Tuesday, January 13, 2009


MTV was at the shooting of my new Music Video for "The In Crowd"! They are airing some pieces from the footage they took over the next few days on MTV, MTV2 and MTVU. If you see any of them, let me know what you think!

ALSO, who is coming to Steamboat Springs, CO. this weekend to see the show?? Lot's of new music and Lot's of fun! See you there!



ashleeeeeee. :] said...

wooow. MTV? that's rad.!

ooh. i would be coming to colorado, but i decided not to go.

ahh. shake it was on american idol. weriddd.!

P.S. I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY! its been what, almost 4 months since i've seen last. :/ i neeeed to see yoou.!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! You are so Amazing!!

I'm going to watch MTV to look for you!!!

I hope you make your way over to Pennsylvania really soon!!

and I can't wait to get your CD when it comes out! I am also very excted to watch the premiere of Hatching Pete!!! :)

<3 Breanne, 17

P.S. *I am exactly 12 days younger than you!!!

amy said...

uh oh mitchy's steppin up in the music world! watch out! haha ossum. i'll def keep an eye out. and u'll be the first to know when i see it. and mitchy if i lived anywhere near CO i'd be the first in line. i know u'll be super amazing as always... xoxoxo <3

Samar said...

First comment! Whoo!! ( hopefully that doesn't change by the time I finish writing this!! )

This is my first time reading your blog. First off, CONGRATS!! That must be really exciting for you! I haven't seen the video yet but I'll look for it! Secondly, I really like all the fan interaction you have here. It's really nice! And giving out you're phone number is really bold! ( I was so going to call but I can barely last talking to my own friends on the phone, I'm kind of shy...maybe one day!)

Ooh! And fun fact for you: I am a year older than you. I hope you stay active with Disney even when you are older. You can never be too old for Disney and it's a really great place for kids ( any age ) to look for role models. I like how you are such a good example and I really like what you do (it's my dream job, but of course, I'm too shy). Keep up the good work!!

Aaand I'll end this since it's getting too long!

Much love from Texas!!♡☆!!

~Samar (pronounced "Summer")

Mareen said...

Wow that's really cool.
I've already seen some on the mtv side. Can't wait to see the the full musicvideo.
..And nope i can't come .. or I'll catch a plane and hit the us :D

Mareen ♥

Nien said...

I would love to come to Colorado, I would love to come to every show of you. But unfortunately I can't come to any of your shows, because I live in the Netherlands ><
I hope you'll come to this little country one day. I want to meet you, dude! x]

I'm looking forward to the day your CD comes out, I will definitely buy it!

I wish you all the best in everything you're doing/going to do.

I love you, man! <3 You're ossum ;]

xoxo <3

Anonymous said...

OMG, yeah! When I was watching MTV2 last night, the MTV News came on, and the girl was talking about Disney stars who are going to be big in 2009 or something. I kept waiting for her to mention you (because I saw you on the monitor behind her as she was talking!), but she never did. I believe she mentioned Lucas Grabeel. She'll probably mention you next time, so I'll keep my eyes open and let you know :)

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

yayy! wait...i don't have cable. oh well...i'll youtube it or something.

wow! you've been doing lots and lots of concerts! you should come back to michigan to do one...again. Maybe the ionia free fair again?!?!? *hint hint* lol. i don't know if you remember me or not but when you were standing under the tent at the fair, before the show, the girl in the pink shirt and like 3 rows away from the back...well that was me! lol...think hard....you looked at me and smiled. lol

mwah! i miss ya!

Alex <<3 said...

Hopefully i see some parts of your new music video i watch mtv alot sooo maybe there is a good chance ill see it ... do you know yet when the music video will actually come out sooo i can see it

Hopefully you album is coming along good soo i can get it later in the year .....

I wish i could go but i live to far away ** in iowa ** hopefully sometime later you can come back around iowa and i will see you again i still remember last year it was about 6 months ago on my half birthday July 28th me and my friend went to see you and corbin bleu it was such a fun concert and you signed my tshirt and we both got a picture with you well at lease my friend did because i didn't know my friend was taking a picture with me in it since i wasn't paying attention but its still our backs though ...



