Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Remember when you write to me:

1. Write your address on the letter too. Sometimes I get your letters and I can't read the address.
2. Include a first name. Sometimes it can get to you with only a first name....but sometimes it can't. 3. When you are mailing from over seas....please include in your letter $1.70 postage for me to return something to you.
4. Only send one item for me to sign.
5. Don't send candy in the mail....it makes the letters very messy and I can't read them or write you back.
6. If you are mailing to me within the USA...please include $1.00 with your letter to cover postage for a headshot to be sent back.
7. Always include your entire ADDRESS! Name, street with street number, city, state and zip code!
Thanks so much for writing me. I sure do appreciate you guys!



Anonymous said...

k but could u say ur address again?...i didn't get it!!!...please!!!!! :(


Jacquelyn said...

Thanx for letting us know about that Mitchel!!!!! You are truly the best, you know that?! ♥

Oh sweet nibblets....I sent you chocolates for Valentine's day in February!!!!!!!!!! I hope they didn't melt and mess anything up...But then again it was winter and it was cold so hopefully it didn't melt as fast..lol

I hope you have the best time in New York!!! =D

Guess what.....I tried put for solos in Choir today!!!! I really hope I get a solo....the last time I has a solo was about 5 years ago in another choir!!!!! LOL!!!

Well, have an awesome week....take care!

Yours forever and always,

Anonymous said...

I wish I was one of those "beautiful girls" you saw at Aly & AJ's party! Did they sing at all there? They are really good, and Miley is too! I'm sure their entrance was awesome! I still wish I could come see you in NYC...it's about 10 HOURS away though! :( Maybe Fort Wayne, Indiana? Somewhere within an hour or two away?! LOL. Sooo Good Luck to go see Mason! Tell him we all love him and his band! (It's Metro Station, right?) And good luck in New York and on Phineas & Ferb!

Love you!


◘♥Jesenia♥◘ said...

Hey Mitchel!! Thanks!! For telling us that!! I'm planning to send you something! Well see you laterz!! Take Care!

Love You!

claire said...


whats up???

i'm going to have to write to you someday!!!

does miley have an account here??

NIKKI said...



Anonymous said...

sorry im slow may i ask where we mail it to thax lots

maddie said...

i didn't send a dollarrrrr:[
so u can't write backk?

Allie said...

OMG! Mitchel, 1st comment!

I'm so glad you are coming to NY! The last time you were here (NY) I was in DC! I was so upset! I'm a really huge fan!

I'll be there this Saturday. I can't wait to meet you!

Allie <3

maddie said...

this is sooo randumm but im talking to my friend matthewww && i was tlaking about you? && i have a picture of u on my myspace && my friend was like "at least he has cool clothes" mann that cracked me upp. :]
i don't know whyy im tellin' you this but i guess its a complimentttt? :]

sara said...

ill be sure to send ya sumptin... just wonderin have you ever been to michigan for any thing? cause i live there and there is never anyone here. i saw you at disney in arpil (24) i was at the pool hangin out with my mom brother and aunt. it was my birthday and we just got back from planet hollywood! you are so sweet when you signed aoutographs for kids (aawww). well i gtg so ttyl

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel im sure you posted this before but what is the address we send it to? i'd love to get a autograph from you! :]

Anonymous said...

wow thats crazii i was just writting u fan mail!!!!!!! its like u were reading my mind!!! thanx for letting me know!!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
i ♥ u

The Disney Source said...

Hey Mitchel thatr's KEWL I may write u sumtime ur SO awesome on HM. ttyl byee

Anonymous said...

ok thats soo sad that they get all sticky..do u still ike bracelets?

juliedoan09 said...

who has sent candy to you?

vicioustaylor said...

lol @ melted candy letters |:
maybe i should send you a letter.
i wouldnt know what to give you though
a bracelet seems to be everyone's idea
maybe i could give you some cheap bling, but than i wouldnt want you to get a green neck.. |:
orrrr a 25 cent ring from one of those dispensers you see at the mall or at the grocery store
or if i really wanted to stand out i oculd get you a robot :0
like bender from futurama, only...than it might steal your shiny spendy stuff
so maybe thats a bad idea
well i do have paper flowers i made in study hall not long ago
i put a bunch of oils on them to make them smell like pretty flowers :]
how id fit them in an envelope, i dont know, but i guess itd have to be squished, if you can manage to make it look like a flower again (which shouldnt be hard) than i guess thats the plan :]
be sure to look out for a letter from someone named "taylor lawson" that smells like vanilla and has a bunch of silly drawings on the back :]

Nicolette said...

Thanks Mitchel for the info!

You are really sweet for letting us know things like this....it really shows you care :)

What a sweetheart!

Thanks again!


Stacey said...

Mitchel, I'm hoping you got the card I sent you. :)
*Hugs and Kisses, Stacey*

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!

Wow! Lots of things going on today, eh?

First, Aly & AJ's b-day party..Glad you had a great time! Hmmm...a car with a big red bow...Someone's hoping they might get that around..Oh I don't know...July??? lol! (Actually TWO someones!! =D)

New York...Have fun!!!!! I really hope you can see Mason!!! No matter how annoying they are...*Looks at little sister* You always love and miss 'em!!!

Fan mail...I'm planning on sending something for your b-day...No candy, don't worry!!!! I don't want you to send something back though....I already have a few of your autographs, and I don't want to be rude and take up more of your time...Besides, the gift will probably take some time anyway!!! lol, hint, hint!!! ;)

Have a rockin' weeek! Take it easy!!!


maddie :] said...

mitchel could you come down to georgia pleaseee? :]

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

Thanks for the post. WOW!!! You sure are busy. Three posts in one day. That's amazing!! What do you like to recieve, in the mail. I know you said, bracelets, and guitar picks. Anything else???? Please let me know!!

