Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oliver's Treasure Hunt! & Mascot Prep Game!!

I can't believe two of my characters have Games on Disney this week!! Play them both when you can!!!

I am in TEXAS today with friends and then off to New York Tomorrow! Quick trips to both places! Looking forward to seeing all the fans in NEW YORK! Can't wait for Saturday.



LJCrow said...

Hey Mitchel! Sounds like a total fun this week! Have fun!

LJ aka Crow

Jacquelyn said...

That is SoOoOoOoOoOoOo cOoL Mitchel!!!! =D I played "Oliver's Treasure Hunt" a few days ago...It was sooo fun!!!! I just have to play the Mascot Prep game....sounds really fun!!! =D

I'm glad you got to hang out with your friends in Texas today!!! I am sure they were more than happy to see you...

Have the best time in New York Saturday!!! =D Your fans there will really enjoy seeing you!!! =D ♥

OMG I had a....well....very interesting day today...I'll tell you about it on IMDb! I have so much to tell you! =D

Have the best week ever!!!


Yours forever and always;♥

Tiffany said...

Hey! Hope you are having an awesome time in Texas! That's where I first met you, in Dallas back in November! You were hanging out with all your friends and some family then too! Hope you have so much fun in New York!!


p.s. love the new pic!

bianca; said...

have fun in new york. and the mascot prep game is pretty fun&simple.

Stacey said...

Mitchel, Have a safe and fun trip to New York. I've been there before and loved it. Hope we get the chance to meet sometime since we're both living in CA. :)
*Hugs and Kisses, Stacey*

Anonymous said...

wow thats so cool! I wish i had to games with me in so how wuz ur popstar date! and have fun in texas and new york!!!!!!!!!!

Love, MArie

Brooke said...

Mitchel, I would kill to come see you again. Wanna send out a private jet to cininatti, oh? That would be sweeeet. Anywayss I hope you have a great time in NY! All those girls are sooo lucky to be meeting you! Well, have a great weekend[:

your future wife.

coffeeheart said...

YAY!!! Another game!!! And youll be in NY while I go to Maryland. You win. Have fun with your friends. I know you probably dont get to see them much. Have a nice day!


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

It's nice to hear from you again. Is Mascot Prep your character from Shorty McShort Shorts?????? Oh well. I'll figure it out!! I've played Oliver's Treasure Hunt, before. Though, I'm not, too, good at it. I LOVE it, though!!! I hope you have a wonderful time in Texas, today. I hope you have a safe trip to New York, too. And a fun one!!!! I wish I could go, but New York's probably 3,000 miles, away from here. Darn!! I'll still keep you in mind, and I hope the time difference, won't through you off. (I'm sure it won't!!!!)

Have an AMAZING day, and an awesome weekend!!

Deticated to you, forever, and always,
Amanda <33333

Anonymous said...

I live in NY, but I might not be able to make it to the signing because I'm in Pennsylvania. We might come home for the signing though! I hope we do! ...I don't even like coming here. If I Can't I hope you7 van come back to NY!

Anonymous said...

Oh I played the Mascot Prep and the Oliver's Treasure Hunt games... they was cool! I'm good at them, actually.

(The one that might not be able to make it to NY)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!...i played both games and i LUVED the mascot prep game!!...i kept laughing because of the hand!!!....wish i was in new york 2 see u...or maybe texas?...who knows?
keep rockin'!!


Anonymous said...



Escarla said...

i wish i can go to staten island but by the time you are at the mall im going to be in the village in acting class. this time you should coome to times square or something..peace out

sara said...

cool... i hope you have a lot of fun in new york!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

that's pretty sweet.
im gonna go play them right now.. hhaa.
hope your having a good time in texas.. and have loads of fun in new york.


Crysta said...

I'm so happy for you I'm glad you're happy I'm sure everyone will be happy to see you in New York I hope you have a great time with your friends in Texas My whole family lives there except for mine maybey they'll see you anyways live, laugh, love!

Carly said...

sounds fun! the game and tht ur in texas wit some freinds! and tht ur going to new york tomrrow! yahh! lol have funn!! ily
♥ Carly

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
hope you have fun on your trip. you seem to like fans being with you, obviously because of the support, but doesn't it get annoying? I can only imagine how incredibly annyoing it would be to go somewhere and either be followed by staring eyes, screams, or a crowd of kids. It sounds pretty irking but then again, I wouldn't know. Enjoy your trip!*


Hey Again!
Mitchel it's so sad! I can't come out to New York to see you!It turns out that Staten Island is like 7 hours away from Smithville! :( Well I'm Busy on my B-day (tomorrow) any way so I guess it evens out. Well have a great time!Rock On!

Elizabeth said...


This is very upsetting! You? Here yesterday!??!!? :-( I'm glad you got to hang with your friends!!

Have fun in New York tonday and tomarrow!

<3 Liz

~CLAIRE said...

I tried playing olivers treasure hunt but i got confused. I REALLY like the game were you have to find mileys diary!!!

well im goin go play the new game!!!

comment back!!!

