Thursday, January 08, 2009



I have a New Music video!! I believe it will make it's debut on Disney some time this month. It is for the song "In Crowd" which is airing on Radio Disney right now. First of all, thank you to everybody who is calling in and requesting the song and for those of you who email in and request it. You guys are making it move up each week on the charts and I appreciate it. The song has a great message about not fitting in and I believe everybody at some time in their lives goes through a time when they don't feel like they fit in. I know I have felt that way before. Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. I can't wait for you to see the music video, it is filled with my band and other friends of mine as well as another MUSSO. Want to know which one, gotta see it! Request "In Crowd"

Also, this year we'll see the release of the Hannah Montana feature film which I have a small part in, "Hatching Pete" will make it's debut on the Disney Channel starring yours truly and my friend Jason Dolley! All new episodes of Hannah Montana will be headed your way on the Disney Channel and the scripts have a lot of exciting twists and turns, so enjoy all of that! And don't miss out on all the new adventures of "Phineas & Ferb"!

Big news about music as well. 2009 will see the release of my album. We have been working hard, and I have had a blast working with all the talented people and writing and getting my thoughts out in song. I just can't wait for you to hear it! I am hoping to announce a release date in the next 90 days.

Anybody ever watch MOOSEMAN video's. My little brother MARC makes them. Go to YOUTUBE and look him up! He had a special guest on yesterday!! Let me know if you spot somebody familiar

Thank you for all your support! Thank you for being the Best Fans in the world! I can't wait to get back out on the road and meet more of you guys!

Don't forget to give me a call! I want to hear from you!! 323-622-8588


P.S. Mason and his band Metro Station are headed to Australia!
P.S.S. Go to for all things Mitchel


Sigrid said...

Go Mitchel! You ROCK! :D

vanesa said...

man! you are the best
and i really dont know what can i do to meet you or be your friend because i'm so far away , i'm from argentina. :( I wish I could talk with you someday

Britt said...

your amazing, just thought I'd let you know.
even though you probably get that like every
five seconds of your life. but anyways you are <3
and congratulations on everything.
and marc is so cute. and I saw mason at jingle ball.
they were greatt :D mkay byee (:

Camille said...

You have an album coming out??!! YAY im so excited!! Im totally gonna buy it!

Amy said...

mitchy mussolini!!!!

yayyy i was pleasantly surprised to see a nice long blog... i love reading what u write :) i think "im excited" fits about every paragraph in ur blog lol. but im DEFFFF going to see HM the movie in the theaters. and u know i'll be watching P&F and HM and Hatching Pete... all that good stuff.

im SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for ur CD! i already put money aside for it :X

im also really happy ur video is gonna be on disney. i really hop its the full thing and not the minute and a half they usually play :/ my guess is mason is the musso cuz u said u were filming a video with him a while ago didnt u? i dont care. all mussos are ossum. so im happy no matter who it is ;)

and of course i watched mooseman last night! i couldnt stop laughing. sam is so funny. and i love how mason just turns the lights out and leaves. hahaah but yeah sam should have his own show. "the noise makin end!"

and u didnt even promote urself on ant cam mr mussolini.

i really wish u would come to boca raton so i can see in concert and u can keep ur promise to me haha. im so holding u to it mitchy.

much love.

~*Amber*~ said...

Mitchel! Long time no update. =]

You have so much coming in 2009 its unbelievable! I wish you tons of good luck this year with everything. I can’t wait for “The In Crowd” music video and Hatching Pete looks so good! But I’m mostly exited about your album. Let us know asap when you can! And touring info of course. Hopefully you’ll be back my way again.

I just watched Marc’s new youtube video and it was so good! Sam and Mason cracked me up. I hope they make another appearance again. Keep up the good work Marc!

Miranda said...

Cool! I hope to see the music video! I have heard "The in Crowd" I love it! It's awesome! I have been in a place before that it seems like I didn't fit it. My friend and I sub-conciously did something wrong and we were bossed around and laughed at. It was emmbarassing. I guess you know how I felt. Can't wait for "Hatching Pete" ! I will probably buy your cd or ask for it for my b-day because it will be awesome :).

