Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Schools out for Summer!!!!!!!!

Just had to say that! Nothing like the feeling of sleeping in!

Photo Shoot with Bop tomorrow! Always lot's of fun!

Trip to New York was AMAZING just like I thought it would be!

Thank you guys for all the Birthday wishes for Ally!! You guys are always the BEST!

Have an awesome week....I know I will!



Katherine said...

Well, I know that feeling! school is out in Tucson,AZ this Thursday! Today was the beginning of finals so that is always fun! *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Well, my school isn'tout until June 22nd, the best teshcer is not coming back next year. We just found out today. Now the world will come to an end. She's the best teacher because we never do our homework for her class and she never knows. The teahcer that everyone likes is leaving and the teacher that everybody hates is probably staying.

~Leanne =]

Maddie :] said...

Heyy !
you are so lucky you don`t have to go to school anywayy.
but i am sooo excited for summer ! :]
woooo. well have a great summerrrr. :]


heyy! your sooo lucky you're out of school!
new york was only amazing because i was there. LOL!
your even hotter in real life!


heyy! whats up? you're so lucky you're out of school! new york was only amazing cuz, i was there! your even hotter in real life!

ellen said...

oh my god, i could have gone! that upsets me. i like, love mitchel musso. :) he's a cutie.

Jacquelyn said...

Thanx for the update!!! ALWAYS nice to hear from you!!!! =D

Soooo....school's out, school's out, teacher let the monkeys out??!!????!!?? LOL!!! =D I have 2 more weeks left of school (I wish I was sleeping in right now...It's gonna be worse in the mornings because in my area the 17 year cicadas are gonna be coming out starting today and they even chirp and sing in the mornings...and that lasts for 6 weeks!!! XD)....The last week we have finals!!!!!!!!! GRRRR!!!! After I took the first semester finals I never wanted to take a test again!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! Oh well.....I have 3 more years of finals, and then College!!! Oh boy!!!! lol

I bet Ally had an awesome birthday!!! (*cough cough, because she is friends with the most AWESOMEST person alive, cough cough!*) =DD

Well, better start getting down and study-udy-udy for my finals!!!!!!!! XD

Have an awesome final-free, sleep-filled, & fun jam packed summer ever!!!!!! TTYL, alligator!!!!!!

Yours forever and always, ♥

Mal said...

:( i wish it was the summer holidays here.

its only halfway through term 2!

amber said...

school is out for me to!!!!no more finals!!!!YAY!!!!have a great week mitchel!!!


~CLAIRE said...


i still have 11 days, not including finals!!!

comment back!!!



Anonymous said...

i wish my school was out for summer i have to wait for the 11th and i WILL have a great weekend i hope u have a good one 2
i ♥ u

Anonymous said...

lucky you... i dont get out till june 1st!*

Anonymous said...

Yea New York is amazing... :) lol
I know, because I live here. I hope you come again so I can finally meet you!!!!!

& your so lucky.. I have school til the 12th :p

Love always,
Rachel ( The girl everyone mistakes for Miley)

Kristine said...

schools not exactly out yet for me! 8 more days and 8 finals! :( but oh well this weekend will make up for it! its my best friends birthday & the memorial day parade & water fight!:) so bop photo shoot sounds like fun! im glad you had fun in new york i have always wanted to go there my other best friend went there on a school trip and said that it was really amazing there! well anyway gotta go! have an amazing week!

Anonymous said...

You are soooo lucky that your school is out! LUCKY DUCK... LOL it looks like your going to have an awesome summer :D

Jenn said...

does that mean you dont film hannah montana over the summer? or are you talking about everyone else?
i dont get out until the 6th. =/
which is 3 days before my birthdayy!! =]

and 1 month and 18 days til yours. =]

have fun at that photoshoot tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

so lucky !!!! i have like a month still!!!:( can't wait till summmer!!!!!so glad you had fun in ny.hope u have a great week too!!!:)

Suzzy said...


I don`t get done untill like..2 months! Then I have to do work during the summer :(
Toatl bummer..but I`m glad you have off!!
New York sounded fun!I hope you had a great time visiting Mason!
Have fun tomorow!!!
I was wondering....
You don`t have to answer if you don`t want to BUT
Who do you want to win the "dancing with the stars"?
Just wondering!
thanks for being you
WOW that was random...


heyy! your so lucky schools out for u.
i saw u in nyc, it was only amazing cuz i was there, lol! your even hotter in real life

Elizabeth said...


