Friday, May 11, 2007

POPSTAR Date & NEW YORK & "Mascot Prep"

Just wanted to let you know that my POPSTAR today! I can't give you a name or details because that wouldn't be fair to POPSTAR as they are covering the story......but I did want you to know that it's today.

My trip to New York is next week on May 19th. I will be at the Staten Island Mall and I want everyone to come out and see me if you can. I don't have a time I'll give it to you when I get it. sure and watch "Mascot Prep" on Shorty McShort Shorts tonight!!!! That's my cartoon that I have been telling you about. I play the lead "Keven" and it's pretty cool! Watch it! Vote for it!!! ENJOY IT!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!



Kad. said...

Aww, haha. Have a nice time! :)

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
just wanted to let you know i really have a big crush on you! not JUST thst ur the hotest guy ever but that you have the cutiest personality! wanted u to know!and it's crazy that ur coming to new york!i always wonder when u would ever get out of the pacfic coast! totally can't wait!!!!!!! i hope i can see u that would be awsome!
have a great weekend!

Brooke said...

Mitchel, I hope you have a great time on your date! [even though i wish I won(:]

Gosh I wish I could go to New York.. but I live in Ohio. Maybe if I beg my parents for hours; hahah.

Well just wanted to stop by and see what you were up to! I hope you have a great weekend!

amandaa said...

AHH. im so jealous :[

i sent in a thing for the win a date contest but i didnt win :[ but the next day i got your autograph so.. YAY.

haha mitchel ilu.
hope u have fun on your date<3


hey babe! ;;
ahhh that should totally be ME out on that date with youuu.
But unfortunately..I didn't win. =/ hmm there are always
other chances right? haha I hope so. =] Well, hope New
York is a BLAST! Mason, blake, trace, and anthony are there
now right!? i thought they were but maybe not..I wish I could come
to new york & see you but I`m in ohio..darn..maybe you should visit
your fans from here. =] yuppp. that`d be amazinggg. I wish I could
watch the mascot prep thinggg. but i cant. =( I will another time hopefully.

Have a great weekend & week!
Have fun on that date today..that you shoulda been going on with me..


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the update. I'm glad you're coming to the East coast, but I live in Cleveland. PLEASE COME TO CLEVELAND!!! Anyway, I wanted to enter the date thing, but I wasn't able to get my entry in, on time. I'm so upset. Oh well, maybe next time. So, I never knew you were in "Shorty McShort Shorts" I'll defenitly vote for it! I can't WAIT for the new Hannah Montana episode tonight! I'm really stoked.

Well, thanks again for the update! I'll be waiting for your next entry.

Deticated to you, now, forever, and always,
Amanda <3333

Jacquelyn said...

Have the most INCREDIBLE time on your date, Mitchel!!!!!!!!! That sounds sooo much fun....the girl that won the date must be the most happiest and luckiest girl in the world!!! I am so glad that she won the most awesome date with the awesomest person!!! Anyway, have a GREAT time!!!!

New York, huh?! Again, too far away for me!!! Grrrr!!!!! Hope you have a lot of fun next week and meet a lot of your fans!!!!!!!!! They will be thrilled to see you and meet you.....I know I was when I met you in Chicago!!!!!! LOL!!!!! To the people in New York: Have a GREAT time meeting Mitchel!!!!!! He is the sweetest person you will ever meet!!!!! =D

Don't worry...i am DEFINITELY NOT gonna miss "Mascot Prep!!" So....was that the project you were working on not too long ago, am I right??? Well, it's gonna be really cool!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!! =D

Have an incredible week, Mitchel!!!!!!

I think of you always.....♥
♥ ~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel, I hope you have a fun time on your date!! And I am looking forward to watching Mascot Prep tonight!! Have a Great weekend my friend!!

Katie R.

Anonymous said...

hope u have fun on ur date but not to much fun ok!!!! i wish i won i tried for it like 100 times but i guess that didnt work bummer but i will not give up

maddie said...

ohh mann i am jealous of that girl. haha.