Ewa said...

MTV...! Wooow.That's cool.^^
I must see that.!
I can;t wait when your CD comes out.! I must have this. ;d
Love You.! <3

Britt said...

I so wish I could come to the show,
but to bad I live like 9876543 billion miles away.
and I will definitely be watching mtv.
and thats huge! that your going to be on mtv. omg
mason added a bunch of new pictures on his myspace
hahha just sayinggg.
and I agree that you should come to pa :]
or new york, or new jersey, or anywhere close to there
okayy byee

Mitchellover17 said...

I am in colorado didn't know you were coming might make it up there!!!!!!

~*Amber*~ said...

Thats so cool Mitchel! I hope to catch you on MTV. =]

I just bought The In Crowd yesterday on Itunes and its awesome!

Good luck at the show this weekend! =D

Carly said...

really! mtv! thts pretty cool mitchel!!

i wish i was going to the colorado showw...but i live in chicago...where u should come...well maybe not now cuz its SUPER cold but when it gets warmer :) ahaha

okayy havee fun in colorado!! thanks for updatiinggg!

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL!! That is amazing!

kellyyy said...

i would be going.
but i can't.
my mom made me choose from indoor lacrosse.
and your concert.
so im going lacrosse.

i know stef and colleen are going.

good luck.

tubalicious_ said...

thats great mitchel!!!! good job (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Florida misses you very dearly haha. I hope you have a show here soon, or maybe you will be at Dc Games. Can't wait to see the new video.

naDdi said...

OMG I can't wait for it!! you know I have a huge crush on you!!! and you're a good singer! I can't wait for march! to see Hatching pete!! OMG this will be a great year for you. Anyway I love the song too...

ashley said...

omg so i think you called me earlier today at 3:12 but i was at baton practice and i didn't have my phone with me.

so now i am not letting it leave my sight.

please feel VERY free to call again. lmao. maybe i'll actually answer this time.

(if you remember my number.. lol. if you want to then get on myspace and i was your very first comment you ever got so go there and click on my profile and say hi or something. or i'll give it to you in a message, hopefully your inbox isn't flooded. so let's hope you remember it hah. or you could just click on my name for this comment if you want to also it will take you there. bahaha i feel dumb.)

have a good day/night/ whatever it is wherever you are lol

- ashley s. from florida

Anonymous said...

heyyy mitchel! hows it going? mtv? wow very nice but i mostly just wanted to get on here ad thank you sooo much for signing my christmas card from braison and miley and the gang. it was a wonderful chrsitmas gift thanks again

<3 danielle

email me if ya can

Camille said...

sounds pretty awesome! good luck with your concert!

Julie :] said...

i watched the vid. the set looks awesome- simple [in a good way] and awesome.

as far as touring goes... lol
i definately think you should go on tour. like you said, either right on the album release date or soon after. but make sure you plan on coming to cleveland on april 22nd.... i think you'll make a certain girl's sweet 16th the best birthday in the world! ;] haha

i'm glad everything's goin good for you. keep it up, Mitchy!
you rock :]


Anonymous said...

awsome! now come too chicagoo!

Mitchellover17 said...

You are coming to rescue me I can't wait to see you LIKE I have missed you so freaking much you are my prince charming and I am your Cinderella!!!Oh Christina can't wait to see you and Marc although it's more of marc but I am totally for you babes.lolz oh well ok well can't wait to see you this weekend it will be purely amazing baby.Ok will call you later babes.
Love you,

Sierra said...

thats so awesome! ill watch & see if i see anything! congrats!

Hanna said...

wish i could come!! too busy with basketball and acting...

Ashlee :) said...


the day you and i will both be looking forward to :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Will definetly be looking out for it on MTV! Getting excited to see Hatching Pete!

