Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm doing something pretty cool tomorrow......

Shooting the cover of my Album! I gotta tell you, I am very excited! I will be thinking about all of you guys and hoping to get that perfect shot that let's you know what I am all about!

The album will hit the stores in the next few months....more details to follow.

Have the MOST incredible week!


P.S. Call me on my SAYNOW number!
P.S.S. Have you watched The In Crowd Youtube yet?
P.S.S.S. Youtube.com/MUSSOLIVE


Charlotte said...

Awesome! I can't wait.

amy said...

oh baby! thinkin of me when u pose huh? should be sexy then! ;) good luck. have a blast tomorrow. yes i've watched in crowd and musso live. excpet musso live i watched about 900 times hahaha i cant WAIT for ur cd :D i bought radio disney jams 11 just for the dvd of u makin the cd :D totally worth it. much love mitchy mussolini. <3

Cassie said...

I love your life. :)

Gennine said...

It stinks that you have to keep sooooo many details from us, lol.
The In Crowd vid was AMAZING, I think I already said that, lol.
I hope all is well.
Thanks for being a (good) distraction from my horrible chemistry homework. :)))
~Gennine, 15, NJ

gi beretta said...

mitchel *-* i can't wait to see your new cd :D good luck tomorrow ok. oh, and you know if i can call you from brazil? because i REALLY want to :D love ya :*

megan said...

hey mitch (:
whats up?
congratulations about your album cover. make it cool! anyways, i've been annoying your friend ally on that aim, mitchstf or whatever thing. (: HAHA (:
okie dokies!
well good job and good luck with everything;
ohh also.. if some mails you on yt would mail them back?
kbye <3

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey. gorgeous!
Lucky you! You better be thinking of me wheb your doing the photo shoot...lol just kidding! Man, I wish I was doing a photoshoot tomorrow but instead I have to go to school. Ughh!! Yeah, I left a message today on. your SAYNOW. I do practically everyday. Lol.
I'm still awaiting your approval on youtube. Add me love!

Love ya,
Savannah from California

P.S. Have a good day tomorrow love.

himynameisalex said...

:) I'm so excited!

come to seattle on your next toooour pleeeeease

we can hang out and get sushi :)

Shannon said...

I am so excited for your album!!
your already on my ipod :]
your amazing.

Good luck with your photo shoot tomorrow!!


Camille said...

I love that music video its so cool! Im so excited for your album im totally buying it!!!

[richelle.♥] said...

i'm soo excited for your album...i've been waiting!!
have a great time and i'm sure whatever picture you choose...we'll all love it!!

Awesomeness said...

That's soooooo exciting!!!! I hope it goes awesomely!!!!

=] =] =] =] =] =]

~*Amber*~ said...

Aww awesome! I can't wait to see the new pictures. =]

Good luck with everything. Oh, and yes I have watched The In Crowd and I love it!

Carly said...

hey so wow i havnt commented u in awhile!

have fun at ur photoshoot! i bet it will look great!!

i called ur say now.
and yes i saw and loved ur music video
and i am so happy u and ur brothers got a youtube account!

cant wait for the cd!




Anonymous said...

Congrats! Hope you capture the very essence of you for your album; you've definately worked hard to deliver the best music for you fans. Here's hoping to a possible tour coming up, don't forget about us in Ontario too! Keep on living the dream Mitchel,
Yours from ON
M.B. of LR
P.s. Would love to call your number unfortunately you live in the states where my phone bill would be extremely pricey.
P.S.S. Mussolive is amazing; you should use it as a main vblog.
P.S.S.S. Who hasn't watched The In-crowd but everyone that loves your music!

christineeee (: said...

im so proudd of yahhh mitchy

but i want you to come to los angeles & perform here reallll soon okie?

love you

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!! Mitche;l!! Make sure your album is really cool!! Well, Of course it'll be cool, it you! lol

okay Mitchel Our next play is Seussical the Musical. It's like doctor Seuss and Horton hears a who! It's so funnY! even thought I have no idea what part I am playing! Hopefully I am going to be sour kangaroo, mayzie or gertrude. (gertrude may sound like a granny name, but if I get it, I get to throw a temper tantrum on stage) :) That is so amazingly cool!! haha I hardly throw a tantrum and I would lol

Okay Mitch!!!! Have fun with you cover shoot tommorow!

