Monday, June 09, 2008

Alabama, Arizona & Los Angeles

I think that was the craziest weekend of my life! You know, I have been traveling so much in the last week and a half that I could barely keep up with where I've been, but I can tell you for sure that I will never forget Alabama, Arizona or my visit yesterday to the Elizabeth Glacier Pediatric Aids Foundation Event.

The shows were great and the fans were even more AMAZING. It was SO hot in Arizona that I had to cancel wardrobe change and just wing it, but it was all great!

The rides in Alabama were fun too and I say anytime you can do a show at an amusement park, I am THERE!

So I really just wanted to say Thank you so much to everyone that came out and I hope that you all said a big thanks to your moms and dads for bringng you out and waiting in line with you....especially in the heat. I had the best time and look forward to visiting again as soon as my schedule allows.

When I say Metro, you say Station....METRO...STATION....METRO...STATION!!! That's right....they are at #3 on ITUNES TODAY PEOPLE! WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! I am pretty proud of my big brother, can you tell?? He is coming home tonight after he does TRL in New York today. PLEASE watch TRL on June 12th and see what went on today there in the studio. I can't wait to see it myself.

I am off to TN. on Thursday morning and will also be doing a radio tour that morning, so check that out if you can. Very excited about my meet and greet there in TN. and looking forward to meeting everybody!

Marc is OUT OF, he's sleeping in. He traveled with us to Alabama and Arizona and he will be in Hawaii for those of you going to that show.

Thank you for all the Youtubes and stuff. I try very hard to take a peak at those when I can and I just appreciate you guys sharring our shows with the world and for all the creative ways you guys show how much you love my Music, How much you love the show Hannah Montana, Phineas & Ferb, and just what great fans you are. You know we would be No where without you!

Have the most awesome week ever and I hope that in your area, SUMMER HAS BEGUN!


P.S. Who's gonna watch DC GAMES!?!? You's going to be the best year yet because we had so many new games and so many Disney Stars, you don't want to miss it!


Carly said...

ahaha i cant wait for the disney channel gamess! lol

it looks like the concerts were amazing! and looks like u and the fans had a great timeeee! yay!
im hopefully seeing u in wisconsin! i cant wait!

omg i was soo excited to see that about metro station! YAY!! and yes i will most defently be seeing him on trl!! cant wait!! shake it is amazingg! im seeing them for the 5th time in july! cant wait!

hey i just read tht article with the 2nd grade winner! very cutee! she seemed very happy!! awh! lol

well hope the rest of the concerts are just as amazing!

and hope marc has a fun time being outta summer im having a good time except for work...but w.e ahhaa

have funnn!!



josiee(: said...

woahhh, number 3 on itunes?! thats crazy.
if marc came with you to wisconsin it would make my life. cause i'd see you guys on the 11th, and your brother on the 9th. crazy.
anyway, im glad youre having fun on tour. (: ill see you soon, i cant wait. <3

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

aww ur sooo sweet sapporting ur brother!i cant wait to see DC Games and i cant wait to see u showing ur skillz!haha:Dtell marc to put up a new episode off Moose Man!!i love it;)my cousin lives in TN.she is going she cant wait to meet you and i am very jelous because i have been a fan of yours for 5 years and 2 months:D(i ckeep track)!and i never met u yet....:(
anyway have the best time.


Nikita Bimson said...

dang. u were in arizona...i'm gonna go out there the 28th. lol.

i'm still mad the pajama party tour thing is cancelled, when i go out to arizona i was suppose to see you in concert. =[.
oh well.

MeganP2010 said...

AHHHH i checked the itunes charts this morning too! I am soooooo happy for them! They're also rising on the billboard charts! I think they're 25? Yayyy!

And sadly, it's not summer for me yet! We're doing finals this week.... bummer.... But the second school gets out, i've got like a thousand plans, so i just keep looking forward to that!

My summer will be filled with aimlessly driving around with friends, going to 6 flags/ raging waters/ great amrica, going out to dinner and going to tons of concerts! The one thing missing from my summer plans is seeing you! Please come to san francisco! We'd have so mich fun together!

Well, good luck to you in all your adventures! Keep doing what you love ;)


Dakota said...

hey babe!
My dad said that in ccould go to your CO concert WHEEEEEE!!!
Im making a little surprise 4 you!
Youll like it!
I was looking at a vid when you were talking about that crazy fan who kissed u on the lips..
i got mad respect 4 her now!
And im also insanely jelous, but thats ok.
At the meet-and -greet, im going to see if u let me kiss u on the cheek!
Im not so desperate as 2 dive across a taable, LOL!