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited for hannahmontana, hatchingpete, YOUR NEW CD!, and even phineas and ferb - haha me and my dad watched that whole marathon the other day : P

i loveee you can't wait to see the music video <3

love youu

Cassidy said...

Hey Mitch! Have an awesome year but don't forget to take a little down time! Keep it real!

Hanna said...

Cool Mitchell!!! I will defenitely request it... and i have a feeling i know what Musso is going to be your guest.... :) I can't wait to see the new Hannah Montana.... and I was ALREADY planning on Watching Hatching Pete... but i did not know you were in it!! I will defenitely watch it then... there are a lot of Disney stars in that movie, and Jake Austin in Hotel For Dogs, did you know they use Shake it in that movie? Oh yeah! YOUR BROTHERS SONG!!! :) Bye mitchell... happy new year!!!!!!

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Hey Mitchel!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! How were your holiday-ish times? I hope they were AWESOMEE!

WOWOW I can't wait to see the video! In Crowd is me and my younger sister's favorite song cause right now she feels like she doesn't fit in ... it really helped her out ... thanks for being a blessing for both me and her! =D

CAN'T WAIT for the Hannah Montana movie and Hatching Pete!!! The new episodes are awesome!

Oh yeah!!!! I'll be waiting at the doors of WalMart when your CD comes out ... haha

But seriously now. Can't wait! =D

Definitely will look up Marc on YouTube!!

And it's my pleasure! =)

Keep smiling!
~ MeGaN
<33 xD

Anonymous said...

I can not wait for your CD comes out!!! I am so going to get a copy!!!

I totally LOVE your song, The In Crowd. I am listening to it right now on Radio Disney! I'm also extremely excited to see your new music video for The In Crowd and also can't wait until Hatching Pete premieres!!

I hope you come near Pennsylvania again! I really want to meet you again Really bad!!

<3 Breanne!

P.S. You are AMAZING!!!!!!! :D

taaylor (: said...

awwe, I'm so happy for you and everything good happening for you this year !
you need to come back to florida, no kidding.
its been since 2007 since we last met ;(

christineeee (: said...

awhh uu rockkkk! cant wait till ur cd
better havv the signing here in cali okayyy?

i miss youuuuuuuuuu
uu probably dont even remember me..

wishing uu a happy new year & may 2009 bring you & your family the best!

love you <3
- Christine

Alex said...

Do you know when your album might go out .... i can't wait to see your music video!! i already love the song alot and pretty much everybody can relate to it especially ppl in middle school and high school like me !!! Im sooo wondering which one of your brothers are in your video i saw you and marc in the seventeen forever video .. i love that video it sooo cool ... Whenever you album goes out i will have to buy it asap because i know i will probably love it like i do with all your other songs that i know of .. yeah !! finally a new mooseman video .. there hasn't been one in like forever and right after im done doing this im going to go to youtube and watch it .. i wonder what its about its probably random like all of the other ones ..

When ever you go back on tour can you come back to Davenport Iowa since your concert was very fun with corbin bleu and i know a whole bunch of ppl who would want to see you again ....

- alex

ashleeeeeee. :] said...

can't wait.!
oh, yesss. i enjoy watching mooseman videos. mase &sam were on the one from yesterday. :D
ah. i hope your cd comes out in april like your daddy said it would. i can't wait to listen to your new music.
ooh. my friend is seeing metro in australia. :]

P.S. I miss you. :/

Sierra said...

i really cant wait 4 yur album 2 come out, please post the release date if u find out, thank u if u can! ive requested the in crowd on like a million times, haha (i really luv the song!) i just watched the mooseman video & saw mason & sam! lol, luvvv the part when mason just walks out & turns out the light, "go to sleep"!!hope i get 2 c another 1 of yur conerts or meet & greets soon! anyway, i hope u have a great 2009!!!

