Sunday, March 29, 2009



kaitie! :] said...

happy birthday marc! :]

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

You are so awesome.

My birthday wish for you is that you become a cool, huge, and totally succesful actor.

Oh, and you should totally renew friendships with people from the past. just something random. Haha. That's what I did and now I have so many great friends that I would have never had.

Rachel said...

Hope he has a wonderful birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

heyyy mitchell its bella from mexico i took pics wit you and yeah HEYYY!!!

MissaLissa :] said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope it was ammmaaazzziiinnnngggg!
your actually older then me.

Mithcel, give him a big birthday hug for me.

xoxo. ily.

alexis. said...

happy birthday marc!

Anonymous said...

OMG happy b-day marc!! have a nice day!!!!!

~*Amber*~ said...

Happy Birthday Marc!

I hope you had an amazing day!


christineeee (: said...

Happppppy birthday Marc! <3
wishing him the best

i missss youu a lot. :(

Anonymous said...

Say Happy birthday to Marc if you ever read this comment (i doubt it)! Fourteen years old... I wish I could go back to those days...

On a side note, I saw your most recent episode of HM, and i have to say that you were AMAZING in it. You truly are a skilled actor. And i absolutely LOVED the Lilly and Oliver scenes. They were adorable!

lauren said...

big 14 marc..congrats!!!!! Hope you had an awesome day and didn't drive your family too crazy!!

p.s. mitchel....loliver all the way...haha!! that was an AWESOME episode!

Sigrid said...

Happy Birthday :D

Ewa said...

Happy Birthday Marc.! I hope you had a fun.! :)

_ said...

Happy Birthday Marc!
He's such a lovely wee guy hehe <3

Tanya said...

Woah, younger sister just turned 14 on March 28th. Happy Birthday to Marc! :D

WeeBeaver# said...

happy bday marc :] wish you all the best :D

Ash said...


moveon said...

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Laur said...

Happppppppppppppy Birthday.

Is he going to get a haircut?



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marc! It seems like just yesterday you rapped to him at his 13th birthday party that year went by fast! Hope you had fun at the 2009 Kids choice awards, sorry you didn't win your nominations but hey maybe the In-Crowd will make it to number one sooner than you think! Have fun in Vegas when you go too, enjoy the rest of your week. Keep on living the dream, Mitchel.

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

Sophia Outraged said...

happpppy birthday *.*

Duff said...

Happy Birthday Marc!!!!!

LadyinPink06 said...



Taylor said...

Happy 14th birthday Marc!

GiGi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!! Hope you had the most ossum day EVER! Can't believe you're 14 already, wow! :D


[richelle.♥] said...

happy birthday marcccc!

_ said...

Hey Mitchel. Mind taking a look at the picture I just drew? I'd love to know your reaction XD

Take it with a pinch of salt, it's all done in the name of comedy.

Shayla said...




I am anticipating your album!!!


Hannah said...

Happy birthday, Marc!
I called your SayNow and sang you the Happy Birthday song, haha... How does it feel to be old? (in the words of a friend of mine...she said that when I turned 14 in Feb.) I hope your birthday was awesome and that you had a freakishly fun time with your family and friends.

Miranda said...

Happy birthday to him!!!

Amanda said...

Hi Mitchel,
I and all brazilian girls love you so much.
Visit my blog . Oh and send a coment please.

Camille said...

Happy Birthday Marc! Im 14 too! Happy Birthday!

beatriz said...


Yasmin said...

happy belated birthday :)
Haha your as old as me now :D

I hope you have an awesome year!

Yasmin from Germany

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday marc!


Angela said...

I hope he had a good birthday!

Anonymous said...

mmk so I was wondering,
I was on that mitchel musso myspace thing..
and is that like you actually go on it,
or disney does, or what?
because im confused 0_0
&+ people were saying it was you
and then others were like noo
so I was like alrightt "wtf"
alrightt byee<3 and happy late bday to marc.

Taylor said...

yo! happy birthday marc!!
hope you had a great time!