Luv, Dakota

madsies27 said...

Mitchel. I think it's so cool that you travel everywhere just to sing. I wish I could go to one of your shows! Did you say you were coming back to NY in August? Hopefully I'll still be here! I'm supposed to be traveling to South Carolina that month. And I will watch the Disney Channel Games! I was in Disney World I week after they held them... Arggg.

Anonymous said...

hey mitch!
im glad you like the youtubes:)
i made a compliation of your new york show...and have some video of you on the superman, oh and metro station!!! they really do rock, i hope i get to see them on tour this summer.
keep it real and rock it hard::

ps: heres the link if you haven't seen my video yet
(i had to mute the live clips of you singing because of all the screaming and we were right by the subwoofers, but the song and performance are pretty acurate)
-peacee \m/

Kelly said...

man, i thought metro station was gonna be on today cause thats what your other blog said i think, haha i took off work early just to watch it lol but its cool. im definitely tuning in on thursday, im so excited! mason is love <333 and also im excited for the dc games. two of my favorite boys are on the same team, you and nick jonas :P good luck with your shows! <333

Anonymous said...

i thought TRL was going to air today & ym guide said it wasnt on & i was like aaahhh wheres metro station. At work whenever shake it goes on me & my friend dance around the kitchen it is so fun ! its liike the best song ever.
cant wait to see you mitchel

-xo michele

leanneee =] said...

ooh i wihs i could go to an amusement park and see you performmmmm. haha the two things i love.

annnnd speaking of another... im taping metro station on trl on my dvr, lmfao. number THREE now? gosh. haha im happy for them (:

marc is out of school!? im in until june 20... and im in 7th grade like marc.

and yeah summer is basically here now. here in new york its like 98 or something. its so hot. we dont have air conditioners in my school so on the top floor its like tortureeee. seriously, tomorrow we have to get out early because of the heat.

yes im going to watch the dc games! and im rooting for the red team. obviously... haha. (:

-Leanne (:

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

WOW that was a long post!! Its great to hear from you!! I will definitely watch TRL with Metro Station, I can't wait!! It's so awesome Marc's out of school. Funny thing is, I get up earlier during the summer for some reason! Who knows why.

I'm so glad you've been having an awesome time!!! I'm sure it must be awesome!!!



Kodhai said...

Wow I'm glad you had such an awesome time! I finally listened to your brothers band the other day, after you kept talking about them again again and again. And I LOVE their song Shake It! Its my ringtone now lol. Have an awesome summer!

madsies27 said...

Hey Mitchel! I think it's really cool how much you travel for your fans. I live in New York, but I missed the concert... So sad! I had tickets to the Raven concert, backstage passes, and fourth row seats! Guess what else. It was on my BIRTHDAY!!! I was so devastated when it got cancelled. And of course I cried. Hopefully I'll be in NY if you come back in August. I might be in SC that month. Luv ya!

madsies27 said...

you give so much! ;)

Kennedy said...

your concert in tucson was super awesome! i drove 2 hours from tempe to see u it was so cool but when i was waiting for an autograph they said no pictures:( to bad...

peace out

p.s. i cant wait till the DC games!!!

madsies27 said...

you rock. :^]

Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

That is awesome, I wish I had been in one of those concerts, you must have rocked on stage, too bad i couldn't =((((

Yeah! #3 on Itunes! Congrats to your brother and his band-mates.

Marc's out of school. That's great for him. My vacations start on the 20th. Bummer, again.

I'm so gonna watch the DC Games. Sure they're gonna be fantastic.

Love Ya!


Anonymous said...

Mitchel I'll be your fan for ever; I love you music, I love your shows, I love Hannah Montana....I'll be here for ever with you, with all my heart =)....I'd really like to come to one of your shows one time....well, maybe when I'll be 18 I'll come to USA =)


p.s.: Here is not too hot....right now is raining....but the summer'll come! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

OMG guess what!?!

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!

I hope you had awesome time where ever you were. Keep up the good work and maybe just maybe that I'll be able to see you soon.
Can't wait to see the disney channel games.My friend went there .

Hope you have an awesome week!!


Terri said...

Wow looks like your busy. Glad you had fun

I just wish you were coming to MASS!

And for the raven concert my dad got seat numbers 1,2,3 and 4!!!

