Friday, March 27, 2009

The IN CROWD was # 2 this week on Radio Disney!

Thank u so much for calling and requesting! That was a very nice surprise to see it reach # 2.



ashleeeeeee. :] said...

man, i miss you. a lot. =/

♥cLaRa♥ said...


Nikita Bimson said...

Thats so rad! Congrats. =]

Cassidy said...

Wait to go, Mitchel! A suprise? I don't think so! You totally deserved it! Just waiting on #1! Have the BEST WEEK EVER! :P

Ewa said...

'The in crowd' is a COOL song.! :) It will be 1.!
I'm happy you write.!
I bought magazine and I'm writting about you now. :) And there is a postrer. xd That's COOL. :)
Love U! <33

Anonymous said...

awsome you really deserve it! I love you =) I have a quastion for you mitchel and i hope you read it xD
In the episode What i don't like about you Lilly and Oliver get together =( and we (moliver fans) lost all hope and joy in watching Hannah montana anymore is there still hope for us to keep watching or will loliver be the winning ship til the end?

Love you to death


kaitie! :] said...

awesome, congrats!
next up, # 1. :]


MissaLissa :] said...

oooo. i love that song sooooo much!

i miss you alot! i hope i get to see you in concert again.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mitchel! I'm so glad "The In-Crowd" has been soo successful for you, you really do deserve it with all the hard work you've done! Hope you enjoyed your vacation with your family in Cancun and got to enjoy some Vitamin E with a combination of sushi lol It was cool to get updates from Twitter about what you were up to in the meantime.

However I did see one question that was directed towards Lilly and Oliver being a couple in an up coming episode, and that you confirmed it was true. I am a little disappointed with Disney at the moment (I’m not completely opposed to Loliver, it just seems that this issue between friends dating somehow always comes up i.e. That’s So Raven, did it once) so I guess I’ll just have to get over it for now. Anyways have fun at the awards show and have a good week! Keep on living the dream, Mitchel.

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

Ps. Hope either of your shows win an award; you guys deserve to get something at least with all your hard work!

Tanya said...

How awesome...I'm happy for you. I find the song getting stuck in my own head a lot lately. XD

Miranda said...

That is awesome :)! Hopefully I will get to #1!

_ said...

Well done Mitch ma man ;)
You deserve number one though. At life. Because you win at life.

On a side note about recent Hannah Montana.. events. Um, does this mean Loliver has won..? Because.. AHHHH NOOOO!!!! I was SO SURE Moliver was going to happen and my hopes have been crushed. Pathetic I know. I'm 16 years old and upset ab
out a Disney couple, but jeez!

Mitchel, I am sitting exams to get into university this year, and I am stressed the hell out. If you convince Disney to make Moliver happen I will be the happiest girl on the planet and I will send you a muffin basket.


Blackmail always works. ;)

Taylor said...

Congratulations! Hopefully it will be at #1 next week!

Camille said...

Mitchel your such a good singer! Its the best song ever, Im so excited to hear more songs of yours!

Ana Luíza said...

Hi Mitchel,
Congratulation for this... It's so great know about this!!!
I love you and your songs...
Kisses and Hugs from your Brazilian fan!!!
PS.: Sorry my horrible english!!!

Anonymous said...

have an amazing week :)

P.S. Lilly and Oliver are amazing! The new episode was a dream come true <3

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! I miss your bloggings!! I know, I spelled that wrong on purpose.!!!

Ahhh! My bestie Kristin got a shirt and you have it too!! ahhh! I want it so bad! It's the one with the headphones on it! I love it!!

The in Crowd was at #2!!!! ahhhh! I saw that and was like OMG!!! That's amazing!!

I ooberly love you!!

Libbylove86 said...

well maybe that's because it's an awesome song! Love you Mitchel!


LadyinPink06 said...

Congrats! It's one of my favorite songs. Every time I hear it, it keeps playing in my head for the rest of the day.


P.S. Sure I love Lily, but Moliver just has something more. But then again, you and Miley are super close so I'd understand if it might be weird. But you're still my favorite couple though.