You're so lucky to live where you do, its been so cold here in WI. This a.m. it was -22 below zero, plus we recently got at least 6 inches of snow..
I'm turning 21 in Feb so hopefully it'll be a little bit warmer so we can get outside!
Have a great time in CO!


Yasmin said...

Hey (:
I cant wait to watch the video, it'll be awesome :D
Oh, and it would be cool if you'd come to germany just for your fans here :D .. like... me?
Yasmin from Germany

Miranda said...

Cool! I saw the video for MTV! It was funny that you said not to let your brother tell people that he made the logo!

Lucinda said...

Congratulations, its amazing how far you are coming, and exciting to find how far you will go!
I was wondering if u wanted 2 go to my winter formal? its on january 24, kinda short notice, but if u could that would be super! let me know!} :)

Peace and Love,

Lucinda said...

O, and Come to Santa Cruz, California!!! that would be really boss!
Peace and Love,

Miranda said...

Mitchie! I am listening to Radio Disney and guess what song just came on..........THE IN CROWD!

Rosario said...

Heyy mitchel!! (:

I just finished watching the video to the In Crow! I love love love love it! I almost cried when watching it. :/ lol

--- rosario

Michelle said...

I just finished watching the music video and I love it! And the song is AMAZING. I'm so proud of you :)

Michelle (twin from Portland, OR)

Anonymous said...

Great in crowd video mitchel!!!


Ashlee :) said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new video :)

& Marc as a skateboarder :)

_ said...

Just saw your new vid. on youtube.
It was epic win Mitchel. Seriously.
Good job<3
I can't wait to hear more from you :)
And I just saw the Hannah Montana movie trailor. Eep. Looks exciting. I hope your in it for at least a wee while :D
Damn hot blonde dude getting to be the love interest. Pshaw. Miley must be blind not to notice the awesome that is Oliver XD

ajwtcb said...

Hey Mitchel! I just wanted to say that I picked up "The In Crowd" from the iTunes store today. The timing of it coming out was pretty good. I've been dealing with a difficult medical issue with my father and parts of this song resonated with me. So, I wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work! Can't wait to hear your album when that's released - especially if this is the sort of music you have in store for us. Take care!

Gennine said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I will def. check it out when I see it! I can't wait to see the video!!! And you have to come back to NJ!!!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

Amy said...

Hey Mitchel! Man I really wanted to go to that concert, but it was like a 5 hour drive :( I just got "The In Crowd" on iTuns. I love it! Also when do you think you are coming back to Colorado???? Let me know so i can go!!! :D Hope you had a great time in Steamboat!

Nikita Bimson said...

Mitchel, I love the music video for the In Crowd. =]

Yasmin said...

OMG! I just watched it the first time. I think its simple but AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
I really want to see you live and listen to your cd now o.o You're SO amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel, i just saw your music video for the in crowd and I completely broke out in tears,because that's exactly how I feel.
Thank you for writing this song!

Leanna Marie said...


Totally taken off guard, because I wasn't paying attention... And I hadn't heard the song before...

I hear this cool rockish Plain White T's esque sound and I'm thinking "Wow. I like this." I look up and there's Mitchel's head on my tv!

If it wasnt 2:30 in the morning, I would have screamed. In glee, of course!


<3Leanna Marie

Julie :] said...

ahh! MITCHEL!!

i saw the music vid for "the in crowd"!! it was AWESOME!!! i loved it. :] you did a great job, and it turned out really well, i think.

i'm definately proud to be a fan of yours :]
congrats Mitchel! keep rockin'


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel you are awsome and I soooo love your new song in crowd I saw it on u tube and I can't stop watching it. that song so reminds me of my life that's probably one of the reasons that I like it, you know it's something I can completly relate to.

P.S. any idea when your coming back to tennessee? I've never seen you in concert but I sooo want to knowing you I'm sure its amazing.

keep rockin' on

Maddie Violet said...

You seem like a good guy. :) Good singer too. I like The In Crowd, it was good. Thanks for the good music!

huskycentral09 yahoo rox said...

hey mitchy wats up