You get to do photoshoots and sleep and i get to sing! It's, like, we're going our favorite things this week! My school get out on Thursday! I'm really excitied to be able to sleep.

Nothing new to report here. :-)

<3 Liz

Katie H said...

Have fun at the photo shoot!

i love you,

Anonymous said...

Lucky! I still have my High School Assessments, and finals! We get out June 15th...not soon enough! Sounds like that trip was awesome, wish I could've been there! Maybe some day I'll get the honor of meeting you.

Love always and God Bless,

Becky said...

What!!! you're out of school! i don't get out until June 15! lol

Glad you had a good time in New York.

Chandler said...

You get out of school already? I don't get out until the 14th of June!
Lucky you...


Ashley said...

OMg, mitch, i totaly agree bout sleeping in, im out of school now, and it feels great. Im free! Now i can sleep till noon! Anyhow, im so glad you had a great time in NYC!

Monica said...

No way!!!! Not fair!!! Our school ends June 15th!!!! Wow, you're sooooooooo lucky!!!! Hope you have an awesome Summer Vay-K!!!!

kristen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani said...

Hi, Mitchel!!,

"School's out for ever!!" Haha, I love that song!! Your VERY lucky! I get out in 10 days!!!! WOOH!! But....I don't get to sleep in for long...I'm going to summer school to take a history class!!! (No, I didn't fail, just trying to get ahead!) I'm excited the I'm not but...It will be an easier year next year!!!! So for me, "School's out for...a month....dang..." =D

Have a great time at the photo shoot!

Glad NY was fun...my little sis wants to move there!(Only because she wants to meet Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not to Wear!! haha)

No problemo for the birthday wishes...we all love Ally, she's great!!! Hey, pretty soon, we're gonna be wishing someone else a Happy Birthday!!!...ME!!! Yeah!!! Sweet 16 in July!!!!!!! jk..jk..not about my bday being in July but...you know...your bdays in July...haha.....AHH! I'm trying to be funny but its not working!!!!! Grr...stupid Doctor put me on chill pills....pssh...I didn't need those....haha..Anyways...I'm done....for now.... =D

Well, after my little spatz episode up there, what I'm really trying to say is have a rockinlaughinsuperawesome week!!!!

Take it Easy, Mitch!!!!!!



Awww your lucky!Up in Canada, we don't get out until the 28...OF JUNE!But on the bright side, I GET TO MEET MY AGENT TOMORROW!!!!Well I got to go to Karate so l8r!ROCK-ON!

kelsey said...

That is so cool you went to new york!!! did you see any plays??? i heard the plays are amazazing(lol). but ya ttyl

tiffany said...

geezz, lucky! i have 1 more week of school left. finals are this friday and next tues...not really looking forward to those.

you should travel alot this summer for autograh signings! come somewhere in the midwest, like missouri or kansas or nebraska(close to where i live!)

love you & have a great week :)

Cecile said...

mitchel, you weren't at the pirates premiere ):
haha but anways..

you're so lucky, you're already out of school!
we still have a couple of weeks left /:

i hope you enjoy your summer vacation [:


Kay said...

lucky! i dont get out of school till june 8!! im glad u had fun in NY!! i like NY bbut i must say i like chicago better. Hope u have oodles and oodles of fun @ the photo shoot

Kay said...

lucky! i dont get out of school till june 8!! im glad u had fun in NY!! i like NY bbut i must say i like chicago better. Hope u have oodles and oodles of fun @ the photo shoot


Schools not out for me yet, but soon! And, did you get to see your brother when you went to New York? I love his band. They're amazing. If you ever get to talk to him, tell him i said that=)

Btw: You're AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!

So lucky! I have 2 weeks left
and to top it all off the cicadas come out tonight! =[ i know you are seriously busys o it must be amazing to kick back!

Ashlee said...

hey mitchel! that is so awesome u don't have to go to school anymore.(until the summer is over) anyways a whole bunch of people keep asking if you are going to a jonas brothers/t squad/ everlife concert at six flags maigc mountain. im going so i wanted to know if you are or aren't gonna go. even if u don't go i still luv ya!!!!! well g2g!