Anonymous said...

yay i love the in crowd im addicted to it right now haha

im from australia and i cann't wait to see mason and metro station again. they are all just as amazing as you are

keep up the awesome work =]

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I'm so excited about your CD!! and The music video, Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see it!!
Yes, I have been watching MooseMan, They're so funny, I have to say, I think his "Random" ones are the funniest then the ones he plans out.
I can't wait to see Hatching pete!! and I can't wait to see you when you go on tour again!!
I hope your doing well, Please stay safe, and remember that your fans all look up to you, even the little kid fans! and even me, I'll always be a fan and a friend to you.
Ok, well, have a GREAT weekend!

-Katie R. (from Michigan)

Anonymous said...

hey great update!
I can't wait for HATCHING PETE!
you know, i'm a mascot myself,
i'm a big red cardinal,
little kids run up to me and call me
a big red chicken, so yeah haha
i have a basketball game tomorrow
and i'm hoping that my friend will take
a picture of me holding a hatching pete sign
and then i will send it into ally and hopefully
you can get a chance to see it,
Cardy the Cardinal is definetly a fan of
Raging Rooster!

i'm also very pumped for the new music video!
and hannah montana episodes! and the movie!

i can't wait for 09 tour ??? i wanna see ya again :)

keep up the updates i love to hear from you
i'll try to call ya one of these days, but senior year
is so busy ... and yeahh okay


Alex said...

OMG !!! I love your brothers new video its sooo awesome and hilarious !!! the gun saftey song is soo funny and go to sleep and then mason got shot !! aww soo sad .. but he actually didn't and that randomness about editing the video and not editing it was sooo funny .. tell your brother that the video was super amazing and that he should put you on it because it would make it amazingier if thats a word but it would ..

- alex

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks for the update. You seem really nice...I'd love to meet you!
Oh yeah, I know you're busy, but if you get a chance, would you mind doing another round of questions from the "Ask Mitchel" section of your official website? It'd mean so much to us! We love you lots and look foward to hearing/seeing more of you in 2009!

Yasmin said...

Hey :) Happy new year :)
I totally love the song... and I know this feelin too, i cant fit in to my class right now. I just have some really good friends from camps or the internet, with them I stay in touch through ICQ and E-Mail...
I hope your Album will be released soon!!! I'm SO gonna get a copy :D Gonna ship it to germany.. and when you release it in germany I'm gonna buy it another time :D
I wanna meet you sometime :)

Yasmin from Germany

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!
:) can't wait to see your music video! lol
ya...I'm not really sure if I fit in...though I do sometimes get weird looks because of my outfits...though I am sure I don't fit in at all at my dads...that would be because I am not in their religion...and don't plan to be...ya...I guess I should of guessed that my dad would not give me the choice not to go to any of his religious events...but I guess I misunderstood the fact that when he said to tell him if I didn't want to go somewhere...I think he meant if I don't want to go to his religious events, then I would have to just not go see him at all...but he made the choice not to see me anymore in the first place...its just really confusing...and I'm not really sure what to do...*sigh*...well maybe he just forgot to talk to me about it, or maybe he didn't...on a different subject...
I can't wait till the Hannah Montana movie! I also can't wait till "Hatching Pete" :)
COOL!! XD lol I can't wait to hear some more of your music!! :D
lol...ok I am going to stop freaking out now...any minute I'm just kidding...
COOL!!...please come to
Rhode Island! lol :D

lol, I will probably get to call you at the end of next week... :)
its really funny...when I called you on Radio Disney I was freaking out for a whole thirty minutes before...ya I usually freak out on the phone...and I still can't think of what to ask you! lol

Wish ya Luck Mitchy!! :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. ok...I am running out of things to
ok...I don't really have a favorite Disney movie...I can't ever seem to decide... :) lol
ok...I am totally hyper right now because I had a hot Chocolate lol
well I'm not really That hyper...but then again I am...ok I am going to stop arguing with

Austin said...

