Thursday, January 29, 2009

I called several of you back today from my SAYNOW #

Here's a Youtube! We now own Musso Live!

Thank you so much for being a fan! You guys are the best! Give me a call!




Charlotte said...

Musso Live, as opposed to "Muss Olive", right?

How cool! I don't recall if I ever called your number. I meant to! Maybe I'll do that.

taaylor (: said...

aw, that's really cool (=
your awesome, mitchel !

.audrey. said...

ok so wow.
i go to new york for what, 3 days, don't check your blog for those 3 days and you post a bajillion times.
my gosh.
i'll just go away more often.
and you didn't call me.
poo on you.
you really should.
we could have long, deep, meaningful conversations.
or i might [maybe] do my silent freaking out where i don't speak at all.
that's more likely.
but at least it wouldn't be screaming.

so i finally, yes finally, saw the music video.
again, i was out of town for a while, i'm out of the loop. sue me.
but it was AMAZING.
and i'm headed off to itunes to buy the song right now.
if i can't...
i will illegally download it somewhere until i can. :]
i'm such a rulebreaker.

anyway. moral of the story:
call me back.
love your song.
i love you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I am going to call your say number sometime really soon!!
YOU ARE MY FAVORITE actor and singer EVERRR!!!

I hope you can call me back! and I hope to meet you again at your next concert!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!

Breanne N.

P.S. I absolutely LOVE LOVE your song The In Crowd!!! Its my favorite song in the world.

Gennine said...

hey Mitchel! I will totally call your Say Now! lol. I have no school tomorrow, it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. i just called you on say now, lol. i was laughing because my friend all of a sudden goes
hahah. ah... hmmm. doesn't sound funny. lol.


if i were a rich girl
with a million or two
i would see mitchel
and never be blue

i still gots work ta do
xD <3

[call me back! :]

Heather said...

You finally have a youtube... congrats! I'd call your number if it didn't cost heaps, the girls you left messages for a pretty lucky. Can I hang out backstage at oyur concert in Australia? haha

Keep it cool! Heather

Julie :] said...

i'm glad u got a youtube :]
look for my comments!! im rockoutx22 ;]

love ya


GiGi said...

That's soo awesome Mitchel!! I just went and subbed you. YAYNESS. xD


Anonymous said...

That's great =)
Maybe I'll call you =)


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! How many celebrities actually give out a certain phone number to have fans call? Very few, but your reaction to the first message was funny to watch. Also your dog is soo sweet :) and has a great temperment for a lab, he must miss you when your gone though. Anyways here's hoping that this phone works out in a positive way, keep living the dream Mitchel,
Yours from Ontario
M.B. of LR

Anonymous said...

Alright you have a YouTube, now you all you need a Music MySpace that's public ;)

Yasmin said...

aww awesome!!!! I want to call too.. but I called a say now number one time and it costs too much from germany...
Love (:

~*Amber*~ said...

I knew you'd get a youtube sooner or later Mitchel. =] Lol.

I'm gunna have to call you now. I've only called like twice before.

Sarah said...

Hi Mitchel! I watched the video! It is ossum!

Sarah S.

Miranda said...

Stitch is so cute in the video! It was also funny the way you looked when you were so surprized at the fan screaming on the message lol.

Disa said...

I still need to call you and leave you a message. Hahah.

I'll try to do that soooon :)

Anonymous said...

hey!!!! at first i thought it said muss olive haha!!! i wish i could call u but im grounded from the phone! :( too much text messaging lol!


Savannah said...

Hey gorgeous!
I just called you right now on SAYNOW. I would love to get a call back from you!
I saw your video on youtube. Can you say hilarious? Lol. Stitch is ossum. I loved how he was just rolling all over the place ahah.
And yahh, april 14th I'm gonna be the first person to buy your cd! I love your voice.
Okay, well ill let you go hun.

Lova ya,
Savannah from California

P.S.add me on youtube, alright? (:

Haha geeze I'm bossy!

_ said...

I phoned you, but through skype, since i'm not American and the phone doesn't work. Cause im that sad that I actually bought credit just so I could phone you :P

Just watched the vid. LOL @ screaming fangirls. Feel special Mitchel.

KT J. said...

Mitchel, call me por favor :)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your cd to come out! It comes out April 14th. So it will be a late birthday present for me. (my bday's the 10th) I've called your say now # like a lot and i should probably stop calling. haha. well i hope you get to go on tour. I'd love to see you. good luck in everything you do.
I love you,

Miranda said...

OMGOODNESS!MUSSO spelled backwards is OSSUM! Because you are so awesome :).

Ewa said...