Oh well, next time

im not our of school yet; June 17

well have fun and i will definitly watch the DC Games and vote for you!

KT J. said...

haha whoo hoo alabama!

lol no wardrobe change in arizona? whoa!

Yeah the rides were pretty tight, which ones did u go on?

I did thank my mom for bringing me out, she said she had an awesome time lol

I wanna see it! Metro Station was amazing =)

Tennessee's not that far away, but I think I'll wait for you to come back to alabama!

Marc had amazing photography skillz =)

You're welcome for the youtube vids ;)

And after meeting you, summer HAS begun =)

I will NOT miss a single episode of DC Games this summer cuz the stars are actually cool-ahem, you ;)- and the jonas brothaaas/ and the games sound like awesome!

Happy Touring :)


PS: Are you coming on anytime soon? please let me know if you are!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait 'til the dc games!!! my friend can't either!!! we're gonna get together every night they're on and chant RED TEAM! or maybe we should say we say red you say team!! XD gald you had fun...maybe i should fly over to hawaii to see you!! teh he!! no i can't :( my friend and i want to go to elitch gardens to see you there!!! maybe ride some rides with you? ;) yay marc and i are both outta school...yeah i sleep in everyday too!!! i'm not sure if i can see trl but i might record it or my friend might on her dvr...who knows?????? ttyl!


andrea said...

i was at the tucson one :)
darn, i wish we could have at least took a picture with you at the meet & greet :/ oh well, my friends mom took a video though. =)
the concert was great xD

Katlyn said...

sounds like fun mitchel!

you know, i'm from pittsburgh [well the suburbs of pittsburgh] and there is this amazing theme park called "kennywood". it has the funnest rides, greatest food, and its like an all together great american family park. like seriously, i went to disney world, busch gardens, all those parks and kennywood beats it hands down. so i was thinking since you have so many fans here and you like doing shows at theme parks that you should definately look into doing a show at kennywood. it would mean the world to me and so many other people :]
love katlyn!

Anonymous said...


Oh my gosh!!! That is so cool! Except for one thing, you aren't coming to Texas!! =[

Abd you know what? I'm going to start calling you Tator-Tot! ( I read in a magazine that your mom calls you Tator-Tot because of you middle name!) If that's alright with you! hehe

I can't wait to see Masonon TRL! It's finally summer! YAY!!

Love You!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I know I already commented, but I am so angry at the girl that dove across the table to kiss you on the lips!! I so wish that would have been me!!! LOL just kidding, but that would be nice though... lol =]

Love Ya!


*becky* said...

Ugh I'm so sad. I've wanted you to come to AL for forever. You were only 1 hour away from me and i couldn't go.. it sucks.. come back again sometime soon!

Of course I'm gonna watch the DC games! it's one of my favorite things Disney airs. Other than Hannah Montana of course! ;) lol


Disa said...

Well it sounds like you've been having a lot of fun! Hahah.

Yayayay for Metro Station.
That's crazy! About them being #3!
Daaaang. I hope they get to #1.
Ahhhh. I lovelovelove them.
Seriously. It's not even funny. Hahaha.

I don't get out of school til June 19 D: sooo lame.
And what's even more lame is that here in the oh so lovely Seattle (HA. yeah right) the temperature is still in the 50's :/ bleehhh.

So anyway. I'm deffff gonna watch the DC games. I think we all are (: hahah.

*becky* said...

Oh and speaking of Metro Station, I found an interview link on mtv's website of them. Thought you might be interested in it. check it out and tell us what you think.


Nisha said...

hey!!!!! I can't wait to see you on the DC Games!!!! So excited!!! I sleep in too now!!!!! Yes!!!! Tell Emily I said, "Hi!" Don't forget!!!!


madsies27 said...

How many states are you going to? I think you already told us, but I forgot. Good luck with the rest of your tour! <3

Angelica said...

Haha awwehh. I`m glad you had a great time ! It definitely sounded like an "awesome" concert ! I can`t wait to see your brother =D

I was also excited about Metro Station when I saw that they were #3.

I`m glad you`re having fun on your tour =)

Loads of Love ,

Anonymous said...

Yesss Alabama is AWESOMEEE!
come backk soon..

You definately need to come back and do a showw.

cancel wardrobe change?

I did thank my mom a whole lot like a million times for bringing me, waiting in line for 6 hours, and holding up my binder with your pic in it cuz I would have neverr got backstage if she wouldn't have.

haha. yeah that was my story of how I got to come in your dressing room. :)

definately gonna watch metro and the DC games!