Ashlee said...

btw.....ur lucky that u don't have school cause i don't get out until the 18th!


aw ur so lucky haha. my school ends on june 7.... 12 DAYS LEFT! AH! lol! have fun at the photoshoot though!

Sara said...

Lucky you! My school year doesn't end until June 21st. GRRRR. I hate living here.

kristen said...

everyone wish ally a happy birthday! she is really nice to everyone. shes nice enough to make this blog for us and for Mitchel i bet Mitchel is happy! he's really a good actor ally is like his best friend she's sweet if anyone thinks shes mean your wrong ally is a nice girl and Mitchel is a nice boy they make good friends if anyone thinks I'm wrong e-mail me at dylanandcolefan101@yahoo.com people who think she is nice you are going to have a nice life and good friends all i have to say is ally Mitchel are really cool people so are y'all fans of Mitchel and friends of ally there really not bad people they are good friends

Brooke said...

Ahh Mitchel you are so lucky to be out of school! I don't get out until June 12th=/, but thats only because we started late.
Maybe during the summer you can make a quick trip to ohio[: haha that would be so rad. i'm dieing to see you again!
well im glad new york was good; i saw pictures and you looked AMAZING, but thats no suprise.
well just stopping by to see how the love of my life was.
talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!...ur out 2?...i know what it feels like 2 know u don't have 2 get up in the morin' so ealry!!!...u have a great week/weekend!!
keep rockin'

-luv2laugh ;)
p.s.no fair u got 2 be in new york

Victoria :] said...

Heyy Kidd..

Anonymous said...

i 'm thinkin' u didn't get my first comment because my mom made me get off the computer so yeah i'm out of school 2!!!...i really really know what it's like 2 be able 2 sleep in!!!....have fun @ ur shoot and u have a great week/weekend 2!!
keep rockin'!!!

-luv2laugh ;)
p.s. did u see mason?

maddie said...

Dreamy Brown Eyes?
haha dork. :]

Stacey said...

Mitchel, enjoy your time off from school. Summer is here and that means, fun. Hope we get the chance to meet soon. Take care and talk to you later.
*Hugs and Kisses, Stacey*

Lexi said...

No fair, I don't get out until next wendsday. Have fun at the Photoshoot!!

Anonymous said...

keep rockin' @ school or during the summer!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't see your Happy Birthday post until now because I was in Savannah, GA and after that I was doing make up work. It was worth it though! I got at least five good pictures of dolphins! One day,we went to Fort Jackson and were in a military program, and the next we were dressed up like victorian ladies and learning to embroider! It was really fun, and I got to miss two days of school! How was your NY trip? You are sooooo lucky to be done with school! I have school until June 19. However, I have field trips too. On Thursday I'm going to a French museum; on monday I have off for Memorial Day; next Thursday I'm going to a sewage plant (yuck!); on June 15 there is the last dance of the year; June 18 I'm going on a end of year trip, and June 19 is the last day of school! That's all, folks! ttyl!


Anonymous said...

you are so lucky scools out for you i still have like 3 more weeks and finals are coming soon my biology teacher is killing me with homeworki have so much homework that i get only 3 hours of sleep yesterday have a project due soon too but one of my group member didnt coe toschool for 2 days so we cant do the project anyways bye got to do my homework =( i wish its summer but i still wont be enjoying it i need to get a job

Sally said...

Awww, I wish it was summer holidays... It's just getting closer to the ending of Term 2...stupid School LOL.

T_____T and while you get a break, I'm left with having to work througout the time I shuold be studying for my VCE exams, because of all the SAC work T__T

Have a fantastic week, even if my month sucks

Paige said...

School's out for me on June 19th. Not yett. But we're coming close. Only 19 more days or something like that. It makes me happy. :)

Molly said...

YESSSSSSS!!! I am so excited!!



Anonymous said...

Heey Mitchel
Thanks For Writing On Your Blog. It Makes Me Happy Seein What u Have Been Up 2 And How Your Doing.
Yayy Schools Out.!!!
Hehe! Yepp Thats True Mitchel I Feel Happy Now That i Can Sleep In,
Well i Hope u Have Fun At The Bop Photoshoot.
Hope u Have a Great Weekend (i Know u Will)
Take Care
Love R*A*C*H*E*l
Love u

Charlotte said...