Shayla from Texas!

Mitchellover17 said...

Hey babes,
I am so excited for you I hope you do like super excited tell me how it goes and I will call you later.
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

lol, Cool!

I hope you have lots of fun :D
and I seriously can't wait till your album comes out!! lol

I've been kinda sick the last couple of days, but I'm feeling a lot better :)

lol, I called you last week, did you get my message? Maybe I'll call you again :)
and maybe this time I will remember not to talk too fast, and say my phone number...lol seriously I do freak out on the phone sometimes...though when I freak out I just can't stop laughing...so its actually kind of funny...
I watch "The In Crowd" Video a lot :)...lol I really like your music. :D I can't wait to hear more!

It's snowing again...lol I kind of miss summer right now...

Wish ya luck Mitchy!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I don't really like spiders...
I don't really like killing them either, but I would rather not be too close to them... lol

Ewa said...

I'm so happy you have incredible week. :)
Of course I watched The In Crowd.! I think it's amazing.!
And MUSSOLIVE I sow too. :D
Your cd will be the best.!;**

-Ewa from Poland. <3

Julie :] said...

i just saw the vid of you gettin your heair cut x]
i love it; im super excited for the album!! .. like what- 80 somethin days. woo! it'll come out just in time for my sweet 16th ;]

btw.. have you heard/discussed anything about the whole tour situation??
you gotta come to Cleveland :]

alright.. well ill ttyl!

love ya

Anonymous said...

The In Crowd Music Video was the BEST! IT's on Yahoo Music now ; so that's a big leap in the music world for viewers!
I try to call you , leave you a random message like every other day ; but i'm trying to everyday , but it's kinda werid if you don't respond back ; it's like you're not there for a fan! I KNOW you totally ARE though!
Mussolive on Youtube is honestly the best thing ever! Between this blog of yours and you're own youtube, (tell marc that he does an awesome job with editing and setting the videos up) he's good at that stuff) , these two things are the best on my computer!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say


Tess said...

yep thats kool...The In Crowd is really good...ive been waiting for the album for like a year now.....

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey gorgeous!
I just love commenting you! Lol hope your not tired of me love. Hope your having fun at your photoshoot. May GOD be with you everywhere you go today love.

Love ya,
Savannah from California

P.S. Don't forget to wish me happy valentines day and/or happy birthday on february 16th, love.
Call me your fiancee.(:

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey gorgeous!
I just love commenting you love. Hope your not tired of me. Hope your having fun at your photoshoot. May GOD be with you everywhere you go today love.

Love ya,
Savannah from California

P.S. I love you. (:

Hanna said...

yes ive seen you rvideo (like 3 times) :) And i cant wait to see your album!!!!!! haha ttyl!

Gabriella said...

omg! I can't wait to get ur album! and i can't wait to see ur new hair! i loved the new youtube page:]

Amy said...

OMG that is amazing! You just made my day a million times better. I didn't think it could get any better but it just did! :D
I cant wait for the ALBUM!
Have a great time!

Maddie Violet said...

I am excited! I'm sure that your album is going to be great! :) I hope you have a good day!

emily said...

I'm excited
you need to come to Florida.
my friends and I will come meet you

Lauren said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I can't wait for the album!

Reduse, reuse, recycle...I love it!

Meshia said...

I saw Mussolive yesterday, it was ossum! I love your new haircut. I've called your SayNow number like a hundred times and still I don't get a call from you. It's ok, just knowing that you are hearing my messages is worth the wait! I love you a thousand times over.

GiGi said...

That is sooo awesome! Ah, I can't wait for your album! Just 2 months away now...EEP!

Anyways, I'm sure your photo shoot went awesome! You always look amazing, and your new hair cut rocks! =D


Miranda said...

Awesome Mitchel!

JayCee said...

I love that song much. It is soo true and you sound amazing.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH!! lol!! i will soooo be waiting for that NEW CD!!!! yay!! Hope you did well (or are doing well) at the photoshoot!!!! LOL!! Lots of Love and hope everything is well!! BYE!!

-Crystal Z.
<3 :-) :-D :-P

Angelica said...

you're awesome and I love you! :)
/one of your fans from Scandinavia, Europe

Anonymous said...

I WILL buy ur CD when it comes out!