Marc was so sweet when I met him..


Anonymous said...

i wish you were coming to PA! :(
it sucks that you arent.
but i am definately excited for summer especially because I am seeing metrostation!! school gets out next sunday for me. But all this week i have finals! UGHH! i have been studying like crazyyy ! eventhough i dont want to but i have to . But when I get out from school i am throwing a pool party! you should definately come ! hahaahah that would be sickk nasty but that will only happen in my dreamss! tehehe.

Sierra said...

Awesome that you had a good time this weekend! So Arizona was hotter than Alabama? I saw you at your Alabama show and you did great!! Loved the songs. I saw your brother Marc too while we were waiting. I'll definitely check out Metro Station on TRL, I saw the commercial today too! I can't wait until the DC Games. Go Red Team!!!
~Sierra~ :)
P.S.- Best of luck with the rest of your tour!!!

Sierra said...

Awesome that you had a good time this weekend! So Arizona was hotter than Alabama? I saw you at your Alabama show and you did great!! Loved the songs. I saw your brother Marc too while we were waiting. I'll definitely check out Metro Station on TRL, I saw the commercial today too! I can't wait until the DC Games. Go Red Team!!!
~Sierra~ :)
P.S.- Best of luck with the rest of your tour!!!

Ashlee said...

woo! metro station pwns. I'm seeing them july 15th. :]

have fun....and COME TO OREGON.


madsies27 said...

Hi again! I'm gonna try and get my parents to bring me across the country to see you. Well, the closest you get to NY again I'll get them to take me. I can't believe I missed your concert!!! I feel horrible...&(

ALEX said...

i cant believe theyre number 3 on itunes thats craaazy!!

i wish i could come see you in concert again :( portland was so fun! i tried to schedule a vacation to hawaii with a side trip to see you at aloha stadium, but i just got totally denied by my family hahahah

and yours is coming up soon :)

madsies27 said...

Yo! Me... Again. Sorry! I'm on your website ALL the time. :>

Valerie said...

Ah mitchel i want to see you so badly on 6.25.08 but i'll be in fl! of course the one time you're RIGHT by my house i'll be out of town.

any ways i'm so proud of metro station && of the best song in the world HOLLYWOOD GIRL! <3

Anonymous said...

mitchel i miss you!!!:(
come to houston soon ok?or at least texas:)

Anonymous said...

school is still in here but the weather here in CT is unbelievable. it wuzz 109 today!! ik can u believe it! tht hot. uhh cnt wait to get out of school...METRO STATION ROCKS!

hope ur tour is doing well =]

A.J ♥

shireen said...


congrats to them for getting to #3!
so does marc being outta school mean he will be with you in michigan?
i wanna meet that kid (:
see you in 16 days!

btw: do you have a big head? hahah. the gift i got you is a hat, but its cooler than you think (: if it doesnt fit you, im gonna cry. kidding, but that wouldnt be good!


shireen said...


congrats to them for getting to #3!
so does marc being outta school mean he will be with you in michigan?
i wanna meet that kid (:
see you in 16 days!

btw: do you have a big head? hahah. the gift i got you is a hat, but its cooler than you think (: if it doesnt fit you, im gonna cry. kidding, but that wouldnt be good!


Anonymous said...

Marc's lucky! I still have a week of finals...

Esther said...

guess what!

for my sign language final, my friend and i signed "if i didnt have you" and we got 600/600. if i had a video i would show you, but my teacher has the only video of it. our class thought it was really good. yay! school is over in three days for me!

and i just found out that i am going to be trumpet section leader next year! im going to be a senior! holy moly. lol.

bye mitchel!

Alana said...

Well aren't you a busy boy.Haha.I didn't know weekends can be that extreme.But it sounded like fun.And Metro Station is doing pretty good too!Quick question:Which was more hotter Florida or Arizona?

And congrats to Marc for sleeping in!Sleeping in is good(really it is)

And of course i will be watching the DC games!!Sometime in July right?Yay!

Plus,i can't wait for the 3rd season of Hannah Montana to premiere.

Keep having a good time on tour!
This is the part where i start bugging you to come to Florida,but i'll give you a break.For now...

P.S. Are you going to watch Camp Rock next week?