Aww I can't wait to see it! I'm entering the popstar thing to win your vailtine! Then maybe your fan of the month will finally get your autogrpah at least!
This is the year i'm going to meet you! 2009 baby thats our year! I started trying in early 2006 or late late 2005 to meet you I mean. This year it's tottally going to happen! We just need to belive!
-October fan of the mont

prashanthi said...

gr8 going dude

Julie :] said...

totally looking forward to ur album more than ANYTHING.

happy new year, Mitchel :]


Gennine said...

He lives! It's great to hear from you, Mitchel! I can't wait to see your new music video, and you need to tour when your album comes out. Blog more soon.
love ya!

Anonymous said...

aNt cam
New Years ;)

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

Thats funny i just watced the mooseman video right before i came on to this website lol I cant wait to see your video its gonna be awesome ILY!

luv ya
Amber K.

Angela said...

Hey Mitchel,
So far I'm having a good year. Yeah I watch Marcs vidoes, but I didnt see the latest one yet...

Anonymous said...

wow, i cant wait till ur album!
its the best thing that will happen in 2009!
and i love marcs should be on it too!!!!
and come to chicago soon!

- karolina :)

Katy said...

man...i cant wait for that CD
2009 is going to be great...

-Your CD
- My friend's band's CD
[which we have been waiting four years for -.-]

and i cant wait for the music video eiter ;]

i also saw Mooseman the other night. Mason is freakin funny and so is Sam.
Mason adding in that accent was what made it all the funnier. XD
you should be on Mooseman next ;]

nisha said...

i got addicted to ur brothers show, which is weird cuz im 20, but whatever...i started watching all of them

Amy Lynn said...

okay, so i was feeling pretty down a while ago.
but then, like MAGIC my playlist switched to 'Lean on Me!'

and it made me rather happy.

because it makes me feel like a little kid.. probably because when i went to the radio disney thing in Portland, Oregon about a year ago to see you, I was like twice the age of everyone else there.

So, I'm just sayin thanks for being so rad.


Allison said...

happy new year!
i hope your 2009 rocks in so many ways!

i'm excited for the hannah montana movie and new episodes! hopefully you and lilly will finally get together ;)

lots of love! <3

Sabrina!!! <3 said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I'm totally looking forward to everything you listed in your blog...especially...YOUR ALBUM! <3 Come on, we've been waiting for it forever, but at least we know it's gotta be good after all this time.

And I can't wait to see your video. I was thinking maybe Mason would be in your video, since you were in Metro Station's...but no matter what, it's gonna rock.

Haha, I've seen tons of Marc's videos, so thanks for giving me the heads-up for the new one. I totally thought it was going to be you when you mentioned the special guest in your blog, so I flipped out when it was Mason! That was pretty awesome. Your brother is so lucky that Metro Station gets to go play in Australia. Didn't they already go in 2008? Man, I remember when they used to just play in CA and everyone who went would come back going, "Mitchel was there!" And I wanted to go so badly, but I never go to (even though I LIVE IN CA!). You should go watch them play in Australia. Support the band AND take an awesome vacation.

Happy 2009!

<3 Sabrina

Anonymous said...

WOW! Mitchel you are the best! I'm a fanatic fan of yours! You are amazing. I've just heard your new song is perfect! Your voice is special is the best. I'm going to buy your album when it is published. Please excuse me for my bad english I'm Spanish. Here you have a fan and a friend.
Kisses, Marta

himynameisalex said...

i'm so excited for your album! :)
when you go back on tour pleeeeease come back to seattle!

Heather said...

Wow you have so much stuff this year, and I can't wait for all of it, especially to hear your new album! I really like your song the in crowd (and looking forward to the video). Hatching Pete also looks really good.

You rock in the DC games by the way (its only airing now in aus cause its summer, YAY for having an Australian on your team, I think).

Happy New Year


Shayla said...