Elizabeth said...


I hope you have fun with the winner! Tell us what you did!

Why is EVERYTHING on May 19? Wow...sorry....moment right there. Have fun at the mall! :-) thats what you've been saying. I'll try to watch it. And enjoy it.

<3 Liz

maddie said...

Hey Mannn. read the letter i sent you. its in a big brown envalope && it says on the out sideeeee.... :]

"To: Mithcel


yahhh. :D

maddie said...

i just wanted to let you know, there's this other girl named maddie that commented you && was like "I LOVE YOU WILL YOU MARRY ME!" i just wanted to say that was not meee. :]

Nicolette said...

Hey Mitchel!

I know you have been looking forward for a long time for your date! Its finally here! I wasn't able to enter the contest, but you are going to have an INCREDIBLE time with your date! It will mean so much to her. :)

New York..... I'm so sorry, I'm not able to attend. I would really like to go.
But you are going to have an AMAZING time there!

I will try my best to watch Shorty McShort Shorts tonight!

So how was the Saturn Awards? I hope you had a great time!


Anonymous said...

Omg thats sooo freakin cool! I wish i had entered the popstar contest but i 4got 2 turn in my form..well anyways i plan on entering the j-14 win a date contest!! YAY!!!!!.. HOPE U HAVE A GREAT TIME AND ILL BE SURE TO WATCH MASCOT PREP LATER 2NITE!!!!

jordan said...

OHHHH mascot prep is ADORABLE. you play scared so cutely!

Rachel said...

I wish I won the date with you... but HAVE FUN with the lucky girl! =]

I wish I could go to New York too. lol. I'm like super jealous right now. haha.But I'll meet you SOMEDAY VERY SOON! hehe.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Katie said...

You were awsome!And I have a mega crush on you. I just found dthis website and Have been on it for like ever!

Dani said...

Hey, Mitch!!

I hope you had an AMAZING time on the date!! I bet the fan who one the date was amazing too! I'm sure you had a great time!! Speaking of date contest; so there's another one where you pick the winner in J14? Well, That's something else to look forward to!(For all of us! lol)

Have fun in NY!!! It's always cool to go somewhere new!! (For you and the fans!) Let us know when your coming to MN...I go every year in the summer, so hopefullly you'll be there around the same time! I'm guessing you'll be going to the Mall of America; alot of people go there! One time when I was there, they were having MN Viking cheerleader tryouts! Crazy huh? You'll have a blast when you go! They have a indoor amusment park, over 500 stores, an underground aqaurium, and like 5 bowling alleys!!!! It's SA-WEET!!

Ok, I'll stop babbling about the Mall, but it's pretty amazing! Have a rockin' weekend!


coffeeheart said...

HHHEEYY you!! I just saw your Short-Short! Awesome job! I'd be friends with a new kid anyday. Shoot, new kids probably think I'm the welcoming commitee. Always running up to them and become friends, then watch them run away because I'm wierd I guess (Nothing new for me). I KNOW your date is having an awesome time. I'm still writing my essay letter thingy to win that bowling date with you... I REALLY wanna win. But, I know youll pick the best, even if it isnt me... Love ya! Hope ta meet you soon hot stuff!

Elizabeth said...


I saw Mascot Prep and I thought it was amazing! I started to laugh so hard when I first heard your voice 'cause it semt like you were really there and all....yeahh...

You need to get a singing cereer. Your good.

<3 Liz

mandibri said...

hope ya hav a incredible time its really cool you do things like that ya know i can't say im jealouse cuz well if it was meant to be i wld of 1 so obviously that tells you something so have a grt grt time im sure shes a cool grl
Wit lov always,
Amanda witz

Lauren said...

I really want to go! I live in new york, but i dont think my parents will let me go :(

xoxo lauren

Anonymous said...