P.S.S Part of the music vid for "If i didn't have you" was on today.I wish they show the whole thing,but its better then nothing!!

oliviaakiddo! said...


okayy well tell him now he has time to JUDGE THAT CONTEST

and apparently i'm your sister or cousin.
we do not look anything alike so idk why people are saying this nonsenssse!

aahahahah tightt. aww metroooo *:)

Sara said...

number 3?!? they were 4 yesterday or the day before. Its insane how huuuuuuuge they are. I'm seeing them for the third time in august. I'm excited to see your brother on TRL!

I'm definetly watching the Disney Channel games this year :).

I'm not out of school yet :(:(:(:(.
I get out next Wednesday though. This week is my last week of classes and next week is just finals so I'll survive.

I REALLLLLLLY wish you were coming to Boston.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Sounds like you had an incredible time over the weekend! I bet you did forget which state you were in...Do you ever get confused with the time zones? I sure would! LOL. Marc is done with school already!?....Not fair...I'm not yet...I don't mind to much though. And I will for sure watch Mason and Trace on TRL June 12th!
Have fun in TN!
and have an awesome week!

-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...did you know that a month from today (June 9) is your 17 birthday!!! Crazy right?! But I can't wait!! your gonna love 17!

-Katie R.

ℓαnα , said...

WOAHH , i got excited just reading that ! it sounds like your having an AWESOME time Mitch !! i wish i was there !! and your doing FANTASTIC as usual :)

and Marc, you better be enjoying your beauty rest buddy !! i don't get out until practically the LAST DAY of June ! i am superrr jelous ! aha

Metro Station is doing SUCH an AMAZING job !!! you should be proud !!
keep it UP guyss ! BIG SMILEY FACES ! :) :) :)

umm , exams are next week, so, i'm looking forward to that ... and my brand new sunburn makes me look like a chilli pepper, not very normal looking at all.

anywayy, time for me 2 go, it's getting late and my pillow is calling me !

have a good one hunn
<3 lana

Anonymous said...

lol, sorry, I just can't help but laugh considering that it has just started getting hotter here in RI, lol (That is why I do not plan going to Arizona in the summer time though it sounds like you had fun). We went to the beach today, :D
I tried to catch some crabs in the water, unfortunately, we caught none. Especially since every time I tried to get close to the crab to get em in a bucket, the sand kicked up and we could not see anything and the crab started walking towards our feet, lol, I quickly jumped away from the crab...far away! (I once had a dream that a crab was chasing me, and was very fast too, that is why get a little scared when I can't see the crab and it gets too close.
lol, It sounds like your having fun too, hahah :)
I had a crazy weekend too, but not a fun one...(Late Saturday into Sunday)let's just say I am not happy with my dad right now. (If you knew why you would agree)it's not about the concert :) , I really hope I can go to the concert, but things are a little confusing right now for me to say yes or no. Things are looking better when it comes to that so I may be able too!! Hmm, :)
well on a happier subject, I finally got the new tiger beat magazine and read it on the way to the beach. :) In a way I know how it feels to miss family members, my brother has been in college in North Carolina, and thats a long way from Rhode Island. I have not seen my brother since January.

I am good at writing long comments, do you agree (You don't have to answer :) lol)
AAAHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!! Sorry, it's just that I will probably be with my dad almost every day and time that the Disney Channel games are on!! *sigh* I guess I have to tape it, XD

I don't know why, but I really want to get dropped into the water in one of the DC games...I wish I could :)
lol, I don't get school off until June 24th... hahah 24 days until my B-day!

I again wish you luck, :)
Hmmm sometime I have too send you a letter, lol. I REALLY CAN NOT WAIT TILL THE CONCERT!!! hahah, just a little exited. I have not been to a concert since I was eleven (I am thirteen going on fourteen now)
ok, getting tired.

-coral (again, the girl from from Rhode Island that talks extremely a lot) lol

P.s. My favorite color is that was pretty random.
:| :) :D XD

Anonymous said...


Pleaseeeeeeeeeee post this. So I can have a comment posted on here and I'll know you might read it. :D [Hi to whoever is checking these, btw!]

I just wanted to say that I REALLY wanted to go to your concert, but I couldn't make it to LA last weekend, and that's the only time you're coming to Cali. :( Sad.

Tell Mason congrats a million extra times from me! Metro Station rocks!!!

[And I am DEFINITELY watching the DC Games and voting RRRRRRRRED. I vote for you EVERY year!!!!]

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
You need to come to Florida! lol. We miss you. Myself and two of my friends met you at DC Games a couple times, and we are definitely not missing any episodes. We miss you!
-Destiny, Amy & Kaitlyn

Anonymous said...