Popsicle and Izze said...

Hey Mitchel! How r u? Izze and I are totally excited cuz there are only 8 1/2 days until school's out! YAY! I really want to get around to playing your new games! They sound soooper fun! We haven't blogged in a while, cuz we have had a LOT of homework! We were doing a group project, and some people didn't do their parts, so Izze and I worked literally all weekend, and missed mother's day. :( Oh well! I hope you had a better weekend than we did! ADIOS!

- Popsicle
- Izze <3

Nicolette said...

Hey Mitchel!

Its crazy that you have two games going on at the Disney Channel site! Its really awesome!

I'm glad you were able to spend some time today with your friends!

You are going to have an AMAZING time tomorrow in New York!
You are such a LOVE us fans! :D I wish I can go.....I live in Arizona not able to attend.

Have the most awesome day ever tomorrow! :D


Anonymous said...

have fun in NEW YORK Mr.I-get-2-be-go-everywhere- person!!!....kiddin' again ;)!!!!
keep rockin'

-luv2laugh ;) =) :)

Ashley said...

Hey Mitchel,

Hope ur having a better day than me, i have had all A's this whole year, and find out in math class that i have an 89.7 and my teacher wont round it up. So thats my story and i started crying. And i just want to say that im not one of those sappy lovesick girls but i really do admire you, and think you are a wonderfull person! Thanks so much for being yourself, and i hope you have a blast at every little place you visit, hope one day we can be freinds, even tho i have met you 3 times! (once, at typhoon lagoon, once at the Disney Channel games- April 25, and at the Disney CHannel Games COncert, after it!) Well i wish you the best in all areas, such as sucess, education, and your career, just to let you know i pray for you every night, and wish for you to be safe! I love you mitchel!

Love Ashley

tiffany said...

haha, "capri pants are best for your body shape." no wonder you had capris on again in this episode, lol. haha, his episode was soooo funny! plus love you in those sunglasses!!

(& you are wayy cuter that the boy who played lilly's bf ;)

tiffany said...


lol, jkjk, i love you!!!!

that was the funniest episode yet!

Anonymous said...

luved new episode of HM!!!..have fun in NY!!
keep rockin'

-luv2laugh ;)

Katherine said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to go play oliver's treasure hunt!


Abi said...

hey mitchel[:
wow i met you on the 17th[:
you were at six flags, and i waited for you by the superman exit,
i was the one in the brown shirt[:
but ya i doubt you remember me,
i hope you had a great time there, i felt bad for you as well because girls were freaking out about you and all you were doing is trying to have, well hey i hope your doing great.

abi said...

mitchell, i met you on the 17th.
i waited for you at the superman exit.
ya, then girls started crowding you and i felt kinda bad, because i knew you just wanted to be there to have fun.
well hey, i hope you had a great time in new york,
and i hope we meet agian at six flags maybe haha, because i figured out you live in garland, so i hope to be seeing you and probebly getting to know you.
its funny because i met you at may 17th when my 14th birthday was at april 17th
i wish it was then when i did, but at least i got too[:
i love you mitchel, and i hope you and your acting go far in life.

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
How exciting! They are soo fun! The Mascot Prep game is pretty easy, but its totally addicting! I finally got my name on the high score list!! :-D
Have fun in Texas and New York!
You rock my life!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel
i completly saw you at sixflags and got to ride with you on the batman you are sooo nice and sweet and should come back to sixflags more this summer!!!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, you are the greatest and I hope to meet you one day. You are my inspiration and you're gorgeous!!!!!

Anyway, I'm entering that contest in J-14. Hope I win. I need to tell you something really important about me that you NEED to know.

I love all of your shows and I can't wait for Phineas and Ferb. It sounds like a great show.

I have to go. I'm in computer class right now. My teacher, Ms. Lewis scares me sometimes.

♥Annie Page

Your #1 fan eva!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, ♥
What's up? I entered that Win a Date With Mitchel contest in J-14 magazine. And I just wanna say I really hope I win, er, I at least hope I am one of the 10 finalists. :) Anyways, summer just started over here in KY, well, for Lexington kids. Lol, well, yah, I hope one day we meet each other. Tell me when you're coming to Lexington or Louisville or anywhere around there, I live in Lexington, but Louisville is fine too! Hee hee, let me tell you, I have been so bored these past 3 days. I thought summer would be fun but it's been boring. Except for August 30th, I'll be waiting for your call. ♥

-Melanie ♥

P.S. Luv ya more than a fat boy luvs cake!!! ♥

Alli C. said...

HEY! THESE GAMES RULE! yes this is they same girl that left u the comments for the first thing.
luv u lots,
alli c

Alli C. said...

Oliver's treasure hunt is so much fun! i love that game so much! gtg, sugar rush commin'!!!

Lauren said...

Hey Mitchel i hope you have fun in New York! I'm rooting for the red team! I might write you a letter 2morrow!! :) Well i will ttyl bye :) ~*Lauren*~