Thats so unfair, the english summer holidays start on july 21st!

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I know. My sister can't WAIT for our last day of school. (Friday!!) I'm glad you had a GREAT time in New York. I really wanted to go. I hope you met a lot of fans. Have agood time at your photo shoot. I hope Ally liked all her birthday wishes. I was glad to post birthday wishes. She does so much for us, and doing it, it made my day. I was glad to do your request, too. And no, YOUR the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an AWESOMW week. I know this weekend is gong to be boring. Big camping trip. YUCK!! I hate camping.

Deticated to you forever and Always,
Amanda <3333333

Hannah said...

I get out of school tomorrow (Thursday)! I love summer! My birthday on July 9th too. I can't wait until I can get my drivers license!!!

marykateee =) said...

schools out alreadyy??
i still have a whole monthh =[

just wanted to say that your autograph signing was amzing
you're the nicest guy i've ever

Marcy said...

schools out for you? aw your lucky. i have until june 7th. are you still recording hannah montana season 2? or are u done?

Katie. said...

Yay!!! I only have 4 days of school, then I get to go to graduation parties!!! I finally get to go to high school! I hope you have a greaat summer!


~Amber~ said...

Scholls out for me to so i'm in California on vacation!!!!
i luv soaking up the summer sun!!

Jesenia said...

Hey Mitchel!...lol...Yup! Summer! Can't wait!! A lot of plans!!! Wow! I can't wait to see the photoshoot!!! Well see you laterz!! Take Care!!xD

Love You!

Anonymous said...

I still have a while left to go. I don't get out of school tell the 20th of June. You are lucky.

Carly said...

mitchel! i missed you at the staten island signing last weekend. ugh! so bummed. please please PLEASE come back to ny asap. we have to get married. kbye.

Anonymous said...

lucky duck! lol! i get out of skool on june 5th i hope u can visit il. sometime soon.

love allison

brie said...

hey mitchel! seems someone is excited about summer!

today was the 8th grade ribbon ceremony at skool. everyone got their awards. i got 8, the most of my graduation class!!! WOOOOOW! also, being student council VP, i got to write and recite a closing speech. i don't mean to brag, but i think it was purdy good! we also got our autograph books and had our friends sign them. it was so amazing!

well, talk to ya l8r, sk8r boi!

luv, brie

brie said...

oooh! forgot to tell you 2 things: 1, AMAZING new picture and 2, you are such an AWESOME guitar player!!!

luv, brie

Danni said...

Lucky! I have nine days left, but still. That's relatively shorter than other schools.

Have a fun break!
- Danni Sixx

JoJo said...

Hey, I have 8 days, and then we go on our class trip!!!

Come to wisconsin. It's really amazing!

Rally[[Dynam!te]] said...

Haha Finals are finished! no school for 2 months that feels good. I'm gonna hit up the skate park before i leave for washington.
Hey Mitchel I wish you would come out to AZ for awhile. Have a fun summer and do a couple of kickflips for me!

Love peace and chicken grease,

Vicious Taylor said...

The Subways in New York scare me a little bit, but I love them. Yay for METROCARDS! Also, when I walked around the ghetto Brooklyn area, I actually got dirt in my nose from breathing in the air, but New York is really amazing, I kind of miss it.

Lauren said...

your so lucky!!! i still have 3 weeks of school, and thats not including finals! o well. its great you had an amazing time in new york!!!



i get out 2morrow may 25th!! cant wait!!

have a great time at the bop photo shoot!!!

♥ya lotz!!

&& i'm gunna enter win a date with mitchel musso contest i realii dhope i win!!



Kendra said...

i have 3 more days then 4 days of finals left till iam officially a SENIOR!!! wooo hoooo!

Nicolette said...

Hey Mitchel!

Today was our last day of school as well....I'm SO happy! I know.....its sooooooo nice to sleep in!

Ooh, bop photo shoots.....my favorite magazine! You will enjoy it!

I knew you would have an excellent time in New York!

