again it seems that I end up less nervous when I do laugh...I think I just confused myself a
You know how I said I was going to email my dad and tell him I don't want to go to his religious meetings anymore? I decided not to...He actually offered for me not to go last I guess I'll wait and see...I guess I still don't really trust him fully after he told me he would leave me......but maybe things are changing...Who knows...

So whats up? I'm taking more singing lessons this weekend. I am also going to hang out with my friends :)

I hope you had a great Valentines day! Besides the fact I had to go to my dad's to see my relatives later on...(I don't really like seeing my relatives on my dad's side anymore....we used to have a lot of fun...but now all they want to do is talk! And they don't even really talk much. Doesn't anyone want to play tag anymore?)...I had a lot of fun...

Wish ya luck Mitchy!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. My lucky number is three...when I was younger, if I wanted a specific color gum in a gumball machine, I would close my eyes and spin three times and wish for that color...I don't ever really remember not getting that color...hmmmm...I actually tried that a couple of years was on one of those machines with necklaces...I did the same thing for the one that I wanted, I didn't get it... but instead I got two necklaces :) lol

p.s.s. You know how I said that I missed the warmer weather? Well last week it was a lot warmer then usual! lol...but yesterday it snowed a tiny this week it's colder again...but not as cold as before! lol :D

<3 Sabrina! said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

It rocks that you're so busy (and dedicated) to your work, but remember to...COME TO CALI ON YOUR NEW TOUR! Haha, did anyone think I'd say "have fun"? I'm so excited Mitchel, this time I'm going FOR REAL. Wild boars couldn't keep me away, as long as you come to California.

Also, I didn't know that Hannah was going to keep going after the movie (at least for a little while)! That's awesome!

Hope to see you soon!
<3 Sabrina

P.S. If you see a wild boar in California (or even in Texas), take a picture with it for me! <3

Ewa said...

Ohh...I see you're very busy.
June 2 will be my the best day.! Can't wait.!
-Ewa. :)

GiGi said...

Snowboarding? With Marc? Awesome! That sounds SO fun! :D

Eep, I'm sooo excited for everything coming up!! I even created a Facebook fanpage for Hatching Pete, lol. So far there are 25 fans. But I'm sure there will be tons more when the DCOM actually airs. :D

June 2nd is so far away for your CD though! Will you be releasing any new singles soon to hold us over? :D

By the way, last time I tried to leave a message I think I got cut off LOL. So I just wanted to say that You Gotta Lose This Job is definitely the best Hannah episode since Season 1!! You were AMAZING! The acting, the singing, everything! Just WOW! I ripped the audio from the "throw your hands up" song and put it on my iPod, and the play count is already 151! I can't wait until the full song is released with your CD! Oh, and the Miley/Oliver hugs?! Total cuteness!! EEP! Haha. I definitely hope the upcoming episodes are as good as that one was. If so, then I will be a VERY happy Hannah fannah. xD

Hope you have an awesome week!!


Cassie said...

Wow, you're so busy. You should do meet and greets again in PA, that was so fun(except for the part when I completely embarrassed myself, haha).
yours truly,
Cassie from PA. :)

sabina95 said...

wow, snowboarding must have been fun!
can't wait for all the things you said to come out!
i heard you were doing a move as well?
i mean i know tha hannah montana one, but on some wesites it says you're making your own one!

Ursula Caturla said...

Hey Mitchel!!

What's up?? You're lucky... You went snow boarding, I live in Peru and it's summer. And even when it's winter, it doesn't snow. :S Today it's as hot as hell, it drives me crazy. I want to go snow boarding too! :( I can't wait for your CD, the HM movie, and "Hatching Pete"... I watched the trailer and I need to say that you're hilarious!! ;)

Keep it up Mitchel!!

Ursula Caturla (Biggest fan from Latinoamerica)

giberetta said...

hi mitchel *-*
are you busy, aren't you?
oh, ok, i'm glad to see you poting here again :D and i can't wait to see the new episodes of hannah montana and oyur new cd *-* it will gonna be awsome :D
always your #1 fan in brazil, gi beretta

Miranda said...

Going well here too! I am doing music things too! I Can't wait untill your knew cd, Hannah Montana movie and Hatcheing Pete!

Tessel Bonekamp said...

Hi :D I have a question, are you planning to come to Holland any time soon?? Because I've been waiting for that a long time...
You are amazing! Keep up the good work on Hannah Montana, and ofcourse keep making a lot of new songs <33

Bye, Love you! Your biggest fan here in Holland!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel one day you have to come to my school in mexico le'on goto .because we are talking about clean hands now come to give us one pesentation please

Maddie Violet said...

I am really excited for your new album! I hope you come to Utah on tour! You are so awesome! :)

whatshesaid said...

Good Lord You're busy!

BTW I left a message on that saynow thing, I want one of those I would love to get like 100 compliments over the phone a day, but I left it at 2 am so it makes no sense....

