Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Call Me! Let me know what's up!

(323) 622-8588


P.S. AFter you call me, hop on over to and let's watch that again together! OVER 100,000 views!!! WHAT???? WOW! Thank you so much for calling Radio Disney and requesting the song and for all the Incredibly Awesome comments you guys have left on YOUTUBE. I am completely blown away by you guys. I have said it before, but it deserves repeating....YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! Can't wait to show you lot's more music Very soon! If you like "The In Crowd", you are going to be Very excited about the Album!


Hazel said...

OMG FIRST COMMENT... this girl on facebook who ive barely ever talked to keeps being mean to me... IDK y... and i think my friend ditched me today... and my other friend is kinda mad at me... this is about... no it is... the best thing that's happened to me today... i left a msg on the say now earlier its just like "hey i like the video i want the album to come out soon since july 4th was a yr and a half ago now hurry up"

erobnots said...

OMG I LOVE MITCHEL MUSSO! i have been to his concert at Darien Lake and got his autograph! I love his song "The in-crowd" I really want to go to anouther concert soon!

ur fan,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! :)

lol......I'll ask about calling you again...but I really get nervous leaving dad was really manipulative last weekend... in December he told me over phone that if I didn't want to go somewhere, I should just tell him. Last weekend I asked him if we could go to the movies because we never do anything like that. Then the next day I asked if I could stay at his house instead of going to his religious meeting. He told me that if I didn't go to his religious meeting that we wouldn't go to the movies since if I didn't feel well enough to go to his religious event (I never said I didn't feel well), then we couldn't go to the movies. He also said something about me not being eighteen so I couldn't negotiate... he apologized later...and we went to the movies...but I am getting really tired of him hurting my feelings every time he doesn't get his way. And I am starting to think more about leaving my dad......unfortunately. But I'm sure I will be okay either way...okay I just made a sentence that rhymed without realizing

I have listened to your music video so many times! I really like it a lot :)

So whats up Mitchel? Not much for me...besides my dad anyways...I am taking more singing lessons in a week or so :)...

My room looks really different :)
We haven't put everything back in, but it looks really cool :)

I also put more pictures on my myspace :D lol I have a funny picture of my dog with her paws I want to make some more videos...and put the Halloween video on my myspace.
I was kinda nervous in the Halloween video... lol but I will try to put that on myspace soon...
If you see it, its kinda funny...though in the beginning you can't see much because its so dark. I'll send you a message on myspace when I put the video up :)

Wish ya luck Mitchy!!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. okay I am running out of things to
I don't drink soda...the only kind of soda I even slightly like is root beer...I usually have a root beer float once a year in the summer :) but other then that I usually don't drink soda.
ok...I i will stop talking :) wow...REALLY long

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! I love your new song! Its really good and your voice sounds amazing. Haha, your looking pretty good in that video too. <3 I like your red shoes too! Lol. Keep up the good work.


Hannah said...

Hey Mitchel!
The music video turned out amazing, good job! Congrats on the views, and I'll definitely try to give you a call soon. :)


Miranda said...

Cool! I want the album!

amy said...


u should go on myspace cuz i left u a long comment on there about the in-crowd video when it premeired. and i was telling u about how i reviewed it and stuff on itunes. u should totally read those cuz u'll enjoy it. ;) and i would call u in a heartbeat but i honestly don't want other people listening to my message to u... i dunno im weird. i might try and see if u answer by chance... i love u though <3 and honestly at least 30 of those views on youtube are probably me honestly lmao

sarah said...

I loved the In Crowd! It is the best song! I listen to it all the time! Bye!

Sarah S.

Gabriella loves Mitchel:] said...

omg. i love the in crowd it is such an inspiration to me. it really relates to me in soo many ways. You are such soo down to earth and such and amazing guy. please come back to georgia soon because I miss you:]

~*Amber*~ said...

I just got a call back from your number recently. It made my day. It was a recording but it still made me smile. =]

I'm glad The In Crowd is going over so well. I love the song, and the video is awesome! I'm so exited for all the stuff you have coming our way this year. 2009 is your year for sure.

Hanna said...

i watched it like 5 times!!!

Savannah said...

I Love you mitchel so much! You are truly amazing!! I can't stop smiling when I think of you or watch you on tv.
Ugh, will you marry me? Hehe.