Ally really appreciates you for letting everyone know about her birthday! You are the sweetest :)

Thank you SO much for the letter you sent me.....and the autograph :) I cant tell you how happy that made me!
But....you only send pictures back if we send you a headshot of yourself for you to sign.....or a dollar in order for us to get something back.....but............you sent me a picture with an autograph, and before I sent the letter, I didnt know I was able to send a dollar or a headshot to you for me to be able to get something back. All I sent you was a very personal letter about myself.

But I really appreciate you for sending me a picture with an autograph even though I didn't send a dollar or anything. Thanks so much. That means so much to me! But after I did know you were able to send pictures and dollars to you, I started doing that.

And also....my letters always end with a Disney Character that I draw at the end....so if you recognize that, it might be from me.

And thank you again for sending me a letter with an autograph, I truly appreciate it :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel whats up??? I wish I was already out of school!! But I get to go to Six Flags with school since we are the graduating class! I also have a graduation comming up as well!!! I wish you could be there!!! I hope you have A GREAT summer!!!

Megan(P.S. I was at the chicago signing u signed my pink razor phone)

Sara said...

Your so lucky!!!! You get out earlier than me. Not fair!!! :) haha jk. I get out June 8th. 15 more days!!!! I can't wait. I hope you have an awsome week off.


Jen & Maria said...

Sweeeet! =]

alicia said...

omg im so happy skools out! mine got out today.finally i get to sleep in gosh no more waking up at 8am now i get to sleep till' 1pm!! yeah plus my saturday skool ended last week YEAH! mitchel u gotta make plans to come to HoUSTON, Texas (SUGAR LAND) come to first colony mall tht would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW cool 2 B out of school ! i had my 8th grade graduation or promotion thursday !!

iLOVEshoez said...

WOO! But my school doesnt get out until June 15...but that last week all we are doing is having fun!! So its really almost over...We are going to Hurrican Harbor on the 11th and Magic Mountain the 15th!!! It's gonna be GREAT!
That would be cool if you were there and I saw you...*wink wink*
Anyways....Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!!! I'm having a party for my b-day Saturday then going to the IMAX theatre to see Pirates on Monday...fun fun!

OK, ttyl!

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! My school doesn't get out until June 6th because we had so many days off for bad weather. On the plus side, I only have 8 more days left of school! Yes! And another plus, my 15th birthday is tomorrow! I'm also having a spa party, complete with manicures and facials. I'm very excited! You would be invited...well, maybe not for the spa part of it, but still invited, if I knew you! And I read that you are having another Win-A-Date contest with J-14! I am so going to try to win that date at least! Hope I win! Well I'm glad you're out of school! Hopefully you had a great week too! Good Luck with the contest everyone!

Love always,
(I'm almost 15!) :)

Jen & Maria said...

Hey Mitchel!
I am looking at pictures from Hannah Montana and stuff. And there is these pictures of Lily as Lola with Hannah Montata, and then theres you, but you have this weird..um..you got a hat and a mask and stuff, so is that what oliver disguised himself like go to a charity event with Hannah Montana?
Because i didn't see that episode that you had to disguise yourself.
I don't know.
Well bye actuallt. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone...One more post for today because I've been keeping track of birthdays...Well today I am finally 15...Yeah, right when Mitchel is about to turn 16! Oh well! But yes. All the people I've talked to by contact of the MMO website, I think if I knew you and hung out with you a lot, we would probably be pretty good friends, just because we'd have so much in common, starting with loving Mitchel Musso! So then, you'd all be invited to my party! Hehe! Well today you can be invited to my Virtu-party...no, I don't really have one, but it would be pretty sweet if I did! So, I'll talk to everyone later because I've got some stuff to set up!

Again, Love always,
Kaci -- I was posted above Jen & Maria at 6:22, but always under anonymous...

(I am 15!) :)

Elizabeth said...


School got out for me on Thursday! But so far I haven't been able to relax. I had to sing at a dance recital (at the Garland Preforming Arts Center!). I was really scared.

I hope you have another amazing week shooting "Hannah"!

<3 Liz

Jen & Maria said...

I entered the Win-a-Date contest from J-14, with you. =D =D =D =D =D =D =D
It'd be fun to meet you! =D

Brittany said...

school just got out on Friday but i have had a relaxed week since i exempted most of my exams...all but two!!!