You have a youtube.!Really really cool.! =)
Maybe I'll call you or send a text message.I want to do many I will pay.? I'm from Poland soo...But I MUST (MUST MUST MUST)
I try.! =]

I didn't ride yours blog buecause I been on winter holiday.! I been there with my cousins.We had a fun.!I was ski and snowboard.I love it.!There was a lot of snow.
This winter holiday was COOL. I'm completely satisfied. :)
Love You.!
-Ewa. :)
[I try to call you and I think you will answer to me or call. :)]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I watched the video!
lol, Stitch is so cute!
I love dogs :)
Since I got a camera, I took many pictures of my dog...I have some of them on my Myspace :)

So whats up?
I called you yesterday, and this time I remembered to leave my phone number! though I got nervous and started talking fast....heheh :) oops

It's not like I really want to leave my's just that it doesn't look like he will ever be able to see me without expecting me to do something that has to do with his religion. I mean, I can't talk about my beliefs around him because he doesn't believe them, yet he wants me to go to his religious meetings even though I don't believe them. Now he is saying that I don't have to go to the big religious events if I go to his meetings...he even said we could do something fun's just that I'm getting tired of all of it...Almost every time I say I don't want to do something religious he starts saying things and hurts my feelings I am still confused about the whole thing...I mean if he can come to an agreement without telling me that he will leave me, then maybe that wouldn't be so bad...but otherwise, I think that I should start thinking about leaving him...even if I wish he could act like an actual father to me instead of threatening to leave me if I don't want to do something religious............
ok...I am gong to stop talking about my dad now...

I really like your song
"The In Crowd"! lol I'm actually listening to it right now. I can't wait till your album comes out! :D

I will try to remember to put that video of the Halloween walk through on my Myspace today :) ...If I do I will tell you on Myspace :)

Wish ya Luck Mitchy! lol

-Coral (the girl from RI)

p.s. ok...I can't think of anything...ok...
My eyes sometimes look green and sometimes look blue...then sometimes look
But I would rather say my eyes are blue...That would be because when I was younger my dad kept saying my eyes were turning green...But it all depends on what I'm wearing...Like if I wear blue my eyes look more blue, if I wear green, my eyes look more

brittannyyyy said...

the suppperrrrrr bowlll isss abouttt tooo comee onnnn XD

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

mitchel! i messed up my thumb and shoulder from volleyball. they both hurt really bad.

miss ya!

Anonymous said...

hey, i loved ur song, its really good, u have a very nice voice! but its time for a haircut!!!!

Sara said...

Mitchel! You're sooo damn cute.
when I watch your video for The In Crowd, I like start to dance and sing with you. The song is amazing, and your voice ... WOOW!
I playes your music for a friend, and she was like "woow, he's voice is soo wonderful! Send me all of his songs NOOW!". haha xD
And you make Hannah Montana the funniest TV-series in the world.
You're really funny xD
Keep going, you're my biggiest idol.
Love you. :)

Suh♥Van♥Uhh Moose♥Oh said...

Hey gorgeous!
Happy tuesday! I miss you so much. Come to san jose soon! Or maybe bakersfield or fresno? Those are the closest cities by me. Okay love. Hope you have a good day. May GOD be with you everywhere you go.

Love ya,
Savannah from California

P.S. Call me back love!

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! I was like, "Dude!!! Another Musso youtube!? Awesome!" and I checked it out. I mean, the video. Haha. Sweet.

Mitchel, you are amazing. Keep livin' up your dreams. I know I haven't started on mine, but hey. I'm getting there =).

p.s. I know I'm gonna meet you one day. Its in my heart.

gi beretta said...

mitchel *-* i really love you :D i'm from brazil and i watched all the episodes of hannah montana *-* i'll call you soon.

gi beretta said...

oh, mitchel, and i love the in crownd too :D

Madi said...

Wow. I wish you called me!!! That would have totally made my life complete; a call from u!! I love the in crowd!!! u did a great job!!! lots of luvv~madi

Madi said...

I feel it....i know it...i know i will meet you some day mitchel!! i love you

My awsome page said...

OMG i called you a million times well no but my friends did and i txted you a couple times tooo!!!!!!! i love you so much you rock my sox (a little lame i know but watev) soooo i love you mitchel

[please call or txt me back]!!!!!!!!

My awsome page said...

Hey i love you mitchel u rock sooooo much and if you could txt me back or leave me a comment on my blogspot ud rock (but u dont need to do that2 roc) love u by

oh and P.S. my blog spot is

Anonymous said...

U make my day, Even if I'm sad U and your songs make me smile, U make me C the light in the dark, Your voice make me calm when I'm scared, what would I do with out U even if we Don't have meet i know I would like U U seem funny and easy to talk to, and If I can be a bit shallow U are cute to. I can't nothing else say then that I LOVE U and I know LOVE is a strong word but I think it's true We will never meet but I hope U read this, I promise that I come and watch U If U comes to Sweden but please hurry i Can't wait forever for U. I Know that U think I'm A crazy fan right now but I promise i done this because the clock is 12.44 at night and that I have nothing to do. But I wouldn't be sad If U send me a message back