AHHHH! I am so excited and 90 days??!?!?!?!? Mitchel! That's tourture! haha jk. I finally know how to play 7 things by Miley. and Don't Forget by Demi L. Could you pretty PLEASE tell me what kind of guitar you have? Because if you have an Ibanez Electric/Acoustic (Red, I think) Then we have the same guitar! (I think) But mine's black... =D I saw it on Clean hands are cool hands! haha!

Mitchel, I also just wanted to let you know that you are really amazing and that I would love to meet you some day and My friends are always so annoyed with me because of how I'm always Like Isn't this picture of Mitchel so cute... Oh, Mitchel this Mitchel Mitchel That Oh did you hear Mitchel... You get my point?

Okay well I'll let you read all the other comments!

P.S I thought the P.S.S was extremely cute haha!

Anonymous said...

Your so amazing, can't wait til your cd comes out, I so want to get it! Just heard your new song the "In Crowd" on radio disney. Its awesome, I'm lovin it!! Also can't wait to see the HM movie! Keep on rockin :)

Cassidy said...

Hey Mitch, I saw the latest Hannah episode! You were amazing in it as always! :P But the fall in the hall scene was absolutely brilliant! What was the backpack stuffed with? You got skills! :)

Tanya said...

Wow, sounds like 2009 will be an exciting year for you. Congrats on how far you've come. :)

Those HM episodes sound like they'll be fun to sister and I will be looking forward to those (and the movie too). :D Thanks for the info!

I'd Swim the Ocean For You♥ said...


so i was at the mall over vacation and i get a text message and im like oh ok.
and then the mesage starts with MitchelMusso: and its like a happy new year message and i geeked out right in the middle of the mall

is that from when i called that number you have on your blog????

im reallllly excited for your cd btw

Ily Mitchel!

Zara said...

Your brothers Mooseman vids are awesome! Thanks for saying to check them out ages ago! I'm seeing you brotehr in London,England sooo excited!
Can't wait for the album

KT J. said...

I'm so glad for you Mitchel! Looks like 09 will be your year :)


Brianna said...

Hey Mitchel!

Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

I'm so glad to hear your music video is coming out soon. The In Crowd is such an amazing, touching, and inspiring song. I'm sure it will be a big hit. =]

I'll also be anxiously awaiting your new CD. I can't wait, and it's awesome you had such a great time making it.

Of course I watch Mooseman's videos. Haha, Marc's hilarious. You should guest star one time too.

~Brianna, from Wildwood,New Jersey <3

P.S. I left you a message on your SayNow account on Christmas night. The message is basically me wishing you happy holidays and asking you a question:
How long does it usually take for you to recieve and reply to fan mail? I understand how busy you are, and I was just wondering because I sent the package towards the end of August. I normally don't send fanmail, but I had such a great time meeting and talking with you this summer. I loved your concert. =]
There's also a couple hats (one from Wildwood), and another FOP Card in there. My dad wanted to give you another one in case you lose the first one, haha.

Mitchellover17 said...

That is so amazing I am like totally counting down the days Till then .Also freaking Mason is so hillarious when are you coming out to Colorado to see me again cuz I really miss you!!!!!~!

Ashlee :) said...

i just bought your new single...

LOVE IT :) <3

natalia said...

hey mitchel!!

I've watched the music video for the in crowd. I love it! Haha and marc was also there!

I'm really excited for all the new projects. I heard that another music video of you was airing next month. Is it true?

Have you thought about having international saynow numbers? Cuz I can't phone you to that number, but if you had one to phone from spain I deffinitely would.

Love ya!


Molly said...

Haha. My friends and I called you like 5 times during the nightly hours on the 28th I believe. That was fun, we were trying to pull an all nighter so we called you and Selena Gomez. Fun stuff. I hate state curfews putting us in early. We sang a song to you about little birds and maggots! Well I have early morning cheer practice!

Molly E.

Gabby Boo said...

U are so cute and sweet u rock i love

Anonymous said...