Kate said...

OMG! i'm so glad school is out!


livvy-x said...

it's summer in america? :S
it's only 'half term' in england at the moment.

have fun on your holidays, yeah? :)

livvy x

Anonymous said...

hey mitch,
I AM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!.....i've been having dance rectials since yesterday and u'll never believe how early u have 2 get up and how late u get 2 go 2 sleep....@ least 2night is the last night 4 dance rectials and i will not ever have 2 do them again because i'm QUITTING!!!....unless i change my mind....well have a great weekend!!!!!!
keep rockin'!!!!

-luv2laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! You're so luck!! I don't get out until June 13th! But i hope you have fun during your "summer" and filmimg Hannah Montana (best show!)!

Rachel :) <3

Anonymous said...

Welp welp, my party is basically over...Not much to report, but it wasn't as great as I expected. Well, at least I'm finally 15!

So anywho, have a great weekend everyone!

Love always,
And, yes, it's the third time I've "commented" on this post! LOL.
See ya!

Anonymous said...

Lucky LuCkY LUCKY Mitchel*I don't have any school on Monday and I go Tues.,Wed.,Thurs.,Fri.,and then next Monday,then I am out for the summer!!Luckkyy you though.What kinds of things are you going to do this summer?I plan on going to sleep really late,waking up about 10 AM going outside to tan until 11 AM then going inside to pack my stuff for the pool,then stay at the pool with my friends until about 7 PM.

.:.Loving the summertime.:.


Kate said...

So basically I have 18 more flipping days. including weekends. wow that's a long time. I'm envious of you.

maddie said...

Ah man you make me jealous. :]
i mean cause u like no everysingle celebertyyyyy. haha. Well yay summers here. it dosent feel like it at alll tho. but w.e i dont care. :]
Have fun this Summerrrr.
woo. :D

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel

thats so awsome and well i cant wit till i get out of school well almost like 12 more day or something but yesh i cant wait till the summer and well yesh like this week we get to go to knotts so i guess thats gonna be fun but what would be funner was if i meet you yay lol well i will ttyl love your bigest fane ~nicole aka nickel~

Nikki said...

Gawd! School isn't out for another month at my school. You are so lucky! There is also a dance really soon, I'd ask you, though the populars would be all over you because of your major hotness.


Maghan said...

hey mitchel! hope you have an awesome summer!

Anonymous said...

Lucky! My school goes out at the end of June! Jealous of you Mitchel!

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have a major sugar rush tomorrow morning because my chorus class is having an ice cream party and everyone is bringing a topping! I'm bringing caramel syrup! Wow, that was really random. Good night! (It's 9:10 over here and I don't know if I'll be back on later.)


Megan said...

I know the feeling my school let out last Wednesday and I'm finally considered a freshman.Don't know why I'm so excited,probably cause most my friends are high schoolers.Well I'll stop talking like I'm on a caffine buzz.



I LOVE MITCHEL MUSSO! yee. umm. so, did you end up seeing yr brother in new york? i hope you did. i love you and your brother. and all of metro station. they are amazing. but i love you a little more:]

i get out in 8 days! cant wait!

...what do you say we leave for california...? <333333

even though i already leave there. aha.


Lozzy-Gee said...

will u ever be coming to the uk ? oxox

Frecklicious said...

Hey Mitch,
I can't wait to get out of school too!!! My last exam was today! Hope I win a date with you Just to meet you would be cool!

Anonymous said...

u r soooo lucky. here in Baltimore Maryland we don't get out until the 19 of june. it really sucks but at least we get a summer!!!

love ya lots

lovin ya in MD

kelsey said...

hey mitchel i know how it feels to be out of skool the week before school is out we have to take tests every day in every subject. thank goodness school is out in texas.

tiffany said...

CALLED IT! i soooooo said you were gonna be a hip hop star or rapper as your "hannah montana alter-ego"

and just read you are a rapper.

can't wait to see it.

update sooonnn

Anonymous said...

hey mitch,
i just got a new puppy that is only 8 weeks old!!!!!!!!.....it is my favorite summer present....his name is bobby but he is so nice he should be named oliver!!!

-brazil :)

Briana said...