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve to be #1 Mitchel! You have alot of heart in your songs, and that's what makes them work! My name is Amy & i'm 17 from Michigan & I called in Radio Disney many many times now & requested "the in crowd" and now even "let it go" ;) i'm thinking of you always buddy ♥


Anonymous said...

good jod on the song :)
it is so nice to listen to.
i love you!!!! YOU ROCK!!!
and please tell everyone on hannah montana that my life is complete!!! the loliver fans are all spazzing uncontrolably, lilly and oliver are PERFECT for each other, YAYAYAYAY. Sorry that all the moliver's are giving you a hard time. I hope they stay together cause if not, I'll be sooo crushed and upset. YOU ARE AWESOME IN THE SHOW!! you're hilarious! You make me laugh so hard :)


Anonymous said...

The in crowd is the best song ever!!!! you deserve it!
I am obssessed with it :)
you are the best!!!!

P.S. Thought you might want to see some happy people spazzing over loliver :

B. said...

Congratsss!! I love your song so much :)

Now, about Hannah montana...
I'm so sad about the news! I can't believe that that Lily and Oliver got together... it's so weird
I think that Miley and Oliver have much more chemistry and deserve to be together !

Have a wonderful week!

B. from São Paulo, Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel leave me a messege on twitter or add me we can be tweets ;)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, I'm glad In Crowd is number two. You totally deserve it, you can tell how much you put into that song.

P.S. I'm sorry people are being so immature about the Lilly and Oliver thing. Clearly it isn't really your choice but the writers, and it hasn't stopped people from blaming you for it. I've seen the episode, and I think you were amazing in it. I especially loved you're delivery of the "I like apples" line. I seriously spent like five minutes laughing at that. I'll watch it again April 19th when it airs, because it's beyond awesome.

Keep on being amazing!

Emily said...

Congratulations!! I request that song as much as I can, It's fantastic and kind of addictive.
(OH, and P.S. That new episode called What I don't Like about you, well just thanks for doing such an amazing job with making my Loliver dreams come true!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mitchel! You totally deserve it!

Oh, and about the new episode. I was so sure your character would get with Miley. Seriously from the beginning I would say "Miley and Oliver are going to get together." Oh well, that's just how things go. Lilly and Oliver look cute, I guess.

ED said...

Mitchel! Congratulations. Can't wait to hear the other songs on your cd, I'm sure they're gonna be crazymazing.
As for that episode that everybody seems to be mentioning - you are an amazing actor, as Emily is an amazing actress, and you guys did a really good job portraying a couple in "What I Don't Like About You." I hope that you guys had fun doing it, and DON'T LISTEN TO THE HATERS! Love both of you guys. Can't wait until your CD comes out.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel you're awesome and so cool, i knew you would do it :D
Cause you're aamaazing!!!
and so is LOLIVER!! Perfect match!!!!! Perfect chemistry!!!!!!
sorry just had to say it!
"You thinking what I'm thinking" LOVE IT!!

Have a fantastic week :)

Anonymous said...

hey isnt it marcs bday today??! happy birthday to him

Anonymous said...

no problem, i call everyday & request all your songs that are out :) can't wait for the album!


kaitie! :] said...

happy birthday to marc! :]

Albane said...

No need to thanks, it's just a good song !

Caitlin said...

Lol, uh, Mitchel, just so you know, we (moliver fans) arn't intentionally trying to bother you.. I just want to put that out there. We all love you greatly and your character Oliver. We were just a bit dissapointed is all. And im sure the loliver fans would be saying the exact same things if they were in our positions. So stop trying to act all high and mighty loliver fans :/

Anonymous said...

"The In Crowd" is a great song so i'm glad its number two! Hope it gets to be number one! You have a great voice.

By the way, i saw the episode where Lilly and Oliver date, and OH.MY.GOD I'm so happy! That episode made all of my dreams come true. I have always wanted the two to get together. Your acting was perfect, fyi.

jasmine said...

hi i love the song the in crowd is fantastic i love you too

Anonymous said...

I love that song!!! It's soo awesome!

AmyAmy said...

I love your song :), Your awsome, keep singing your awsome songs u make :)

AmyAmy said...

hey Mitchel :), this song is the best! x, i can't wait till more of your music is out cuz your awsome :) ! x

alyx said...

Hey! I LOVE the In crowd i listen to it ALL the time!!!
Im getting you're NEW cd today! : ) Im so EXCITED!
<3- Alyx