Deticated to you, forever and always,

Georgina said...

Hey Mitch
Thanks fot telling us
Ill make sure not to send you any food or sticky messy crap lol
love Georgina
p.s Which fanmail adress gets there quicker and is more better, and the one you reply to faster ♥xxxxx♥

Lizzy said...

you will get one from me soon!


alexxx said...

I JSUT GOT MI PICTURE BAK!!!!!! yesterdya in the mail was thhe picture of you i sent for you to sign yay i was like jumping up and down thanx again and is it wierd signing stuff with your face on it haha i think i would be like wow this is crazy but yet sooo cool

Anonymous said...



sara said...

that would be so cool if you vidoe taped what you do on one of your days so we could see what your up to normally...

brie said...

i just sent you a letter around three weeks ago. i hope u get it soon!

today was our 8th grade field trip to navy pier!!! it was so much FUN!!!!! we went on a cruise ship around the lake for about 4 hours. they had a buffet, dancing, and a dj! it was so kool! then we got to walk around with our buds and go shopping. me and my friends went on the giant ferris wheel and i bought a necklace, friendship bracelette, and italian flip flops. they're so AWESOME!!! we went to ben and jerry's after shopping and i tool a TON of pix! i had such a BLAST!!!

i hope you had a great day!!!

luv, brie

Katie said...

Thankz! i think ur the coolest cleb ever! u love ur fans and even will sign a poster for us! u rock!

Tiffany said...

you wash your hair twice a day...
can't sleep without a tv on...
& use words like "energyview"...

haha, i love you :)

Chloe ♥ said...

Hey Mitchel,

I have a question. Would Canada be with the "overseas" group? Or do I do the same thing that the people in the United States do?

Lots of Love,


Anonymous said...

2DAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!...free @ last!!...that's so cool 4 me!....no more getting up @ 6:00 in the morning...hope u keep up with ur studies!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

You probably don't even see most of the things on here because of the nonsense we fans post, but I sent you fanmail and I think I didn't use the one you told us about on your blog here. It isn't like some freak-o's address, is it? I don't think it was because it said like its a laugh productions and hannah montana on it and stuff but please just post to tell me that there are more than one address to get mail to the same place!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel thats awsomeness i havent sent you a letter i think im gonna write you a letter today lol haha love u your biggest fan nicole aka nickel lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for lettiong us know! i hope you'll receive mi letter!


Anonymous said...

What If You Live In A Place Where Dollars Isn't The Currency? Does It Matter? I Dunno...

Oh Well, We Shall See;
I'll Send You A Pretty Little Letter Anyway, Lol.

♥ x x x

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, Usually my mom doesnt approve of writing to celeberties.I dont think shell ever let me.Are you coming to Brandon,Mississippi any time soon?Or how about Destin,Florida June 2-7?I ll be there.

Anonymous said...

READ THIS!! READ THIS...please? ♥

Hey Mitch! Just wanted to say that I missed your appearance in NYC, but hopefully you can come to Louisville or Lexington some time...lol, somewhere that's not too far away.

Anyway, I made this little poster thingy of you today, kinda like a collage and my friend tried to steal it while she was over at my house! I hate her now, but I still love you. Yeah, I know, kinda random, right?

Oh well, I just wanted to say I did write you and I didn't know you could send things in the mail to have you sign! Uh, I'm such an idiot!! I have no idea what I'm going to send to you to sign, but I'll think of something. Maybe a t-shirt? Idk, but anyway, when you get my 'thing to sign', look for my name that begins with an M on the return address, that's me, look me up and call me some time, lol, just kidding.

But yah, I love you more than anything and I just hope some day we can meet each other in person...or on the phone, lol. Well, luv ya much Mitch!! ♥ ♥ ♥


Anonymous said...


What's up?! I totally need to know who you are going to be as your second identity on Hannah Montana!! I can't wait for that episode!!

But yah, just wanted to give you a shout out! Thanks much Mitch!! Luv ya like a fat boy loves cake!! LOL ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

♥ What's up? Not much with me. But yah I almost sent candy hearts to you but I read this and I was like phew, thank goodness. Thanks for the notice on that, omg, I love Monster House. You are so good in it!!

-Melanie ♥

P.S. I love you like a fat boy loves cake Mitch!! ♥

Ingrid Elisabeth said...

Hey, Mitchel :)
I wrote u a letter :)
Am going to send it to u, but what address do u respond most of?

Ingrid x.

Lozzy-Gee said...

hey mitchel im in england and i would really love 2 send you this letter i have got my pen and paper here ready lol... but i dont know how much money i have to put into the letter for you :[ ...and what is the adress to send to you.<3.i wish i could meet you but your so far away :[ that is my dream to meet you<3

love always xx

lauren x

Anonymous said...

EEEEEKKKKK!Mitchel,I was going to send you a poster to sign,but my sister scribbled all over it....

Rachel said...

COOOL. i love you so much mitchel!!!

Tarynnna said...

Uhhhh,wait aren't you supposed to have like an address to send something to you? What's the address?
i'm confused..But love ya Mitchel :D

Anonymous said...

since I live in the U.S. I have to include a dollar for you to send it back???

Anonymous said...

I jsut wrote you a letter today.....aahhh, the pure joy of knowing i will soon have something you signed..... lol *<:-) lyl, Hope