Lucky! My schools out on June 7th because fo all the snow days. Well hope all is going well.


Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel, I'm glad to know school is out for you! Sadly it isn't for me. But its getting there, things are slowly coming to an end!! I'm Homeschooled so i guess its taking longer for me than for everyone else. But its fine. So do you have any plans for the Summer? I hope you have a great week My Friend! Katie R.

Anonymous said...

That sounds fun. I still have two days left, then I'll be a fresman!! I'm excited :)

Your Biggest Fan ;)

Julia :] said...

hey mitchel! i just sent you a flat stanley or mini mitchel yesterday so if you get it, its from me!


Gennine said...

Hey, Mitchel!!!
I just wanna say I'm a HUGE fan, and I love your character on Hannah Montana. You're so lucky that you're done with school. I graduate from middle school on Friday, which is really bittersweet.
Hope you are awesome!!!
Gennine, NJ

Amanda Q said...

Hiii Mitchel i saw you yesterday at the filming of hannah montana but i didnt get to meet you i was sad about that ha but its all cool ahah

my schools not out yet lucky haha
im exited about summer but im sad about my friends leaving cause there not going to my high school lameee.. and my best friend is moving to utah that sucks =l lol ok well i hope you come to do an autograph signing near my town so i can see you !


McKenna said...

Lucky...We have 10 more days...it seems like forever. Testing this week and then finals next week...good stuff...I only have to take 4 finals instead of 6 next week because we already had gym and I already have a 99 for my bio one...lucky me =]

Melissa Michelson said...

hey mitchel,

so whats new??? I just saw Pirates 3. I thought it was pretty good. Did you see it??? Be lucky that you're out of school. I still have my chem final and we dont get out for almost 2 weeks. But hey its almost summer so who really cares right. later, mel

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, you are so lucky of your fun career and you don't have to go to school. I can't imagine me not going to school, just photoshoots, birthday celebrations and alllll. You were so cute in the Hannah montana episode, "Smells like a teenage sellout". Hahaha that one really got me laughing.

Tiffany said...

go to


& take a quiz to see how much you know about Mitchel's show, Hannah Montana.

p.s. update soon pleaseee mitchel!!! & hope you are having a great summer :]]

Tarynnna said...

umm,yea about that can you come to Chico?

Anonymous said...

Omg I llooove the feeling of sleeping in! I graduated Junior High yesturday and i am off to high school! I got my hair done for grad night omg my hair was so cuute lol but you probably dont care! Anyway, Summer started and what a way to kick off the summer than a pool party with about 12 close friends and then i my grad present is a concert. It is part of the warped tour. I really want to see the band All Time Low. After that, you will either find me at the mall, the beach, art class, skateboarding, or at swim camp my summer is going to be totally packed and it seems like yours is going to be too! Have an awesome summer everyone (it sounds like i am signing a yearbook lol) ok bye anyone can AIM at: AllTimeLowFan

-Kelly <3 ALWAYS

brie said...

wow...SOMEBODY'S buzy! lol! how ya doin', mitchel? i haven't written in a while. sorry!

i have graduation tomorrow! OMG!!! wow! it's so exciting, and somewhat sad because i will miss all my friends. :(

good news...i'm going to FLORIDA!!! yaaaay! i can't wait! plus, i'll be there when you're going! i hope i can see you, wherever you are!

well, if i don't find you, have fun in florida! i'll talk to ya soon! and GO RED TEAM!!!!!

luv, brie

Alli C. said...

YES! THE MOMENT I HAVE BEEN WAITING 4! lol. my school gets out on the same day Katherine does, exept i'm in
*town that i live in* Cape cod, MA. yes yes yes yes! cant wait to be a=out of the clutches of balding mr. reynolds!! (its ok to call him balding, just in case u thought i was mean, he always says he is balding anyways, lol.)

S.J. said...

I've been out of school since June 6th and It rocks!!! I'm having the best time while it lasts!! lol..but then I'm looking forward to when school starts up again! I'm going into 9th grade. I SHOULD be going into 10th grade, but my mother held me back in pre-school. :( oh well, everyone tells me that is a good thing. I get confused though. adios senor musso!!!

Andie said...

Hope you're having fun!!! I'm sure you are!! Luv ya'!!!