MeganP2010 said...

haha mitchel, I was on perez hilton, and I saw this picture, and in the background was your dad! It's from the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation event that you did!

haha it's your dad and Rumer Willis!

Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel!

I am so going to watch DC games!! Just dont know how .. that's a problem =P. But I'll see them =P

Anyways.. I want to see TRL but I cant =(
why .. WHY do I have to live in old, boring Germany ?? WHY ?! Okay okay .. I am a little bit dramatic .. Soo I am good now =P haha

Well .. I hope you had much fn in the cities where you were.(that wasn't right =P I guess)
See you soon .. (hope so)

Bye and lots of Love ♥
Mareen xxx

Allie said...


I went to the beach, and my face and my entire body got burnt to a crisp. i tried to use aloe vera, turns out i was allergic to it (i hate you banana boat). now my left eye won't open and they are puffy like a kooky pen top. i saw the metro station interview

and went crazy, except i couldn't smile because it hurt too much. mason always wears those red jeans, does he have like, 15 of them? BLAKE AND ANTHONY, I WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICES! Blake talked a bit, Anthony, none at all, Trace talked a lot, and Mason sounds EXACTLY like you, I'm sure you get that a lot. When i move, my body aches and screams out of pain, and when i pass a mirror, i cry from my ugliness. i'm going to the doctor at 11. ahh! it hurts! i missed school yesterday and today, i can't go! if someone touches me, i'll DIE.

oh, and its true, whenever i hear Metro, I automatically think Station. trust me, I WILL WATCH. I'M GOING CRAZY RIGHT NOW, AHHHHHHH! MASON! TRACE! BLAKE! ANTHONY! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS! AHHH!

I was watching My Super Sweet 16, and some girl got Cobra Starship to play at her Sweet 16. I'm so jealous right now. i'm getting you and Metro Station to play at mine, in 2 years....

I'm glad you had fun at your concerts, and it was HOTTT on LI, 101 degrees in the city, 95 on the island. HOT HOT HOT.


PS: MY FACE! IT HURTS! MY ARM! IT HURTS! and i'm not exaggerating, i couldn't sleep for the past 2 nights.

Hannah said...

Yaaaay Metro Station. I've seen them 3 times in the last 3 months...or something like that.

I don't know if you're doing a show in or around the Maryland area, but that would be amaaazing.

Yeah. MD, DC, VA, PA, NJ....any of those places I can go. Hahaha<3.

GiGi said...


Thanks for the awesomely long post! Haha.

I'm so glad your tour is going well and that you're having a great time! You definitely need to come back to Florida because I so want to see you and Marc again, lol!

I will try my hardest to catch Metro Station on TRL! Total congrats to them! That is AWESOME!!

Gosh, you and Marc are so lucky going to Hawaii! Man I want to go there. Maybe I can convince my mom to fly out there for your concert. xD

I am SO watching the DC Games, are you kidding me?! Being there was amazing and I can't WAIT to see it on TV! And I'm a RED team supporter all the way! WOO!



Hey Mitchel!!!
I was watching Project Runway yesterday....and I heard CONTROL!!!!! THEY UsED CONTROL 4 A COMMERICAL 4 THE NEW SEASON OF SHEAR GENIUS!!!!! YEA!!!!


omg i cant wait to see metro station on trl this afternoon!! thats like the coolest thing ever! i get to see them for my fourth time on your bday!

you should definitely go to that concert and then just stay in wiscinsin until your concert on the 11...haha. just an idea. ;)

i hope marcs having a great summer too! mine just started too...and its been like thunderstorm for the last 4 days..but its kinda sunny today! yay! lol.

i hope you have fun at the rest of your concerts!!

marykateee =) said...

aw yay mitchhh.
i'm glad you're having funn!
keep up the hard work!

JennJenn said...

I was there in Arizona and it was reallyyy hott.
but anyways did you open our early birthday present from me?
your dad said he'd make sure you got it.
well im sure your having fun.

Tess said...

I just saw the add on T.V. for the D.C. games, they look preety interesting!! Can't wait fr July thats when the premire!!!

Today at my hotel the GayLord Palms, I saw a hugr group of girls walking aroud with Metro Station shrits on!!

Well gald your having fun on your tour!!



P.S. I am watching Phinius and Ferb and your on!! WOW that weird!!

Anonymous said...