Sorry about that.

Off to Zelda some more.


Taylor said...

I'm soo excited for the cd coming out in June, and I hope you come to Kansas City on your tour, I would definitely be there!

I also can't wait for Hatching Pete!

Jonas-4-ever said...

AHHH!we can't wait for your cd to come out! We are like obsessed with The In Crowd so we're both gonna buy it when it comes out.
glad to hear you had fun. and that's awesome that Mason is in Austrailia!

love ya!
Katie and Melissa.
P.S. and yes. Melissa is MissaLissa, the girl who wants you to come back to Ionia. This is just my me and my cousins account to keep JB fans up to date with everything. lol

KT J. said...

Please add alabama to your tour again mitchel :) we all love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... so much news in so little time! I'm pumped lol =D.


Keep livin ur dream :)

Anonymous said...

snowboarding really? sweeet!
it sounds like you are keeping busy but having a blast in the process! great update! i hope you tour this summer, because i'm already going to a metro station concert in may so yeah i'm not sure if i can travel as much with college coming up soon and me trying to find a decent job haha, alrighty have a good one!

I love you always!
-from the U.P. of MI =]
PS: i love your YOUTUBE! OSSUM!
keep making em' and update the calling ones, i want mine to be on their so i can prove to my friend that you really do have a number haha ...


Anonymous said...

i just want to say hi to the whole MUSSO family! You guys are so GREAT!
_____Have a great day______


Jazmin said...

OMG this blog definately just made my day!
I cant wait until you go on tour@

Amy said...

Sounds like tons of fun! I cant wait for your CD to come out. I'll just be ariving in Germany when it comes out. But i will buy it as soon as i get back even if its 2am LOL. I cant wait for you to go on tour. Keep on rockin out and hope you have a fantastic weekend.=D
Peace out
Amy, CO

Heather said...

More music, can't wait!!! I'm also really excited for your 2 movies coming, Hannah Montana and Hatching Pete they both look really awesome!!! I saw Dadnapped today (thanks to youtube :) ) it was really really good! LOL Jason got sprayed with so much...stuff. Hope your brother enjoys it here in aussie :P you should come sometime!


madi said...

Can't wait!! So excited! :p

lots of luv ~madi <33

madi said...

WOW! you r really busy and i cant wait for the album!!!

Ana Luíza said...

Hi Mitchel,
I just leave a comment to say you that you are great person and I love you and your songs...
I'm from Brazil, maybe you alredy listen my voice at Say Now, because I always I call you I leave a mensage for you...
Kisses and Hugs from your Brazilian Fan...
Ana Luíza

~*Amber*~ said...

Glad to see your getting some time to have fun with this very busy schedule of yours. =]

The new Hannahs look really good and so does Hatching Pete. I am still so pumped for your album. Hope you come back to NJ on your tour!

Good luck with everything Mitchel!

deencey said...

snowboarding! sweet!
i finally figured out why marc always says ossum. haaah =]

and by the way, i LOVE your new music video. you have an amazing voice and the coolest hair ever :)

Cassie said...

Sounds like ur busy mitch. im glad u got 2 get out 4 a while and have sum fun with Marc. Message me when u get the chance

Anonymous said...

snowboarders <3
and I love the fact that your touring, maybe near PA?

Anonymous said...


alex said...

AHHHHHHH !! i can't wait to get ur cd only like 4 more months .... thats actually the day after my nephews birtday and 6 days before my other nephews birthday ... theyre exactly a week apart its weird how it happened like that .... ive never went snowboarding before is it fun ??? its good with the new season of hannah montana i just have to watch keep on watching it .... hopefully the movie will be good too which that reminds me that the jb 3D concert movie is out in 5 days yeah !!!!!! yeahhhh new music videos !!!! u should make one for wasn't ur girlfriend ... that would be really cool

<<3 alex

taaylor (: said...

aw, yay mitchel =D
i'm so happy for everything going on in your life!
sounds like you've been busy, young man.
that's good, though!
hm, well something exciting happening to me is i'm getting my braces off tomorrow. (=
im excited!
i think you should come to florida sooon!
i miss youuuu <3

kaitie! :] said...

wow, someone's been busy!
i hope you got my saynow message. even though i sounded like a complete moron. i don't know what it is, i'm just not good at leaving messages, haha.

i'm beyond excited for hatching pete. oh yeah, and i saw the commercial for the new hannah episodes in march. the part where you go to take a drink and the straw goes into your nose- yeah, me and my friend laughed at that for like 5 minutes. :] ah, i can't wait for your tour! i'll like cry if you don't come to PA. i miss you like crazyyyy!

i just found out i might need surgery in a few weeks, yikes. i just had my gallbladder out in september, i really don't want to have another operation. :p i'm just realllllly hoping i don't need anything. :/ but if i do, i'll just think of you and feel better. :]

well, i'll let you go. i don't want to make you sit and read a novel. :]

i love you mitchel!