I am such a huge fan of yours. I hope you have fun on your date and fun in New York and i am going 2 watch it on Friday OMG bye!!!! ;)


Hey Again!
Oh That's so cool! Your going to New York on my Birthday! Hope I can see you there! I live in Ontario, Canada so I'm not THAT far away(if my parents are willing to drive! My dad likes shopping so maybe!!)Well hope 2 see you there! Rock On!

Tiffany said...

ah man, i didn't get to see it! i'm sure they will show it again though. ok, so why aren't you going to Minnesota anymore?! i was planning on traveling to see you there!! ughh, well, hopefully i'll meet you again anyway! have fun in New York and hope the POPSTAR date went well!

tiffany said...

saw a pic of you at the staurn awards! you look so good in that suit with those shoes! omg i love your sense of style!! so cool, & sooo hot :)

Devann-Dianna said...

I hope you had a awesome time!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your date! That girl is extremely lucky, and I know that you are going to have a great time! Unfortuneately, I have a lack of luck when it comes to your NY trip. I would normally be able to come because NY is close enough, and it is a Saturday. However, I am going to be in Savannah, GA with my Girl Scout troop from the 18th to the 21st! Bad luck, huh? Also, I missed Mascot prep because I was at my school dance. It went well and I had a lot of fun! Well, good luck with your date!


mandibri said...

hey i jst wanted to say thanks so much for blogging it gets mind off of this hospital im sitting in im on my moms laptop and she just ahd a heart attack im jst trying to get my mind off of it iwas really happy from the last time i posted but i realized alot can change in just one hour i guess your the only one i can really say anything to cuz i dont know u and u cant brk my hrt but hope ya hav fun plz keep blogging i tink im goin to be here for a few days
wit love always
amanda witz xoxo

◘♥Jesenia♥◘ said...

Hey Mitchel!! Have fun with your date! Yeah! Ofcourse I'll watch it!! Too Bad I don't live in New York to see you again! Well See You Laterz!! Take Care! XD

Love You!

Anonymous said...

That girl is so lucky. I tried to win, but I didn't make it. =[
Oh well, I wasn't really expecting winning anyway. I gave up on trying to win a date with you. It got hopeless. but I want you to know that you are an amazing guy, and I that girl better know how lucky she is to be with you today. Because I would do near to anything to be with you.

<33 Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel, I'm not going to leave an annoying fangirl message, but I do think you are a nice guy. Have fun tonight.

Samantha said...

Hope you had an amazing time with a very lucky girl! :) I'm sure it was a day she will never forget. I mean you both will never forget.

Hope you have loads of fun in New York. I've always wanted to go there...

I watched! I enjoyed! It was very cute!!!!! Very nice singing ;)

Have a great weekend Mitchel!


Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel,,

The Person That Won a Date With u Is The LUCKIEST PERSON EVER!!!!
u Were Awsome On Shorty Mc Short Shorts. Hehe! .
i Would Luv To Go 2 The Autograph Signing But i Live Too Far Away.
Take Care.
Hope u Had Fun At The Saturn Awards i Saw a Few Pics. Well Only One, But u Did Look Hot..:D
Have fun on Your Datee. I Am So Jelous. Have Great Weekend.


MITCHEL!! SEE! i told you that you need to come to OHIO!
there are THREE people already from ohio that
commented you! so you can only imagine how
many other fans wish you`d come here!!

Anonymous said...

i luved Mascot Prep!!!! was so cool!!!!.....have a nice tome on ur date!!!


RENEE said...

cant wait to see you in staten island

Anonymous said...

May19 is the pirates premiere.
I was hoping that I'd see you there.
Have funn in new york!


Kad. said...

Haha, score, I got first comment.

New York's a cool city: I might ask my friend (or my dad...) to get an autograph from you and send it to me.