Haha. It does sound like a wicked crazy week!!! But, it sounds really fun. I wish I could've gone out and see you, but I'm here in Chi-town! Lol. I wish you would have a show in Chicago. I WOULD SOOOOOOOOOO come out and see you. Everytime you come to Chicago, I always somehow missed you and couldn't come out and see you. But, if you come AGAIN, I guarentee that I'll be there. By the way, I LOVE METRO STATION! Your brother has an amazing voice. It's really strong and really catchy. I love all their songs. My fav's are probably control, kelsey, wish we were older, and tell me what to do! What are your fav songs??? I'd love if you could answer that in your next blog. I'd be so appreciative!!!! Marc is such a lucky boy. He gets to sleep in and then go to Hawaii. LUCKY!! Haha. Well, it sounds like you're doing awesome!!! Us Chicagoans love you, and hope to see you VERY SOON!!! Much love, ♥♥♥ Lynn ♥♥♥ XOXO.

P.S. Can't wait to see you in the DC games! EXCITED!!!!!!!! = ]

madsies27 said...

Mitch? I just wanted to say I love your website. I think the creators ROCK!!! Thanks for always updating your blog.

megan said...

hahah GO METRO!! i love 17 forever!! thats a hott song!
trace and mason are hotties lamoties with swimmers bodies
get it!?!?!?! llmao HANNAH MONTANA!!

no offence, but i garunttee i like amusement parks more then you! and roller coasters!! im like a BEAST!

alritreyy! well i have to go to SLYAN LEARNING CENTER (its for stupid people :D)

when are the dc games?!?!

love you!!

Anonymous said...


My comment got posted!!! <3 And I actually FOUND it this time. Mine usually disappear. [My comment's the one that says 'Pleaseeeeeee post this' :D]

Anyway, they played Metro Station at lunch today! It was AWESOME! We danced like crazy!

Google Guy said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!

madsies27 said...

Hi again! My dad thinks it's soooo cool that you say "word". I do to. Please keep using it in your songs! I wanna keep him interseted. ;}

Nikita Bimson said...

oh em gosh!!!!!!

I gotz number 4.
I am a happy camper, even though i don't like to camp. =]

<('.'<)----Kirby. =]

Sierra said...

K I know that I commented already but just wanted to say sorry for accidentally posting twice!!! My computer messed up and I had to make sure it went through, haha. Well, keep up what you're doing! Never change!!!!


Anonymous said...

well if i were a flower growin tall and free
all i'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee
<3 :)

Lauren said...

wow Mitchel!!!

"shake it" is #3 on itunes!!!!! You must be so happy for your brother. You and Emily are still on there too. Way to go Musso boys!

Anonymous said...


ahahah [[:
ily mitchel! :)

lol. dude. come to ky. seriousllyyyy! do WHATEVER IT TAKESS!! AHHHHHHH!! :D

sorry, totally hyper right now.
and, totally watching trl on... thursday . aha [[=

CANT WAIITTT until the disney channel games! :) oh boy!
have a fantastic week!
te amo!<3


Allie said...

i went to the doctor, my face ugliness went down, except this kid started crying and pointing at me when i got in, and when i looked away, he stopped crying.

i rented Juno, i can't wait to watch it. its not appropriate for the little ones, so i have to wait for them to go to school to watch it.

i've been talking to Metro Station lovers online, and i asked them when they started loving them "3 weeks ago, when i heard them on (insert radio station here)" DRIVES ME NUTS! What happened to thinking for yourself? AHHHHHH!


And in the interview, Trace didn't mention The Maine was on that Good Charlotte tour, OMG, JUST BECAUSE THEY AREN'T MAINSTREAM POP LIKE YOUR BAND AND THE HEAD LINERS, DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE NOTE WORTHY.

Loveth, Allie

Brooke said...

I'm glad your having fun on tour:)I really wish you were coming back to Houston I miss you a lot!:( tell your mom and dad I said hi!

Anonymous said...

wow mitchel it sounds like you had a blast! i cant wait for the disney channel games they are ganna be great.

if you want to per perform at an amusment park i think you should perform at blue bayou in New Orleans... it would be amazing

hope you come here soon!
emily h

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, I found this interview on Metro Station. I thought you'd like it!

-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

ho did you become so famous? i love acting and i hope to be like you one day. can you post the answer on your next update? or you can e-mail me at
olson kelly
austin, tx

Beth Slatton said...

Hey dude wowo I say dude to much. Anyway wicked awesome that Metro Station is #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Yeah man I love MS ♥


'I'm coming down
Bring me up
Take it off
Let's just touch'

That is so addicting.
Anyways your keeping busy and Im keeping bored. Ain't that fantastic?
Wow ain't is not a great word.
Oh well.
I still say your butt needs ro come to boring ol fort wayne Indiana because nothing ever happens here!!!!