P.S i wrote you a letter the other day and since i know how much you like chic-fil-a, i'm going to send you something special with it. i just have to go to the mall and get it. hopefully you'll like it. :]
[and just incase you're thinking "ew, you're going to send food through the mail?" i'm not, don't worry, haha.]

Maddie Violet said...

I am so excited for your album this summer! It sounds like you've been pretty busy. I called your say now number, but every time I just sound stupid, so I'll just tell you now. You are so great, I love your songs and you just seem like a great guy, and thank you so much for all of the great music! :D I hope you have a great week!-Maddie

Hannah said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm so glad you're coming back to Texas! Which city (cities?) are you headed to? Houston would be nice...haha, anyways, I can't wait to see Hatching Pete; it looks really funny. I also can't wait to see some new Hannah & Phineas episodes. And I am still extremely excited for the album, I know it's gonna be great. By the way, I finally called your SayNow; I've been so busy with school that I haven't been able to call until last week. Well, I hope you can call me back. :)
Keep up the amazing work, Mitchel!

Lucinda said...

Come to Santa Cruz!!! We want to see you perform!! Keep up the good work o-tay?
peace and love,

Jonas-4-ever said...

i'm gonna but your cd mitchel!!!!

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey gorgeous!
I wrote you a song. Its kinda cheesy but I mean everything I say. It took me a while to write so maybe it deserves a call back or a "Thank you Savannah!!" on your next blog? haaah.

"Like In A Fairytale"

So much to say
Dont know where to start
Everything I say
Is coming from my heart
Words cant explain how you make me feel
Being with you seems so surreal
Your eyes are to die for
And your smile makes me melt
You give me this feeling I've never felt

Every night before I sleep
I get down on my knees
Asking GOD if you were meant for me,
Then find a way for us to meet
Well fall in love, our life filled with laughter
And like in a fairytale
Well live happily ever after

Dreams are better than reality
That is true
Never wanna wake up
Cuz in my dreams I'm with you
You always make my heart smile
Cant stand being away from you
Even just for a while
You probably dont feel the way I do
But that will never stop me from loving you


How can someone be so perfect
Cuz I'm not sure
The answer is, your not, nodody is,
But your flaws make me love you even more
And when I hear your voice
I get a huge smile on my face
Then my hearts starts to race
The sun cant shine as bright as you
Whats a girl to do


If you were a drug I'd be in rehab
Cuz I think about you with every breath that I have
I wish for you everyday at 11:11
When I hear your name I feel in Heaven
I wish I can hold you in my arms and never let go
Please, will you marry me Mitchel Musso?

haah now im not the best songwriter in the world but I think its okay for a beginner..[:

Savannah from California

P.S. I Love You!

Anonymous said...

you should totally come to winnipeg mb, canaday on your tour. you have lots of fans down here.

Jonas-4-ever said...

heyy mitchel! we finally called your fan phone last 12:30...midnight ish. lol.

so you should call katie's phone back. that'd be cool. so listen to the message from katie and melissa and call her back. :]

luv ya.
katie and melissa

Anonymous said...

hey i just heard ur song "the three r's" and i wanted to say that i've done a report on that song and it is awesome it really in enspired my friends and i
please keep making great songs like that, although i know that u didn't write it u gave it ur own beat

Anonymous said...

its soooo awesome,is it true that you only get on myspace and this?

Anonymous said...


This is insane ! !

Year of the MUSSO for SURE=]

I'm SO happy for you...especially for your albummm, I need to get copy will turn into 2..two will turn into fiveee..and then all of my friends will have one.

MWAH xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


bonnie said...

i saw metro station 3 times whilst they were here, mason just kept on getting more amazing, i was also lucky enough to meet him and for him to sing to me :)
some of hte best nights of my life, i cant wait for your cd and i hope you can tour here someday too!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your CD *_*
Love you<3


Anonymous said...

I am counting down the days til your cd comes out! I am so excited! I hope your having fun making all those music videos this week!

Have Fun!


Victor said...

Hey Mitchel :D

I can't wait until Hatching Pete/your new CD *-*
And I'm loving the 3rd season of Hannah Montana. I just hope there are more loliver interaction in the next episodes :)
Keep doing the good work ;)


PS: My birthday is on the 3rd @_@ Last year you wished us all a gianbt happy birthday, I'll never forget it =]

~*Amber*~ said...

Loved the new Hannah! It was awesome cause the new episode was on my bday today! =]

Hope your having a great day Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

I love u Mitchel! you have been busy lately! snowboarding sounds fun! keep rockin and and your voice is amazing!

josiee(: said...

your brother was in amsterdam a while back. /jealousy.

your life sounds so exciting compared to everyone else's lmfao.

Anonymous said...

What can we see in Texas? It's beautiful. Thos contry have ever interessing me but I not know what

Me said...


Are you coming to the UK for your tour???

Hope you do cause I'll be so happy :)

You Rock =]

Nat From England