But anyways, you should check out my youtube account @ Its dedicated to you.

Well I can go on and on but I don't want to bore you lol.

Love you!

P.s. Can you wish me happy valentines day on your blog and on my birthday february 16th? Please? Say "to savannah my fiance." Hehe. Thanks! ((:

Mareen said...

Mitchel you rock! You totally deserve the views. It's a great song and I listen to it over and over again. I even sing it in maths. And then my teacher kicked me out ... he's a creep :D
Anyways ... I wanted to know if I can call your number eben when I live in germany?? Ot can I just call when I live in the US?

Mareen <33

Disa said...

I can't wait for the album :)

Julie :] said...

we're not the best, Mitchel... YOU'RE the best :] and we're very honored to support you, and will continue to do so no matter what. ;] so keep rockin'!

love you!


PS: im most definately excited to hear more music and i absolutely CANNOT wait for this album!!! :D

vanesa said...

I'm very excited about the Album!
I CANT WAIT !!I love your songs, you are a great singer and if we are the best fans in the world, you are the best guy in the world.

peace out

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome song it honestly hits home for everyone but is there another way to vote for you song on Disney Radio's website? It's just a little expensive to call in from Canada and I really think this song should get out there! Keep living the dream Mitchel,
Yours from Ontario
M.B. of LR

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel[:
It has been years since the last time I commented any of your posts :(
Okay, it's probably just a month ago, but still: Sorry! ;)
I lost my password and was too lazy to make a new one.

Omg, I'm VERY excited about your album! Can't wait!
Will it come out in germany?
Becuse if not, I need to buy it on eBay :D

I'd love to call you, but it'd cost me too much money since I live in germany ;) Unfortunaly...

Talk to you later <3
Have a nice day!,
Nadine :)

Mitchellover17 said...

you called me back and that made my day like hardcore!!!!!!
In crowd rocks

Cassidy said...

Hey! Fans are nothing without THE BEST ARTIST IN THE WORLD to be a fan of! You rock our worlds Mitch!

Austin said...

Hey! I'm going to call you right now Mitchel!
Aww! You were just in Flordia! Again! I need to meet you I've been trying for years! I wish you would let us know when your in flodia so we can like see each other! You should do a meet and greet in flordia! Anywhere in the center! I'll drive! I'll do anything for you!
Your October Fan of the Month

Maddie Violet said...

I love The In Crowd! It is so good! I think that you are such a great guy! I really like your hair too. :) Thanks for the great music!

Sierra said...

I've watched The In Crowd on youtube like a thousand times!!! Haha, well not a thousand but a LOT!!! :D i really cant wait for the album!!!!

BRIT said...

awwww omg that video is sooo cuttee<3
i watch it like over and over again everyday
i added The In-Crowd onto my myspace (:
i love it so much. and you <3
hahah (: your amazing! aw omg yourr soo cute.
you should just like fly a little plane over to my hizhouse and we should just like chill and have a dandy good time. hahhah
Kick off your stilettos; Kick off your stilettos.
oldd songgg that im listening to<3
okayy anywaysssssss hahha bye<3
aka brit aka britbear aka BSEG.
hahahhahahahahhahh those are nicknames my friends call me and i just felt like sharing that with you hahhhahaah omg im like so weird today. okayy bye noww<3

Nikita Bimson said...

woo! way to go on being rad.

Shayla said...

mitchel!! you are thne most amazing person in the world! I love you to death!!! I seriously do!!! your like the best! I wish I could call your SAYNOW, but I can't call long distance on my cell phone!! grrrrrrrrrrr! haha

Okay well anyway Mitch. I gotta go to bed before i get in trouble! not cool!


P.S. I may get a youtube channel soon!
P.S.S I love the in crowd! I listen to it like 24/7 I'm serious!!
P.S.S.S okay this is my last ps. COME TO LUBBOCK!! That would make me day. Scratch that that would make my life! lol! XD

Whitley said...

this has nothing to do with the subject but I just wanted to tell you that I love your new video for The In Crowd O.K. bye!

Brittany said...

OMG i love Mitchel Musso. He is so awsome! I really LOVE your song "The in-crowd". I listen to i all the time. LOVE ya Mitchel!

-Brittany : )

Anonymous said...

I love you're new cd I got it the day it came out! I love the poster that came with it I have it on my wall 24\7 I love u so much!