Carolanne said...

imma try and go to NY!!! (:

if you have time leave me a comment!! <3

Lizzy said...

yesss!!! you are finally coming somewhere near me. i will deffinitly be there!! i cannot wait to meet you!!!!!!



brenda said...

see you in staten island :]

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel :]]

I might be able to go to New York to see you since I live in Boston. We'll see. :]

I watched Mascot Prep and it was good! It sounded exactly like you, it was very entertaining. :]

Have a good week/weekend!
<3 Melissa

Leanne =]P said...

OMG I live in New York, but May 19th I'm on vacation in Pennsylvania! How unlucky am I?

Stacey said...

Mitchel, that episode was cute and I loved your character and that the fact you did a voice over. :)
*Hugs and Kisses, Stacey*


Heyy Mitchel,

Txz for the update I wish i won teh date but i'm entering in the J-14 one
YAY!!! u'll be in NYC!!!! i live in NJ!! I'll probally be there! if my dad will go with me then i will be there, cuz my mom just had surgery on her ankle so she cant bring me! :*( cuz my mom would bring me but she cant ....but she brought me to see miley so i get my way lol
I saw that short mcshort short it was cute!!! but at first i didnt no if that was teh one u were in and it was cuz i wass all like tahts mitchels voice! yea...
Tootles! Peace!

Izzy said...

Im So In There!
Ill Make Sure To Bring A Friend =D
Cant Wait To See U

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I hope you had fun on your date! Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is!
I saw the Shorty McShort Shorts, and I totally recongized your voice! I loved the episode it was so funny!
So I was on youtube, and I saw this short interview with you and you were talking about a Hannah Montana Movie! Well thats awesome!Well as I said before, have an awesome time on your date!

Anonymous said...

i want tu let know that i like the show hannah montana.....and you are the best actor EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey luv2laugh again...i just wanted 2 say again that ur like the best actor EVER!!!!
Keep rockin' my world!!


Krissi said...

Will you ever come to Tennessee? No one ever comes out close to me and my friends!

Chloe said...


I hope you had a great time on that date even though I didn't win.

Lots of Love,


Hope said...

Omg!!! I am ssssooooo glad I found this site!!!! Mitchel, YOU NEED TO UPDATE IT!!!! I love you so much!!! I am going to send you something to sign ASAP......
Love you all 4 lovin' him, Hope

Anonymous said...

i know this is SA-UPER late, but i just saw the "mascot prep" and.. and.. oh, how do i say this nicely...... YOU WERE AWESOME! you were ADORABLE! you play such a good innocent, scared new kid! DA-ANG! You can sing too! (I TOTALLY extra luv guys who can sing!!!!) Can you ever STOP getting awesome??? (stupid question, the answer is NO!) That song was TOTALLY AWESOME! You sing like an angel!..WAIT! BETTER THAN AN ANGEL!! U SING LIKA GOD! And!! my personal fav. end of show:
U:they're sold! i think im gunna like it here. GERM: just because they liked our song? U: just because i made a friend.(happy music plays* :) ANDD, the cut outs! (L.O.L.!) U: isnt it time you changed your underwear?(hahahahahahaahahahahaaa XD )
U:FINALLY! a dessert topping thats blue!(says something really fast.. upset stomach, hair loss)

gurl was PURE EVILLLL! i mean, who would lead the poor, clueless,(no offense) new kid into a dumpster! A DUMPSTER!!! i wanted to go into that episode and slap her!! ( O.K. I wouldnt really slap her, that would be wrong.. but who wouldnt want to??):P and most favorite part (i love all of your parts, but this one is my fav, fav, fav.
MR HOPPINBOPPER: who cam tell me the first corporate mascot, to appear on television? MEANSKUNKGIRL: Like, why dont you ask the new kid?(you make a funny sound) U: umm.. Mr. Moustache??
MAN u can act! act clueless! really well..hmm..or.. is it not acting at all..?? JK!
ok well i REALLY hope you do another SMS or anything with you acting/talking/acting clueless.:)(cuz your so ca-ute when you're clueless) well luv yas!!!

<3Moo (the one whoz real name is mariah!) PEACE!