Oh well if you never come then ok that works.
Anyways im not going to write anymore because im sure you have a buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunch to read.

Gosh sometimes I sound like a child. Should a 16 year old girl sound like that?

Oh well.
Hey when your reading this smile for me.
I like to make people smile.
And if you do smile
well I'll never really know if you did or not but if you do then claps for you.

Ok bye now

Daniela said...

well I don't know what to say..
I'm just happy that you have fun with all your fans :)
and I stiil hope that you'll come to Israel someday.. I will wait
so keep have fun :D
LOVE YOU!!so so so so so much!
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

Hey's been sooooo long seanse I have commented on your blog I don't even know if you remmber me...Any ways it seems like alot of fun!
Can't waite for the DC games it's going to be awesome!

This has been another wierd comment by

~*~Sarah Mina~*~

Kelsey Dulinski said...

i saw metro station when they came to toledo, ohio. they where AMAZING!! and mason is adorable and so nice.
anyways. you need to come to toledo ohio. or somewhere close because i really REALLY want to meet you :] ohh and alyson [stoner] showed me some videos she made at the dc game they look amazing. and i love your rapping. ohh and do you have a myspace?

Alicia said...

Mitchel you did an amazing job performing in Arizona. My dad took pictures while I waited in the autograph line. It was a really hot day usually its not as hot as it was.

Alicia Castelo said...

You did an awesome job in Arizona. Sorry it was so hot. It is usually not that hot. I waited in line through that heat to get your autograph. I had to watch you from a far to be in the autograph line. It's a good thing you came out because the magician before you had no one clapping for him. I felt bad for him. My mom is actually a big fan and can't wait for you to release an album.

Cassidy said...

Hey! Yeah I'm totally stoked for the Disney Channel games.

So your might be adding concerts when your on tour? hit us up at North Carolina. I would love to see you there.heh speaking of tour, we were going to move to arizon but it is HOT! But not i really regret moving there. I could of had a chance to meet you.

Its sweet that your supporting your brother in his music career. but it looks like "If I didnt have you" is going to be just as popular. You have an amazing voice. And it's nice to know that im going to see you act a whole lot more.

Well have a good summer&&good luck with like. lol

mitchelfan1 said...

I went to the concert in alabama in was awesome!!!!!! Im going to watch the disney channel. I also went to metro station they were good! But mitchel is still better! Peace Out!

Athena said...

mitchel I saw u at the dc games this year!! woohoo! go ReD TEAM!

Sur said...

and i wish i lived in usa at least i might have a chance to see you and other ppl
and i would die if you came to hong kong
it would be so FREAKING awesome

anyways, have fun
love from 852

Megan x said...

that's crazy Mitchel!
but it sounds like so much fun =]

I'm so happy for you and Metro Station,
and Marc is so lucky, I don't finish school until July 23rd.
the summer break in the UK seriously sucks!!

i'm glad you're having an amazing time on tour,
and although it sucks that I can't see you,
at least I can hear some of your new songs on youtube =]

Lots of Lovvvvve


Megan. xoxox

Mitchelshollywoodgurl1142 said...

I went to his concert in Arizona waiting in the hot hot heat was all worth it because the concert was amazing and plus he stayed an extra hour for autoghraph signing so i got to meet him amazing loved it!

Anonymous said...

aw man! you were in alabama?!
that makes me mad b/c i would absolutely love to meet you
you seem like a really cool and sweet guy...hopefully you'll be back and i'll get to see you

keep rockin!

nicole said...

your concert in tucson was amazing. thanks for coming out. maybe next time you should come to sierra vista. anyways hope you liked the rubber band bracelet i made you.


Samantha Rae said...

where in arizona did you go? yeah it is really hot there i live in tucson, arizona and it gets really hot during the summer! but in the winter its so cool! its cold but not too cold you should try to come back then

kelsey said...

heyyy mitchel

you are so amazing and supportive of your brother (mason) and i cant wait for marc to break into the celebrity world! i love you and mason sooo much. oh and GO INFERNO. you+nick=GODS....wen i found out it was u and nick on the same team i freaked..before i knew that i thought i was gonna have trouble picking which team to root for because i love jb and demi and they r all on separate teams, but once i found out you were on red with nick, my mind was made up in an instant.